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Chapter 452 - Parting Ways

Chapter 452 – Parting Ways

Gu Zuo spoke in a detailed and timely manner.

It was also because he was so timely that those who hadn’t completely recovered from their blindness-induced panic quickly calmed down.

For the time being, there was no need to talk about blindness or anything else. Currently, the important thing was to listen to this explanation. Otherwise, they would waste this opportunity if they reached the Central Continent while completely in the dark.

What Gu Zuo talked about was mainly the distribution of organizations. As for other things, they could find out after a few discreet inquiries. On the contrary, there was no need for him to elaborate.

However, with regards to the distribution of organizations, what Gu Zuo could mainly touch upon was within the range of the Ten Ultimates Domain. Ah, right. There was also the Sagely Hand Domain where Xu Lingxiu resided. In particular, he specially recounted the place known as Great Zhou — Compared to him and big brother, Senior Sect Brother Xu was someone these disciples truly trusted.

In addition, while Gu Zuo didn’t intentionally explain that he and big brother were in Ten Ultimates Sect, he was even less clear about their positions in the sect — Firstly, he didn’t have any intention of showing off. Secondly, he didn’t want to interfere with the choices of these disciples.

Of course, Sect Master Qin knew some things about them. Thus, however much he told these people depended on the sect master himself.

After gradually explaining what needed to be said, the rays of light around the Void-Breaking Shuttle shined brilliantly. All of a sudden, it pierced its way out of space, and landed in the desolate area that Gu Zuo previously marked outside the Road of Death’s other passageway.

Gu Zuo quickly put away the Void-Breaking Shuttle. Soon after, he flicked his fingers, and sent numerous medicinal pills into the hands of the Tianlong Guards. Then, he allowed them to distribute the remaining pills for the other people to swallow.

In just a few minutes, everyone regained their eyesight.

Following this, they subconsciously took deep breaths, and sensed that, on this continent, the ambient qi was many times denser than before!

Someone sighed and said: “It’s no wonder that the Central Continent is called the heart of the world. For the people born here, the ambient qi they breathe in since childhood is different from what we receive. It’s normal that they improve faster and get stronger than us…”

After observing the surroundings, there were several Immortal Realm martial artists among the fifty disciples who immediately discovered something. Amid the nearby forests of the valley they were located in, there were quite a few qi emissions that were especially powerful and threatening. As for the formidable qi emissions within the somewhat distant mountain ranges, those were even stronger. It appeared that, so long as they were slightly careless, the owners of those qi emissions would go for the kill, and turn these martial artists into their next meal!

There were only a small number of places on the Qingyun Continent that felt this dangerous, but after reaching the Central Continent, it seemed to have become very common.

They couldn’t help but become cautious.

For many disciples, the pupils of their eyes constricted. They sensed that with their bit of strength, it would probably be extremely difficult to muddle along on the Central Continent.

Tianheng said: “According to our agreement, Ah Zuo and I have brought you all to the Central Continent. From this point on, everyone can do what they please.”

Upon hearing this, those fifty disciples looked at one another’s faces.

After exchanging glances, many disciples who had been previously instructed by their families’ elders bade farewell to Tianheng and the others. Shortly thereafter, they rose up with their qi, and swiftly vanished into the sky.

Among the fifty people, the only ones who remained were those who Tianheng and Gu Zuo were familiar with.

For example, Xi Yangyun and his sister, and Ling Ziwei and her brother.

At this time, the expressions of Tianheng and Gu Zuo were no longer as distant and reserved as when those disciples were present just a moment ago. Instead, their faces seemed friendly and amiable.

Tianheng smiled and said: “Senior Sect Brother Xi, what do you have planned?”

Xi Yangyun had already made up his mind: “If it’s possible, this Xi intends to meet Lingxiu first, and listen to his suggestions. Being able to accompany him and look after him is naturally the best course of action. If that won’t work, I want to join an organization that isn’t lacking to give Lingxiu help. As for my little sister&#k2026;”

He hesitated a little bit.

In Xi Yangyun’s opinion, Xi Shuangyun’s aptitude was much better than his own. She also had a special constitution. It would be a waste if she went with him. He felt that the best situation was that Junior Sect Brother Gongyi could lend a hand. However, he had already made many requests of Tianheng. If he asked for anything more, it would give the impression that he was ungrateful.

