I Have Medicine

Chapter 32

At once, the first bottle was auctioned.

Prices were shouted one after the other. In the time between several breaths, that price level already rose to fifty thousand gold.

At this time, the voice of a vigorous man echoed: “Ladies and gentlemen, I'll have to ask you all to give my Sima Clan some face.”

After the sound of his voice fell, not one person placed a bid.

Following that, the second bottle was auctioned.

Bids were shouted out in voices that rose and fell in succession. Just as before, it climbed to fifty thousand gold.

After that, a female voice called out. Gentle and beautiful, it was very dignified: “Ladies and gentlemen, please give my Duanmu Clan some face.”

After that, no one placed a bid.

This kind of spectacle occurred quite a few times over.

Soon after, it was the Helian Clan, then the Huangfu Clan. It wasn't until after the Gongyi Clan purchased the fifth bottle that there was a temporary lull.

Following the sixth bottle's bidding, it became especially intense.

At last Gu Zuo discovered that every bottle of the high grade qi generating pills were purchased by the Five Great Clans. Each price was, without exception, fifty thousand gold, which was twenty five times their proper value. Additionally, whenever a Great Clan opened its mouth, there wasn't anyone else who fought over the item.

He recalled something his patron said. These qi generating pill auctions were separated into six batches… But, really, that guess was too accurate!

At this moment, Gongyi Tianheng explained to Gu Zuo: “Ah Zuo refining the qi generating pills subverted the current pill refining standards of the continent. As the emcee said, once someone cracks open the secret, the profits they'd gain would be a frightful amount.”

Just like now, he grasped the crux of the matter, “If the medicinal pills were sold like this, it would be impossible to maximize one's benefits, and it would possibly attract trouble. If the pills were hidden away, one wouldn't know whether the ‘mysterious pharmacist' had other aims. It would be very easy to offend others. Moreover, it wouldn't be clear how long the ‘mysterious pharmacist' would supply this kind of medicinal pill… Only then would they have this auction.”

Gu Zuo listened to him and understood a little bit.

Gongyi Tianheng was very patient: “As for why they wanted to divide the six batches, it was for the sake of minimizing the risk. The Azure Dragon Trading Company sent out information in advance, so it was only natural that the members of the Five Great Clans were prepared beforehand. These qi generating pills are a one-time deal, so the set price would naturally be a little high. However, it couldn't be unreasonably high, so through a tacit mutual understanding, they agreed upon this price level. Thus, the previous five batches were sold separately to each Clan.

“Only the sixth batch can be considered a real auction — Regardless of their power, if one of the Five Great Clans were willing to pay for the high price, they could make off with another bottle. Then they'd have even more samples in their attempts, and the certainty of cracking the secret will naturally be even greater.”

Gu Zuo was listening to him, and suddenly felt that the one with the blackest heart — No, the greatest strategist should be his dear patron.

Of course the qi generating pills could set the current standard because his pill refining method was of a higher rank than those of this continent. One could even say that it was entirely the system's fault. However, if one were to create pills by physically rolling them with their hands, even if it was researched for a long time, could they truly create a high grade pill?

And as for those pill rolling pharmacists who didn't show themselves, his patron would be unloading many qi generating pills into the marketplace. Then, regardless of whether it was for better cultivation results or for research, they could only look at his patron's face [1]… In particular, the hyped-up prices of those auctioned qi generating pills might've ensured that the researching pharmacists wouldn't show up. Could the prices of the ‘samples' still increase?

After Gu Zuo gave his patron another big thumbs up, he recalled something: “Young master Tianheng, did you want to teach my pill refining hand arts to some reliable people?”

After asking, he repeated the same to his forgotten system. In his mind, he silently asked a question: System, are there any issues with teaching these medicine refining methods to others?

[The host can handle the knowledge he has learned by himself.]

[Friendly reminder: Studying the > requires a special const.i.tution. May the host handle this cautiously.]

Gu Zuo inwardly nodded. Its indication was clear.

