I Hijacked The Timeline

Chapter 2

Physical Change

“The graduation exam is coming soon. How can you sleep? Can you fall asleep at this stage? Have you got any sense?!”

Looking at Feng Qi, Wang Jinsheng put on a look of disappointment.


Feng Qi was his proudest student. He had high hopes for Feng Qi’s future, he did not expect him to sleep in his class.

After a scolding, Wang Jinsheng flipped opened the textbook and said with a serious expression,

“Let me ask you, when did the World Revolution begin!”

Looking at the furious Old Wang, Feng Qi’s mind raced. Fortunately, he had already memorized the knowledge in this aspect and wouldn’t embarrass himself at this moment.

After pondering for a moment, the relevant content appeared in Feng Qi’s mind.

“The revolution of the world began 500 years ago. The specific date was May 31st, 1523. On that day, domain fields appeared all over the world. Creatures that only existed in myths descended into the domains. Humanity welcomed an unprecedented challenge…”

World Revolution Day was a question that every batch of graduates had to face.

This was because this day had changed the structure of the human world.

According to records, on that day, various domain fields descended from all over the world. Small ones only covered an area of ten square meters, and large ones could even cover a city.

All kinds of terrifying monsters descended in the domain fields. Those humans who were unfortunately enveloped within were met with a nightmare.

For example, 500 miles to the east of Star City, where Feng Qi was located, was originally a modern city 300 years ago. Unfortunately, it was enveloped by the domain field that suddenly descended. Most of the humans in the city were eaten by the domain creatures that appeared along the domain field. Only a small number of people were lucky enough to escape and survived.

In the face of the sudden crisis of domain invasion, the various countries took extreme measures and used nuclear weapons to bombard the domain fields, wanting to raze everything in the domain field to the ground.

But it turned out that nuclear weapons had almost no effect on domain fields and did not weaken or make them disappear at all.

Helpless, humans could only temporarily give up on the areas covered by the domain fields.

Fortunately, the bloodthirsty creatures in the domain fields were limited by unknown factors and rarely left those areas. That was why humans were able to survive until now and had yet to be wiped out.

But everyone knew that the days of peace were only temporary.

This was because the “domain” that covered the world was slowly expanding. One day, it would envelop the entire world.

In order to resist the invasion of domains, the various countries took the initiative to exchange information and began to study the “domain creatures” hunted by technological weapons, trying to find their weaknesses and spot a chance of survival for humanity’s future.

After day and night of researching, some scholars discovered that there was a magical substance in the air that appeared along with the domain fields. This substance was extremely difficult to capture as it drifted in the air. The reason why the monsters in the domain were so powerful was closely related to the abundance of this unique substances in their bodies.

At that time, some researchers suggested that if this unique substance was implanted in a human body, he could also become as powerful as a domain creature.

The results of experiments proved that unique substance could also strengthen humans.

This discovery was undoubtedly a major breakthrough. Since technology could not defeat domain creatures, humans finally decided to use magic to defeat magic.

With regards to this magical substance, the research team that first discovered it named it “Spiritual Qi”.

In the following hundreds of years, successive generations of human scholars spent their entire lives working hard to develop many cultivation techniques that could allow humans to absorb the Spiritual Qi of heaven and earth.

Thus, the human evolutionary era began.

One by one, cultivation academies were established. The main theme of human development moved from developing the economy in an era of peace to a new era of martial arts for all.

Relying on cultivation techniques, more and more experts who could contend with domain creatures appeared all over the world.

To this day, many small domain fields had been disintegrated by human powerhouses from the inside. However, in the battle against the domain creatures, countless human pioneers had paid the price with their lives.

Feng Qi was a fresh graduate who was about to graduate from high school and enter an academy.

In a few days, he would take his graduation exam. If his results were outstanding, he could enter the ideal cultivation academy.

After graduation, he would have the chance to join the cultivation technique research institute in the academy, or form or join a combat team that roam the various domains and become a warrior.

After listening to Feng Qi’s response, Wang Jinsheng’s expression finally softened.

“Now you explain what was going on with you just now.”

“Perhaps I’ve been too tired from revision recently, I feel indescribably tired. I seemed to have fainted just now, so I didn’t hear you call me.” As he spoke, Feng Qi frowned and rubbed his temples.

After staring at Feng Qi suspiciously for a few seconds, Wang Jinsheng’s expression softened. He looked at Mo Fei, who was sitting beside Feng Qi, and said,

“Mo Fei, accompany Feng Qi to the infirmary. The examination is close, nothing must happen to your health!”