At a glance, Tianheng saw through Xi Yangyun’s way of thinking, and smiled: “Since you’re here, why don’t you stay as my guest for a few days first. After that, Senior Sect Brother Xi can think about future arrangements.”

Gu Zuo inwardly nodded.

He felt that it would be pretty good if Xi Shuangyun’s special constitution could get her into Ten Ultimates Sect, but this wasn’t a guaranteed ticket in. It was better that they didn’t rashly raise the subject. They could put off the discussion until after they reached Ten Ultimates Sect.

Speaking of which, while it was true that the Central Continent was a gathering place of geniuses, special constitutions, which included physiques inherited through bloodline powers and physiques that naturally formed and randomly appeared, belonged to the rare category.

Of course, having a physique only meant that one had good aptitudes in a certain aspect. While they were definitely geniuses, it didn’t mean that every special constitution was a prodigy among the people. But despite it being this way, among equally-ranked geniuses, those with special constitutions were generally stronger than those without. In addition, it was easier for prodigies to appear among the geniuses who had special constitutions.

Tianheng had long reached an agreement with Huang Ji who possessed the Heavenly Beast Body, and invited him to undergo physical testing at Ten Ultimates Sect. For a person like him, since they were already friends, why would they want to give an advantage to other organizations?

Ling Ziwei was the younger sibling, but Ling Ziqi basically didn’t have any power to defend himself. Of course, it was Tianheng’s decision to bring them into Ten Ultimates Sect. Due to their trust in Tianheng, they had no objections. It probably wouldn’t be difficult for Ling Ziwei to be accepted with her special constitution, but Ling Ziqi had to go to the Sect Offering Academy at the very least. This was to see whether he would join Ten Ultimates Sect or become a member of his younger sister or Tianheng’s subordinates in the future.

Now, they were only lacking Xi Shuangyun.

Xi Yangyun heard Tianheng’s invitation, and loosened a sigh. He was somewhat ashamed in his heart: “Since it’s like this, then obedience is better than politeness.”

Tianheng smiled and said: “As you wish.”

Gu Zuo also said: “Senior Sect Brother Xi often entertained us as guests in the past. Now, it’s our turn to entertain Senior Sect Brother Xi. This is only the right thing to do, so there’s no need to worry that much about it.”

Listening to this, Xi Yangyun revealed a smiling expression.

Following this, the group of people travelled toward the nearest city.

Along the way, Tianheng was very generous, and secured wild horses for everyone present with a wave of his hand. These wild horses came from the same herd. The horses were capable of cooperating with each other, but their strengths had nothing in common.

Under the galloping of this herd of horses, everyone quickly rushed toward that city. At the same time, it was still Tianheng who took action, and led everyone to the city’s teleportation array. After spending some resources, they smoothly teleported to Ten Ultimates City in just a short while.

The miraculous teleportation array naturally astonished the country bumpkins here. As for the truly unsophisticated among the country bumpkins, the shock in the crowd of Gongyi Clan members was even harder to describe.

After walking out of the teleportation array, the wide and expansive streets, the enormous wild beasts coming and going, the grand and magnificent city, and the firm and imposing city walls left everyone shaken to their cores.

To be honest, although Qingyun Sect wasn’t small, and Xi Yangyun and the others weren’t inexperienced, their amazed states of mind weren’t much better than that of Gu Qi when he came here initially — It was to the point that, because they were already more knowledgable, they felt even more overwhelmed in contrast.

Hence, the group followed Gu Zuo and Tianheng, and arrived within Ten Ultimates Sect. When they entered Tianheng’s manor grounds, they discovered the level of Tianheng’s position, which hadn’t been deliberately emphasized before. And due to this position, they realized how terrifying the resources he could obtain and the manpower he could mobilize were.

Tianheng directly called out: “Ao Ying.”

In a split second, a streak of shadow flashed out, and kneeled in front of him: “Young master.”

Tianheng said: “Instruct the servile races and retainers to set aside a thousand-person large courtyard, and settle down my clan members.”

Ao Ying immediately gave several orders to the side.

Soon after, several more figures appeared. They didn’t look like the usual members of the human race, but they were all incomparably deferential to Tianheng. As they brought away the Gongyi Clan members to make arrangements, they had gentle bearings and graceful comportments. They were also meticulous and considerate.

