I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 87 - : Crisis

Chapter 87: Crisis

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Early in the moming, everyone stepped onto the battlefield in high spirits. Today was the last day. And just like Chu Yunfan, everyone was trying to make one last push today.

After today, there would be no more such good opportunities.

By the time Chu Yunfan stepped onto the battlefield, he could already see many students engaged in battling monsters. It was different from ten days ago. Ten days ago, the students were all flustered. But now, they were calm and collected.

And in the depths of the battlefield, Tang Siyu, Ou Yang, Zhang Teng, and the other outstanding students of both classes had already entered the battlefield.

Previously, the students’ battle line was pushed back to the vicinity of the electromagnetic curtain wall by the monsters. They even had to rely on the protection of the electromagnetic curtain wall to be able to stop the monsters. However, after ten days, the students who were not considered weak in the

first place had pushed back the battle line. Now, the powerful students could even go deeper into the battlefield. As a result, they encountered more and more monsters. Even Tang Siyu and the others also suffered injuries.

Chu Yunfan had just entered deep into the battlefield when he encountered a creature that looked like a mouse that was reaching out for his abdomen.

“Violet Lightning Sable!”

Chu Yunfan immediately recognized the origin of this creature. It was a monster that was born from the mutation of a sable after it was stimulated by spirit energy. The Violet Lightning Sable was a species of monster that was extremely fast. It had purple fur on its back and it moved like lightning, hence

its name, the Violet Lightning Sable. Compared to the Armored Saber-tooth Tiger, the Violet Lightning Sable was not even one-third the size of the Armored Saber-tooth Tiger. However, in terms of the degree of trouble, it was not the least bit inferior because it was really speedy. Ordinary students—even

ordinary teachers—would find it very troublesome to deal with this monster.

This Violet Lightning Sable’s eyes carried a fierce and vicious aura. Although it looked a little cute, Chu Yunfan knew that these monsters were not pets. If he treated them with the attitude of a saint, then he would certainly die in vain.

Squeak squeak squeak!

The Violet Lightning Sable squealed in a low voice. In an instant, its body charged forward, darting from left to right. It charged forward in a z-shaped line and approached rapidly. As it was not moving in a straight line, those who were slow to react would not be able to react at all, and their necks would

be bitten off in one bite.

However, Chu Yunfan was no ordinary person. His eyes were firmly fixed on the Violet Lightning Sable. His dynamic vision was extremely good, and he instantly found the correct location.

Then, he drew his saber.

With a clang, there was a flash of light. Chu Yunfan’s saber directly and accurately struck the Violet Lightning Sable.

Chu Yunfan’s strike was fast and powerful. Even the Armored Saber-tooth Tiger was forced back by his saber light, let alone the Violet Lightning Sable. It was struck by Chu Yunfan’s saber and was sent flying, landing on the ground with a heavy thud.

Squeak squeak squeak!

The Violet Lightning Sable rolled on the ground, screaming in pain. Unlike the Armored Saber-tooth Tiger, it was not covered in scales and could be hurt by blades and swords. Its fur did have a certain degree of defense though, so if a normal blade or sword did not hit it directly, it would be very difficult

to cause huge damage.

However, it was struck head-on by Chu Yunfan’s saber. Coupled with the extremely sharp edge of the Shadowless Saber, it caused a huge bloody scar to open up on the Violet Lightning Sable’s body. Blood and flesh flew everywhere, and one could even vaguely see its bones.

This Violet Lightning Sable had been through hundreds of battles to survive until now. It was very sensitive to danger. In almost an instant, it understood that the two legs in front of it were not easy to deal with, It immediately tumed around and fled into the distance.

“Trying to run away? How could I let you escape?”

Fortunately, Chu Yunfan was already prepared. When the Violet Lightning Sable turned tail to run, Chu Yunfan immediately appeared beside the Violet Lightning Sable.


The light of the saber once again poured out. In an instant, the light that filled the sky had already surrounded the Violet Lightning Sable. Then, the light that filled the sky finally turned into a shocking strike that slashed at the Violet Lightning Sable.

Slash slash!

The Violet Lightning Sable was slashed and heavily fell to the ground. After struggling for a moment, it stopped moving. Chu Yunfan had almost split its body into two.

This kind of monster that won with speed was most afraid of people like Chu Yunfan who had the advantage in both speed and strength. Once its speed was not an advantage, its actual combat strength was revealed, and it was not even one-tenth of the Armored Saber-tooth Tiger.

“Another one!”

Chu Yunfan had on a slight smile. A monster like the Violet Lightning Sable was his favorite. It was easy to kill. Of course, this was only relative to him. If it was someone else, it would have been very troublesome.

However, at this moment, after killing the Violet Lightning Sable, Chu Yunfan immediately felt that the atmosphere around him was not quite right. The air faintly emitted a kind of hostility. This kind of feeling could not be seen or touched, but he still felt it nevertheless.

Ever since the Godhead had entered his body, Chu Yunfan had become very sensitive to these auras. Otherwise, while he was meditating previously, he would not have been able to spring up the moment those monsters attacked.

He looked over and quickly realized that something was not right. The students had already gone deep into the battlefield to chase after the monsters. At this moment, there were quite a number of monsters quietly surrounding him from nearby.

“This isn’t good!”

Chu Yunfan immediately realized that something was wrong. Those monsters were intentionally surrounding and hunting. Even wild beasts had a certain level of intelligence, especially those that hunted collectively. For example, wolf packs, lion packs, and many others, all had the intelligence to hunt as

a pack. After absorbing spiritual energy and transforming into monsters, their intelligence would only increase.

It would be a huge mistake to treat them as unintelligent wild beasts.

It was obvious that these monsters were intentionally surrounding and killing them as if they were prey. However, what unnerved Chu Yunfan even more was that these monsters belonged to different races. Under normal circumstances, they would not cooperate. So what prompted them to cooperate


Thinking of this, Chu Yunfan hurriedly turned on the intercom device on his wristband and directly connected to Qin Wu.

“Coach, something bad has happened. Those monsters are intentionally surrounding us and are trying to catch us all in one go. Come and support us!”

As Chu Yunfan spoke, his entire body flew out like a cannonball. Then, he heavily hit the ground and used the rebound force to fly away again. At this time, he no longer cared about the control of power.

Qin Wu and Jin Feng, who had received the news, also hurriedly looked toward the battlefield. As expected, there were already many monsters approaching the edge of the battlefield.

“TIl go and save them. Inform the garrison and come back later!” Qin Wu said to Jin Feng. After saying that, he shot out like an arrow from a bow.

The tense situation was on the verge of breaking out..

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