He wasn't foolish. Besides his super awesome patron, he simply wasn't likely to let others know about the divine medicine cultivation method. Even if it were another medicine refining method, he would ask his intelligent patron before casually handling it.

When Gongyi Tianheng heard Gu Zuo's words, he was slightly stumped.

Afterwards, he gently replied: “It still isn't the right time.”

He smiled: “Ah Zuo, I still need to work hard for you.”

Gu Zuo shook his head: “This can be considered hard work. I still need medicinal qi, and I need to strengthen my medicine refining skills.”

Tianheng saw him acting like this, and the corner of his smile deepened.

These medicine refining tricks were too miraculous. If the continent's pharmacists learned them, then it would cause a perilous situation. When the time came, he was afraid that it would trigger countless acts of carnage and violent upheaval.

Even a social structure with numerous influences would undergo a change that would flip heaven and earth.

Gongyi Tianheng concluded that he certainly had power at his fingertips [2], but it wasn't enough to withstand the powerful currents of the entire continent. And, he wasn't strong enough to protect this little pharmacist.

Thus, it still wasn't the right time.

While two people were talking with each other, the auction for the last bottle of high grade qi generating pills was already over.

Unexpectedly, the one who finally got it was a member of the Helian Clan.

After Tianheng found out, his eyebrow rose: “Helian Clan. Sure enough, they were unable to hold back.”

He opened his mouth and commanded, “Dragon One, after the business deal with the qi generating pills is over, don't work with the Azure Dragon Trading Company anymore.”

Dragon One bowed his head: “Could the young master elaborate?”

Gongyi Tianheng smiled: “The black market.”

Dragon One suddenly understood: “This subordinate obeys!”


After all the high grade qi generating pills were sold, this auction naturally came to an end.

With his patron by his side, Gu Zuo and Tianheng left the Azure Dragon Auction Hall. Nothing happened on the way back. On the contrary, Gu Zuo saw several Tianlong guards disappear into the night under his patron's orders.

He was a little curious.

Gongyi Tianheng vaguely sensed his thoughts. He faced Gu Zuo and smiled: “Wait for one or two hours, and Ah Zuo will find out.”

Gu Zuo was slightly confused, but understood the general idea. Tianheng and the Tianlong Guard's recent activity should have something to do with him.

After returning to the villa, Gu Zuo didn't waste any more time.

Because of the reasons why those qi generating pills were so popular, he hurriedly squeezed into the secret room and carefully refined quite a few cauldrons of medicinal pills. Naturally, the great majority were of the highest quality — The strength of his patron and the Tianlong Guard was the most important. Soon after, he refined some of the even simpler high grade qi generating pills, which were prepared according to his patron's plan.

After he refined for a couple rounds, he intended to give his patron medicinal decoctions and cuisine. He went out to call Tianheng over to treat his illness.

And when Gu Zuo got there, he was just in time to see his patron sitting behind the desk and listening to Dragon One's report — The Tianlong guards who were previously sent out had already compiled the information and had given it to this great commander.

Once he saw Gu Zuo, Gongyi Tianheng beckoned with a wave: “Ah Zuo, come here.”

Gu Zuo scampered over: “Young master Tianheng?”

Tianheng's expression was warm. He handed over a sheaf of paper: “Take a look?”

Just as Gu Zuo took the paper, he obediently read it: “Eek!” [3]

What was written on this paper was nothing but information on Qi Feng.

Originally, Qi Feng already arrived at the imperial capital as early as over a month ago. And accompanying him was…

That guy who casually pursued Qi Tianyou, who ruined Qi Tianyou's life, who was inconsistent in love and lacking in justice, who wasn't willing to lend a so-called friend a helping hand, who turned a one-eighty and accepted the adoration of Qi Tianyou's nemesis. That sc.u.mbag Bai Wenjun.

Once Gu Zuo read this, his heart caught fire.