When these servile races showed up, it slightly shocked Xi Yangyun and the others, and made them realize that it wasn’t only the human race that existed on the Central Continent. There were many more racial groups that mingled and had subtle relationships with one another.

None of these were found on the Peripheral Continents.

Afterwards, Tianheng said: “Dragon One, Dragon Two.”

Suddenly, two men of extraordinary bearing flashed out from the Tianlong Guards. They kneeled toward Tianheng, and saluted: “Young master.”

Tianheng spoke: “I have many battle slaves under my command. Among them, Ao Ying, Ao Min, and the other Ascendant Realms are the leaders. From now on, the Tianlong Guards shall follow and learn from them. The location where you will live is slightly below the waist of the mountain.”

Dragon One, Dragon Two, and the others naturally answered with respectful voices.

Tianheng gave further instructions to Ao Ying: “All of you will properly watch over the Tianlong Guards. They have followed me for many years, and their loyalty is unmatched. Don’t neglect them.”

Ao Ying’s expression was still calm and unflustered: “Yes, young master.”

Subsequently, another slim member of the hound race appeared, and led the Tianlong Guards to another place.

Apart from Xi Yangyun and his other friends, the only ones who hadn’t been settled down yet were his close relatives of the Gongyi Clan. Naturally, he couldn’t let the servile races arrange things for them like the other three hundred Gongyi Clan members.

Tianheng quickly led everyone into a courtyard that was slightly above the waist of the mountain.

Before the two’s departure, this was something that the head manager instructed the others to prepare. It was supposed to entertain friends who might come to visit in the future. The building was exquisite and grand. It wasn’t lacking in courtesy whatsoever.

Xi Yangyun sighed with emotion: “It’s only after coming to the Central Continent that I realize that I’m nothing more than a frog at the bottom of the well. With every word and action, I’ve been making a fool of myself.”

Hearing this, Gu Zuo consoled: “Senior Sect Brother Xi, don’t say that. When big brother and I first came to this place, we also didn’t understand anything. But once we gained an understanding, there’s actually not that big of a difference.” He thought about something, and concluded, “In any case, you just have to constantly improve yourself to grasp your own destiny.”

Xi Yangyun toasted a cup of wine: “What Junior Sect Brother Gu says is right. I’m being too dramatic.”

Tianheng also smiled, and said: “This is human nature. Senior Sect Brother Xi doesn’t need to be worried about this.”

When Gongyi Yan and Tianheng’s other close relatives saw all of this, they were quite proud. As far as they were concerned, Tianheng was powerful and formidable. They basked in his honor and glory.

After the banquet ended, everyone didn’t disperse yet.

Tianheng called for Ao Ying again, and instructed: “Send someone to deliver an announcement to master, and tell him that I have already returned. Then, ask another question. If there’s someone with a special constitution, will Ten Ultimates Sect recruit them? And are there any rules during the recruitment?”

Ao Ying gave an affirmative sound, and promptly left.

Hearing what was said, Xi Yangyun was stunned.

He understood that this question was for the sake of Huang Ji and Ling Ziwei, but since it was mentioned in front of him, it was probably meant for him to save face… If he was interested in letting his younger sister join Ten Ultimates Sect, he could just listen along. And if he wasn’t interested, he could just pretend that he didn’t know.

This move was to avert his worries, so he couldn’t help but feel grateful.

However, when all was said and done, this was a matter of tacit understanding. Xi Yangyun also had to take his younger sister into consideration. As a result, he didn’t say anything. It was just that the thoughts in his eyes deepened. At the same time, he indicated his appreciation to Tianheng.

Tianheng smiled, but didn’t say anything else.

Gu Zuo blinked his eyes.

It truly wouldn’t be bad for Xi Shuangyun to join Ten Ultimates Sect. At the very least, she could be a companion to Ling Ziwei. Otherwise, Ling Ziwei wouldn’t have any female companions in this place at all. Wouldn’t that be lonely? No matter what was said, Ling Ziwei was going to be a younger sister-in-law in the future. He ought to be more thoughtful of her.

As for Mingxia, she would also be a sister-in-law. And Huang Ji… Well, Huang Ji wasn’t in the category of female companions.

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