I Have Medicine

Chapter 134

So long as one was familiar with Earth Fire pill refining, the handling would really be without mistakes. Compared to ordinary flames, it was even more effortless. The speed was also very fast. Unwittingly, Gu Zuo had already refined a huge batch. Every batch perfectly had sixteen top grade pills, and a lot of medicinal qi was acc.u.mulated.

Because his dear big brother currently needed large amounts of Qi Linking Pills and Poison Pills for cultivating, and he didn't dare refine poison here, he refined as many as several hundred Qi Linking Pills.

After that, Gu Zuo stretched out his body and discovered that two or three hours had unknowingly pa.s.sed.

That…was probably good enough, right?

Hence, Gu Zuo waved his hand and put away all the top grade medicinal pills. He also packed those imperfect pills into three separate porcelain bottles.

One had five high grade Qi Generating Pills. One had four high grade and two mid grade Rejuvenation Pills. And the other had one high grade and three mid grade Qi Linking Pills.

This was what he decided on after a careful consideration.

After finishing this up, Gu Zuo stood up and walked out of the Earth Fire Room.

To be honest, he was still a little begrudging… If he had the chance in the future, he'd strive to get his own Earth Fire to keep. After using an Earth Fire, he really felt that ordinary flames were somewhat inflexible.

[Long-Term Mission: Gather a certain number of strange flames.]

[Mission Item: >]

[Completion Mode: Unrestricted.]

[Completion Time: Unrestricted.]

[Failure Penalty: None.]

Gu Zuo's footsteps paused.

Okay, when he returned he could carefully study every day and try to improve himself…

Inside the Medicine Pavilion, there were already several pharmacists standing beside the white-bearded Elder Huo. Apparently, they'd all just recently succeeded in refining. At this time, they were asking Elder Huo to evaluate them.

There were some who had dejected expressions, some who wore cheerful looks, and some who were requesting pointers with sincere faces.

Gu Zuo stopped and stood obediently at the rearmost part of the line.

He was just in time to take a look at the standards of these newly promoted Qingyun Sect pharmacists.

Elder Huo's expression was a very solemn one:

"Two Marrow Washing Pills, mid grade, subpar. The Marrow Washing Pill has a rather high difficulty. That you could refine them is very good. However, during the evaluation, you needed to have refined two or more types of medicinal pills to pa.s.s. Presently, what you needed to do wasn't to refine a high-difficulty pill, but rather refine pills steadfastly. You shouldn't have been flippant!"

"Three Rejuvenation Pills, four Qi Generating Pills, four Green Jade Cloud Pills… They're low and mid grade, and meet expectations. You pa.s.s. In the future, you can practice some more; after you're proficient, study some pills you have trouble with."

"Three Qi Generating Pills, mid grade, pa.s.sable. Three Rejuvenation Pills, low grade… Barely pa.s.sable. However, these two pills are too common for a pharmacist's foundation. If you can't refine three types of pills, and if you don't retake this evaluation within a year, you'll be stripped of your status as a low level pharmacist."

"Five Qi Generating Pills, all are mid grade. Four Rejuvenation Pills, all are also mid grade. Then, four… Not bad. This child can be taught. In the future, if you practice diligently, you'll definitely make something of yourself."

"Next, four…"

In the back, Gu Zuo heard Elder Huo's commentary. As he listened, he silently nodded his head.

This elder was truly a fair one, and his pointers were quite precise. He was a good person.

Merely, as he observed those pharmacists ahead, who were all basically twenty-something to thirty years old, the medicinal pills they refined were just that sort of… Didn't this level seem very ordinary?

Gu Zuo hesitated.

With his age, no matter how few high grade pills he brought out, wouldn't it still be too many?

But evidently, Gu Zuo was still looking down on the Qingyun Sect's foundations.

After the previous pharmacists drew back, there were quite a few others who took out medicinal pills. In particular, there was one whose eyes flashed with elation. Once he opened a corked bottle, one high grade and four mid grade Qi Linking Pills came out! His age seemed to be twenty-four to twenty-five.

