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Chapter 500 - Hunting Blood Beasts

Chapter 500 – Hunting Blood Beasts


After the poisonous bloodlust rushed over, although Gu Zuo’s body felt a little hot, he wasn’t the least bit uncomfortable. Logically speaking, shouldn’t one feel the poisonous bloodlust invading the body and its toxicity subsequently being cleansed by the Detoxification Pill?

Yet, there weren’t any results. This was definitely abnormal!

Gu Zuo subconsciously looked at Gongyi Tianheng.

He gave big brother a Detoxification Pill because he was afraid this place’s poisonous bloodlust was too intense and would initially harm big brother. Since the asura incarnation was a body of blood poison, there naturally wouldn’t be any problems once he adapted to the poisonous bloodlust.

In fact, this Detoxification Pill was mainly prepared for himself… Originally, pharmacists were only capable of taking medicinal pills that supplemented qi. This type of Detoxification Pill was made by injecting the essence of some medicinal ingredients into Qi Replenishing Pills using very rough techniques. With a second round of refining, he was barely able to take it. This was so that he didn’t impede anything.

Yet, he didn’t feel anything right now. This couldn’t help but make Gu Zuo doubt whether this poisonous bloodlust was capable of harming people.

But Gu Zuo immediately realized that he was wrong.

At this moment, Tianheng’s asura incarnation was struck by the poisonous bloodlust. As strands of the poisonous bloodlust entered his body, it quickly shrunk and disappeared at speeds visible to the naked eye. One could tell that this was the effect of the Detoxification Pill — In other words, his big brother’s reactions were the same as what he originally anticipated. It was his own reaction that was different! Could it be that the poisonous bloodlust here had no effect on pharmacists?

Ah, that also wasn’t likely…

When Gu Zuo and Tianheng were searching for information on the blood swamp, they read things clearly. In such a dangerous place like the blood swamp, because pharmacists had no way to take normal Detoxification Pills, they basically couldn’t venture inside unless they prepared spirit medicines that specially removed poisons for consumption at any time. And once martial artists went inside, they also needed to take large quantities of Detoxification Pills.

As such, there was only one reason — This place’s poisonous bloodlust was ineffective due to Gu Zuo himself.

Gu Zuo remained silent.

To be honest, he also didn’t understand why this happened.

At this time, Tianheng, who saw that Gu Zuo was in the middle of racking his brains, finally inched closer and spoke into Gu Zuo’s ear: “Ah Zuo, think about it carefully. Are you immune to all poisons?”

Gu Zuo was astonished: “A poison immunity?”

He carefully recalled things.

During this recollection, Gu Zuo’s expression slowly changed.

Ever since he started refining medicinal pills, in order to develop his big brother’s power and protect their secrets, he had been mainly refining pills that were beneficial to the human body. He rarely refined things like poison pills. Of course, he also did a lot of research in his spare time, but apart from being adversely affected by poisons to a certain extent in the beginning, it seemed there really hadn’t been any impact at all?

Gu Zuo slowly exhaled.

Yes. After his psychic power increased and his pharmacist rank rose, it wasn’t known how much stronger the toxic substances used for refining poison pills were compared to the poisons that were initially capable of affecting him. Back then, he had been adversely affected, but later on, he refined things with even greater toxicity, and didn’t feel anything from them. This was totally abnormal!

How could medicinal poisons and poison-free medicinal ingredients be the same? As it happened, he used them all the same way. In addition, because of his habits and tendencies, he never noticed anything wrong…

It seemed that his own constitution had been changing little by little, and he gradually became immune to all poisons.

Thinking up to here, Gu Zuo’s mood was somewhat complicated.

When he first realized that big brother could utilize poison through cultivation, which also followed the direction of the majority of poison pills he refined, he thought that big brother would become invulnerable to all poisons sooner or later. He didn’t expect that big brother’s asura incarnation still wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this. Instead, it was he himself who did.

It really made one feel…

Tianheng chuckled: “Ah Zuo may have a special constitution now.”

Gu Zuo silently nodded his head. He thought so, too.

In the past, their attention had been focused on the Tiandu Body. But now, it seemed that although Gu Zuo probably wasn’t born with a special constitution, it was somehow transformed into one afterwards. It was worth paying attention to.

At this time, Gu Zuo’s mind flashed to those peculiarities when he and big brother checked their body attributes… At that time, his big brother teased, “Ah Zuo is an extremely special person, so it’s only natural that there should be a special manifestation.

He also had a fleeting thought, but back then, their realms were low. When all was said and done, he only considered it a joke. And now, it appeared that this joke had come true.

After going back, he needed to perform a proper examination.

As Gu Zuo made this decision in his heart, he said: “Why don’t we hunt those blood beasts now?”

Tianheng smiled, and softly said: “Okay.”

After that, Tianheng leaped forward and stepped onto a brown stone up ahead!

The instant they landed, a completely blood-red, evil beast suddenly shot out from the surrounding yellow mud. It was only about a foot long, but its speed was almost as fast as lightning!

Tianheng’s reaction was also extremely quick. He casually pressed out with his palm, and smashed the evil beast’s head to pieces. At the same time, a thread of fiendish heat appeared in his hand, burrowing deep into the hollow of his palm.

Gu Zuo’s complexion faintly changed: “Big brother, be careful!”

They checked it, and found that this was the blood beast’s poisonous power. Compared to the poisonous bloodlust that floated within the blood swamp, it was even scarier.

Tianheng smiled: “I understand, but I’m just giving it a try.”

