I Have Medicine

Chapter 45

Gu Zuo's nervousness suddenly vanished.

Although his patron's acting these past few days seemed quite bombastic, they only had to depart from the stronghold under the protection of the Empire-wide Gongyi Clan's intermediaries. They would smoothly leave without any problems — After all, wasn't the deployment of a bodyguard and manservant for this kind of young master just too ordinary?

In addition, as for his patron's frail reputation, apart from an extremely small number of confidantes, even the members of the Gongyi Clan were unaware that his patron could already practice martial arts. Also, his strength was outstanding. The investigations of those outsiders were sure to receive many obstructions. It would be very difficult to link this crazy, pampered young master to his patron.

Thinking about this, Gu Zuo's bright gaze looked over.

Gongyi Tianheng laughed and pat his head: “It's been a while since we came out, so we'll head back immediately.”

Gu Zuo happily said: “Okay!”

Saying this with gusto, he sincerely missed the villa.

Sure enough, the journey back was both easy and difficult.

Naturally, they had a pleasant journey while going through the easy regions and didn't encounter any hindrances on the road. Yet while they were in the difficult regions, Gongyi Tianheng received some news that the Ghost Division's people really tried to tail them, but they were all obstructed — In addition, once the agreement had been reached, they didn't dare take things too far to avoid affecting this business deal.

However, it was obvious that specific matters could become unclear. They'd better pay attention to the customer's feedback after the first deal was finished.

This was something that the Tianheng in the future had to worry about.

Soon, a couple of people secretly returned to the villa.

Dragon One and a youth who looked like a carbon-copy of Gongyi Tianheng came out and welcomed them. Gu Zu carefully sized him up and discovered that the youth's looks and stature didn't have a single flaw. Even his personality could've been imitated seventy to eighty percent.

— If he wasn't someone who was especially familiar with his patron, then it was very likely to have been basically impossible to detect.

Dragon One quickly reported everything that happened recently. Gu Zuo saw that his patron was very busy and didn't delay in going to the secret room to give his patron today's medicinal decoction and cuisine. Most of all, although his patron's body could already practice martial arts, his meridians didn't surpa.s.s even the most average martial artist.

He had to make up for all these deficiencies at this time.

It took about a week before Gongyi Tianheng entered the secret room.

Gu Zuo had just finished refining a thousand high grade rejuvenation pills and handed them over to Dragon One. At this time, he had enough strength to refine perfect grade qi generating pills for Tianheng's medicinal pill reserves.

He turned his head, and saw his patron come by. He was a little puzzled: “Young master Tianheng?”

After they got to know each other, his patron didn't frequently come to watch him refine medicinal pills. Did he have some instructions?

Gongyi Tianheng smiled slightly: “I'll be leaving in the afternoon. I didn't want to go without telling Ah Zuo.”

Gu Zuo blanked: “Where does young master Tianheng want to go?”

Tianheng said: “I'll be bestowed a medal of honor, and I'm going to continue a few missions to get some practice in. I'll be out for about three to five days. During this period of time, I won't inconvenience you to refine medicinal decoctions or cuisine for me.”

Gu Zuo understood. He nodded his head and replied: “I hope young master has a pleasant journey.”

Tianheng smiled: “Ah Zuo can practice while in the villa, but be very careful. Everything I've explained on the > is written on paper. If you want to experience it yourself, remember to avoid advancing prematurely.”

Gu Zuo's heart warmed. He laughed as he said: “Rest a.s.sured, young master. I'll certainly be very cautious!”

Tianheng nodded before swiftly leaving, off to face another kind of self-tempering.

He didn't bring anyone with him this time around. Dragon One handled the work at the villa in his stead. Dragon Two was a.s.signed by Tianheng to closely guard Gu Zuo.

Although Gu Zuo wasn't too used to his patron's departure, he felt that he himself wasn't a child. Thus, with a heavy heart, he continued refining medicine.


That evening, Gu Zuo was sitting cross-legged on a couch. Behind the empty bed across from him, his eye fell upon what was spread out before him. Gongyi Tianheng had interpreted the > into a book for him.

His heart was a little nervous.

Previously, Tianheng wanted to thoroughly understand the Spirit Piercing Awl. However, up to this point, he didn't know why he wasn't able to clarify the overall context. Thus, Gu Zuo couldn't practice it at all. After their trip, Gu Zuo suspected that a pharmacist's const.i.tution might possibly be related to this. As a result, Gongyi Tianheng thought it over and simply translated the Spirit Piercing Awl word for word. The meaning of the words were written straightforwardly. His way of thinking and reading comprehension were never once brought up.

With near perfect precision…the formal language was translated into everyday speech.

Gu Zuo moved according to his patron's diligence as he carefully read that sheet of words. Sure enough, he found that he easily understood them. With this kind of slow-paced reading, it was like subconsciously immersing in it.

Absent-mindedly, his entire consciousness seemed to enter some sort of mysterious s.p.a.ce.

— If Gu Zuo was clear-headed, then he would've certainly discovered that this mysterious s.p.a.ce was in the depths of his mind.

With countless strands of entangled smoke-like psychic power, one couldn't see that abstruse thing clearly… The place the system was located.

