I Hijacked The Timeline

Chapter 43 - Chapter 43:1 Can Do This, I Can Win

Chapter 43:1 Can Do This, I Can Win

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Star City Academy, principal’s office.


“Have you thought about it? Do you want to come to Star City Academy after graduation?” Looking at Bai Fusheng’s kind and persuasive expression, Feng Qi already had an answer in his heart.

In the past, his dream was to enter the Milky Way Academy. However, that was to further his cultivation technique research and strive to enter its cultivation technique research institute in the future.

However, now that he had the future dream, it was no longer important if he could enter the Milky Way Academy or not.

In comparison, Star City Academy was his best choice. Apart from worrying about the two time bombs, Lin Ran and Mu Qing, Old Wang would also come to continue cultivating in the future.

He looked forward to witnessing Old Wang’s rise.

However, he did not directly accept Bai Fusheng’s invitation to be exempted from exams and granted guaranteed admission.


The art of negotiation was in pulling and pushing, and then getting what you want in the process. At this thought, he said,

“Grandmaster, I have something to discuss with you.”

Hearing this, Bai Fusheng immediately felt that he stood a chance, so he beamed and said,

“Tell me. As long as you’re not asking to be the principal, anything can be negotiated.”

“Me joining Star City Academy isn’t a problem, but 1 don’t want to be a student.”

“You’re not going to be a student? You really want to be the principal?” Bai Fusheng was stunned.

ii ••

“Actually, 1 want to be a teacher at Star City Academy and teach the students about cultivation techniques. You know my talent. I’m not bragging, but given my ability, it’s more than enough to be a teacher at the academy.”

Hearing such postured words, Bai Fusheng did not refute them.

He had been in Feng Qi’s lecture before. His foundation was solid, and the content was clear and organized. It was suitable for the classroom like a teaching template, so logically speaking, it was feasible to let Feng Qi be a teacher.

However, the problem was that not everyone could be a teacher in an academy. They had to provide various qualifications and pass the various assessments of the Ministry of Education.

One of them was something Feng Qi could not satisfy no matter what—— provide an

academy graduation certificate.

These mandatory requirements were also for the sake of the students of the academy. They were not old-fashioned. After all, the teaching of cultivation techniques was not child’s play.

Teaching without experience might very well cause the students to make mistakes in their cultivation. In serious cases, it might even cause the students’ meridians to break, leading to death.

Back then, the various academies had hired a batch of famous experts from the domain combat teams to teach. During this period, many cultivation safety problems had surfaced.

Therefore, being strong and being able to teach were two different things.

Many of the hard rules have also been learned from history.

Looking at Feng Qi, Bai Fusheng felt troubled. It wasn’t that he doubted Feng Qi’s ability, but that he couldn’t satisfy his request.

“Grandmaster, you’re the principal. 1 think you can easily handle such a small matter.” “Small matter? If I agree to this, 1 might be removed from my position as principal. If you don’t even have the qualifications to be a teacher, how can I let you be a teacher?” Bai Fusheng glared at him.

“Then let’s change our way of thinking. 1 can become a student of Star City Academy, but you have to give me the corresponding authority of a teacher, such as leading a class or something. However, I’m still a student to outsiders.”

“Well… 1’11 think about it.”

If Feng Qi was allowed to teach a few classes occasionally, it would still be within his scope of authority. However, in his opinion, it would be a little too much for Feng Qi to lead a class.

“Just let me try. If 1 can’t teach you well, 1’11 obediently be a student. How about that?” Feng Qi continued to persuade Bai Fusheng, trying to obtain his approval.

As for whether he could teach the students well, he was not worried.

The cultivation technique teaching videos in the future dream could completely help him solve this problem.

There was nothing that plagiarizing the future could not solve. If there was, he would plagiarize a few more times.

After hesitating for a moment, Bai Fusheng gritted his teeth and said,

“Since you’re confident, 1’11 let you try for the time being. But what exactly are you thinking? Isn’t it good to be a student? Why do you want to be a teacher and cause trouble for yourself?”

“I’m a genius after all. I’ve got to be different,” Feng Qi grinned and said.

Bai Fusheng was speechless for a moment as he looked at Feng Qi who was gradually becoming arrogant.

For some reason, he suddenly felt that he was very annoying.

Feng Qi returned to the dormitory from the principal’s office.

He sat at the desk and opened his notebook. He began to record his gains in the future dream and the preparations he needed to make the next time he entered the dream.

The “Suction Cup” he encountered in the future dream this time made him curious.

It was as if something in him was attracting her, making her reliant on him.

He had no way of knowing the exact reason, so he planned to search the database the next time he entered the future dream to see if there was any information related to her. This time, his greatest gain in the future dream was knowing that there were enemies lurking among humans. It was very likely that the mysterious Scarlet Research Institute had already been controlled by the enemy and had become a tool for domain creatures to restrain the development of human civilization.

From the description in the email messages, he guessed that the Scarlet Research

Institute might be conducting a series of secret research that would harm the development of human civilization. And the ones leading these research projects were the domain transcendent creatures that could leave the domain fields.

As for which research projects they were, the information left for him in the future was very limited, so there was no way of getting answers.

Now that he had returned from the future dream, he set a goal for himself.

He would secretly establish an organization that could contend with the Scarlet Research Institute and protect the human geniuses who might die prematurely.

As long as the above-mentioned content could be achieved, the future would definitely change drastically.

Feng Qi’s mentality changed quietly as he entered the future dream again and again.

When he first entered the Star City Shelter and learned that human civilization would be destroyed 1,500 years later, he was stunned and even found it unbelievable.

Before this, he firmly believed that humans would definitely win on the long path of resisting the domain invasion.

But now he understood that the end of human civilization was not a coincidence. The truth was very cruel.

There was no such thing as peaceful times.

As long as humans worked hard to develop, there would be a day when they would dispel all the domain fields and obtain the final victory. That was all fake.

The seemingly calm development of civilization was actually turbulent in secret. A series of crises that could destroy human civilization existed.

The Scarlet Research Institute, Mu Qing, Lin Ran… Perhaps there were still many hidden dangers that had not been discovered. He needed to transmigrate into the future like anti-virus software and investigate the viruses lurking in history. In the end, he would kill the viruses and ensure the healthy growth of human civilization.

While feeling the pressure, he took a deep breath and his gaze became determined again. Since he had decided to come forward, he certainly would not back down.

The end of human civilization was 1,500 years later. In fact, it could not affect him now, because when the end of the world came, he would have long passed on. He could live a carefree life and ignore the future.

But he wasn’t that kind of person.

He believed that when faced with the same problem, there would be people like him who would choose to fight without hesitation.

This was proven by history.

Back then, Star City was almost devoured by the gradually expanding domain fields. At that time, a group of people came forward. They advanced one after another and threw themselves into the battle against the domain fields without hesitation. They used the sacrifice of countless people to disperse the spreading domain fields.

The peace and quiet they enjoyed in Star City were created by the heroes using their lives. If everyone chooses to retreat, there will be no future for humanity.

At this thought, he suddenly felt a heavyweight on his shoulders.

When he was going through the Star City database, he felt that he was standing on the shoulders of the future, while modern civilization was standing on his shoulders to develop.

At this moment, he suddenly felt that the future was actually standing on his shoulders as well.

Because his every move could affect the future and change it.

Therefore, he carried a future on his shoulders!

Closing the notebook, he went to the balcony and looked up at the stars in the night sky. The depression in his heart was relieved.

At this moment, a gentle breeze blew past his face. Feeling the beauty of peace, he grinned.

“I can win!”

Since the future was not his ideal future, he would turn it into his ideal future..

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