Gu Zuo: “…”

Oh, right.

However, the way big brother took risks using his own body still had to be severely denounced!

After Tianheng tested out the poisonous power of the blood beast, he no longer continued taking risks. At this time, it was Gu Zuo’s turn to take action. A wisp of psychic power burst forth from the space between his brows, and condensed into a thread-like substance. Then, it rapidly squeezed into that blood beast’s body, and extracted a droplet-shaped blood gall. Following that, the inner gall was quickly placed inside the storage space.

As for the blood beast’s corpse… Once the blood gall was removed, this thing lost all of its moisture. Although it couldn’t be said that the corpse was completely useless, it was comparable to a chicken’s rib.

Gu Zuo pondered for a little while before discarding it.

The poisonous power of the blood beast came from its blood gall. Even if he wanted to conduct any experiments, it was more appropriate to use the blood gall. As for the blood beast itself, it would be enough to collect a few from various ranks to act as specimens.

At this moment, Tianheng had already expelled the poison of the blood beast. Shortly thereafter, he said: “Ah Zuo, help me investigate.”

Gu Zuo had prepared long ago, and nodded: “Big brother, rest assured.”

After that, he discharged his psychic power once again, but this time, he didn’t condense it into material form. Rather, it was released invisible and intangible. A thin layer enshrouded the surrounding swamp soil, searching for traces of blood beasts.

Apart from the poisonous bloodlust, the reason why the Yellow Valley Forest was dangerous resided in the characteristics of the blood beasts themselves. They either formed large packs or hid beneath the surface of the swamp. Once anyone was caught in a pack of blood beasts, the outcome was too horrible to contemplate. If they hid, an ambush could occur at any time, and the speed of these sneak attacks could be seen just now.

Before entering, Gu Zuo and Tianheng had already discussed tactics. Tianheng was the main force for wiping out the blood beasts. Meanwhile, Gu Zuo would use his psychic power to find traces of the blood beasts. After Tianheng slew the blood beasts, Gu Zuo would take out the blood galls with his psychic power. Because there were so few places to stand, it wouldn’t have been that convenient for Tianheng to go over and harvest things.

Two of them worked together seamlessly. In just a moment, they had already obtained a blood gall.

Now, it was Gu Zuo’s chance to search for other blood beasts — During the hunt, waiting for the blood beasts to come out before slaying them was so passive. What they wanted was to take the initiative to actually hunt!

Gu Zuo’s psychic power was indeed a cheat-like existence. After being discharged, an ordinary pharmacist would’ve consumed a substantial amount of psychic power due to the concentration of poisonous bloodlust here. But unexpectedly, Gu Zuo’s psychic power was like his special constitution. Its utilization was the same as when he was outside the blood swamp, without any obstruction whatsoever. As a result, the rate of consumption was also quite sparse. It was only a little bit more than outside.

Sensing this kind of uniqueness, Gu Zuo’s spirit couldn’t help perking up.

His psychic power wove into netting, and swiftly spread out in all directions. Then, this net located quite a few network points, which were precisely where the blood beasts would appear!

Gu Zuo promptly said: “Big brother, those places…”

For the rest of his words, he lowered his voice even more.

— It was only a pity that, because the asura incarnation was only an energy body carrying Tianheng’s consciousness, the contract’s connection was still very shallow. Consequently, he and big brother weren’t able to converse telepathically.

Tianheng listened, and faintly smiled. His entire countenance became bewitching and lively again. Soon after, he extended a hand, and blood shadows practically filled the sky. He immediately crushed the mud around those “network points” that Gu Zuo pointed out!

At the same time, the blood beasts suddenly started scuttling out!

Following the same method as before, Tianheng swatted out blood shadows all across the sky once more.

In just a split second, each and every blood beast was beaten to death. As for the psychic power net hanging above these blood beasts, it changed from intangible to solid. Those silk threads directly pierced into the corpses and returned with the extracted blood galls, which were collected into the storage space!

This time around, he got a hold of no fewer than seven blood galls!

Tianheng stamped his foot, and the two soared into the air. They quickly landed on the next brown stone.

As before, Gu Zuo cast out his psychic power net, and likewise told Tianheng the locations of those blood beasts. After Tianheng drew out and killed them, Gu Zuo harvested the inner galls.

The two of them cooperated with tacit understanding. It didn’t take long for them to advance dozens of meters ahead. Within such a short distance to the outside world, the number of blood galls they harvested was over a hundred. Although this was only the Yellow Valley Forest’s outer ring, it could be seen that the amount of blood beasts was quite dense. If someone without any ability went inside, what kind of ending would they have under the onslaught of the poisonous bloodlust?

It was no wonder that it was said to be a dangerous place.

Fortunately, Gu Zuo and Tianheng were both outliers, and they marched straight in completely unchallenged. Nothing could stop them. On the contrary, they took the initiative to hunt down many blood beasts.

But after traveling through these dozens of meters, as they gradually approached the interior, the colors of the surrounding blood swamp also became darker. Each and every patch seemed like a splatter of blood.

Gu Zuo was very cautious. The discharge range of his psychic power widened.

Every time Tianheng burst forth, he would produce more Blood Palms and slay more blood beasts. Just now, Gu Zuo had obtained thirty-five blood galls in one go. In other words, during that instance, Tianheng directly slaughtered thirty-five blood beasts!

All of a sudden, Gu Zuo clutched Tianheng’s arm while in his embrace: “Big brother, wait a moment.”

Tianheng followed Gu Zuo’s gaze, and looked to the other side.

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