I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 1300 - 1300 To Kill

1300 To Kill

“What an awe-inspiring presence. So many big shots have gathered here in fear.”

“Tsk tsk, so many big families. So many nobles. So many presidents of commerce chambers.”

“The Great Formless Sect is indeed the number one sect in the south. No one can match them.”

“Soul Hunter wouldn’t have such power just by relying on the prestige of the Great Formless Sect. He himself has an illustrious reputation in the South, and that’s because he killed his way out. Just for this reason, he slaughtered no less than ten sects and families.”

Many people were discussing in private. They felt that Soul Hunter was really impressive. He was so powerful that they didn’t dare to imagine it.

Even though they themselves had become Soul Hunter’s backdrop, they did not dare to show any dissatisfaction.

Soul Hunter was an existence that was said to have the highest possibility of stepping into the Core Stage in the Great Formless Sect. Even if they were to be his backdrop, that would be showing them respect.

Soul Hunter walked to the center of the banquet and said, “Everyone, I’ve invited you here today for two things.”

He glanced at everyone and said in high spirits, “The first thing is that all of you should know that the Great Formless Sect wishes to make a move against the Chu clan. I know that many of your forces have more or less cooperated with the Chu clan in the past, but from today onwards, all of you have to break ties with them.”

His gaze fell on someone, and that person immediately became extremely nervous. That person had heard of the shocking achievements of Soul Hunter in killing people. Those who followed him would prosper and those who opposed him would die.

When many people heard Soul Hunter’s words, they immediately heaved a sigh of relief. Soul Hunter did not have any intention of pursuing the matter, but this was also expected. The Chu clan was an old noble and had existed since the founding of the country. Although it could not be compared to the Great Formless Sect, its network of connections spread throughout the entire southern part of Great Wei.

They had more or less cooperated with the Chu clan, and this was very normal. If the Great Formless Sect insisted on pursuing this matter, the implications would be too great. Even the Great Formless Sect could not possibly offend everyone in one go.

“As for those who didn’t come, I already know who they chose. It doesn’t matter. Tonight, someone will teach them how to choose.”

Soul Hunter’s expression was extremely arrogant, and he had no scruples at all.

The laws of Great Wei had no way to control people like him. It could even be said that it was useless. That was why he was able to attack so unscrupulously and did not care at all.

His words made many people suck in a breath of cold air. They began to worry for those who had not arrived. They were afraid that these people would not be able to escape death.

They were shocked by Soul Hunter’s ruthlessness.

“The second matter is also closely related to all of you. I’m under the orders of my master to form an alliance in Tiannan and gather everyone’s strength. In the future, we will advance and retreat together, enjoy blessings together, and earn money together.” Soul Hunter said as he swept his gaze over the crowd.

Everyone was instantly in an uproar. They felt that this was the true goal of the Great Formless Sect. After so many years, the Great Formless Sect appeared in the martial world again. The moment they came, they wanted to form such an alliance. Without a doubt, there could only be one alliance leader, and that was the Great Formless Sect.

In the future, they could only follow the Great Formless Sect’s lead. In that case, the Great Formless Sect would become the local emperor of Great Wei’s southern region, becoming the true ruler.

The people present were already wealthy merchants who occupied more than half of the entire southern Great Wei. If all these people were to be gathered into an alliance, one could imagine the power of this alliance.

However, Soul Hunter knew that it would be a joke for him to lead the alliance with his status. Although half-step Cores were uncommon, they were definitely not rare. He did not have the qualifications to do so. Only the Great Formless Sect and his master would have the qualifications to form such an alliance.

However, they all belonged to different factions. At this moment, everyone was in a difficult position. If they did not agree, the surrounding Great Formless Sect disciples would all be eyeing them like tigers eyeing their prey. There was even a hint of threat in their eyes.

Only then did everyone understand that today’s banquet was basically a trap. They had gathered together in the name of dealing with Chu Yunfan, but the real purpose was actually this alliance.

It could be said to be a brilliant plan to kill two birds with one stone. Many people could not help but sigh in their hearts. It was really the new waves pushing forward the previous waves.

Just as many people were in a dilemma, a series of relaxed footsteps suddenly came from outside the banquet hall. A figure casually walked into the banquet hall and swept his gaze across everyone.

“Oh, this place is really lively!”

That person spoke directly, not shy at all.

Everyone looked over and saw that it was a young man dressed in a black robe. He looked to be around 20 years old, with a tall and straight figure and a delicate face.

“Who are you?” a disciple of the Great Formless Sect shouted.

It instantly attracted everyone’s attention, including Soul Hunter, who had been forcing everyone to take a stand.

However, when someone saw the black-robed young man, their bodies immediately trembled, and their eyes revealed a somewhat shocked expression.

“Why is he here?”

“Why is it him?”

“It’s actually him!”

Many people exclaimed because they all recognized the identity of the person in front of them. This person was none other than the other protagonist of the Great Formless Sect’s extermination of the Chu clan, which was currently causing an uproar.

Many people were waiting for him to express his stance. Some even thought that he did not dare to express his stance.

“I didn’t expect him to come. This is great. I’m afraid that Soul Hunter’s idea will fall through.”

“Yeah. This is great. If Soul Hunter wishes to establish this alliance, I’m afraid we still have to see if this person is willing to let it happen.”

“I didn’t expect him to actually appear here. I’m afraid he isn’t here with good intentions.”

Many people secretly sized up Chu Yunfan, constantly guessing what his plan was for coming here.

“Chu Yunfan, why are you here?!” Soul Hunter shouted.

“To kill!”

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