I Have Medicine

Chapter 136

Following that, Gongyi Tianheng simultaneously chatted with Gu Zuo off to the side and continued to resolve the mission.

And what were they chatting about?

It was naturally everything he experienced since arriving at the Martial Scripture Pavilion.

Tianheng properly displayed his ability to mult.i.task.

Thus, after Tianheng and Gu Zuo parted ways, he arrived in front of the building complex two hours ago. He didn't go elsewhere. He only went to the Martial Scripture Pavilion and swiped his Inner Sect disciple token.

After that, he was free to go inside.

The collection of martial skills and cultivation methods in the Martial Scripture Pavilion was boundless. With every kind of rank or attribute, it would leave one dazzled.

Although there were many types of cultivation methods and martial skills in the Cangyun Empire, their might was vastly inferior to the Qingyun Sect's collection — Even if it was the same product rank, they were nonconventional. The Qingyun Sect also had a collection where one could casually rummage through them. The writings within were all rather powerful and exquisite.

Yes. In the Martial Scripture Pavilion, the ones kept on the first floor were all nonconventional cultivation methods and martial skills, and were put in two inner halls, separated by a clear barrier. However, if a disciple went to browse, they'd discover that there were recommendations for compatible martial skills or cultivation methods underneath the fitted lattice.

All Inner Sect disciples could casually browse the first floor's body cultivation methods — Body cultivation methods contained both inner cultivation methods and martial skills. It was only on occasion that one could directly use a body cultivation method to subst.i.tute for an inner cultivation method.

If one wanted a higher ranked cultivation method, then they would need to continue going up.

Unfortunately, if one wanted to go up and browse the Human-Level or better cultivation methods, they would have to pay a certain amount of contribution points. The Human-Level ones were naturally the cheapest. For every contribution point, one could stay on the second floor for two hours. During that time, the Human-Level cultivation methods could be casually looked through. Going even higher would be more costly, so there was no need to mention it for the time being.

Yet, Gongyi Tianheng was a newcomer. Where could he get the contribution points from? He would have no other choice but to first look through the nonconventional ones on the first floor, free of charge.

With one look, although Tianheng was outstandingly calm, he couldn't help being a little amazed. Because he surprisingly discovered an unusual body cultivation method among the nonconventional inner cultivation methods!

This was from an ancient text that Gongyi Tianheng had previously read. During that time, legends said that a martial artist drew in the qi of earth and fire to cultivate. Thereby, the martial skills used were extremely formidable and their might was inexhaustible. However, in the end, it was a legend and wasn't often recalled by Tianheng. Seeing this in the Qingyun Sect had evoked his memories.

Although this cultivation method was only an incomplete chapter placed in the nonconventional section, it still made Tianheng vaguely comprehend something… After absorbing the qi of an Earth Fire, one could strike with martial skills carrying the burning power of Earth Fire. What differences were there between this underlying principle and his set of bone pearls that could absorb poisoned qi and send out toxic attacks?


Gongyi Tianheng had an inkling that it was, nevertheless, somewhat different.

His bone pearls seemed to have selected a type of power independently.

Apparently, some powers were unworthy of being incorporated into his body.

Afterwards, Gongyi Tianheng was almost insatiable as he looked through the cultivation methods of the entire floor one after another. He had a highly retentive memory, and the speed of his browsing was baffling. Some nonconventional cultivation methods had some similarities, so he only needed a glance to immediately understand the general idea. Otherwise, he would've certainly needed to examine them carefully.

This was due to his strong mental capacity. In a couple of hours, all of the cultivation methods were already looked through. Those countless cultivation method lines and martial skill styles were all weaved into a fabric in his mind. In addition, each one was picked apart, neat and tidy, without the slightest mess.

Tianheng closed his eyes and pondered deeply for a long time.

It would've been good if those types of nonconventional cultivation methods that absorbed special powers to increase one's might had more supplementary materials. There was only a scant dozen or so books. After those were read by him, there weren't any more new ones.

In these ten-odd books, absorbing the power of Wondrous Fires was the majority. There were also ones that absorbed other powers, but basically all of them were powers of the five elements.

Wondrous Water, Wondrous Fire, Wondrous Earth, Wondrous Metal, and Wondrous Wood. All of them were marvels of the world, and things that possessed spiritual natures. As he had never heard of them before, this generated a lot of interest.

Tianheng had a vague feeling.

These things, perhaps to him or his little pharmacist, would be very useful.

Thinking up to here, he gave a faint sigh.

Unfortunately, he didn't come across any supplementary materials about absorbing other special powers… Although he'd first heard of the powers of the five elements, they were the most basic and common powers.

After he finished reading, Gongyi Tianheng didn't tarry in the main building of the Martial Scripture Pavilion. Rather, he turned around and left this place.

