I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 133 - Winning the Championship

Chapter 133 Winning the Championship

The battle between the two sides was so intense that the liberal arts students did not dare to imagine it. It was not as if they had never seen a video on the Internet, but a virtual battle could not compare to the battle that was right in front of their eyes. This kind of intense and exciting atmosphere was something that the virtual video did not have.

Moreover, the exchange of attack and defense between the two sides was so fast. It would often be one second where Chu Yunfan was attacking, and the next second, it would be him defending. Moreover, the strikes would often appear without any warning, causing them to suddenly feel overwhelmed. Unlike the previous battle between Ou Yang and Tang Siyu, where there was still the stage of probing each other, the battle between Chu Yunfan and Ou Yang was extremely intense. Both sides were very fast, and their strength was even more terrifying. The momentum of their battle was extremely terrifying. Just from the sounds of their battle, one could tell that they were extraordinary.

At this moment, many of the teachers began to hold their breaths and concentrate. They thought that it was just a battle between two students. No matter how intense it was, what could they do?

But in reality, when the two of them really fought, the teachers instantly understood that they had thought wrong. Just a fight between students could make them nervous. What made them even more embarrassed was that many teachers who had vowed to analyze the fight between the two found it difficult to understand the fight. Just from watching the fight between the two of them, it looked like a draw. It was difficult to determine the winner.

“I know Ou Yang is very strong, but how can Chu Yunfan be so strong? How strong is his strength? He can actually contend with Ou Yang who is at the peak of the sixth-level Qi Sea Stage?” Many teachers’ eyes were wide open as if their world views had been overturned.

“Just from the scene, it’s hard to predict the outcome. But in my opinion, Ou Yang’s chances of winning are higher. The physical quality of one at the sixth-level Qi Sea Stage is better. Even if he doesn’t have the advantage in terms of strength, whether it’s to restore energy or physical strength, it’s a level better than the fifth level. As time passes, the outcome will naturally be decided!”

“I don’t think so. I was originally very confident in Ou Yang, but now it seems that Chu Yunfan is not simple either. The difference in strength between the two of them is very small. In the arena, battle tides change rapidly. Anything can happen!” “I think so too. Didn’t Ou Yang almost lose to Tang Siyu previously? This is not impossible!”

For a moment, the teachers found it difficult to come to a unanimous opinion because they could not see who had the higher chance of winning. In such a situation, it was difficult to determine the winner. Even Qin Wu, the homeroom teacher of Class 2, found it difficult to judge. Both of them were performing very well, so it was difficult to judge.

At this moment, the battle between the two became more intense. From all aspects, it was difficult to determine the winner. There was no falsehood in a head-on fight.

In the beginning, Ou Yang was not in a hurry. He was a level higher than Chu Yunfan. This was his biggest advantage. Just the recovery speed of his physical strength was much faster than Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan was fighting fiercely. He should not be able to hold out for long. Physical strength was fixed. In a battle, the distribution of physical strength was also a matter of battle experience. Chu Yunfan’s fierce fighting style would basically allow him to sit back and watch his opponent collapse as long as he lasted through the initial stages.

However, that was not the case. After fighting for a while, Chu Yunfan’s fighting style became even fiercer. He did not feel the slightest lack of physical strength, and his movements were even smoother. Unlike Tang Siyu, who had clearly lost her physical strength halfway through the battle, Chu Yunfan’s physical strength seemed to be endless and never-ending. This was different from what Ou Yang had predicted!

After another series of intense attacks, he discovered that the person who felt his stamina decrease first was not Chu Yunfan, but Ou Yang himself. This made him feel shocked. It was clear that Chu Yunfan’s stamina was far more abundant than he had imagined. Could it be that he was really gifted?

After sensing that Ou Yang’s physical strength was beginning to decline, Chu Yunfan increased the intensity of his attacks, forcing Ou Yang to engage in a more intense collision. His realm was slightly below Ou Yang’s, but his physical fitness in all aspects was not bad, especially the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method that he cultivated. As he fought, he circulated it at the same time. Whether it was the speed at which he recovered his energy or the speed at which he recovered his physical strength, it was far beyond that of ordinary people.

And the speed at which Chu Yunfan recovered his stamina was even faster than Ou Yang who was a level higher than him. This allowed him to have more tactical options.

The situation in the arena became unbalanced. There was no longer any way for them to be evenly matched like before. Ou Yang was already beginning to show signs of physical exhaustion, but Chu Yunfan’s offense was still as terrifying as before. He was gradually taking the lead.

Many of the teachers could not understand this. The series of exchanges between the two sides had already exceeded 300 moves. It was very normal for physical stamina to begin to decline, especially when the movements were so fierce. The physical stamina consumption was at least 50% higher than usual. Ou Yang’s situation was very normal, but the one that was truly abnormal was Chu Yunfan. Even now, he still showed no signs of exhaustion. “Could it be that Chu Yunfan is really going to win?” A teacher said in disbelief. It was as if he was watching a campus myth being destroyed.

At this moment, many students from the martial arts stream who had completed the tenth round of the assessment had gathered by the side of the arena. They were shocked when they saw this scene. Ever since they had heard of Ou Yang, he had always been the top presence in the entire school. And now, Ou Yang was actually forced to this extent by Chu Yunfan.

It was as if their worldview had collapsed!

Seeing that victory was approaching, Chu Yunfan obviously increased the intensity of his attacks, not giving Ou Yang the slightest chance to breathe. Ou Yang who was forced to this extent suddenly revealed a hint of anger. The True Energy in his body suddenly increased, and his aura instantly increased explosively.

“It’s the seventh level of the Qi Sea Stage! Ou Yang has actually stepped into the seventh level!”

A teacher suddenly stood up from his chair, and his eyes widened in disbelief.

Ou Yang had already stepped into the seventh level of the Qi Sea Stage when he was only halfway through his third year of high school. It would not be a problem for him to enter a focus university now. If he was given a few more months, he would have a chance to enter one of the top ten universities.

“A genius! It’s been a few years since our school has encountered such a genius!”

“Chu Yunfan, it’s time for you to go down!” Ou Yang shouted loudly and swept out with the staff in his hand.

“It’s too late for you to explode now!” Chu Yunfan was not the slightest bit nervous when faced with Ou Yang, whose strength had skyrocketed. He also took a step forward.

“Flow Cut!”

With a slash, Chu Yunfan’s aura suddenly soared. The saber light that came slashing down seemed strong enough to cut off a river.


The saber light directly landed on the staff. Immediately, Ou Yang felt a huge force sweep through him. He could not hold onto the staff in his hand and it was sent flying out of the arena. It was caught by a teacher at the side. When that teacher caught it, he actually felt that he almost could not hold it. One could imagine how shocking it was.

Before Ou Yang could react, the Shadowless Saber had already landed on his neck.

He knew that he had lost!

“This round, Grade 3 Class 2 Chu Yunfan wins!”

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