I Have Medicine

Chapter 35

On a wide and bustling street in the imperial capital, lined with common street vendors lively hawking their wares, there were many imposing and confident martial artists coming and going, shuttling back and forth.

Although there were many places where martial artists were particularly respected by the people, here in the capital, the commoners were used to seeing martial artists. Thus, contrary to what one might expect, they didn't live in any sort of fear or trepidation like other places.

Thus, the atmosphere of this street was very harmonious.

Suddenly, the sounds of hurried footsteps could be heard. The numerous peddlers were used to this sort of thing and quickly gathered their wares and withdrew to the fringes. Sure enough, a figure rushed pa.s.sed, who was being chased in the back by a soldier.

The crowd stayed out of trouble and turned to look on with bustling excitement. They saw that the person ahead had a short stature with an ugly and fierce appearance. A glance was all it took to tell that he wasn't a good person — Contrariwise, the person in the back shined with a heroic spirit and left the crowd with a good impression.

However, regardless of their position, the two were people whom the crowd dared not provoke.

Despite the peddlers and the common folk enjoying the scene, they hid themselves once more. In their hearts, they knew that so long as they could wait until the city defenders arrived, they would naturally be safe.

No one felt it was unexpected for several carriages, which originally wanted to pa.s.s through, didn't enter the street and instead nestled within small alleyways.

Naturally, no one noticed that one of the carriages that had opened its side window was different from the others.

In this carriage, Gongyi Tianheng used a bamboo rod to raise the window: “Ah Zuo, come.”

Gu Zuo shifted over, listening to the words outside and taking a look.

It was obvious in his mind that this should be the good show his patron wanted him to see.

Only, when all was said and done, the performers were…

Just when Gu Zuo extended his head, he showed an expression of astonishment.

That young man wearing embroidered clothes about twenty meters away: gorgeous looks and a frivolous and arrogant personality… Wasn't that Qi Feng? What had his patron set up?

In a moment, Gu Zuo understood.

From the two people engaged in a chase along the street, the one in front was running quickly right towards the luxuriously clothed Qi Feng!

Immediately after, that short and fierce man let out a cruel and devilish laugh. He reached out a hand and captured Qi Feng!

Alarmed, Qi Feng grew angry: “You guys are trash! Why haven't you saved me yet?!”

Of course, he wouldn't come alone. Beside him were two Bone Forging first stage martial artists who were supposed to guard him.

Merely, the strength of these two martial artists clearly fell short of that short man. There just wasn't anything they could do about it. Now that Qi Feng was captured by that man, they refrained from shooting the rat in fear of breaking the vase [1]. It was difficult to act.

Qi Feng could never endure being captured by such an ugly guy. He started struggling at once: “Let go, you ugly demon! This senior is only a pharmacist! If you don't let go, then this senior will humiliate you! Big brother Bai will come save me!”

At this time, the heroic man who was in pursuit finally arrived. Seeing Qi Feng in that man's clutches, his face grew anxious: “Ghostly Nine Thieves [2], release that innocent person! If you dare start with him, you better watch your back [3]!”

In response, Qi Feng hastily said: “Exactly! Which of your grievances involve me? I don't know him. Why haven't you let me go already?! You ugly ghost, get lost!”

Once the heroic man heard this, he was even more worried: “This pharmacist, don't provoke him…”

The shady and ruthless man known as “Ghostly Nine Thieves” licked his lips. He revealed a hint of a ferocious look: “This pharmacist is so awesome?”

After he spoke, his finger moved in an instant. A small knife appeared at his fingertip, and then there was a flash of light. Two b.l.o.o.d.y b.a.l.l.s of meat tumbled down to the ground.

Qi Feng felt a sharp pain in his palms and let out a miserable shriek: “Ah! My medical beads, my medical beads—”

The heroic man was furious, and leaped forward to immediately take action.

Ghostly Nine Thieves' expression was even more sinister, as he conveniently threw Qi Feng into the path of that heroic man.

The heroic man hurriedly caught Qi Feng, but Ghostly Nine Thieves already transformed into a trail of smoke, and quickly escaped far away. There was nothing the heroic man could do. He threw Qi Feng to the martial artists who followed the pharmacist. His own movements were like lightning as he closely pursued his charge.

This series of events already took place between the sparks of a flint stone.

Indeed…it was a good show.

Gu Zuo saw the endlessly pained and frantically cursing Qi Feng, who was covering the small holes in his palms, and silently closed the side window.

He didn't know what he was feeling in his heart: “Young master Tianheng, those two people…”

Since this was supposed to be an act, what were the ident.i.ties of the performers?

Because there wasn't anything else to watch, the peddlers returned to their original positions. The pedestrians in hiding, the carriages, and so on, all began moving and resumed their original operations.

On the outside, Dragon Two drove the carriage out of the alleyway, in a direction that led straight out of the city.

In the carriage, Gongyi Tianheng leaned against the side, and smiled: “They're both Tianlong guards.”

Gu Zuo: “Eh?”

Tianheng had a gentle expression: “However, there really exists an atrocious Ghostly Nine Thieves, and he really did come to the capital. And in two days, someone will find the real Ghostly Nine Thieves' corpse on a certain street.”

Thus, no one would find out who staged this scene today. After this show, the heroic man who was chasing “Ghostly Nine Thieves” today would vanish without a trace.

This person of such cla.s.s had never been seen before in the world.

Gu Zuo nodded in understanding.

Like this, Qi Feng wouldn't have medical beads from here on out? He previously turned Qi Tianyou into a lonely person who could only wait in his room for death. And Qi Feng? What would happen if a Qi Feng without medical beads were to confront that heartless and cold-blooded Bai Wenjun? He couldn't practice martial skills nor refine medicine. What he once gave to Qi Tianyou, Gu Zuo completely returned to him on this day.

