I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 1085 - 1085 Time to Get Engaged

1085 Time to Get Engaged

“Huh?” Chu Yunfan didn’t expect that the first question his mother would ask him was when he would get married.

Seeing Chu Yunfan’s confused look, Yang Yayun struck while the iron was hot and said, “Look at the other boys who are the same age as you. They have all brought girlfriends home. You’re the only one who’s still single. Don’t you think that your dad and I don’t worry?”

“Mom, I’m still young!” Chu Yunfan said.

He didn’t feel that he was that old. He had just graduated a few years ago. In addition, nowadays, humans had very long lifespans. Generally, people could live up to the theoretical limit of 120 years old. Therefore, a man in his 20s was only equivalent to a teenager in the past. Many people got married in their 30s or 40s. Some even married in their 50s.

Not to mention that after stepping into the Divine Abilities Stage, one’s lifespan would more than double that of the average person.

It was because of this that Chu Yunfan didn’t consider the issue of marriage. He always felt that he was still very far away from this.

“You’re not young. You’re already in your twenties. If you don’t get married soon, you won’t ever bring a girl home!” Yang Yayun said.

“Look, your dad and I have met a lot of good girls recently. They’re all daughters from rich families and I heard that they are all from prestigious families.”

Chu Yunfan furrowed his brows. “Since they’re from famous families, how did you get to know them, Mom?”

“It’s because of you. You’re so famous now that many people are trying to curry favor with me. Do you think I don’t know?” Yang Yayun said lightly.

Chu Yunfan had made a name for himself in the outside world and there were many people who wanted to curry favor with him but had no way to do so. He was in secluded cultivation all year round and no one could find him, so they naturally thought of ways to curry favor with his relatives.

Among them, Chu Qingxuan was training out in the wilderness all year round, following her instructor on expeditions to various places. Since they couldn’t find her, there was naturally no other way. Thus, Chu Wencheng and Yang Yayun became highly sought after in the eyes of these people.

As long as one wasn’t blind, they would be able to see that with Chu Yunfan’s age and power, the Chu clan would be the most powerful family in the Federation for the next few hundred years.

If they didn’t curry favor now, when would they start?

Moreover, Chu Yunfan was still unmarried, so he had become a hot commodity in the eyes of many people. They thought of many ways to recommend outstanding juniors to Yang Yayun.

In the past few years, Yang Yayun was dazzled by the number of outstanding girls she had been introduced to, and the level of these girls was getting higher and higher.

Even Yang Yayun was very satisfied with them. In addition, Chu Yunfan was slowly getting older. She couldn’t hold it in any longer and had to settle this matter.

“That’s right. And it’s not just your mother. Many people have even come to me with proposals!” Chu Wencheng said, “I know that you’re focused on cultivation, but your mother and I think it is time for you to think about your life. You disappeared for a few months to a year every time. Do you want to continue delaying this?”

“I think that girl from the Tang clan is a good choice,” Chu Wencheng said.

Chu Yunfan was startled by his parents’ words. He thought that it was indeed the case, so he could only say, “Dad, Mom, you’re right. I also think it’s time. But Siyu is currently in seclusion. Once she comes out, I’ll propose to her.”

His parents made Chu Yunfan realize that it was about time for him and Tang Siyu to come to a conclusion.

Although he felt that it was still too early to get married as he and Tang Siyu were both busy with cultivation, if it was just an engagement, they could start preparing.

“Great, I’ve been waiting for you to say that!” Yang Yayun quickly said.

Because of Chu Yunfan, the two of them no longer had any pressure to survive. They looked young, but in fact, they were only in their fifties. They were in the prime of their lives and had nothing to do, so naturally, they had their eyes on Chu Yunfan.

“How about this? We’ll start preparing for these things. After all, Siyu is now the head of the Tang clan and you’re now the number one of the Federation. Your engagement can’t be rushed,” Chu Wencheng said.

“Okay.” Chu Yunfan nodded.

He could let them handle these things and that would give them something to do.

Of course, the most important thing was to block out many people’s thoughts. After all, in the eyes of many people, Chu Yunfan was still single, which was an opportunity and a hot cake.

In many people’s eyes, this was an extremely good opportunity. If Chu Yunfan were to marry one of their descendants, they would also be able to share some of the benefits of his strength.

During this period, everyone knew that the Chu clan had gained a lot of benefits because of Chu Yunfan. Even the Tang clan had gained a lot because of him.

Regarding this, all the forces were drooling. Furthermore, there were rumors that Chu Yunfan had a method that could help peak Innates enter the Divine Abilities Stage.

Divines were highly regarded throughout the Federation. As long as one of them appeared within a family, that family would immediately soar.

In this situation, everyone was trying to find ways to put their own people around Chu Yunfan. Forget being his wife, even becoming his concubine would be good.

Although it was modern society now, concubines were still popular, and Tang Siyu was the child of a maidservant, whose status was lower than that of a consort.

Among the various forces, it was very normal for powerful men to have many concubines.

Fortunately, his parents knew what they were doing. No matter how others tried to promote themselves, they would not relent.

However, Chu Yunfan also felt that it was indeed time to solve this problem. After he got engaged to Tang Siyu, he would be able to make many people give up on this idea. Otherwise, all kinds of harassment would annoy him.

“Why not just get married? Get married sooner so that your dad and I can have grandchildren…” Yang Yayun muttered in dissatisfaction.

She wanted to get things done in one go and make Chu Yunfan marry Tang Siyu.

Beads of sweat popped up on Chu Yunfan’s forehead. He had never sweated when he fought against countless strong enemies, but he was already sweating profusely after talking to his mother for a few minutes.

While Chu Yunfan’s parents were forcing him to get married, the Federation was discussing the deep sea ruins.

After all, this incident involved all the Divines of the Federation and many experts died tragically. The Liu clan, one of the Eight Greats, had betrayed the Federation and was uprooted by the Federation.

The aftermath of this incident had not yet subsided, and it was just the beginning, especially since Chu Yunfan had ordered the use of nuclear bombs to bombard the demons and the marine folks who had participated in the siege of the Federation’s Divines.

For a time, there was a huge uproar.

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