I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 1647 - 1647 Becoming a Seed Disciple

1647 Becoming a Seed Disciple

“I’m so lucky,” the muscular youth said with a teasing smile. “The seed disciple position is mine!”

“Isn’t it too early to be so confident now?” Chu Yunfan said lightly.

“Early?” The muscular young man sneered. “This time, I am determined to become a seed disciple. I don’t even care about people of the same level, let alone you.”

The outside world was in chaos. Due to the existence of a Golden Core like Chu Yunfan, more than half of the gazes were attracted to this battle. Everyone was waiting to see how far Chu Yunfan could go.

This was especially true for the Flying Celestials disciples. They had seen many geniuses. It was not uncommon for a fledgling or intermediate Abstract to become a seed disciple. It could even be said that it was common. But no matter what, they were all in the Abstract Stage.

Chu Yunfan was different. He was only in the Golden Core Stage. If he could become a seed disciple, he would be creating an unprecedented miracle. It was a miracle that they would never see a second time.

“Chu Yunfan is in big trouble. He’ll probably get stuck in the top ten.”

“That’s right, Xue Liwei isn’t an ordinary person. I’ve heard of him. The Xue clan isn’t close to our sect, but Xue Liwei is different. He was saved by a sect elder when he was young, so he’s determined to join the Flying Celestials.”

“That’s right. He was almost selected as a disciple by that elder. He was qualified to join the Flying Celestials, but he waited for this opportunity to amaze the world. After all, ordinary disciples and seed disciples are two different things.”

Everyone was discussing animatedly. They were no strangers among these people, or rather, the only person they were unfamiliar with was Chu Yunfan. As for the others, they had grown up in Grand Xia since young. This was especially so for these geniuses, and they were all familiar with each other. This was especially so since they were competitors this time around. They had already sent people to gather information on each of them.

There was only one person that they felt unfamiliar with, and that was Chu Yunfan from the Violet Thunder Prefecture. That was a blind spot in their intelligence. None of them took Chu Yunfan from the Violet Thunder Prefecture seriously and thought that he was just so-so. Who would have thought that he would become the biggest dark horse in this test?

Some people had thought that Chu Yunfan was lucky, but at this point, no one would think that he was lucky anymore. No one could reach this stage just by luck. Chu Yunfan had come this far. It was clear who was higher and who was lower.

However, no one was optimistic about whether Chu Yunfan could make it to the final step. After all, Xue Liwei was probably the strongest opponent he had ever faced. To be able to reach this step, none of them were weak. Every one of them was very powerful. And Xue Liwei was to become the disciple of an established elder.

There were some people who suspected that Xue Liwei was purposely paired up with Chu Yunfan. Could there be some inside story? After all, Chu Yunfan seemed to be the weakest among these people and the easiest to bully.

“It’s not early. You aren’t going to make it!” Xue Liwei burst into laughter. “You’re lucky to be able to reach this point, but your luck ends here. I’ll finish you off in one move. There’s no need to waste time.”

Xue Liwei sneered and attacked. His figure flashed and he arrived in front of Chu Yunfan in the blink of an eye. He casually slashed out with his sword. This sword light was extremely condensed. Although it was only about 100 feet long, it was extremely terrifying. Even a mountain peak would be cut off by this strike.

This was the manifestation of condensing divine power to a terrifying level. It was not something that ordinary people could do.

“Finish me off in one move? You’re too confident.” Chu Yunfan sneered. He formed a dragon claw with his hand and grabbed at the sword light.


The sword light was crushed by Chu Yunfan, and the light scattered in all directions. Immediately after, Chu Yunfan’s claw grabbed Xue Liwei.

Xue Liwei did not expect his attack to be so easily broken. Divine power instantly surged from his entire body as if it had transformed into a suit of armor that protected him. However, it was crushed by Chu Yunfan in an instant, and Xue Liwei was hit.


Xue Liwei was directly hit by the claw. It was as if he was sent flying by a real divine dragon’s claw.


Xue Liwei spat out a mouthful of blood. His chest was scratched by Chu Yunfan until it was a bloody mess. Chu Yunfan’s claw was like the claw of a terrifying primordial beast.


Xue Liwei let out an angry roar. He struggled to get up, but Chu Yunfan’s figure flashed and appeared above him.

Chu Yunfan stomped on Xue Liwei. Netherworld water appeared in the sky and landed on Xue Liwei’s body with a thunderous momentum.


Xue Liwei was stomped into the floor of the ring, and the ground around him shattered.

Xue Liwei was defeated!

Everyone was stunned and dead silent.

“That was so fast… Xue Liwei was defeated so quickly!”

“Xue Liwei is defeated. This is simply unbelievable!”

“It’s unbelievable. I saw Xue Liwei defeat his enemies with one move. None of them could last three moves against him, but now he was defeated by Chu Yunfan!”

“There’s really a strong opponent among the strong. They are so strong. Each one is more ferocious and terrifying than the other.”

The geniuses who came to take the test were all shocked. If it were them, they would not be Xue Liwei’s match. However, Xue Liwei, who was incomparably powerful in their hearts, was not a match for Chu Yunfan. He was defeated in an instant.

Everyone could see that Xue Liwei was no match for Chu Yunfan. He couldn’t even force Chu Yunfan to reveal his true strength.

“Just how strong is Chu Yunfan? He’s simply terrifying!”

“That’s right. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it either.”

“I’m afraid that elder’s scheme has failed.”

Everyone’s eyes shone as if they wanted to see through Chu Yunfan.

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