I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 50 - Shocking the Relatives

Chapter 50: Shocking the Relatives

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Chu Yunfan took a look. The person who greeted him was none other than his uncle, Chu Wendong.

Among the three brothers of the Chu family, Chu Yunfan’s uncle had made the greatest achievement. He was the current director of a government department of the city. Although his position was not very high, he was no small fry either. He had a vague air of authority.

The middle-aged woman beside Chu Wendong had the temperament of a noblewoman. She was Chu Yunfan’s aunt, Yan Bing.

The two old men and women sitting at the center were his grandfather, Chu Dingguo, and his grandmother, Kong Ningxin. They both looked like were in their sixties or seventies. But because of their cultivation bases, they looked young. In fact, both of them were over ninety years old.

The two families approached the big table and sat down.

“Sons, what took you so long?” Old Madam Chu asked.

“Mom, aren’t we all working people? We immediately came here after changing our clothes!” Chu Wencheng quickly explained. At the same time, he glanced around the table and asked, “Where’s Yuntian? Why isn’t he here?”

“Yuntian just passed the division exam and entered the focus class of the martial arts stream. He went out to celebrate with his classmates and has not come back. It’s quite tiring to travel back from Donghua!” Old Madam Chu answered after a pause.

“How tiring could it be? Transportation is so convenient now. It takes less than half an hour to get here from Donghua!” Liu Silin could not help but grumble.

“Exactly. This is his birthday party and he’s not even here!” Yang Yayun could not help but say.

Chu Yunfan and Chu Yunfei also had not expected this. They looked at each other in dismay. They were called here to celebrate Chu Yuntian’s birthday, but in the end, Chu Yuntian himself was not present.

“It’s not that Yuntian doesn’t want to come back, but you know that although he has teachers at Federal University who are willing to guarantee his admission, he doesn’t want to leave his classmates. He has to build good relations with his classmates. After all, he was admitted to the focus class of the martial arts stream!” Yan Bing could not help but interject.

“That’s right. With Yuntian’s ability, our branch will be dependent on Yuntian’s support in the future!” When Old Madam Chu spoke of Chu Yuntian, she could not help but feel very satisfied.

“Mom, you can’t be so biased. Yunfei also got into the focus class of the martial arts stream!” Liu Silin immediately said, unwilling to be outdone.

“They’re both in the martial arts stream. Can Yunfei compare to Yuntian’s focus class? Oh right, what about you, Yunfan? Did you get into the martial arts stream?”

Old Madam Chu changed the topic and turned immediately to Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan only said indifferently, “I did.”

The old lady nodded and said, “It’s good that you got in. Not everyone can get into the focus classes!”

At this time, Yang Yayun, who had been watching from the side, was about to say something when she saw Chu Wencheng, who was beside her, say, “Mom, Yunfan also got into the focus class!”

Yang Yayun looked at her husband in surprise. He usually did not participate in the conflicts between women.

“What? He got into the focus class too?” Old Madam Chu could not help but be slightly shocked. Although she still favored Chu Yuntian in her heart, it did not mean that she did not take notice of the situation of her two other grandsons.

Among them, Chu Yunfan was the most untalented one. Even him getting into the martial arts stream was a surprise. How could he have gotten into the focus class?

“That’s right. Yunfan just got into the focus class!” Yang Yayun said proudly. She enjoyed the shock of the crowd.

“All right, everyone got into the focus class. This is a good thing. Our branch will be relying on them in the future!” At this moment, Old Master Chu could not help but say. “Yuntian didn’t come today, but it doesn’t matter. Just treat this as a family banquet. Wendong, call for the dishes!”

Chu Wendong quickly called for the waiter. Clearly, the old man’s authority over the family was still very strong.

Suddenly, Chu Wendong stood up and said, “Dad, I see my leader over there. I’ll head over for a bit!”

“Go!” The old man nodded and said.

Chu Wendong’s action also attracted everyone’s attention. Chu Wendong walked toward a middle-aged man with an attentive expression. No one was not surprised. Just now, Chu Wendong said that the man was a leader of their government. Although…they did not know which department that leader was from.

However, it was clear that he had quite the authority. Facing the solicitous Chu Wendong, his expression was very calm.

“All of you should learn from Wendong. You should maintain a good relationship with your superiors so that your path will be smoother. That’s all I can advise you. The rest is up to you!” Chu Dingguo said indifferently.

After talking for a while, Chu Wendong finally came back. However, just as everyone was about to withdraw their gazes, another group of people came in. The head of the group was a middle-aged man who had the air of a soldier.

The leader, who had looked indifferent just a moment ago, quickly went up to him. His face was attentive, just like the expression Chu Wendong had on earlier.

Everyone could not help but feel curious. Who was this person?

Only Chu Yunfan was slightly moved because he recognized the identity of the person. It was none other than Liu Yushu’s father, Liu Weiguo.