As he left, the many martial artists behind him all couldn't help sizing up this guy who frantically flipped through all the cultivation methods just a moment ago. They only felt that this guy didn't seem like a stupid person. How could he have done something that recklessly? What could he have seen from flipping through everything in a short period of time? Thus, every gaze was somewhat odd.

Gongyi Tianheng didn't pay any heed to these stares. He only muttered to himself as his body turned and walked towards another side hall.

The Martial Scripture Pavilion's first floor was beyond his expectations. He couldn't help his antic.i.p.ation to the second and third floors. And if he wanted to climb up, the first thing he needed to do was to go earn contribution points.

Unlike Gu Zuo, who acted before thinking, Tianheng directly asked around and found this building full of mission obelisks, where one came to complete missions.

What made him feel oddly satisfied was that the countless missions here were all clearly differentiated. Moreover, not all of the missions required one to waste lots of time on. Most of all, among them was a certain type of mission that was extremely suited to him.

Listening up to here, Gu Zuo couldn't help asking inquisitively: What mission?

Gongyi Tianheng said with a smile: Modifying cultivation methods, resolving problems with cultivation methods, and increasing the power of martial skills.

Gu Zuo understood in a flash.

Before, he had this thought about the preceding side halls, and felt that his dear big brother was very suited to those places, comparing notes with others on the martial path or investigating complex problems. However, now it seemed that this side hall was even more suitable!

Because solving problems wasn't done for free. One could to obtain contribution points… With his big brother's strength, he would dominate in this aspect. He would be sought after by so many people that it would be inevitable for his big brother to be the center of crowds and crowds of people.

The truth was really what Gu Zuo thought.

Gongyi Tianheng quickly decided to pay equal attention to both public opinion and contribution points. He simply found a Human-Level mission pillar that specialized in receiving similar missions, inserted his disciple token and "got on the computer".

Countless words instantly flashed before his eyes. He read through them, line after line, and quickly found a conspicuous one that was filled with rejected missions. There basically weren't any that he couldn't resolve.

At this time, Tianheng felt even more relieved. He only slightly murmured as he started answering the first problem. He only needed to think of the solution for it to be automatically delivered to the disciple who issued the mission. The disciple would quickly know of the results.

[Question: Why won't the third arrow in the Evil-Punishing Nine Arrows fly smoothly? The answerer can get five contribution points.]

Gongyi Tianheng replied: "Because the power is distributed unevenly. The nine arrows behave as a single ent.i.ty. When firing, although there is formidable power, it won't be enough. There will be impediments when firing in succession. Each time an arrow is fired, curb the power to thirty percent. Try it again to considerable effect."

A couple of minutes pa.s.sed, and the pillar's mission faded. At the same time, the number five appeared on Tianheng's disciple token.

However, Tianheng didn't pay attention to that.

After he replied to the first question, he immediately started answering the second one.

[Question: The following is a badly damaged martial skill… It's a cultivation method that's very suitable for me, but there isn't enough power. I'm unwilling to give up on it. If it's completely repaired and there's an increase in power, you can get at least ten contribution points depending on my satisfaction.]

Modifying cultivation methods could be considered Gongyi Tianheng's strong point. After he quickly swept through that set of badly damaged martial skills, he slightly pondered and several trains of thought appeared in his mind. He sent out a solution that was the hardest to practice with a 2-times increase in power as well as a solution that was the easiest to practice with a 1.5-times increase in power.

That disciple who obtained two types of solutions was very pleased, and immediately gave thirty contribution points. As for the solution that would be employed in the end, they naturally wouldn't tell others voluntarily.

Tianheng still didn't pay attention to the increase of his own contribution points because he was in the middle of answering the third, fourth, and even fifth questions. Each question didn't take much time, and each question was answered perfectly.

Initially, such actions of his didn't garner much attention, but it was different afterwards.

It was also the case that the settings of the disciple token were shown. Because each time there was an increase or change in the contribution points, the token would flash a white light. As there were many people asking questions and many people answering questions here, the number of people whose solutions obtained them contribution points weren't few.

Basically, there would be a few disciple tokens flashing with light with each pa.s.sing moment. However, there had never been a disciple token that would flicker with white light at the intervals of an old laborer's breaths. Sometimes, there was even a single magnificent flash, which was clearly the result of multiple white lights being superimposed!

This spectacle automatically drew the attention of many disciples in the side hall.

They couldn't restrain their emotions as they walked over to this location. At that moment, they saw what turned out to be a young man who looked about twenty years old. He was unperturbed as he completed missions, and the completion efficiency was actually quite high.

Gu Zuo could imagine that there would've been lots of astounded people at that time. All of their expressions would've certainly been wildly different. However, his big brother had this kind of ability, so even if other people were envious, they wouldn't have acted upon it.

In his heart, he felt a faint sense of pride in his big brother.