Elder Huo twirled his mustache with satisfaction: "Very good, very good. Chen Sheng, you've improved again. Presently, besides Xu Lingxiu, several promising seedlings have actually appeared!"

This young pharmacist was originally happy, but once he heard this, he felt a little unreconciled. He bit his lower lip and swallowed down his unwillingness, but he still couldn't help asking: "Senior Sect Brother Xu has also come today?"

Elder Huo said smilingly: "Correct. Today, he used a fifth ranked Earth Fire and barely spent an hour to refine two cauldrons of Qi Linking Pills. Each cauldron produced nine pills, and more than five of each batch had become high grade! Then, he re-entered the Earth Fire Room and refined a cauldron of Revitalization Pills in one hour. Likewise, nine pills were made, and there were three pills among them that were high grade!"

He sighed: "Sure enough, he deserves to be called a quasi Golden-Level Pharmacist. Only seventeen years old… Ah, even some mid level pharmacists would feel inferior."

Qi Generating Pills, Qi Linking Pills, Rejuvenation Pills, and Revitalization Pills. All of those were household pills. Basically, there weren't many pharmacists who didn't know the prescriptions. Because their usefulness was widespread, as time pa.s.sed, the Qi Generating Pill and Rejuvenation Pill were considered the official standard of a low level pharmacist. The Qi Linking Pill and Revitalization Pill were also considered the official standard of a mid level pharmacist. Among these, because the Qi Linking Pill was used by those who were stepping from Houtian to Xiantian, there'd occasionally be a remarkable low level pharmacist who could take this to stick a feather in their own cap.

Gu Zuo listened and listened, and understood clearly.

In doing this evaluation, one would refine four or more mid grade pills. Even if they were "above average", if there were only three mid grade pills, then it'd be common. If they were low grade… It would be barely pa.s.sing, and the "license" obtained would be limited.

However, this wasn't what he was thinking about.

What Gu Zuo currently thought of was that based on his original plan… With that Xu Lingxiu hogging the spotlight in front, his slightly eye-catching self wouldn't matter.

Anyway, after that young pharmacist heard Xu Lingxiu's results, his shoulders immediately sagged. If that guy was just a little bit stronger than him, he could still chase after him. However, that guy was leagues ahead. How could he compare?! Luckily, he still felt that the high grade pills he refined were very amazing… Whatever. Xu Lingxiu really was someone he could't afford to offend. However, the same couldn't be said about the others who were reportedly as gifted as him!

There were fewer and fewer people in front. The great majority of the pharmacists had pa.s.sed their evaluations. The surrounded Elder Huo raised his head and saw that short and small teenager in the back.

This youngster. Elder Huo smiled: "Come, come, come. Student Gu, come here to me."

Gu Zuo had his name called, and his heart quivered. He promptly scampered a couple steps and arrived before the old man: "Elder Huo…"

Elder Huo's att.i.tude was very cordial: "Has this student already finished refining? Take out the finished pills and let me see?"

Gu Zuo lowered his head with a twinge of embarra.s.sment. He took out three porcelain bottles from his sleeve and handed them over: "Please take a look."

Elder Huo opened one of them first.

Off to the side, some of the loitering pharmacists were astonished. Who was this little disciple? Why did it seem like he was very familiar with Elder Huo? Could it be that his ident.i.ty was special? That's not right. Just by looking at the token on his waist, he was obviously just a nominal disciple.

Yet, that young pharmacist in particular had a flash of jealousy in his eyes.

Elder Huo didn't treat him that well… This young one dared to come over to take the evaluation, but it seemed that he still successfully refined pills? Also, he didn't know what that guy's level was. He needed to have a careful look!

Gu Zuo didn't sense that a puny n.o.body like him would still be the target of jealousy. He just obediently waited in preparation to raise his presence to Elder Huo here. En, or to say, to reveal his "talent".

On the contrary, Elder Huo was a little antic.i.p.atory. So it was only natural that his expectations were high.

Firstly, there was the question of Gu Zuo's age — When all was said and done, geniuses like Xu Lingxiu existed everywhere. Secondly, he felt that Gu Zuo was a theorist. Previously, he shouldn't have had too many materials to raise his experience. In addition, this was his first time using an Earth Fire. Being able to refine pills would've already made a person feel grat.i.tude.

