I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 41 - Untying the Knot in His Heart

Chapter 41: Untying the Knot in His Heart

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“It’s fine, Mom. It’s just 100,000 yuan.” Chu Yunfan said.

The current him obviously was not worried about 100,000 yuan. If he wanted to earn money, he would have ways to earn it. He just needed some time.

He was used to the old man and the old lady’s favoritism. He had long understood that there were things that were useless for him to be angry over. This was because other than his parents and sister, no one would really care if he was angry.

Why should he make himself feel bad over such a thing?!

However, Yang Yayun was not about to give up just like this. She said, “I originally wanted to use this 100,000 yuan to buy you a body refining pill so that you would have the chance to enter the martial arts class. Now, it’s all gone. Your father and I discussed it on the road. First, we’ll mortgage the house and get a loan to buy a Body Refining Pill and a Qi Nourishment Pill. The next year is crucial. Even if you don’t enter the martial arts class, it’s not a big deal. You can apply to change classes next year as long as your strength can keep up!”

Turns out that Chu Wencheng and Yang Yayun had already considered it. Even if they had to mortgage the house, they wanted to give Chu Yunfan a chance to be able to fight for next year.

“Mom, Dad, there’s no need for that. You don’t have to mortgage the house. It’s not worth it!” Chu Yunfan hurriedly said.

“Your mom and I have already discussed it. The college entrance exam is a great opportunity. A person will only get one such chance in their entire life.

“Even if we have to mortgage our house, we will still buy those pills for you. All these years, most of our money has been spent on Xuan Xuan. We’ve not spared you much. If we don’t do this, your chances of getting into the martial arts class wouldn’t be in danger!”

Chu Wencheng looked at his son as his heart filled with guilt. As a man, he felt like he had failed. He had not been able to give his wife a good life, and his daughter’s illness was incurable. He could not even help his son.

“Dad, there’s no need. If you want me to enter the martial arts class, there’s no need for you to mortgage your house. I’ve long passed the Blood Renewal Stage!” Chu Yunfan quickly explained.

However, Chu Wencheng and Yang Yayun did not believe him. They thought that Chu Yunfan was trying to comfort them.

At this moment, Chu Qingxuan, who had been watching from the side, spoke up, “Mon, Dad, don’t argue anymore. Brother isn’t lying to you. Look, he’s already in the Qi Nourishment stage!”

At this moment, the two of them turned their eyes to Chu Yunfan. Chu Yunfan finally revealed his aura, and the two of them could easily tell that Chu Yunfan had already entered the Qi Nourishment stage. Because they had also experienced this stage before, they were not unfamiliar with it.

“When did you break through?!” After Chu Wencheng’s initial joy, he felt even more guilty. He did not even know when his son had broken through to the Qi Nourishment stage. He had been too negligent as a father.

“I just did. Don’t worry. Not only will I get into the martial arts class, I’ll also enter the focus class!” Chu Yunfan said confidently. He also felt a little apologetic that he had not told his parents about this the moment it happened.

He had wanted to wait until the end of the placement test to give his family a surprise. But before that happened, Chu Qingxuan suggested earning money to buy pills for him. Then, his parents wanted to mortgage his house to allow him the chance to cultivate.

He felt that he could not hide it anymore!

“That’s great. As expected of my son. Didn’t the old lady always say that you don’t have any talent, so we can’t waste resources on you? When you get into the martial arts class, she’ll be shocked. In the future, let’s see who still dares look down on you!” Yang Yayun said resentfully. This treatment was something that the people in this room were already used to.

They had gone through so many years like this!

“The third elder of the family also gave out 100,000 yuan, but the old lady did not take that away. They are too biased!”

At the mention of this matter, Yang Yayun was still very angry. The old lady was biased, but there were three people in the house. One of them smiled apologetically, while the other two acted as if it was none of their business.

However, her mood quickly improved. She had planned to mortgage the house and help her son get into the martial arts class so that he could get into a good university in the future. She had not expected her son to give her a surprise.

She felt that she could finally hold her head up high. Although her son could not compare to Chu Yuntian, compared to the children of the third family, he was not bad. Maybe even better.

Thinking about this, she felt much better!

Chu Wencheng was also overjoyed!

All these years, because of his daughter’s illness, he had no choice but to swallow his anger. He has inevitably wronged his son. Now that he was seeing his son develop well on his own, he felt much better.

“Okay, Mom. Even without the help of the family, I have already entered the Qi Nourishment stage. There’s no need to be angry!” Chu Yunfan took the opportunity to comfort her.

“All right, hmph. So what if they have the help of the family? My son is great too!”

Yang Yayun’s temper came and dissipated quickly. She was not a stingy person, but once this matter involved her son, she could not help but be angry. It was not for herself, but for the injustice against her son.

Now that her son had a promising future, she felt proud and her mood improved.

“Yeah, Mom. Don’t be angry over 100,000 yuan. It’s not worth it!”

Chu Qingxuan quickly tried to persuade her.

Chu Wencheng also took the opportunity to persuade her. His previous position was too awkward. No matter how he tried to persuade her, it was useless. They took turns to persuade her. Soon, Yang Yayun was happy and went out to buy vegetables. Today, she was going to celebrate with her son.

Chu Qingxuan also returned to her room. Only Chu Wencheng and Chu Yunfan were left in the living room.

“Sit down!” Chu Wencheng said.

Chu Yunfan sat opposite him.

“All these years, it’s been hard on you. I’m very glad that you’ve made such achievements!” Chu Wencheng said as he looked at Chu Yunfan.

This was the first time that he was speaking his mind.

“Dad, there’s no need to feel aggrieved!” Chu Yunfan said.

Unlike his mother with her straightforward temper, Chu Wencheng was undoubtedly much more of a silent person. However, from what he knew, his father was not a person who would swallow his pride in the past. However, for the sake of this family, he had been enduring for a long time. Ever so slowly…he had not realized that this attitude had become a habit.

“Why are we still talking about this!” Chu Yunfan said, “What’s there to talk about being aggrieved? All these years, I’ve not given you enough. Now, we’re even. Let’s not talk about the past anymore!”

Chu Wencheng knew what his son meant and nodded heavily. “Okay!”

“You have to work hard in the placement test this time, but remember to take care of yourself!”

“Don’t worry, no problem. This time, I’ll definitely get into the martial arts class and the focus class. No matter what, I have to elevate my parents’ status!” Chu Yunfan said with a chuckle.

“Hahaha, you brat!”

For a moment, the living room was filled with the laughter of father and son.

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