I Hijacked The Timeline

Chapter 14

Rune Transformer

Star City Academy.

It was late at night, and everything was silent.


Feng Qi sat on a bench by the lake and looked at the lake and rockery under the moonlight, lost in thought.

In the afternoon, he taught in the cultivation exchange class. The students’ response was strong, and a new idea appeared in his mind.

He could not guarantee that he could save the future with his own strength.

However, he knew that improving his strength alone would definitely not save the future. All of humanity had to work hard together.

Therefore, he needed to create opportunities to accelerate the development of human civilization.

During this lesson, an idea emerged in his mind. Can I become a teacher in the academy and nurture some outstanding talents?

Before he graduated from the academy, he could not join the various cultivation technique research institutes, so perhaps he could try to be a teacher.

For example, the Fierce Tiger Fist that was taught to the students of the exchange class this time would definitely be promoted in the coming days. Its influence would gradually spread to the whole of Star City and even the entire world.

However, he was also aware that doing this would definitely bring a series of troubles.

It would indeed seem too abnormal if he could suddenly master a lot of cultivation knowledge and open up a cultivation field that humans had yet to step into at this stage.

However, he had already planned how to deal with this problem.

“Others can think whatever they want. I’m a genius. I can casually create new cultivation techniques and open up new cultivation fields. Why not?!”

At that moment, Feng Qi made a decision.

He was going to be pretentious.

Because he had no other choice but to pretend. Otherwise, he would not be able to explain where he had obtained the cultivation technique. He might as well admit it to the world——

“That’s right, I’m a once-in-a-million-years super genius!”

After he thought it through, Feng Qi stood up and stretched. He prepared to return to his room and have a good sleep. At the same time, he wanted to kill monsters in the dream to level up and increase the strength of his bloodline to explore the secrets of the dream.

As he walked towards the dormitory building, he suddenly heard the sound of a harmonica from afar.

He looked up. By the glow of the street lamps by the lake, he saw a thin and small figure sitting under a willow tree not far away.

She sat with her knees bent under the willow tree, both hands holding the harmonica to her lips. She played in solitude. The tune was deep, fast at times and slow at times, as if it was telling a story of sorrow.

When he got closer, Feng Qi realized that the person sitting under the tree was actually the senior sister with a big appetite he had met in the academy’s cafeteria during the day. However, what puzzled him was that her eyes had actually turned into vertical pupils at this moment, flickering with a demonic purple light.

Seemingly noticing that Feng Qi was approaching, the girl stopped playing and turned to look at Feng Qi. A demonic purple light flowed in her eyes, and she opened her mouth to reveal two small canine teeth.

A wild and savage aura assaulted Feng Qi, causing him to have the illusion that the person standing in front of him was a wild beast that was about to devour him.

“Aren’t you afraid of me?” the girl suddenly asked.

“Why should I be afraid of you?” Feng Qi was stunned. These words made him feel somewhat baffled.

“You’re just a little loli, not a monster with three heads and six arms. Do I need to be afraid? Do you believe that I’ll make you cry with a punch?” He complained inwardly.

“My name is Mu Qing!” Looking straight into Feng Qi’s eyes, the girl said her name and waited for his reaction.

Under normal circumstances, the students in the academy would retreat decisively when they heard her name.

This was because she was a Rune Transformer person. Moreover, she was one that was imperfectly modified and could easily lose control.

It was extremely dangerous to interact with her. One might even lose her life. Therefore, the students in the academy avoided her and treated her as a ferocious beast and an anomaly.

When Feng Qi heard Mu Qing say her name, he thought that it was a self-introduction, so he politely extended his hand and introduced himself.

“Hello, Senior Sister. My name is Feng Qi.”

Feng Qi’s reaction was completely different from what Mu Qing had expected. She could not help but frown.

“You don’t know me?”

“I don’t know you? Senior Sister, are you very famous?” Feng Qi looked puzzled.

After staring at Feng Qi for a few seconds, Mu Qing suddenly stood up and walked straight into the distance.

Looking at Mu Qing’s departing figure, Feng Qi was somewhat baffled.

There must be something wrong with this Senior Sister.”

Back in the dormitory.

Feng Qi took out his tablet from his luggage and began to read through the information.

Senior Sister Mu Qing made him curious, especially the rune crystal embedded in her right arm. It reminded Feng Qi think of domain creatures.

Because the embedding of rune crystal in their bodies was one of the most obvious characteristics of domain ceatures.

After logging into Star City Academy’s forum, Feng Qi entered “Mu Qing” and began to search for relevant information.

As he went through the them, his expression gradually turned solemn.

At this moment, he realized that Mu Qing was actually a Rune Transformer.

Wang Cheng had briefly mentioned Rune Transformers in his history class.

Rune Transformers, like Spiritual Qi cultivation, originated from early human exploration and research experiments on creatures in the domain.

At that time, in addition to studying the Spiritual Qi of the universe, a group of scholars wanted to try to obtain strength from domain creatures.

Every domain creature was embedded with a rune mark that was connected to their internal organs. At that time, scholars who advocated searching for the profound meaning of becoming stronger from the bodies of domain creatures studied the rune marks. After countless attempts, they finally proposed a bold plan, the Rune Transformers Project.

They advocated extracting runic power from domain creatures and embedding it into ordinary people’s bodies so that ordinary people could obtain power comparable to that of domain creatures.

At that time, this plan even surpassed the school of Spiritual Qi research, which was now cultivation. It had once become the mainstream of human development.

However, the disadvantages soon appeared. After the first batch of people who participated in the experiment embedded runes in their bodies, although they obtained powerful strength for a short period of time, as time passed, their temperaments changed drastically and they gradually went out of control, becoming a considerable safety hazard.

Although a small number of experimenters had successfully controlled the power of the runes and become powerful rune warriors, the success rate of the experiment was terrifyingly low. There was also the risk of going out of control. In the end, the project was put on hold.

Cultivation also became the most important branch of human development in the subsequent development and innovation.

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