I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 32 - Stepping into Qi Nourishment

Chapter 32: Stepping into Qi Nourishment

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None of Lu Qingxuan’s employees had seen Chu Yunfan before. Therefore, they thought he was an alchemy expert who had techniques to retain his youth. Although it sounded like a fantasy, it was much more acceptable than him being a real alchemy expert who was this young.

It was the second time Chu Yunfan had come to Lu Qingxuan’s company’s alchemy lab. There were still many herbs piled up inside. It was just that they were no longer the herbs for Body Refining Pills but Qi Nourishment Pills.

Chu Yunfan turned his head and said to Lu Qingxuan, “I’ve put you through such trouble!”

“It’s no trouble at all. You helped me big time, so I’ve no idea how I should thank you yet!” Lu Qingxuan replied immediately.

She was usually indifferent when she talked to young masters from big groups and companies. She only spoke kindly to Chu Yunfan.

Within two short days, she felt as if she had gone through the ups and downs in life, all thanks to the young man before her. Compared to him saving her company, she merely helped him purchase herbs and lent him her alchemy lab. Was that really anything?

“Alright, I’m going to refine pills. Go ahead with your stuff. You can leave me to it!” Chu Yunfan said.

“Alright. Let me know if you need anything at all!” Lu Qingxuan said and turned around to leave the lab.

Chu Yunfan lit the fire in the alchemical furnace and began to refine the Qi Nourishment Pills.

He focused all of his attention, and the Alchemy Emperor’s memories surged into his head like water.

Although he had never refined Qi Nourishment Pills, he looked as if he had done it hundreds to thousands of times as he grabbed the proper amount of herbs familiarly and tossed them into the furnace. Unlike many alchemists, he did not need any equipment to help him calculate the precise quantity of herbs.

Chu Yunfan refined five Qi Nourishment Pills simultaneously instead of one by one like most would do.

Everything seemed like it had all been prepared beforehand as he refined the Qi Nourishment Pills accordingly.

When the Alchemy Emperor had just gotten into alchemy, he had refined many Qi Nourishment Pills. No matter how talented a person was, nobody could master the skills without frequent practice.

When one had practiced the fundamentals of alchemy, even if they were to refine a medicinal pill that they had never seen or refined before, the success rate would exceed 90%.

One could say that the alchemical recipes merely had one root no matter how strange or variable they were when one had achieved what the Alchemy Emperor had. As soon as one mastered the basic skills, the success rate would naturally be high.

It was just like practicing sword fighting. No matter how fancy a sword technique was, it was just a combination of the basic techniques after all.

Two hours later, the batch of Qi Nourishment Pills was finally done.

Medicinal fragrance wafted through the entire alchemy lab, but it was soon sucked out by the exhaust fan.

Chu Yunfan used a specialized box for medicinal pills to pack the Qi Nourishment Pills.

The flourishing of alchemy was also a boon for the affiliate industries. When it came to medicinal pills, one should not store them carelessly to prevent the loss of efficacy.

Common medicinal pills like Qi Nourishment Pills and Body Refining Pills could be contained in regular sandalwood boxes because they were bought and used quickly and frequently.

On the other hand, the rather special medicinal pills would have to be stored in boxes made of warm jade. The box alone was expensive. Some custom-made warm jade boxes or bottles cost up to a million coins. It was ridiculous.

Naturally, medicinal pills that required such a box would cost at least tens to hundreds of millions of coins.

Meanwhile, the alchemists who could refine such medicinal pills would gain money and fame. They were like the great tycoons of the world.

As soon as the Qi Nourishment Pills were done, Chu Yunfan sat with his legs crossed and began cultivating. He could use the alchemy lab as a training room. It was normal for an alchemist to do so.

Chu Yunfan swallowed a Qi Nourishment Pill. He immediately felt the pill’s effects like a stream spreading all over his body.

At that moment, he felt as if True Energy was blowing up a balloon in his body and it was growing at a stunning speed.

As his qi sea had yet to be activated, the extra True Energy he cultivated was actually stored in all the acupoints in his body.

At that moment, all the acupoints had activated as if they had been triggered.

Chu Yunfan cultivated with the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method immediately, slowly converting the energy in the Qi Nourishment Pill into True Energy.

The True Energy in his body was growing at a terrifying speed. The circulation of the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method was a few times faster than the Basic Energy Refinement Formula that he used in the past.

Therefore, the speed of the True Energy absorption was many times greater than it was previously.

It was close to noon when he opened his eyes again.

He could clearly feel that the True Energy in his body was 50% thicker, but that was not the limit. He knew that he could still absorb more True Energy in his body.

Meanwhile, he had yet to completely absorb the medicine.

In reality, the main cultivation of the Physical Stage was of the body, and the cultivation of Internal Energy was relatively low.

Nevertheless, it was the refinement of the physical body throughout the Physical Stage that allowed the True Energy to be contained in one’s limbs and bones on a daily basis. If this happened to a regular person, their meridians would explode.

‘I’ve stepped into Qi Nourishment now, but that’s not enough. I’ll need some time to get to the peak!’ Chu Yunfan secretly thought to himself.

He had entered Qi Nourishment now and bid farewell to the refinement of the physical body. The current priority was to cultivate a mouthful of True Energy to impact his dantian and activate his qi sea in order to break through to the Qi Sea Stage.

“Fortunately, there’s still time!” Chu Yunfan said.

He had already stepped into Qi Nourishment, so he could definitely get into the martial arts stream. With that complete, he was thinking of how to break through to the Qi Sea Stage, in order to get into the elite class of the martial arts stream.

Otherwise, the gap between him and others would grow.

Chu Yunfan proceeded to close his eyes as he considered this point. Suddenly, he heard a thud as the alchemy lab’s door was opened.

A young man who looked like he was in his twenties and dressed in fancy clothes strode inside. Meanwhile, Lu Qingxuan followed behind him.

“Chu Zhiguo, I’ve told you that this is private property. I can sue you for trespassing!”

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