Yet, once Elder Huo looked at the medicinal pills inside that porcelain bottle, he was ruthlessly shocked.

Five high grade Qi Generating Pills!

His gaze suddenly softened.

Not even seventeen years old, and he could refine high grade pills… Because of Gu Zuo's psychic power, Elder Huo didn't discover that he was already a Xiantian Realm, and still thought that he was only a Houtian Realm youngster. Naturally, he felt that this kind of display was already very good.

Gu Zuo had recently become aware that his psychic power had the ability to conceal his realm. This undoubtedly made things a lot more convenient for him and made him even safer.

That young pharmacist frowned.

Evidently, although Gu Zuo seemed far inferior to him, Gu Zuo didn't lose face. Instead, this display of talent was enough to make him feel uncomfortable.

Elder Huo praised Gu Zuo, saying: "This student's innate talent is quite excellent."

Soon after, he opened the second porcelain bottle.

The other pharmacists shared glances and felt that the first might've been good luck. Wasn't it unlikely for this time's one to have that kind of achievement?

In the end, this round of medicinal pills that came out were four high grade and two mid grade Rejuvenation Pills.

Rejuvenation Pills were even harder to refine than Qi Generating Pills. And this teenager unexpectedly made six of them! In addition, four of the pills were sellable goods!

Luck could strike once, but people wouldn't dare believe in it striking twice…

That young pharmacist's brows furrowed even tighter, and what flashed within his eye was a hint of fear.

Age! Age was a big problem!

There was another teen like this?!

Immediately after that, the third bottle was opened.

There were no less than four Qi Linking Pills! One was high grade and three were mid grade!

Everyone held their breath.

Even Elder Huo couldn't help standing up. He almost overturned the table.

Gu Zuo was unlike Xu Lingxiu.

Xu Lingxiu was widely known to be a gifted individual. He refined great medicinal pills. Everyone felt that he was powerful and difficult to catch up to, but their minds weren't necessarily without the thought that it was just a matter of course. However, Gu Zuo was different.

He completely lacked any former reputation. He was only a nominal disciple, but he could refine a high grade Qi Linking Pill when he hadn't achieved Xiantian! This kind of innate talent was even stronger than some of the gifted and eccentric disciples of the Inner Sect Pharmacist Hall!

That young pharmacist's complexion immediately turned ashen.

His best achievement was only to refine one high grade and four mid grade Qi Linking Pills. This nominal disciple had made just one fewer mid grade pill than him.

Originally, although he was afraid, he only thought that this teenager would become a big threat to him in the future. What he absolutely didn't expect was that this teenager was already capable of threatening him right now — Even their medicine refining levels were equivalent!

Intolerable! Intolerable!

The young pharmacist quietly lowered his eyes to cover up the bitter resentment.

He certainly wouldn't let this lowly youngster crawl over his head!

His mind had secretly made its decision. The young pharmacist, who was prepared to stick around to continue ingratiating himself to Elder Huo, then silently left this place.

He'd already been waiting for a while. He didn't want to know even a little bit about how much praise this guy would receive!

Elder Huo didn't discover the young pharmacist's departure. All of his attention had fallen onto Gu Zuo. Ah, unexpected. Really unexpected. At first, he though it might've been a piece of unpolished jade, but one didn't need to wipe it clean much to find the brilliance of fine jade.

He couldn't help saying invitingly: "Student Gu, would you like to become an official disciple of the Pharmacist Hall?"

Gu Zuo blanked, his heart a little warm.

This Elder Huo appreciated him, so he wanted to let Gu Zuo have enough status. However, while a.s.suming a sufficiently grateful look on his face, Gu Zuo said: "I have always followed and served my young master. This disciple appreciates this elder's kindness. Many thanks, elder."

Elder Huo never expected Gu Zuo would refuse, but he could only sigh at hearing that "young master" coming from his mouth: "No matter. Each person has their own ambitions. However, if Student Gu has time one day, you can come here to investigate with me."

