I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 138 - The New Body Refining Pills Caused a Huge Uproar

Chapter 138 The New Body Refining Pills Caused a Huge Uproar

Just when he ended the call, Chu Yunfan arrived home. However, it was different from before. When he got home, there was no one to greet him with hot dishes.

The small house suddenly looked extremely empty!

Chu Yunfan sighed and called his parents to inform them of today’s exam results. Without a doubt, his parents and sister could not believe that Chu Yunfan had actually come out on top and was ranked first. Even though it was first in an ordinary high school, it was nothing to look down on. They had expectations of Chu Yunfan, but they had never thought that he would produce such results.

After confirming that his sister was fine, Chu Yunfan finally hung up the call. He looked around again. This was the place where he had grown up. He decided not to sell it. After all, this place contained his memories, and he was not short of money now. After he received the report card tomorrow and settled the matter of the house, he would meet his family in Jinghua City and prepare for the New Year.

Chu Yunfan logged onto the Internet and was about to look up houses when he saw the trending topic was about Body Refining Pill. After signing the contract with Chu Yunfan, Bai Hong called on his identity as a great alchemy expert and began to mobilize his huge network to promote the new Body Refining Pill.

Over the last few days, he had been using all sorts of methods to publicize the new Body Refining Pills. News about it had spread all over the world.

“As expected, the power behind these alchemy experts is not something that I can hope to catch up to!” Chu Yunfan could not help but click his tongue in wonder when he saw this.

If he had been the one to publicize the pill formula, it would be impossible for him to reach this much of society in such a short period of time. If he had done it himself, it was possible that even Calm Ocean City would not be alarmed even after a few days. There was a great-or possibly even several-group behind these alchemy experts. The powerful forces behind them rendered people speechless. It was just Body Refining Pills. Even if it was modified, it should not cause much of a stir. Usually, such pills that had been modified would use better ingredients, and their price would also soar. The common folk could not afford it even more. Naturally, they would not be interested enough to pay attention to such things.

However, this time was different. Because the Body Refining Pills that Bai Hong had introduced were double in medicinal effects without any increase in the price. This was extremely affordable to the masses.

In the past, it was not that there were not any Body Refining Pills that were doubly effective. However, the price of those pills had increased at least severalfold. Ordinary people would not be able to count on such pills. However, this time, this truly benefited the entire human race.

In the early stages of cultivation, one would need to use Body Refining Pills. With the appearance of such a version of these pills, the humans of the future would be much stronger than the humans of today. Each generation would be stronger than the last.

Even though the Chinese had experienced great calamity, they had never given up hope on the next generation. It was clear how much recognition Bai Hong, who had introduced this pill, could gain in a short period of time.

Bai Hong, who was just one of the many alchemy experts and was not very famous, suddenly became the focus of many people’s conversations. His reputation soared. None of these reports mentioned Chu Yunfan. It was as if Chu Yunfan did not exist at all. However, this was exactly what Chu Yunfan wanted. After all, he was not an adult yet and was still too young. A tree that stood out in the forest would be destroyed by the wind. A small sapling like him would not be able to withstand such torment.

However, very soon, the counterattacks from various groups arrived. One opinion made itself loud and clear, and that was to ask Bai Hong to hand over the pill formula. They claimed that if this formula could really raise the strength of the entire human race, it being in the hands of a private individual was really inappropriate.

Bai Hong should consider the good of the entire human race and hand over the formula for it to be produced by all the alchemy companies. Only then would it be able to satisfy the needs of the entire human race. These opponents even listed the pill formulas that had been discovered in the past years.

However, there were also many media outlets under Bai Hong’s control and influence. They immediately made rebuttals and paid no attention to these voices.

Among all the publicly published formulas, which one of them had been given out from the very beginning of its creation? After a few decades or even hundreds of years after product patent protections passed, a large number of counterfeit products would flood the market. If everyone was required to sacrifice selflessly for humanity, then who would have the motivation to improve the pills?

Bai Hong quickly instructed the group to announce to the public that their company would work overtime to meet the needs of the entire human race. No one had to worry.

However, no matter how the people and public opinion argued, the shares of Bai Hong’s companies soared. In just a few days, they had risen by more than 50%. His companies were already behemoths. Their market shares were already very high. For their shares to rise by another 50% in just a few days was crazy. However, it could also be seen that the common folk had high hopes for Bai Hong. No matter how much the various experts argued, it was predicted that the annual sales of the Bai Hong Group, which was sitting on this improved pill, would soar. If these people did not hurry up and jump on the wagon, how long would they have to wait? It was already late at night when Chu Yunfan finished reading the various plot twists and turns that were as exciting as those on the eight o’clock TV show. He had looked through everything thoroughly. The clashes between the various media outlets over the past few days were actually conflicts created by other alchemy companies from behind the scenes or some large companies from other fields that wanted to interfere. Even with Bai Hong’s deep-rooted influence, to deal with the grubby hands of various parties, he had to cut a lot of deals and make many promises. In addition, he had to use a lot of resources. The new Body Refining Pill had already consumed a huge amount of resources before it was even on the market.

This level of confrontation was not something that the current Chu Yunfan could intervene in. If he had dared to rashly announce the new pill formula, he would have been swallowed up in no time. This was also why he was willing to take only 10% of the profits. Bai Hong would not be able to get the remaining 90% of the profits. He would probably have to offer a few percent of the profits in exchange for various benefits.

After clicking away from the news, Chu Yunfan looked up information on various mansions in Calm Ocean City. After having passed the first half of the night, he finally let out a sigh of relief. It looked like the Monster Sect was not concerned with him anymore. He deliberately left the lights on for so long. If the people of the Monster Sect were still paying attention to him, they would have come long ago.

Beside him was his Shadowless Saber. It never left his side, ready for action at any time. Now, he finally breathed a sigh of relief and slept fitfully.

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