I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 1859 - 1859 The Fourth Cosmos Stage, Strength Comparable to a Creater

1859 The Fourth Cosmos Stage, Strength Comparable to a Creater

In this year, Chu Yunfan’s ranking on the prodigy list had dropped again and again. In the eyes of many, it would probably not be long before he fell off the prodigy list.

It seemed like an extraordinary feat to be able to conquer a cultivation level above one’s level with astonishing battle prowess. However, the drawbacks were finally about to show themselves. After all, Chu Yunfan’s cultivation level was lower than the others, and his battle prowess was one level higher. There was no doubt that it was difficult to compare with the others.

These rumors spread throughout the world, and even in the Baotai area, there were many such rumors. Naturally, they couldn’t hide it from Chu Yunfan’s eyes and ears, so the external army was very divided.

After such a long time, Chu Yunfan had completely subdued the entire external army and made them submit. After all, for such a long time, he had provided all kinds of cultivation resources, cultivation methods, manuals, and so on. It was enough to form a small sect. All of these were used on these ordinary soldiers, which was naturally enough to make them loyal.

To break through to the Void Stage in such a short period was an unreachable dream for ordinary soldiers. Moreover, this was only the beginning. To be able to follow such a prodigy on the prodigy list meant that their future was limitless. This was something that not only the disciples of the Flying Celestials could realize, but even the ordinary soldiers understood. Especially Chu Hongcai, You Chuyun, and the others were filled with righteous indignation.

However, Chu Yunfan did not comment. It was natural for his ranking on the prodigy list to drop. After all, everyone was improving themselves, but he was still standing still. But if everyone thought that he really had nothing to do, then they were really mistaken.

During this year, although his strength did not improve, he had been constantly comprehending the handwritten notes regarding the comprehension of the Creation Stage that he had seen in the Flying Celestial Library. He continued to comprehend and build a solid foundation for the final leap in his essence.

Now, it was finally time for him to try to break through to the fourth level of the Cosmos Stage. Once he broke through, his combat strength would also smoothly reach the Creation Stage. When one’s battle prowess crossed a major realm, there would also be an earth-shattering change.

Other than constantly studying the manual and increasing his comprehension of the Creation Stage, the most important thing was that Chu Yunfan was waiting for the Brahma Fruit to ripen.

The Brahma Fruit, which had been watered with the blood of many Cosmics, had finally grown to a stage that Chu Yunfan was satisfied with. It could help him reach the fourth level of the Cosmos Stage in one go.

Then, Chu Yunfan called You Chuyun over.

“I’ll be in seclusion for the next month. After that, I’ll head to the Imperial Capital to report on my work. You’ll be in charge of all the military affairs, big or small. Everyone will be under your command.”

“All right, Senior Chu.” You Chuyun nodded.

You Chuyun wasn’t unfamiliar with these things, and could even be said to be familiar with them. When Chu Yunfan was in seclusion, he was basically handling military affairs. In more than a year, his cultivation had reached the peak of the Abstract Interpretation Stage under Chu Yunfan’s special care. He was only one step away from becoming a true disciple of the Cosmos Stage.

However, he would need to spend some time to reach this step. Even so, this was far beyond his imagination. He had never thought that he would be able to enter the Cosmos Stage one day and become a true disciple. In the entire army, Chu Hongcai was the only other person who received such special treatment from Chu Yunfan. With Chu Yunfan’s guidance and the support of sufficient cultivation resources, it only took Chu Hongcai a little more than a year to smoothly enter the Void Stage. At this rate of cultivation, breaking through to the Cosmos Stage in a few years was just a matter of pushing the boat with the current. Such a speed of improvement made the entire army envious.

After giving instructions, Chu Yunfan entered the Mountain River Diagram and began his secluded cultivation. In the diagram, on the herb mountain, there was a bright red fruit growing on the Brahma Tree. It was the Brahma Fruit.

Chu Yunfan plucked the Brahma Fruit and immediately sat down cross-legged to eat it. Immediately, the Brahma Fruit turned into a terrifying energy torrent that rushed into every cell in his body.

The terrifying energy swept through everything, tearing his body apart. He felt as if every cell in his body was being torn apart. However, in the next moment, Chu Yunfan started to circulate the Emperor Method and continuously absorbed this energy torrent.

The energy contained in this Brahma Fruit far exceeded any of the ones he had consumed before. This was why Chu Yunfan had waited until now. He wanted to use this Brahma Fruit to break through to the fourth Cosmos Stage. As this energy was mobilized, it blocked in front of Chu Yunfan. Cracks finally appeared on the barrier of the fourth level of the Cosmos Stage.

Over the past year, Chu Yunfan had been constantly strengthening his foundation and had not tried to break through to the fourth level of the Cosmos Stage. This was because it was useless to just advance in cultivation level. One still needed to increase their combat strength by one level.

It didn’t take long for Chu Yunfan to open the barrier of the fourth Cosmos Stage.


Chu Yunfan felt as if something in his mind had been broken through. He instantly felt the divine power in his body boiling. It was ten times, twenty times, or even thirty times more active than before. The crazy increase in divine power made him intoxicated. He even crazily absorbed the energy in the Brahma Fruit.

After breaking through the limit and reaching the fourth Cosmos Stage, Chu Yunfan felt that his journey was smooth. The original limit on his divine power disappeared without a trace. It doubled and tripled.

Chu Yunfan’s divine power continued to soar, and his strength increased crazily. It was like a flood breaking through a dam, crazily sweeping away all obstacles in front of him.

After a long time, Chu Yunfan finally exhaled and opened his eyes.

“I’ve finally broken through to the fourth Cosmos Stage.”

Chu Yunfan let out a breath and swept out like a long dragon.

He had just broken through to the fourth Cosmos Stage, but he could feel that his combat strength had increased by at least ten times. His cultivation had not broken through to the limit yet, so there was still room for further improvement.

This meant that the risk he had prepared to take had finally succeeded. He had completed this thrilling jump, and his battle prowess had successfully broken through to the Creation Stage. It would be meaningless for him to improve his cultivation and not break through the limits of the Cosmos Stage.

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