After he finished saying that, he paused before continuing: "If this student obtains enough contribution points, you can also rent an Earth Fire Room here to use for practice… This student should understand that the Earth Fire's benefits are many. Moreover, because every pharmacist has their own unique methods, the Earth Fire Room is also a place where no one can spy on you."

Gu Zuo was even more grateful. However, he recalled his own mission after the evaluation, and asked: "Oh, that's right. Elder Huo, this disciple heard that if one isn't an Inner Sect disciple, one can apply for a pharmacist official post token. I was wondering how it can be obtained."

Elder Huo blanked before bursting out in loud laughter. From his sleeve appeared a silver token and a brush. After writing a row of characters on the token, it was thrown over: "Simple as that. I'll just give you a token!"

Gu Zuo stared: "This…"

Elder Huo said smilingly: "So long as an Elder has evaluated you and is willing to vouch for you, you can get this pharmacist official post token. There's nothing much to it. You have an exceptional gift, and I'm also unwilling to overlook talented people. If you act as my Sect's pharmacist official post, you're exactly what we've been looking for. Leave it to me to vouch for you!"

After Gu Zuo took it, it was only natural that he thanked him profusely.

This Elder Huo had been very heartfelt to him. Even though a large part was due to his "talent", it would still give him lots of benefits.

After he returned, he'd discuss things with his dear big brother. He also wanted to think of some way to pay Elder Huo back.

Following that, Gu Zuo didn't linger here for long. After thanking Elder Huo again, he said his goodbyes and departed.

The pharmacists left behind all looked at each other in dismay. Quite a few people all had schemes in mind.

To make friends, or…

Of course, at the present time, Gu Zuo was someone who didn't think that much.

Currently, he was full of joy as he went out and met with Dragon Two.

But he didn't see Gongyi Tianheng's figure.

— The time now wasn't too early. Should he go take a look why his big brother still hadn't returned? Big brother had said that if he left early, Tianheng would come over to wait for him…

Gu Zuo walked hurriedly along the road with Dragon Two behind him. The two had a rather bustling feeling.

It wasn't long before the Martial Scripture Pavilion was within their sights. There were crowds of martial artists all around.

Martial artists practiced cultivation methods, but they would always want to obtain martial skills that allowed them to display their own strengths even more — Each realm required different martial skills, so the Martial Scripture Pavilion was naturally a location that was greatly valued.

The reason why there were many people wasn't only because of the huge number of martial artists, it was also because the pace that martial artists switched or updated their martial skills was too fast.

Gu Zuo was a pharmacist, so naturally he couldn't enter the interior of the Martial Scripture Pavilion. Even the cultivation methods that pharmacists used to study true qi existed within the Pharmacist Hall. There was no relationship with the Martial Scripture Pavilion.

However, if Gu Zuo only wanted to stroll around in the vicinity and wait for someone, no one would actually obstruct him.

The Martial Scripture Pavilion was an enormous building, and there were also many side halls surrounding it. There was an Arms Drill Pavilion for custom training, there was a place for some martial artists to exchange pointers, and there was also a place where posted questions acted as published missions. In brief, the set up was very plentiful, and one could practically consider it a place where everything that should've been here was here.

It could clearly be seen that the Qingyun Sect's nurturing of its martial artists was impressive in all aspects.

Gu Zuo looked all around, but didn't see Gongyi Tianheng's figure.

He wasn't discouraged. After all, one couldn't tell if his dear big brother was currently in a side hall or the main building. How could there be such a coincidence? It was better to wait a bit more. His psychic power unhurriedly and very obscurely expanded as it tried to find traces of his big brother.

Psychic power was truly very useful. At the very least, after he discharged it and didn't immediately sense the person in the area, his courage was much greater.

Only, a psychic power that was too keen meant that lots of sounds would be transmitted more easily into his mind. As a matter of fact, he promptly "heard" a commotion off to the side.

As for what it was… Gu Zuo carefully listened for a short time and his expression became a little subtle.

The Qingyun Sect could also have this kind of matter?

— It wasn't strange that Gu Zuo was so surprised.

