I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 35 - Fighting Feng Deying

Chapter 35: Fighting Feng Deying

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In a room that was neither crude nor luxurious, a young man sat on a cushion on the floor with his legs crossed. He was breathing at a regular pace. Every time he inhaled, he took in a large amount of air and would then release it slowly.

Suddenly, a ringing noise in the room made the young man open his eyes. He slowly exhaled.

After that, Chu Yunfan stretched his body. Although he had been cultivating the whole night, he did not feel tired at all.

Since obtaining the Godhead, he hardly slept. He would basically meditate and cultivate to replace sleep.

He would usually meditate for one to two hours and would be in high spirits the next day.

It was said that there were powerhouses with formidable cultivation bases in the Federation government who had achieved breatharianism. They did not need to consume food and could live just by consuming the Spirit Energy between Heaven and Earth.

Moreover, they did not need sleep and needed only to meditate!

Of course, Chu Yunfan had yet to reach that level, but he would get there sooner or later.

“It’s finally the day to fight Feng Deying!”

It had been a week and time passed in the blink of an eye. It was time to fight Feng Deying.

There had not been enough time. Chu Yunfan had yet to complete the cultivation of Qi Nourishment. Of the five Qi Nourishment Pills he wanted, he had only refined three.

Although that was the case, the True Energy in his body had surpassed what anyone else would have at the peak of Qi Nourishment.

As usual, he had breakfast and rushed to school.

It was the day of Chu Yunfan and Feng Deying’s battle. Among the students, Feng Deying was popular, while Chu Yunfan was a nobody.

Although the battle attracted the attention of some nosy students, in a school of up to 10,000 students and teachers, it was not a big deal.

As soon as Chu Yunfan got into the classroom, Feng Deying blocked him directly.

“You dared to come?” Feng Deying said with a cold smirk on his face. Subsequently, he glanced at the classroom and said, “You don’t have your brother helping you today!”

Although it was the day of Feng Deying and Chu Yunfan’s battle, Gao Hongzhi was absent. Chu Yunfan had sparred with Gao Hongzhi a few days back. This was nothing important, so there was no need to interrupt Gao Hongzhi’s momentum in his Qi Sea Stage cultivation.

Not only Gao Hongzhi, but Tang Siyu was also absent. Feng Deying could not help but feel a little disappointed by that.

It was no secret in the class that he liked Tang Siyu. He had hinted and confessed his affection a few times. However, she not only rejected him but also ignored him.

Ever since Tang Siyu joined the class, she was different from the regular students. Her performance was out of the place compared to the rest, as if she had never really blended in.

She was a student who came to school every day, but she gave out an isolated and independent feeling. It was her charisma that he found so attractive.

Feng Deying wanted to defeat Chu Yunfan in the presence of Tang Siyu. It was a pity that she was absent, but it did not matter. After he defeated Chu Yunfan, the news would get to her sooner or later.

“Do I need any help? Stop your nonsense!”

Chu Yunfan tossed his backpack across the class. It landed precisely on his seat as if perfectly placed.

The toss alone showed Chu Yunfan had brought his body to the Impeccable Stage.

Compared to half a month ago, his transformation seemed as if he had been reborn.

Chu Yunfan turned around and said, “Let’s go to the battle ring!”

He did not bother saying anything else to Feng Deying.

Feng Deying watched everything, and his eyes were getting more and more ferocious.

‘I’ll break all the bones in your body. Let’s see if you’ll be this arrogant after that!’

He wanted to return all of the humiliation Chu Yunfan had put him through before.

The battle ring had been set up in the school. As Chu Yunfan and Feng Deying arrived at the ring, the students of Class 11 and some other classes who heard about the news came. There were over 200 of them, so it was quite a scene.

“I can’t believe there’s a ring match to watch today. But who is this Chu Yunfan exactly? I know Feng Deying. He’s Class 11’s class monitor!”

“No idea. Who knows what Class 11 is doing? In any case, that Feng Deying is a disgrace. He couldn’t handle a student from his class and now they’re fighting in the ring!”

“Who knows who he is? But I heard this Chu Yunfan is close with Gao Hongzhi from Class 11. Perhaps this has something to do with him. Gao Hongzhi isn’t someone that one should offend!”

Before the ring match started, many students were already discussing among themselves. They clearly thought this seemingly unfair match was strange.

If it was Feng Deying and Gao Hongzhi who were fighting, perhaps many powerful students from each class would come to watch.

Both Feng Deying or Gao Hongzhi were almost guaranteed to get into the elite class. At that point, not only would they be classmates, they would be opponents. Naturally, they would not miss the chance to watch their battle.

Still, it was just Feng Deying against Chu Yunfan. To many, he probably just wanted to teach a lesson to some guy in class who had disobeyed him.

“Let’s go to the ring!” Feng Deying said with a twisted smile.

With that, he stepped onto the ring. Meanwhile, Chu Yunfan too got into the ring fearlessly.

Both of them stood at a corner of the ring, across from each other.

“Chu Yunfan, I don’t know what you did to have to fight me, but I’ll break your ego today. I want you to know that a commoner like you will never be able to compare to us. We’re born nobler than you!” Feng Deying said in a condescending manner.

What he said created an uproar among the many students around the ring. Many of them were commoners. Just like Chu Yunfan, their families were rather poor.

Although modern society emphasized equality and social class differences were definitely prohibited from being displayed on the surface, everyone knew that such differences indeed existed. As society was growing everyday, there would still be people like Feng Deying who were arrogant because of the family they were born into.

Nevertheless, those commoner students kept their emotions in check because Feng Deying was right on a certain level. Being born into a wealthy family meant that had started his life at a place where many people fought to reach throughout their entire lives.

“Another idiot!” Chu Yunfan merely said calmly.

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