But at least he was still the heir to the Qi Family. His parents could take care of him. He would always have it better than Qi Tianyou in the past… Only, whether Qi Feng himself could endure it was unknown.

Gu Zuo sighed. His mood was very complicated.

Tianheng reached out to ruffle his hair. His gaze was genial: “Ah Zuo, when we come back, you can get the follow-up information concerning this matter. And that Bai Wenjun also has his own place.”

Gu Zuo's heart warmed. He raised his head, looking at his dear patron, and happily said: “Then we should start our journey at once!”

Letting Qi Feng and the rest fend for themselves was good enough.

Tianheng saw him like this, and smiled as he nodded: “Let's go.”


Sure enough, his patron planned far ahead. This guide Xu Wenhe was really good. On this journey, Gu Zuo bothered him with plenty of requests… He sat beside a bonfire, thinking ruefully.

Although he had experience traveling alone, at the time he was relying entirely on his courage after unexpectedly dying. Because he had the appearance of a little beggar, and had good luck, he smoothly reached the imperial capital to finally rely on his patron… Cough [4].

Right now, they were intent on going into the wilderness to toughen up. Gu Zuo, with his speck of experience, was completely unreliable. He was practically full of mistakes.

The Stampeding Oxen Mountain Range was the closest mountain range to the capital where wild beasts lived. The most ferocious wild beasts were Meridian Condensing third stage, which suited Tianheng, who wanted to temper himself and see blood.

When they first set out, Dragon Two manned the carriage and hastened the journey without any problems. However, Gongyi Tianheng had never left the city before. When Dragon took on missions in the past, he'd rush in and out, and only had a basic understanding, which wasn't comparable to Xu Wenhe. He knew the state of affairs of each place they went to like the back of his hand.

No matter whether it came to room and board, seeking the latest news, or buying and selling things, there was nothing Xu Wenhe was unclear about. Regardless of what Tianheng asked, Xu Wenhe could answer. He was very reliable.

Gu Zuo certainly knew that his patron's questions were very detailed. To a large extent, it was for the sake of increasing his knowledge base. While in the carriage, he also operated his cultivation method to condense bone pearls, listening rather sincerely — If a time came where this person couldn't follow or he was on his own, maybe he could be useful?

The Stampeding Oxen Mountain Range wasn't located in the city. Rather, it was out in the desolate hinterlands. After leaving the city, Dragon Two's survival skills out in the wild weren't bad. Xu Wenhe looked like a scholar, but actually could be said to be the leader.

Previously, Gu Zuo gave his patron many things to put on. The insides of more than half of those odds and ends were useful at this time. Most of all, there were tons of bugs in the wilderness. There were many ointments that were extremely effective.

Once Gu Zo saw them, he took those ointments for research.

A pharmacist's activities should be his specialty… Sure enough, his acc.u.mulated knowledge was still insufficient.

And now, they were finally approaching the Stampeding Oxen Mountain Range. Unfortunately, it was already getting late. Xu Wenhe had Dragon Two take out a tent from the carriage and start a bonfire. The party would be sleeping outdoors for the time being.

Gu Zuo warmed himself by the fire and felt that with his patron's underlings (Dragon Two pitched the tent and set up the camp's defenses according to Xu Wenhu's instructions), didn't he appear a little too carefree? Only eating food and not working didn't look too good…

He snuck a peak at his patron.

That n.o.ble young master sitting to his right. Even though he was just sitting on the ground, Tianheng didn't hold that particular posture. It made people feel that his bearing was calm, graceful, and beautiful.

In addition to his face, there was beauty in his overall form.

…Gu Zuo would never be able to reach this kind of realm within his lifetime.

After thinking about it, a light bulb turned on over Gu Zuo's head.

His own innate limitations didn't matter. He could simply contribute [5] to his patron's charm!

In any case, it was also to raise his own eyes…

But then, Gu Zuo's thoughts were interrupted by someone.

Gongyi Tianheng lightly pat his head: “Ah Zuo, go hunting with me.”

Gu Zuo: “…Wha?”

Tianheng's lips held a bit of a grin: “You don't want to?”

Gu Zuo shook his head: “Of course I do.”

His patron was so excited. How could he have the nerve to disappoint him?!

Moreover, he wanted to know what his patron looked like when it was his patron's first time seeing blood…

In the blink of an eye, Gu Zuo felt his legs rise high in the air.

His waist was constricted. He was already being carried under Tianheng's armpit.

Gu Zuo's face fell.

Patron, you want to do it this way? Even carrying me over your shoulder would also be good!

Gongyi Tianheng seemed to know what he was thinking, already laughing in response: “If you were placed anywhere else, during a wild beast attack, my contingency plans might not be enough. Ah Zuo might sustain injuries… How could this be okay?”

Gu Zuo wiped his sweat: “Whatever young master Tianheng feels is suitable is good enough.”

There was nothing to be done. Who made him incapable of practicing martial skills, where even move sets were out of the question?

No ability or decisive authority… Then, he just had to listen to his patron.




[1] 投鼠忌器 - Tou shu ji qi, an idiom where one doesn't act against evil to prevent harming the innocent.

[2] 鬼九盗 - Gui jiu dao, direct translation.

[3] Actual words are 性命 (life), but was changed for aesthetics.

[4] 咳 - Can be either hai (the sound of sighing), or ke (a cough).

[5] 添砖加瓦 - Tian zhuan jie wa, an idiom to contribute bricks and tiles for a building. The author made a typo, using 钻 zuan instead of 砖.


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