He had thought that Liu Yushu’s father, Liu Weiguo, was just an ordinary businessman. After all, although the Liu family was rich, there were so many rich people these days. However, he had not expected that the leader of the government department, who even his uncle had to curry favor with, would have to curry favor with him.

Chu Yunfan immediately understood that he had underestimated Liu Weiguo.

Liu Weiguo spoke with the government official for a while and was about to leave when suddenly, he caught sight of a familiar figure at a large table. He focused his gaze and found that it was none other than Chu Yunfan.

He could not help but stop his tracks and walked toward Chu Yunfan.

Liu Weiguo strode toward the table of the Chu family members. However, the people of the Chu family did not react. They all thought that Liu Weiguo was just passing by. They did not expect him to finally stop in front of their table.

And the person he was facing was none other than Chu Yunfan.

“It really is you. I almost missed you. Why? Are you here to eat to celebrate your admission to the focus class of the martial arts stream?” Liu Weiguo asked.

With his cultivation, he could naturally see that Chu Yunfan had already entered the Qi Sea Stage. With such cultivation, it was no problem for him to enter the focus class in an ordinary high school.

Everyone’s gaze was fixed on Chu Yunfan. The meaning was very obvious. When did Chu Yunfan get acquainted with such a bigshot? No matter how they looked at it, these two did not look like they would ever cross paths!

“Mr. Liu—” Chu Yunfan stood up. Just as he was about to speak, he was interrupted by Liu Weiguo.

“Didn’t I tell you before? I’m close to your teacher. You can just call me Uncle Liu. Calling me Mr. Liu is so cold!” Liu Weiguo said with a smile.

“All right then, Uncle Liu. This is my family. We’re here to celebrate my cousin’s birthday!” Chu Yunfan did not argue and said directly.

“I see. How about this? Previously, you helped Yushu. This time, it’s all thanks to you that Yushu was able to successfully get into the focus class of Calm Ocean City No. 1 High School. I had been thinking of how to thank you. Since this restaurant happens to be under my name, I’ll get them to open a private room for you. And as a thank you gift, all of your expenses tonight will be charged to my account. How about it?” Liu Weiguo said.

“A private room at Meiwei? It’s so hard to get one!” At this moment, Chu Yunfei had a feeling that he was truly seeing his cousin for the first time.

Meiwei Restaurant was famous all throughout Calm Ocean City. Just to get this table, who knew how much time and effort Chu Wendong had spent to get it, not to mention a private room. Now that they were asked to open it for them, it was opened for them.

The others were also looking at Chu Yunfan in the same way. However, Yang Yayun, Chu Wencheng, and Chu Qingxuan were surprised and honored at the same time.

“That really isn’t necessary…” Chu Yunfan said.

“This is nothing. Don’t reject me!” Liu Weiguo said. Chu Yunfan’s cultivation was no secret in his eyes, so he was even more certain of the judgment he had made back then.

Since Chu Yunfan could break through the Joint Popping Stage to the Qi Sea Stage in such a short period of time, he was obviously not a simple person. His future was limitless. Otherwise, Liu Weiguo would not have personally come to rope him in. After all, Liu Yushu had already paid for Chu Yunfan’s help in breaking through. Now, it was just a piece of cake for him to rope in Chu Yunfan. In his opinion, it was not a waste of money. Why not?

“All right then, On behalf of my family, thank you, Uncle Liu!” Chu Yunfan said.

Liu Weiguo smiled and said, “All right, I’ll be leaving now. This is a restaurant. Have yourselves a good time!”

Liu Weiguo left immediately after saying that. He spared the other members of the Chu family no attention as if he did not want to know them at all. However, it was true that there was no value in making friends with the other members of the Chu family.

After Liu Weiguo left, all the eyes of the whole family fell on Chu Yunfan. This person, who usually stayed silent, actually knew such a bigshot.

“I remember now. I’ve seen his picture on the internet before. He’s the CEO of the Liu Group. He’s among the top ten richest people in Calm Ocean!” Chu Yunfei slapped his thigh and said.

At this moment, Chu Yunfan also realized that the Liu family was much richer than he thought. He had thought they were just ordinary rich men.

“Yunfan, how do you know Mr. Liu?” Chu Dingguo coughed and said.

“I met him while I was working!” Chu Yunfan said vaguely.

Everyone wanted to know more, but Chu Yunfan did not give any further explanation. He knew that his family was hungry for more information, but he did not have much of a relationship with Liu Weiguo.

He guessed that the reason why Liu Weiguo was being so generous was that Liu Weiguo wanted to win him over. Other than knowing each other through Coach Qin Wu, the two of them did not have much of a relationship at all.

Therefore, no matter how his family asked, he insisted that there was no relationship.. They just met while they had been working.

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