I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 322 Extremely poor couple?

Davi was lost for words. She was completely thrown off by the upgraded version of this shameless Sei and she can’t do anything but accept that this Sei was no longer her innocent little monster.

"Can I kiss you now?" He then asked, looking extremely impatient and Davi was surprised again. She couldn’t even comprehend why Sei was suddenly asking when he used to just instantly kiss her before she could even react.

"Can I?" He uttered again as he moved his face closer to her. His warm breaths were touching her skin, leaving Davi without a choice but nod as she reddened.

Upon nodding at him, the corner of Sei’s lips lifted, flashing a pleasant smile before his lips finally reached hers. As usual, Sei’s kiss was passionate and gentle. It was a kiss sweet like an irresistible temptation, making Davi felt that the pink bubbles all over were embracing her heart and soul. It was just so dreamy and steamy as ever.

The kiss lasted quite long that Davi was breathing hard by the time Sei finally let go of her. Their lips were still so close as they chased their breathes when Davi spoke.

"Sei... I think we should climb out the car now. We only have two hours and we already spent quite a lot staying inside the car." She uttered and Sei somehow looked like he just remembered that they were actually short on time. However, just as Davi thought that he will finally let go of her and tell her to step out, the man’s grip on her waist tightened.

"That was mere three minutes. We still have two minutes left." He said and Davi could only blink.

"H-how could you even tell that our kiss lasted three minutes?" She uttered, looking at him in disbelief, when Sei’s expression went a bit gloomy.

"You... don’t believe me?" He replied and Davi could only bit her lip before she answered.

"Err... it’s not like that. It’s just that, I felt like it’s much longer than three minutes." Davi said and Sei’s expression brightened in an instant.

"That’s because you enjoyed it so much that time seem slowed down." He replied and Davi was once again speechless.

I-isn’t that the other way around? Time supposed to hasten when you’re enjoying the moment, right?

Just as Davi reasoned within her, Sei’s face once again moved closer to hers.

"Once more, okay?" He asked again. Him, asking her for her approval instead of just simply kissing her like he used to was strange that Davi couldn’t help but feel like he was doing it on purpose.

"Okay?" he again uttered, and Davi could only face palm. She couldn’t figure out what kind of trap is this but Sei, asking for approval like this was working wonders. She couldn’t help but imagine a little puppy pleading for more and its just impossible for her not to give in.

"F-fine. Just two minutes, okay?" She finally said and Sei once again owned her warm lips. Until seconds and minutes went by as they shared another long passionate kiss.


After Davi fixed Sei’s hair, Sei dramatically transformed. His original frosty yet breathtakingly gorgeous and elegantly formal appearance changed into a seemingly outgoing pretty boy look. His messy bangs covering his forehead made him look like a pop idol and Davi couldn’t help but think that his appearance right now was still way too much. She could even brag that this husband of hers was hundred times more good looking than the prettiest man in the idol world.

"What’s wrong?" Sei asked, noticing a seemingly problematic look in her eyes and Davi scratched her nape.

"Nothing. It’s just that you’re too cute." She replied when suddenly, something seemed to pop in her brain. She then quickly rummage inside her bag and brought out a pair of black sunglasses. She put it on him and after she nodded with satisfaction, she made him wore the plain black baseball cap.

In no time, the couple finally stepped out of the car, wearing matching black cap, matching black glasses, and matching plain gray t-shirts. They exactly looked like a couple who came out straight from famous magazines.

Gladly, the place was a bit crowded. The colorful large umbrellas were lively and everyone was busy.

That moment, Davi’s grip on Sei’s hand tightened as they both started walking towards the crowded market. Indeed, this is the first time they both stepped in this kind of place together. Five years ago, this was just dream. So them, freely roaming around in a place like this just like every normal people was still somewhat dreamy, causing their hearts flutter in happiness.

The two then simply walked around, until Davi found herself bargaining with the fruit vendors like what she was doing back then. Not knowing that the man beside her was already looking at her with wonders in his eyes. Well, no matter how he thinks about it, Sei just don’t get why his wife was doing something like this. He even began thinking that she might be trying to act like they were extremely poor.

"Miss pretty, you’re so stingy. My price is already low enough, okay?" the vendor scratch her head but she still gave the fruit to her anyway and ofcourse with the price Davi wants, causing Sei to marvel once again.

"Thank you so much." Davi said and Sei took the bag of fruits.

"W-why are you negotiating this hard just because of some fruits? I can buy this entire market if you want to." Sei who was curious for a while now finally asked her and Davi almost choked. Thankfully, she quickly realized that Sei was someone who was completely unaware about these things only commoners does. And as she was about to explain, Sei continued speaking.

"Or are you perhaps just making it look like we’re an extremely poor couple?" he said and Davi was dumbfounded.

"No that’s not it, its just that... well... it’s because its fun, i guess?" She could only reply as soon as she found her voice and as though a breathtaking partial eclipse suddenly appeared before Sei’s eyes, his world seem turned into halt. It was because for a moment, Davi’s lips slightly lifted.

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