The following matters were even more logical.

The disciples watched and watched, intending on sounding things out. Coincidentally, a disciple indeed came to try his luck, wondering if there was someone who could promptly answer the questions he'd raise. Gongyi Tianheng really answered that question, and that disciple was completely shocked after receiving the information.

That disciple then realized what Tianheng accomplished in the end!

Suppose that each time a mission was completed, it could obtain this kind of result… Then, it followed that one should obtain contribution points every time.

After that, he paid Gongyi Tianheng fifteen contribution points.

It was actually a lot of contribution points, but that solution really pleased him. The disciple cupped his hands to this solution on the spot and went to leave. But he was stopped by some inquisitive people.

The disciple had no choice but to mumble that the benefits he obtained were large. In response, the rest of the disciples couldn't help being even more curious.

In a split second, the people who were originally planning on releasing their relevant missions immediately sought out Gongyi Tianheng.

And as for Tianheng, there was no difference between receiving the missions on the obelisk or directly finding the solutions to the missions delivered by his fellow disciples.

He quickly listened to the questions raised by those disciples, and needed less than one or two minutes to perfectly answer those problems.

Following that, Gongyi Tianheng had an income of contribution points.

And after that, there were even more disciples coming to inquire one by one.

From then on, someone entering the hall like Gu Zuo simply wouldn't have been able to notice the existence of Gongyi Tianheng, who was surrounded by a crowd.

After Gu Zuo finished listening, he was overwhelmed by emotions.

He thought about it and felt it was extremely impressive. If it was himself in his big brother's shoes, would he have been able to do this well? Naturally, he wasn't an expert in martial studies, but on the path of medicine refinement, he knew loads of things with the cheat existence of the item books.

If the Pharmacist Hall also had this kind of place… Could he also earn contribution points through this?

Gu Zuo stuck to the wall as he waited for his dear big brother, and let his imagination roam.

Ah, contribution points were very useful things… Based on his understanding, since the Qingyun Sect internally promoted this thing, its functions were certainly far-reaching.

His big brother needed to study martial skills, and the cost of contribution points certainly wasn't a small amount. He should also store some points to prepare for a rainy day.

After a while of such thinking, a man with a tall build entered from outside the side hall with large strides. He only wore a piece of leather armor, exposing his arms and wide chest. After his tiger eyes looked around, he quickly walked towards the center of that crowd. His voice was also very loud: "Which youngster can alter cultivation methods? This senior has heard that he has some skill. If he really has it, then let this senior take a look!"

The leather-armored giant stood still. The entire building had been shaken by the booming of his footsteps. He was completely tyrannical as he walked, flinging the disciples in his way to either side. It got to the point where the encirclement of people centered around Gongyi Tianheng was getting thinner and thinner. It wasn't long before Tianheng was revealed.

Gu Zuo was a little nervous: Be careful, big brother. It looks like the guy who's coming isn't good!

Even if he wasn't bad, that boorish temperament was enough to make people suffer.

Gongyi Tianheng only replied with a single sentence: Rest a.s.sured, Ah Zuo.

After that, Tianheng was carefully observed by Gu Zuo — Just like when they were separated previously.

However, he was also seen clearly by that boorish fellow.

The leather-armored giant stopped in front of Tianheng, and said in a clear voice: "Pretty boy, can you alter the Heavy Hammer Strike? If you can't modify it, just say so. If you can, but it's no good, then this senior will smash your head with my hammer!"

Crude and unreasonable. There wasn't a single kind word.

If he was only crude and unreasonable, then it would've been just that. Unexpectedly, he extended a palm the size of a folding fan, wanting to seize Gongyi Tianheng's collar and bring him closer.

Gu Zuo saw this clearly, and his expression suddenly darkened.

What kind of a person was that!?

The corner of Tianheng's mouth curled, and his eyes flashed with a hint of cold intent.

No one had threatened him like this before.

He could endure silently, but enduring silently didn't mean letting someone humiliate him.


This was the sound of breaking bone.

Off to the side, the spectating disciples saw earlier that the strength of this young man with a startling IQ was only at Xiantian stage one. However, they recognized that leather-armored giant, and thought that the young man would be humiliated at this moment. There were even more who intended to befriend the other, wanting to swiftly come to the rescue.

But no one could've expected that it wasn't that young man who was humiliated by the leather-armored giant's extended hand.

The leather-armored giant only felt a sharp pain in his wrist. Suddenly, his brows furrowed and his face twitched.

As it turned out, two slender fingers were clasping his wrist. During that split second, it was twisted to the left, which snapped his bones. At this moment, those fingers were as quick as lightning as they were put away again.

Leaving only him in endless pain.

Quite a few people didn't react, but they quickly snapped out of it as they sucked in a mouthful of cold air.

That young man was quite powerful!

