I Have Medicine

Chapter 29


Gu Zuo sat on a couch, concentrating his attentions on the person across from him.

That person was Gongyi Tianheng, who was sitting cross-legged in meditation.

Martial artists drew in natural qi to refine it into true qi within their bodies. That is, as a result, the qi of the human body would be developed. Martial artists cultivated their qi and blood to go through their meridians. It worked to circulate through the twelve princ.i.p.al meridians, and while much was stored in the eight extraordinary meridians, a bit was used for maintenance. The qi was also used for the purpose of regulation or nourishment.

As mentioned before, each cultivation method took different approaches to opening the acupoints, and choose different locations to condense bone pearls. In fact, cultivation methods also used different meridians all around the body. After creating a connection between martial skills, there was a huge disparity in how a martial artist fully utilized one's might. The degree of the true qi's vigor within the body was also different.

Gu Zuo just became aware some time ago that what his patron was writing and drawing was actually a cultivation method Tianheng came up with.

On one hand, his heart was certainly filled with admiration, but on the other hand, he was inevitably worried — Even though his patron was filthy rich [1] and widely read, but in the end, he still wasn't even twenty years old. Could he really create such an exquisite cultivation method?

If by any chance he failed… Not only would his patron take a hit to his confidence, his patron's development would be at a disadvantage afterwards.

While his heart had misgivings, Gu Zuo couldn't dampen Tianheng's enthusiasm like this. Besides, he'd been with his patron for some time. Seeing his patron planning and strategizing as if everything was within his control, he didn't want his skepticism to lead to judging his patron.

— With his patron's IQ, when it was time to seize the moment, Tianheng shouldn't act carelessly, right?

Gongyi Tianheng saw through Gu Zuo's thoughts on the matter at a glance.

However, he didn't start creating his own cultivation method after he had the chance of being cured. Rather, it was very long ago. Tianheng already started when he learned that he would only live to the age of twenty.

At that time, he wanted to leave behind a lot of wealth for his Clan Head. As a result, he spared no effort in developing the Tianlong Guard and expanding businesses on all sides; he also wanted to leave behind his own mark of existence. Thus, he wanted to create a cultivation method that would surpa.s.s the current grades that already existed. Before he died of his illness, he wanted to teach this to a child of the younger generation who had an outstanding apt.i.tude.

Maybe it was because the Tiandu Body was so peculiar, but after Gongyi Tianheng practically ransacked through all his cultivation methods worth seeing, he still had some ideas for constant improvement.

When his lifespan only had two years left, he never imagined that Gu Zuo would deliver himself to his doorstep and reveal his fateful encounter.

When Gongyi Tianheng saw the introduction [2] of that divine medicine cultivation method, it was like a moment of enlightenment [3]. The scattered thoughts of that cultivation method suddenly converged. He swiftly brought things into context [4], which let him arrive at the start of his own literary work.

This beginning chapter was very difficult and rough, as if the road ahead stretched on forever. Yet the current Tianheng couldn't immediately comprehend that vast stretch of road.

At this moment, Gongyi Tianheng wanted to develop his understanding of this short and incomplete introduction — Since he could already practice martial arts, why should he go find a kid to teach?

Although it was merely an introduction, it would still at least allow him to smoothly cultivate closer to Xiantian.

Gu Zuo already had faith in his dear patron, but he couldn't help worrying. In the end, he still trusted that his patron would keep on rising. However, he also didn't think that his patron wouldn't have plans in advance.

The road ahead was still vast and obscure. Tianheng grasped the process of cultivating up to Xiantian, but he didn't obtain the pieces of cultivating after that. He also didn't know whether he was taking the wrong path or not.

He could only gamble on it.

Even though he was able to cultivate to the Xiantian realm, he just had to bet on creating his own follow-up cultivation methods required afterwards. That's all.