The recorded words of the > started echoing in Gu Zuo's mind. The echoes were naturally not in “everyday speech.” Rather, the incomprehensible syntax of the “formal language” was spoken word for word. It was like countless waves rushing forth in a rising, overlapping tide, with continuous fluctuations.

At the same time, the free-floating, chaotic physic power started to coalesce into rippling circles together with that voice.

Then, the ripples started to converge, facing towards the center. Through the repet.i.tious beating, each layer would oscillate. And with each oscillation, it would attract even more smoke-like psychic power. They rotated around the center, and grew into more numerous, thicker ripples.

Slowly, a somewhat transparent gelatinous substance took shape in the center.

As more smoke-like psychic power turned into ripples, more ripples oscillated and condensed into that gelatinous substance. However, there wasn't much of it. After a long time, only a needle point's worth could be produced. But even though there was only this much, it transmitted a sense of power that was dozens of times stronger than the smoke-like psychic power, as much as over a hundred times!

However, after the psychic power was continuously attracted over, there was almost none left in the large s.p.a.ce. Although the system's location was barely discernible, it left a person incapable of grasping it. But the entire s.p.a.ce was no longer in such a crowded mess like before.

Merely, the gelatinous substance was still taking shape. The continuous beating waves were already decreasing and their strength was becoming insufficient…

There was a sharp, stabbing pain.

In only a split second, Gu Zuo suddenly woke up, holding his head as he faintly twitched on the couch.

d.a.m.nit, what just happened?!

Subconsciously, Gu Zuo rapidly started using the Divine Medicine Cultivation Method, absorbing the natural qi around him and turning it into energy. As for the numerous, twisting milky white medicinal qi he had on hand, they all quickly entered his body like running water.

Afterwards, the pain was alleviated.

As more medicinal qi emerged, they were absorbed into his body even faster.

Gu Zuo slowly exhaled and got back into his sitting position.

At this moment, what occurred just now was gradually sorted out by him.

He was finally going to figure out what kind of thing the > was in the end.

This was an extraordinarily special martial skill. Moreover, this really was suited to only pharmacists — Or rather, it was a psychic power martial skill that only suited pharmacists who practiced the Divine Medicine Cultivation Method.

In the wake of the cultivation method's usage, a person who practiced the Divine Medicine Cultivation Method could upgrade the state of their physical body and lengthen their lifespan. Psychic power could obtain growth due to having compatible medicinal qi. At the Tianfu Acupoint, which was located in the head, there was a wandering smoke-like appearance.

And the smoke-like psychic power was the most inferior psychic power. At this time, the Spirit Piercing Awl's emergence was just for the sake of refining this psychic power.

After studying the Spirit Piercing Awl, the smoke-like psychic power could be encircled and, like a sea wave, be repeatedly concentrated with ever strengthening oscillations. This kind of layering and strengthening was very formidable. It could turn psychic power into that gelatinous substance.

This gelatinous psychic power met the basic conditions of this martial skill.

> Three steps:

Spirit Forging;

Spirit Congealing;

Spirit Piercing.

It was exactly like this.

The current Gu Zuo was merely in the middle of the Spirit Forging process. His psychic power was vastly inadequate. And in order to rapidly strengthen the gelatinous psychic power, the smoke-like psychic power had to be even more enormous. Therefore, the amounts of medicinal qi he needed had to be increased multiple times over.

The Spirit Piercing Awl had joined the Divine Medicine Cultivation Method. This was simply just an exploitation now, ruthlessly squeezing the little cabbage Gu Zuo.

The reason why Gu Zuo had a headache just now was due to a warning of insufficient psychic power. Later on, because of the Spirit Piercing Awl's powerful Spirit Forging function, it spurred the Divine Medicine Cultivation Method to rapidly activate, absorbing countless strands of medicinal qi to form smoke-like psychic power. This alleviated his pain.

In other words, when Gu Zuo wanted to practice the Spirit Piercing Awl in the future, he had to discharge a lot of medicinal qi to meet the basic requirements. Otherwise, the deficiencies in psychic power would cause a headache. With a headache, he could either stop practicing or wait to be drained dry and become an idiot! And in order to obtain enough medicinal qi… All right. In the future, there'd be even more “nonstop medicine (refinement).”

The only thing that could be considered fortunate was that the gelatinous psychic power was still Gu Zuo's psychic power. Later when he refined medicine, so long as the internal true qi was used to support his hand arts, he could continuously refine. He wouldn't have to worry about his psychic power being insufficient.

At the very least, he wouldn't have to worry about refining the medicines he already knew about.

Gu Zuo used his psychic power to examine his storage s.p.a.ce and found that he still had plenty of milky white medicinal qi stowed away. He promptly stopped thinking about it too much and continued practicing.

Once he reached the Spirit Piercing stage, he would have the power to defend himself! Before that, even if he invested a lot into the process, it'd be worth it…

Three days later, Gongyi Tianheng returned.

Gu Zuo's heart stirred and he hurried finished refining the medicinal pills on hand. Then, he dashed outside.

He would tell his patron about his huge improvement!




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