He was undoubtedly only a Xiantian stage one, but he somehow broke that person's bones? Leaving that aside, just looking at the connected flesh of his palm which was still dangling and swinging made one's hair stand on end.

Obviously, this kind of injury wasn't considered too serious for martial artists, but seeing it would be too unpleasant for a person's sense of sight.

Even one's scalp would feel somewhat numb.

The leather-armored giant discovered his own condition, and immediately flew into a towering rage: "b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you—"

Gongyi Tianheng opened his mouth.

His tone was warm, but his voice inexplicably carried a hint of coldness that left one feeling intimidated: "Senior Sect Brother should speak cautiously."

As he spoke, those two deep and serene eyes met the face of the leather-armored giant.

At first, the leather-armored giant was vigorous and unrestrained, but now, he somehow lost his voice.

The other disciples were startled even more. He was unexpectedly intimidated?!

Tianheng raised a hand as the hollow of his palm discharged qi energy. That power was gentle, but the leather-armored giant was flicked to the side: "Don't hold things up." Again, he looked to the other disciples, "If my seniors don't have any more instructions, then I'll take my leave first. Thank you, everyone."

After that, he leisurely got up, and walked out of the side hall.

Gu Zuo also quietly stood up, and went along the wall to go outside.

He simultaneously walked and inwardly praised in his mind: Great job, big brother!

Gongyi Tianheng's voice was very calm: One should always act when one must.

Gu Zuo tilted his head as he thought, and couldn't help smiling.

Yes, when one should act, then do it.

The scene of the leather-armored giant just now was clearly a farce. The spectating disciples were unable to help out Tianheng. If that leather-armored giant came to find Tianheng again, then perhaps he didn't have any sense of shame.

As a result, Gongyi Tianheng smoothly walked out of the side hall, and met with Gu Zuo beyond the door.

Gu Zuo's smiling expression was resplendent: "Big brother!"

Now he could finally use his mouth to speak!

Tianheng calmly walked over, lifted his hand to place it on his head, and ruffled his hair: "Today, Ah Zuo left for the Medicine Pavilion. What are the results?"

Gu Zuo felt himself displaying much delight. It was impossible for his big brother to be incapable of guessing the results, but he liked this feeling of familial concern. He earnestly reported: "The pill refining went smoothly, but before that, I met…"

He gave a systematic and detailed narration. From entering the Medicine Pavilion to all the matters and people he encountered within, he talked about all of it.

Some things really were minor details, but wasn't this also sharing one's livelihood? What's more, he was also anxious about his first time going out alone in this world and not reaching his intended location. There was also that purple-clothed teenager. His ident.i.ty and abilities were also considered rare.

After Gongyi Tianheng finished listening, he faintly nodded: "Ah Zuo did well."

Not any worse than he imagined.

It was just like taking out the right medicinal pills to deal with something. If he could make a choice, it would more or less be like this — Being capable of attracting attention without overwhelming the limelight of those geniuses.

Considering that Elder Huo's conversation, it sounded like the elder didn't have the slightest of doubts. On the contrary, the elder directly judged Ah Zuo to be fine jade worth nurturing. This was also very beneficial to his little pharmacist. However, he still needed to deliberate whether or not he would let Ah Zuo a.s.sociate with that somewhat bossy Xu Lingxiu.

In the blink of an eye, many thoughts turned in his mind. Tianheng continued to listen to Gu Zuo's chatter. For a moment, the atmosphere was very cosy.

Up ahead, Dragon Two still stiffly kept watch in front of the Martial Scripture Pavilion. His gaze was unwavering as he looked towards the middle of that pavilion.

Gu Zuo stopped his chatter, and called into the distance: "Dragon Two!"

Dragon Two heard this, and immediately turned his head. Upon seeing Gu Zuo returning with Gongyi Tianheng, it seemed like he had let loose a sigh, and went over to salute the two.

Tianheng then said: "Let's go back."

Dragon Two replied: "Yes, Young Master."

Gu Zuo pulled at Tianheng's sleeve cuff: "Okay."

They still rode on an enormous, wild bird that was specific to the interior of the Sect. Gu Zuo suddenly remembered a matter, and said a bit excitedly: "Big brother, you completed so many missions before. Did you get lots of contribution points?"

Gongyi Tianheng paused. Just then, because of that leather-armored giant's interruption, he actually hadn't checked it. He simply pulled down the disciple token and took it away. At this moment, since Gu Zuo wanted to know, he took out the token to reveal it.

Gu Zuo lowered his head to take a look, and his face was shocked stiff.

So, so many!

There was a shocking row of digits on the disciple token:

Five hundred eighty two contribution points.

Gu Zuo: Dang, how many missions did big brother complete?!

One should know that after Li Duanshui and Hua Yuerong fought, the total points confiscated didn't reach this much…

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