Gu Zuo had been refining medicinal cuisines and decoctions with exceptionally good nourishing effects for many days now. And on top of that, for the sake of unimpeded mobility, Gongyi Tianheng had a profound understanding of the state of his own health for many years. In the light of his own circ.u.mstances, after relying on his instincts to train in “Myriad Soft Punches,” [5] his meridians were already able to support a certain amount of true qi.

As a result, this first attempt was very successful.

After Gu Zuo waited for an hour worried sick, Tianheng opened his eyes. The qi in his whole body was turbulent and swelled like the sea. His long hair that draped down his back subsequently spread out before gently settling down again.

Then, Gongyi Tianheng smiled: “I've drawn the qi into my body without a hitch.”

Gu Zuo immediately breathed a sigh of relief.

His heartstrings, which were previously pulled taut, relaxed in a moment.

At this time, something suddenly came to mind. He hastily asked: “Young master Tianheng, does your body feel uncomfortable anywhere? Do your meridians have any p.r.i.c.kling feeling as if they were clogged? Can they still support qi?”

Wishful thinking often couldn't compare to reality. There were too many variables.

Gongyi Tianheng gently said: “Ah Zuo doesn't need to worry. My meridians are in good health.”

Gu Zuo felt relief upon hearing that.

From that day onwards, Tianheng finally embarked on the road of martial arts.

This road was very long. At this point in time, they didn't know what it would ultimately become.

Soon after, Gu Zuo no longer paid such close attention to his patron. Each and every day was very full. He needed to watch over his patron's health. He needed to refine large quant.i.ties of medicinal pills. He also needed to cultivate and continue condensing bone pearls.

Time quickly pa.s.sed.


The sky was bright and clear.

Gu Zuo woke to the morning's rays. He opened his eyes just in time to see that busy, handsome face right in front of him.

En, his patron's face.

The faint rays of light splayed across his features, as if veiling him in a halo. A dazzled person would show some stupidity.

However, Gu Zuo woke up to this every day and would see the same scene. Although he still wasn't to the point of developing an immunity, he could start reacting after staring blankly for a moment.

Suddenly, his patron's eyes opened.

His eyes were normally pitch-black, concealing his many moods. But when first waking up, the dense light against his watery eyes gave them a soft appearance. It made him an even more attractive person.

In short, Gu Zuo was very fortunate today. He was just in time to witness this rarely-seen, beautiful display.

His heart sighed.

His patron's looks even surpa.s.sed that of a stunning belle. Normally, a heroic spirit would condense within his countenance. His nature, which seemed gentle and moderate, was actually unyielding and tough. His features were good looking, but didn't appear effeminate. That is, the moment Tianheng woke up was a point that people would feel like cherishing.

It was such a pity. The feeling that flashed into existence vanished at once. His patron was still that large and formidable patron.

These thoughts rolled around in his head, but he didn't dare speak about such things. Gu Zuo turned over and sat up. He faced his dear patron, smiling, and said a few words: “Good morning, young master Tianheng.”

The radiance in Gongyi Tianheng's eyes dimmed. He raised his body into a sitting position, and greeted him: “Good morning, Ah Zuo.”

Gu Zuo laughed mischievously and got off the bed.

When he first acted so familiarly with his patron, Tianheng was caught off guard. Now, he grew accustomed to it.

Although Gu Zuo knew that he was in another world, whenever he exchanged a ‘Good morning' with his patron, he felt like this point in time was like returning to the modern era.

When Gu Zuo quickly got dressed, Tianheng subst.i.tuted a wardrobe for Gu Zuo that was particularly luxurious.

These were all prepared yesterday because today definitely wasn't an ordinary day. Rather, this day was when the Azure Dragon Trading Company would be conducting a large-scale auction.

Naturally, Gu Zuo wouldn't go so far as to play at being a rich young master. However, he would be going together with young master Tianheng, so the quality of his wardrobe couldn't be too low.

Two people quickly finished their preparations.

There weren't too many attendants in the villa. Only some maidservants were allowed to enter for when they were needed. The rest of the time, only Gu Zuo and the Tianlong Guard were allowed entry into Gongyi Tianheng's location.

