I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 45 - Passing Five Levels in a Row

Chapter 45: Passing Five Levels in a Row

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All the invigilators wanted to see Chu Yunfan’s martial skill level. But to their disappointment, Chu Yunfan still would not show his level.

Three Qi Nourishment Stage martial artists were not enough to make him reveal his true strength.

He received all the attacks from the three Qi Nourishment Stage virtual martial artists. No matter how astonishing the attacks of these three Qi Nourishment Stage virtual martial artists were,he easily blocked them all.

After a while, Chu Yunfan seemed to tire of this scene. He let out a loud shout and then attacked like thunder. It was as if he had split himself into three and he directly bombarded the three Qi Nourishment Stage virtual martial artists. The three virtual martial artists were sent flying and fell heavily to the ground. They were unable to move. After a while, they turned into rays of light and disappeared. This was the virtual network system judging that their injuries were too severe and they had lost!

At this moment, all the invigilators frowned slightly because they still had not seen what they wanted to see. However, they all came to the same conclusion.

“This student’s physical fitness is simply too good to be true. Forget the Qi Nourishment Stage, even the physical fitness of those in the Qi Sea Stage should not be this strong!”

“It’s very rare to be able to reach this stage just by relying on physical fitness unless it’s someone with extraordinary talent!”

“That’s true. There are actually many with outstanding talent, but those with extraordinary physical talent are very rare!”

“This is quite interesting. Let’s see how far he can go. There’s no question that he’ll be admitted into the focus class!”

At this moment, most of the students of Class 11 had already finished their exams. They had all failed sooner or later. As time passed, the number of students decreased. Soon, there were only a few students who were confirmed to have reached the Qi Nourishment Stage.

Suddenly, one of the Qi Nourishment Stage students whipped off his glasses.

“This is impossible. Fighting one in the Qi Nourishment Stage is already the limit. We can’t beat three of them at once!”

This student could not help but complain. Defeating a Qi Nourishment Stage meant that he had reserved a position in one of the focus classes. But one were to reach this step, who would not want to take it one step further.

The focus classes were also divided into different grades. In them were outstanding individuals who stood high above others, as well as the ordinary and mediocre ones.

After him, some other students who had already entered the Qi Nourishment Stage withdrew one after another. They had all been defeated at the same level.

After all, they could deal with virtual martial artists who were at the same Qi Nourishment Stage as them. This was because these virtual martial artists were built on relatively mediocre data. They were not built using the elites in the Qi Nourishment Stage as templates. But even so, these students who had just broken through had already done their best, let alone fighting three at once.

As of this moment, there were only four people left who were still taking the test. Besides the big three, Chu Yunfan had also unexpectedly persevered.

“Not bad. A pretty good seedling!”

Qin Wu nodded slightly. Chu Yunfan’s performance had completely exceeded his expectations. It was far better than the best situation he had imagined.

After passing the fourth level, Chu Yunfan smoothly entered the fifth. The opponent on the fifth level was just one person—a virtual martial artist at the first level of the Qi Sea Stage.

Chu Yunfan’s expression became a little more serious. The Qi Sea Stage and the Physical Stage were completely different concepts.

In terms of physical fitness, it was not that strong. But a Qi Sea Stage martial artist would be able to attach True Energy to his body. This was enough to make a Qi Sea Stage martial artist far more destructive than a martial artist who was just the Physical Stage even though their physical fitness was on par with each other.

Tap, tap, tap!

This Qi Sea Stage virtual martial artist came flying toward him almost the second he manifested. He took one step at a time. It looked slow, but in fact, he was extremely fast. If one were to imbue the sole of their feet with True Energy, it would make them twice as fast as before.




In an instant, he was right on top of Chu Yunfan.

“Ferocious Tiger’s Heart Plow!”

The virtual martial artist shouted out loud and threw a punch directly toward Chu Yunfan’s chest. This cultivation of the Devilish Tiger Punches had actually reached the pinnacle of perfection. The virtual network was truly magical.

The explosive sound caused by True Energy tearing through the air made the entire scene quake.

“Devilish Tiger Punches again! Come!”

Chu Yunfan was not panicked. On the contrary, he only laughed loudly. Then, he also threw a Devilish Tiger Punch toward that virtual martial artist’s punch.


The two fists collided. From it came not the muffled groan of when flesh and bone collide, but the explosive sound of True Qi colliding.

When their two fists met, he had to admit that the cultivation of this virtual martial artist was obviously much stronger than the Qi Nourishment Stage martial artists from before. But no matter, under the collision of this punch, his arm did not falter. Instead, the virtual martial artist had to retreat to ward off Chu Yunfan’s punch that was full of True Energy.

“What great strength! He’s actually stronger than a martial artist at the first level of the Qi Sea Stage!”

Many invigilators cried out in surprise. Chu Yunfan was clearly stronger than they had expected.

“He has already stepped into the Qi Sea Stage. This kind of prodigy should have been nurtured long ago. Why have I never heard of him before?!”

“Discovering this now is not too late. There’s still about a year left before the college entrance exams. There’s no need to fret!”

As the invigilators exclaimed in surprise, through the monitor, they saw Chu Yunfan begging his counterattack. The virtual martial artist was continuously pushed back by Chu Yunfan’s punches whilst Chu Yunfan did not back down. With great difficulty, the virtual martial artist finally managed to stabilize his body, but Chu Yunfan had already pounced toward him.

“Luring the Tiger!”

Chu Yunfan threw a punch. This virtual martial artist had no time to counter and could only block the attack. However, he was once again beaten back by Chu Yunfan. Since losing the first attack, there was no possibility of gaining back his ground.

Chu Yunfan’s various attacks came like a storm. Chu Yunfan had never fought with a Qi Sea Stage martial artist before. When he was fighting Liu Yushu previously, although she had suppressed her cultivation, she could not be considered a true Qi Sea Stage martial artist. He treated this assessment as a rare opportunity to increase his actual combat experience.

Against a flurry of Devilish Tiger Punches, the virtual martial artist was unable to retaliate. Everything was under Chu Yunfan’s control.

The invigilators saw this and did not know how to react. They had invigilated many assessments in the past and noticed when students were nervous. They had also seen before where students were not nervous, but this was the first time they were seeing someone treat the assessment as an actual battle.

“Again! Ferocious Tiger’s Heart Plow!”

Chu Yunfan shouted and punched the virtual martial artist’s body. The virtual martial artist was sent flying backward.. And with a burst of light, he disappeared in mid-air.

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