When Mo Fei heard that, he nodded obediently.

Walking out of the classroom, Mo Fei looked at Feng Qi and asked curiously,

“Lunatic, what’s wrong with you today? I couldn’t wake you up even after pinching you so hard. Is there really something wrong with your body?”

“I’m not sure. Maybe he’s been under too much pressure recently. Let’s go to the infirmary for a checkup first.”

A moment later, Feng Qi and Mo Fei arrived at the school’s infirmary.

The infirmary was sparsely furnished. There were three beds on the right side of the room, and a shelf on the left side was filled with various medical supplies. There was a small cubicle in the middle, and it was empty.

At this moment, the door was pushed open again.

A beautiful figure walked in. She was about 1.72 meters tall, tall and slender, and had an exquisite face.

She was wearing a loose white coat. At this moment, her face clouded over as she walked in front of Feng Qi. Then, she turned around and landed a punch on Mo Fei’s stomach. Mo Fei could not help but bend over, his face pale.

“Didn’t I tell you not to come to the infirmary for nothing? How many times has it been?”

“My brother is sick. I’m really here for something this time!” Although he was beaten up, Mo Fei endured the pain and revealed a smile. However, his smile was uglier than a crying look.

When Feng Qi, who was standing at the side, saw this, he immediately imagined a melodramatic plot where a simp failed to win over the goddess in his heart.

Otherwise, why didn’t he retaliate?

Although she is indeed good-looking, if she had hit me, I would have grabbed her hair and kneed her. Then, I would throw her over my shoulder, lift her, make her stand properly. Then, turn around and send her down with a roundhouse kick. Finally, I would jump up and elbow her in the face. KO.

If she’s still breathing, I’ll add a tackle kick.

After hearing Mo Fei’s explanation, the woman turned to look at Feng Qi, and her expression softened.

“Hello, I’m the new school doctor, Chen Youzi. Are you feeling unwell?”

Feng Qi thought for a moment and said awkwardly,

“I had a very vivid nightmare just now. It was as if I was there in person and I could even smell the scents in the dream. Is there something wrong with my mind?”

Chen Youzi was very calm when she heard that.

After all, the examination was approaching and the students were under a lot of pressure. Any physical or mental abnormality seemed perfectly normal to her.

She had also seen people strip naked and run around the field to vent their emotions before the college entrance examination, so nightmares were a small problem.

“How about this? Lie on the bed and I’ll give you a full body checkup.”

Upon hearing this, Feng Qi immediately nodded and went to the sickbed in the infirmary to lie down. Chen Youzi then walked into the cubicle in the infirmary and woke up the main control panel.

While waiting, the metal ball above the bed slowly opened. The lights inside intertwined, and various medical instruments for physical examination were neatly arranged.

Under Chen Youzi control, the machine operated and the metal arms probed downwards.

A series of physical examinations began.

ECG, blood pressure, blood tests, heart rate at rest, lung function… After the examination, the report was slowly printed out on control panel.

Reaching out to pick up the report, Chen Youzi began to check Feng Qi’s physical condition.

After a while, Chen Youzi turned to look at the worried Feng Qi and said,

“Your physical condition is very good. There’s no problem. You’ve probably been under too much pressure recently. Make sure to rest well while doing your revision you’ll be fine.”

As she spoke, Chen Youzi handed the medical report to Feng Qi.

Feng Qi heaved a sigh of relief and reached out to take the medical report.

With such a realistic dream earlier, he was really worried that there was something wrong with his mind, such as a mental illness like delusional disorder.

He lowered his head and glanced through the medical report. Just as he was about to crush it into a ball and throw it into the trash can at the side, his gaze swept across “Bloodline Strength”. The numerical figure on it stunned Feng Qi.

Bloodline Strength (Feng Qi): 21.13

“How is this possible!” Feng Qi was shocked.

Just a day ago, the bloodline level shown after his physical examination was still 21.03.

During this period of time, he had never drunk expensive spirit liquids or spirit pills, so there was no situation where his bloodline level increased rapidly in a short period of time.

However, the data on the report showed that his bloodline value had inexplicably increased by 0.1.

The value of 0.1 seemed very small, but to increase his bloodline value by 0.1 in usual times, he would need to undergo half a month of high-intensity training. During this period, he also had to ensure sufficient nutrition intake.

Such a strange increase led him to think of the bloodline evolution points he obtained from killing the living dead in his dream.

Could it really be related to the strange dream?

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