The maidservants already prepared food in the garden. To the side of the attendants were the shadows of two people dressed in black — Without a doubt, they were the perpetual bodyguard of Gongyi Tianheng, Dragon One, and the one who was basically dispatched to Gu Zuo, Dragon Two.

Gu Zuo and Tianheng sat at the same table. After eating, the Tianlong Guard gathered without a command. They'd prepared a personal vehicle for Gongyi Tianheng's journey.

It was the bronze chariot and those dragon-scaled horses. A grandiose and majestic delegation of people arrived at the Azure Dragon Trading Company's auction hall — The center of the imperial capital's most bustling district.

The Azure Dragon Auction Hall was very large. From outside, one could see a lofty building constructed. It bore some of the imposing style of the royal family.

It was worthy of the first-rate trading company controlled by the royal family.

Most of those who were at the welcoming gate were dainty, young ladies. They were responsible for leading the relatively important guests into the venue. Apart from this, even more important was the management of different ranks. They would keep the measure of the rich guests in mind. After the encounter, they would personally meet with the guests, craning their necks to eagerly bid them welcome.

Gongyi Tianheng's personal vehicle was very eye-catching. He himself was also very well-known. After the troop of dragon-scaled horses arrived, the crowds that lingered along the walls naturally moved closer to the sidewalk.

A slightly plump manager personally came over, and it just so happened that he was the Azure Dragon Trading Company's Manager Chen. He controlled many of its economic affairs and he was placed in a position of considerable importance.

For such care, only a person with a respected status could be greeted this way. Gongyi Tianheng had such status, and the other young masters of the imperial capital were included.

Manager Chen smiled and took the initiative to welcome Gongyi Tianheng off the chariot. He politely said: “Young master Gongyi, please come in. A private room has already been prepared in advance, just waiting for your arrival.”

Gongyi Tianheng smiled amiably: “Thank you for your trouble.”

Afterwards, he followed as Manager Chen walked in. As for his personal vehicle and the numerous dragon-scaled horses, they were naturally handled by the Tianlong Guard and the auction hall's attendants.

Gu Zuo, Dragon One, and the others followed behind and went in.

As expected, Gongyi Tianheng's private room was one of the best available.

Similarly, many of the adjacent private rooms were filled with people long ago. They should be other great young masters or important people of large Families.

To say the least, when they pa.s.sed by a certain private room, Manager Chen especially inquired: “This is the Gongyi Clan's private room. I don't know if the young master…”

Gongyi Tianheng hesitated slightly, but nevertheless shook his head in refusal.

Manager Chen didn't speak any more on the matter.

After waiting for them to enter, Manager Chen quickly withdrew, only leaving behind two pretty servant girls. They were responsible for explaining the commodities sold at the auction.

However, Tianheng also ordered these two servant girls away. After waiting for them to leave, he beckoned with a wave of his hand: “Ah Zuo, sit over here.”

Gu Zuo scampered over, knowing that his place was beside his patron: “Young master Tianheng, speaking of those high grade qi generating pills, what are the rules of the auction and what are the price levels?”

Gongyi Tianheng pushed the light refreshments on the table towards Gu Zuo. After seeing him taking a piece to taste, he smiled and said: “They should be auctioned in batches…”

He somewhat muttered to himself: “…At least six batches.”




[1] 天纵之资 - Tian zong zhi zi, based on 天纵之才, which means a person bestowed talent by the heavens.

[2] 开篇 - Kai pian, start of a literary work.

[3] 醍醐灌顶 - Ti hu guan ding, to anoint one's head with the purest cream.

[4] 织成脉络 - Zhi cheng mai luo, to knit arteries and veins, but it can be interpreted to figuratively mean weaving fabric or bringing something into context.

[5] 软趴趴 - Ruan (soft) pa pa (Seems to be an adverb jocularly describing an action being “all over the place”).


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