This dog man really was free and unfettered. Even after harming Qi Tianyou, he didn't feel a bit of remorse, and got into an intimate relationship so quickly… Truly, it really made people sick.

For the time being, Qi Feng's malicious disposition needn't be mentioned. Since that Bai Wenjun could settle for second-best with Qi Feng, why didn't he just do so from the beginning? They were obviously a pair with inferior morals. Why couldn't they have gotten together long ago and be done with it? Why, of all people, would they want to provoke the innocent Qi Tianyou!?

These kinds of people. These kinds of people…

Gu Zuo shut his eyes, and restrained the fury in his heart.

Although the matter pa.s.sed several months ago, it wasn't long after he received Qi Tianyou's memories that he took them personally. In a state of harboring righteous indignation, when he received news about two people, he still couldn't help it.

Calming down after a while, Gu Zuo continued to read.

It was roughly true that those two people suited each other. After a period of contact, it could've been said that Qi Feng was docile and obedient, and the Qi Family curried favor, in the hopes of gradually encouraging Bai Wenjun accept Qi Feng as his companion.

Afterwards, for the sake of the first part in that stage of the Clan War, Bai Wenjun intentionally rushed over to the imperial capital Cangyun City. Also, he conveniently brought along Qi Feng to continue fostering the feelings between them.

It would be very heart-warming to mention both parties, except that these kinds of people were too nauseating.

Undoubtedly, it was Bai Wenjun who brought Qi Feng to that small private room below during yesterday's auction. And it was Bai Wenjun's money that was used to purchase that small-scale pill cauldron that Qi Feng fought for.

Seeing this, Gu Zuo let out a breath.

He originally wanted to set a small trap for Qi Feng. Now the trap was changed to Bai Wenjun. This also wasn't bad.

Even if that Bai Wenjun was deeply shrewd, how much could put his heart out of sorts as squandering twice as much money? If that could cause some feelings of resentment towards Qi Feng, then that'd be even better.

After reading the information, Gu Zuo turned his head to look at his patron.

Gongyi Tianheng's bearing was still gentle: “Ah Zuo, do you want to something?”

Gu Zuo's heart was touched.

He realized that his patron specifically ordered his people to go investigate these sc.u.mbags. It was precisely to unravel the knot [4] lodged in his heart.

After thinking on it, Gu Zuo asked: “Young master Tianheng, the Bai Family… What kind of Family is it? What is Bai Wenjun's purpose for coming to the imperial capital?”

Gongyi Tianheng's eyes flashed with praise. He replied: “If the Families of this continent were separated into levels, the Five Great Clans of the imperial capital would be the Cangyun Empire's superpowers. Compared to those slightly inferior to the Clans, they'd be first cla.s.s. Then going down, there'd be second cla.s.s, third cla.s.s, as well as those ineligible powers.”

Gu Zuo earnestly listened.

Tianheng smirked: “The Qi Family lineage hasn't existed for more than two hundred years. At most, they'd be an ineligible power approaching third cla.s.s. The Bai Family has existed for even longer, but still hasn't maintained a steady position as a second cla.s.s power. If you wanted to dispose of them…”

He smiled: “Ah Zuo doesn't need to remain vigilant over an insignificant second cla.s.s power.”

Gu Zuo understood.

In his patron's eyes, the Bai Family, where the Qi Family had so ardently fawned over Bai Wenjun, was nothing more than an ant that could be toppled with a flip of the wrist.

At this time, Gongyi Tianheng muttered to himself: “As for Bai Wenjun's purpose for coming to the imperial capital…”

He faintly inclined his head: “It looks as if this so-called remarkable child of a second to third cla.s.s power naturally wants to reveal his skills to attach himself to us Great Clans.”




[1] This part confused me. It could either mean: (1) read his mood, or (2) give him “face.”

[2] Actually, the direct translation would be power in his hand.

[3] 咦 - Yi, an expression of surprise.

[4] 心结 - Xin jie, heart knot or a matter that gnaws at one's mind.


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