I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 285 - Exterminating the Criminals  

Chapter 285: Exterminating the Criminals

After breaking through, Chu Yunfan’s strength rose to a whole new level. Scarface, who had previously been able to cause him great pressure, could not even withstand a single slash now!

The difference between breaking through and not breaking through was huge!

Scarface’s head fell to the ground. His eyes were wide open as if he could not believe it. The blood spurting out from his neck dyed the red ground even redder.

Many did not have time to react. Be it the students or the criminals, they did not even have time to react. Chu Yunfan had killed the powerful scarred-faced criminal in an instant.

The tides turned. The students now had an additional person who could turn the situation around!

“This won’t do. Someone has to kill this student first. He’s too big of a threat!” one of the criminals shouted.

All of them immediately began to react. If Chu Yunfan was allowed to make a move, with his strength that could instantly kill scarface, it would not be difficult for him to kill them.

They could oppose the other students easily enough. However, if it was Chu Yunfan, they would be dead for sure. They would not be able to resist at all.

Almost immediately, they made their choice. In an instant, seven to eight criminals broke off and surrounded Chu Yunfan.

Although Tang Siyu and the others wanted to stall those criminals, there was nothing they could do. The remaining criminals attacked with all they had. Every attack was extremely terrifying.

They all understood that it was time to decide life and death. They did not want to die at the hands of these students.

“Yunfan, be careful!” Tang Siyu said with an anxious note in his voice.

“They have more people. Be careful!” Gao Hongzhi also said. His spear was like a fire tornado, constantly sweeping toward the criminals in front of him. Because he was worried about Chu Yunfan, he began to attack crazily, but the criminal in front of him was even fiercer. He could not break through the blockade of this criminal.

Chu Yunfan smiled faintly. Looking at the many criminals surrounding him, he said, “They’re just trash. You don’t have to worry. Kill the trash in front of you first.”

As soon as Chu Yunfan finished speaking, a criminal pounced forward. The long spear in his hand was like a poisonous dragon as it swept toward Chu Yunfan.

“You talk too much nonsense. You actually dare to call us trash?!”

That infuriated criminal roared as he pounced forward.

“You’re asking for death!”

A fierce glint flashed through Chu Yunfan’s eyes. He did not have any sympathy toward these scums that deserved to die.


Chu Yunfan was even faster. Just as Chu Yunfan swayed slightly and dodged the terrifying spear that could pierce through a person, this Shadowless Saber slashed out with a terrifying light that was like a bolt of lightning.

The criminal’s spear pierced through the air, and he had no way to adjust his body in mid-air. He could only pounce toward Chu Yunfan. From afar, it looked as if he was pouncing on Chu Yunfan’s blade.


There was no change in the outcome of pouncing over like this. With a slash, the criminal’s body was cut into two and he fell to the ground. He watched helplessly as he was cut into two. He seemed to be in disbelief. How could he be so weak in front of Chu Yunfan?

Just as he cut the criminal into two, Chu Yunfan’s figure flashed and he directly pounced on another criminal.

This criminal was still charging forward. He did not think that Chu Yunfan, who was dealing with another criminal, would suddenly appear in front of him.


Without any reaction, his head was sliced off. Fresh blood sprayed out like a column, looking extremely terrifying.

Toward these scumbags who had committed heinous crimes in the early years, Chu Yunfan truly displayed what was called ruthlessness and savagery.

It’s too late. It’s too soon!

Chu Yunfan once again pounced on another criminal!

Chu Yunfan’s body was embodying true martial arts.

With the speedy Heaven’s Thunder Saber Technique, the real essence of the fast was fully displayed.

Come on!

Come on!

Come on!

Chu Yunfan’s figure flashed in and out. With every flash, one criminal would fall. If it was not their head that was cut off, the person would be cut into two.

The speed that Chu Yunfan has gained from fighting those jackals previously was now in full play.




Wherever the blade light slashed out, a person’s life would be forfeit.

In just a short moment, the seven to eight criminals who had surrounded Chu Yunfan all returned to the underworld and were killed.

Their blood soaked the ground, staining it a scarlet red, forming a sharp contrast with the brick-red in other places.

At this moment, the remaining five criminals who saw this scene were all scared witless. They never thought that Chu Yunfan would be so fierce. He had easily killed those criminals who were about the same strength as them.

They wanted to escape, but how could Tang Siyu and the others possibly let them escape? They caught up with them one after another. At this moment, the strength and talent of these elite students completely erupted. After getting used to the fighting style of these criminals, their strength gradually came into play.

Chu Yunfan did not interfere. At this moment, it was not appropriate for him to make a move. This was because he knew that the others also needed to be tempered.

Furthermore, they also needed to obtain points. Just thinking about it, it was obvious that the elimination rate that Federation University had placed on their recruits was high.

Chu Yunfan stood by the side and did not allow those criminals to escape.

At this moment, seeing that they had no hope of escaping, the criminals all became desperate. They roared and pounced toward Tang Siyu and the others.

However, a moment of valor could not make up for the gap. The first one to finish off their opponent was Tang Siyu. A flash of sword light cut off the opponent’s neck, finishing him off swiftly and cleanly.

Following that, Gao Hongzhi, Ran Jun, Yu Xinyuan, and Tong Xinran also finished off their opponents one after another.

Only then did Chu Yunfan nod. As long as these students were able to display their strength normally, it would not be difficult for them to suppress these criminals. Otherwise, Federation University would not have sent them here.

At this moment, other than Tang Siyu, everyone sat down without any sense of grace. The series of battles had exhausted their stamina.

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