Off to the right, under a big tree near a certain side hall, there originally was a delicate and pretty girl waiting for someone. Unexpectedly, a disciple with a fierce-looking face suddenly walked by and grabbed the girl's arm. While repeatedly hara.s.sing her, he was apparently still trying to steal a kiss. Did he want to take advantage of her?

That girl's martial strength wasn't any good. She was a nominal disciple so her strength indeed wasn't high. Forget achieving Xiantian, only around Houtian stage six would one be considered "the weakest of the Inner Sect".

Inevitably, this girl was being aggressively pulled away. Under the brute force, she basically wasn't able to avoid it.

But what was even stranger was that there were some scattered Inner Sect disciples around who indifferently looked on without lifting a finger. Wasn't there anyone who would extend a helping hand?

Gu Zuo furrowed his brows.

Nominal disciples were also disciples. Treating a powerless girl like this was rather excessive.

However, he quickly realized that it was probably because no one knew what would happen by interfering or because the world of the martial path was where the weak were prey to the strong — Those disciples believed that people who couldn't protect themselves, especially a girl who wasn't a pharmacist, shouldn't appear in the Inner Sect. As a result, they simply didn't have any interest in responding to this kind of matter.

Merely, after Gu Zuo hesitated for a moment, he still walked over.

He shouldn't invite trouble…but he also didn't want to let matters escalate irreparably.

So, he would first take a look.

This business wasn't necessarily as simple as it seemed on the surface — After going through several incidents, he wasn't so "unsophisticated" now.

The matter broke out very quickly.

Within the brief period of time he was walking over, about as long as his previous hesitation, a blue silhouette flashed out from that side hall. She covered the front of the delicate girl extremely quickly and protected the one behind her. As for herself, a single palm strike changed into a myriad of palm shadows!

These palm shadows produced warbling-like sounds. It was melodious, but carried a fatal danger.

Hundred Birds Thousand Flowers Palm! It was close to a Golden-Level Martial Skill!

That fierce-looking disciple had no choice but to retreat again and again, but he couldn't completely avoid these palm shadows that covered the sky. He sped up his footwork, but his abdomen still suffered a mark.

Onlookers clearly saw that an exquisite hand print emerged on the place he was. .h.i.t!

This Hundred Birds Thousand Flowers Palm was unexpectedly so overbearing!

Gu Zuo then saw that the woman who came out had a cool and elegant appearance. At this moment, her large, round eyes seethed and her peach-blossom cheeks reddened. She looked imposing, and her strength was unyielding.

The woman didn't let that fierce-looking disciple slip away. She shouted with a clear voice and both palms struck out once more, forming many snow-white palm prints. It blanketed the sky, practically locking the surrounding s.p.a.ce inside. Her tender body twisted, and the whole body seemed to dance. The beauty of her body's looks and the magnificence of her grandeur were both hard to put into words.

The fierce-looking disciples was struck several times. There were smothered groans under the repeated strikes. His mouth overflowed with blood. His eye sockets also overflowed with blood. After his abdomen was. .h.i.t four or five times, a mouthful of blood finally erupted. He flew out and smashed against a wall.

Soon, only a single breath remained!

The blue-clothed woman seemed to have vented her anger a little bit. She put down her hands and stood at the ready.

At this moment, who would still dare go to look this woman in the eye? Perhaps, they were all shocked by her boldness!

The blue-clothed woman coldly snorted and said: "Li Duanshui only has this bit of skill? If he wants to find trouble with this great aunt, then bring it on. How could you report this bad luck from searching for a little servant girl here? Don't let this great aunt catch him!"

She spoke as if she wasn't satisfied. She laughed grimly: "For the most part, all the world's men are immature, spineless cowards. That Li Duanshui is nothing more than a t.e.s.t.i.c.l.e of a tortoise that has withdrawn its head!"

These words were practically thrown onto the ground and seemed to echo out. Off to the side, the people who heard this were mostly men, but each and every man inevitably felt like they were being shot at even when lying down.

As for Gu Zuo, he swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

This young woman was very frightening… Only, this was a matter that concerned Li Duanshui as well?

One had to say that Brother Li Duanshui's presence was rather high.

Anywhere one walked, it seemed like he was there…

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