I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 1326 - 1326 Destroying the Great Formless Sect

1326 Destroying the Great Formless Sect

In the distance, countless people watched this scene with pale faces. Their faces were dumbfounded, and there was no expression on their faces.

The destructive scene in the distance had scared them silly.

They had never seen such a scene before.

Even though they were floating in the sky, they could still feel the terrifying explosion. The air was trembling violently.

In the distance, above the Great Formless Sect, it felt as if hundreds of suns had risen at the same time. Even though they were all experts above the Divine Abilities Stage with remarkable abilities, they were instantly blinded.

The endless shockwaves of the explosion tore everything apart and flattened everything. In their eyes, the entire ground collapsed.

The mountains that had originally covered the Great Formless Sect were blasted to the ground in this terrifying explosion. The mountain peak was flattened and turned into crystals.

The terrifying shockwaves of the explosion swept out in circles, destroying everything as if it was the end of the world!

“What method is this…?”

After a long time, someone finally spoke, trembling with fear.

Everyone was stunned. Even when Chu Yunfan killed three experts in one go, they were not so shocked. He had killed three experts in one go, but in essence, he had not surpassed their understanding.

However, the terrifying scene of the collective explosion of hundreds of nuclear bombs made their minds go blank. It was like a terrifying existence that could destroy the world. The terrifying tide that tore through everything and the dazzling light that covered everything.

All of this had completely overturned their understanding.

As far as they knew, there was no such thing. That was why they were dumbfounded.

A terrifying destructive force that could destroy a behemoth overnight!

“Now I understand what Chu Yunfan’s trump card is.”

“No wonder he could ignore the statement of the council. Even if the Great Formless Sect wanted to hide, in the face of this level of destructive power, they would not be able to withstand a single blow!”

“What kind of magic treasure is this? It has such great power!”

Many people were dumbfounded. They were still thinking about the scene of destruction. No one knew what kind of magic treasure Chu Yunfan had and how it could have such terrifying power.

Compared to the magic weapons Chu Yunfan had taken out, the strategic magic weapons of Great Wei were nothing.

Hundreds of nuclear bombs could cover a battlefield and kill millions of enemies.

Facing such an overwhelming bombardment, even a Core Stage expert would not be able to escape, especially at such a close distance. It was almost impossible to escape unless they were far enough away.

Who could resist it?

“No, that’s not a magic treasure. I didn’t feel any fluctuations of divine power just now. It’s purely a weapon.”

A Core immediately reacted and said.

However, after saying that, he felt that it was even more impossible. What kind of weapon could have such terrifying power?

At the very least, there was no such thing in Great Wei. It was the crystallization of wisdom from a completely different path.

It was not something they could understand.

It was the same logic as how primitive people could not understand nuclear explosions. It was not that their level of civilization was too low, but that they were walking on a different path of civilization, which was completely different from the science on Earth.

No matter what, when everyone looked at Chu Yunfan, who was standing still in the distance of the Great Formless Sect, they did not dare to look at him as they did before.

How many trump cards did such a person have? Unless he revealed it, how many people would know?

At this moment, they looked at the Great Formless Sect where the mushroom cloud of nuclear explosion was gradually dissipating. The entire Great Formless Sect had been flattened.

Unlike the Federation, which had many barriers and arrays that were specifically designed to counter nuclear attacks, which were usually not destroyed in one strike, the Spirit Realm had never had such an attack before. Therefore, their barriers and arrays would not be specially designed to counter nuclear bombs and other weapons of mass destruction.

The Great Formless Sect became the first sect in the Spirit Realm to taste the power of a nuclear bomb.

Hundreds of nuclear bombs covered the area, and the Great Formless Sect, which occupied a vast area like a small city, completely disappeared.

The mountain peak was flattened, and the ground was completely crystallized. It looked strangely beautiful.

As for those who were inside, they were completely annihilated. The terrifying temperature of the nuclear bomb explosion completely vaporized them.

“Is this the scene of hell?” Some people couldn’t help but fantasize. Perhaps the legendary hell was just like this.

Desolation, a deathly stillness that annihilated all life.

Chu Yunfan looked at the scene in front of him with an indifferent expression. Such a level of nuclear power might be shocking enough for the experts of Great Wei, but it was nothing to him.

In the Federation, all parties used nuclear bombs as a conventional method. They would use nuclear bombs to open up a path and cover it up at any time.

It was to reduce losses.

This was not a very brilliant technique. In fact, it was nothing more than simple and crude. Relying on the shocking power of the nuclear bomb, he swept away the enemy.

Before Chu Yunfan left the Kunlun Realm, he had brought some miniaturized nuclear bombs with him in the Mountain River Diagram. Those truly strategic nuclear bombs were all huge and inconvenient to carry. Moreover, the launching method was too complicated. It required the cooperation of an entire system and could not be carried out by one person.

This was the difference between science and martial arts. Martial arts emphasized individual strength. One person could often destroy the world and be omnipotent, but science emphasized collective strength.

Without the collective, the power of science would be weakened to an unimaginable extent.

It was just like how Chu Yunfan knew the principle of nuclear bombs. According to the education he received in university, he could make a nuclear bomb. However, starting from the basics of making a nuclear bomb, it was a huge and complicated system.

Chu Yunfan still had to develop this foundation from scratch, and the entire process would take an unknown amount of time.

Basically, it was impossible to replicate it with one’s own strength.

Therefore, Chu Yunfan only used a few of these nuclear bombs. Unless it was necessary, he was not willing to use them casually.

Moreover, when facing true top-tier experts, the effect would not be as strong. If they were too far away, these experts would easily escape. If they were too close, the power of the nuclear explosion would easily backfire on him.

Only in a specific situation, such as this environment, could the true power of a nuclear bomb be unleashed.

But no matter what, he was very satisfied with the results of this battle.

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