I Help A NPC Become The Legendary Witch

Chapter 434 - Chapter 434: Again!

Chapter 434: Again!

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This was a form of punishment and torture for Vivian.


A warm hand wiped away the tears from the corner of the girl’s eyes. Liao Zixuan held the little girl in his arms and whispered in his ear.

“It’s okay. No matter how many times, I… It will allow us to reach the end we want.”

“Yes, I believe you…Xiao Hei.” Vivian nodded.

“That’s right…’

As if she suddenly thought of something, Vivian secretly bit the tip of her tongue and used the stinging sensation to forcefully gather her spiritual will that was about to dissipate, so that she could stay in this cycle for a while longer.

This was because the little girl had two very important pieces of information that she needed to pass to her Little Black.

Vivian… He didn’t want to do anything to her this time.

“I don’t know if these are useful to you, Little Black, but… From the moment the Astorokis set sail, my connection with my other self was suddenly cut off.

I’ve been trying to call out to my other self for the past few days, but…

However, it was as if she had gone missing. She did not respond at all.

“So, in the divination that Miss Mei Ji gave me back then, she mentioned that… I would meet another person who was very similar to me, and I thought at that time, would…Could that person be the other me who disappeared in the spiritual space…”

Liao Zixuan was stunned by Vivian’s words.

He was about to ask why she didn’t tell him about this earlier, but Liao Zixuan thought about it carefully and realized that it wasn’t the little girl’s fault. It was because he was too powerful at that time. He only wanted Vivian to go back to her room and hide. Then, he spent every second to collect information. He didn’t even give the little girl a chance to speak.

“Second…The second is…”

Vivian’s breath was obviously not enough. She pursed her lips and bit the tip of her tongue again to stimulate her spirit.

“In today’s… In the morning, Miss Luzi knocked on my door, reminding me that the ship would arrive at the Thousand Islands in the afternoon and asking about my progress in seclusion.

I’m listening to you, little black, you’re talking, I’m not opening the door, I’m just talking to Miss Rookie through the door, I’m just smelling it through the door, on Miss Rookie’s body, there’s a strand…” A strange fragrance.” “A strange fragrance?” Liao Zixuan frowned and quickly asked.


“I don’t know what that is, but I didn’t smell it on Miss Luzi on the first day.

And this fragrance, I, I…”

After saying so much in one breath, it was useless even if he bit his tongue tightly.

Vivian’s body began to resemble Ann’s back then. Starting from her footsteps, she turned into specks of starlight and disappeared from the world.

However, at the last moment, the little girl’s efforts were not in vain. She held on and finished speaking. She wanted to tell Black everything. “This fragrance, I can also use it on you, Xiao Hei…Smells… It’s just…”


Different species?

Liao Zixuan recalled that in the ” second ” cycle, Ann had told him that he could smell the scent on his body. At that time, Ann called this smell…

Demoness’s lingering fragrance?

He couldn’t think any further because Liao Zixuan could feel that the girl in his arms was getting lighter and lighter.

Vivian finally stared at the young man’s face as if she wanted to imprint him in the depths of her mind.

“Xiao Hei…l want to be the next one too…Sorry to trouble you…”

When the last syllable fell, Liao Zixuan’s arms became empty. Vivian had completely turned into a star. Liao Zixuan wanted to reach out and grab her, but he could only wave it in the air. Nothing was left.

At the same time, the feedback also came to him.

His consciousness began to blur and sink, and the darkness engulfed him. The feeling of falling into the deep sea resurfaced once again.

However, compared to the beginning, Liao Zixuan, who had already experienced two ” cycles,” was no longer nervous and flustered. He could even try to have sex with the pair under the strong sense of suffocation and weightlessness. Their eyes met.

Yes, that pair of sea-blue eyes that would appear every time he entered a new ” cycle.”

The owner of the eye was clearly stated in Mei Ji’s astrology.

Water God…Flor.

Unlike the God of Fire, which was very similar to Alice’s description of ” ice sculpture “, Liao Zixuan could not see any emotion in his blue eyes. Most of the water should be flowing water, whether it was mountains, rivers, oceans, or lakes. However, just from this pair of eyes, Liao Zixuan could feel that the water of the Water God… It stopped.

It was still water, or rather…A Dead Sea.

However, now that two small fish had suddenly swam in from the ” outside ‘ Water God couldn’t accept it.

Because if there really was an ” outside “, the water would not be still.

Liao Zixuan could understand that in the eyes of the Water God, they were like bugs and errors in the program.

And now he is experiencing the cycle of time and time again, just like the water god is trying to correct this mistake.


Liao Zixuan also wanted to pass a message to the Water God, although he didn’t know if the ice god could hear it.

It was a classic saying that all the programmers on Blue Star knew.

When you write a bug, but it just happens to work, then you…Never touch it again, because you don’t know that once you try to modify it, there is a high chance that you will only get… More mistakes..

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