I Have Medicine

Chapter 130

Soon, everything was up and running.

The biggest residence still belonged to Gongyi Tianheng and Gu Zuo, but Dragon One and Dragon Two were permitted to choose among the neighboring houses to stay. The other buildings were all established to be the locations for Gu Zuo to refine medicine and poison.

In addition, Tianheng had spent a large sum of money to construct a house near the rear caves. It was to be allocated to the pharmacists.

As for the newly arrived slaves, although there were four who were already under control and one who wasn't yet controlled but was honest and considerate, they still weren't allowed entry into the valley. Ordinarily, it was only if there was a necessity that they'd be allowed to come in to handle matters.

Gu Zuo didn't actually have any areas that required too much work. He only took a look at the layout of the medicine refining room that the slaves had cleaned up, and used the storage s.p.a.ce to arrange everything that had been released into their previous positions. He made a bit more preparations for the poison refining room. The windows and other places were pasted with medicaments such as the Detoxification Pill. This was to prevent poisoned qi from bubbling out and injuring bystanders or to prevent someone from carelessly entering and suffer the tragedy of a death by poison.

As the ever-loyal Tianlong Guard who received Gongyi Tianheng's greatest trust, Dragon One was sent to ascertain some of the frequently visited places in the inner sect. Dragon Two similarly went out to transport a few things the valley still needed while Dragon One did the scouting.

The enslaved martial artists knew that they weren't completely trusted, but after witnessing Tianheng's capabilities, they also showed off one after another at this moment. They took the purchased materials and started to officially construct the pharmacists' building. As for the pharmacists, they were only in charge of refining medicine. Nothing else was of their concern.

Not long after, all the framework that should've been built in the valley was already erected.

After Gu Zuo finished arranging the most important places, he started to head over to his highly antic.i.p.ated field to inspect it.

He wanted to plant medicinal herbs as well as Scarlet Blood Rice. Those slaves didn't have too much to do normally. Nevertheless, using a labor force was also exploitation… He just happened to go take a look. Which herb attributes were suited to the quality of the earth here? How about the purchased seeds and other things…

However, as Gu Zuo stepped foot on the field and scooped up some dirt, rubbing it between his fingers to examine it, his complexion turned black all of a sudden.

"Big brother, come take a look—"

Gongyi Tianheng rarely heard Gu Zu this anxious, and his heart slightly moved. After taking a couple steps, he'd already arrived beside his little pharmacist: "Ah Zuo, what's wrong?"

Gu Zuo lifted his hand and said with some gloom: "Big brother, look at this. This earth is all dried up, there's no vitality in it. If we use it to grow medicinal herbs and Scarlet Blood Rice, it definitely won't work… Moreover, what's worse is that it's like there's something polluting the soil. The conflict is serious and if the problem isn't resolved, it'll be wasted."

Tianheng didn't have any understanding about soil, but he knew that Gu Zuo wouldn't babble nonsense in this aspect. His furrowed brows loosened: "So it was waiting fo us here."

Gu Zuo stared blankly: "Big brother's meaning is…"

Tianheng's eyes flashed with coldness: "When I was authenticating my token in the inner sect, no one obstructed me. At first, I thought it was because Senior Sect Sister Xun and Senior Sect Brother Liu were accompanying me. Now it seems that it wasn't that there weren't any obstructions. Rather, the obstruction was set up in secret.

He continued: "The field in an inner sect disciple's valley is usually of great use. It can cultivate some medicinal herbs that are difficult to obtain outside. Now that the medicine field is crippled, it's equal to half the valley going to waste. To me, there isn't the least bit of gain. I won't be able to change to another place even if I wanted to. Even if I did, the people who'll stay here later will bear hostility towards me. The hearts of those Duanshui Hall folks are really vicious and despicable."

Gu Zuo's eyes widened, but he immediately understood: "So, we've been schemed against? That Duanshui Hall is like a lingering spirit. They're really too hateful!"

Gongyi Tianheng's mind made several considerations, but all of them were long-term plans for major gains. If they could rapidly return a face-slap in the short term, it would be rather difficult. He thought about it, and asked: "Ah Zuo, do you have any prescriptions that can solve this issue?"

After recollecting, Gu Zuo nodded: "I do. The 'Spirit Jade Vitality Decoction' can remove the impurities in the medicine field. It can also reinforce the soil's vitality, and it's also compatible with the Growth Hastening Decoction. It's something that can let Scarlet Blood Rice and other medicinal herbs grow smoothly. However, if we want the medicine field to completely recover, we still need to plant Scarlet Blood Rice during the first stage to absorb the remaining impurities in the soil…"

When it came to his own specialties, he was very cool-headed.

In the beginning, his mood wasn't too good — For whoever made the plan, wouldn't they be unhappy to discover that the results were ineffective? He would feel even worse after realizing that someone had done it on purpose. However, carefully thinking it through was a bit troublesome. Doing the preparatory work was more than enough.

But he still didn't want to be schemed against without a good reason.

After pausing, Gu Zuo furtively said: "Big brother, how about I refine some customized medicinal decoctions that'll sever the vitality of the soil? Can you think of a way to cast the poison onto those people's medicine fields? Give them a taste of their own barren fields!"

Moreover, he also wanted to make it impossible for them to grow the herbs they've already planted!

Who didn't know that time meant money? Was it necessary to spend more money to deal with these fields? One shouldn't use so much money like that. Besides, his big brother would basically need to rely on poison to cultivate later on. The higher his rank rose, the more it would cost! And for safety reasons, his medicinal pills could only be made in a tiny workshop…

Don't look at how it seemed very profitable now; it was possible that they wouldn't be able to make ends meet at any moment. In addition, there were still ten nominal disciple spots. If his big brother gained a foothold and had a batch of subordinates come over, the money spent on raising them would be even more!

Opening a water source and restricting the river was the way of the tyrant. Currently, decreasing expenditures definitely wasn't reasonable. Whether cultivating or growing medicinal herbs, which ones weren't the same as throwing away money? Reducing expenses meant that one's strength wouldn't progress as fast as others, and one would be bullied after falling behind. As for increasing revenue, nothing about it would be easy.

Gu Zuo took a deep breath.

Of course, these days actually weren't ones that needed him to think things over. Merely, he just had a little sense of urgency… En, he hoped some low-end medicinal pills from the pharmacists they recruited could be put to use. If these people were only used to conceal him, then that was too wasteful.

…Thinking far ahead.

Gu Zuo rubbed his face, giving a brilliant smile to Gongyi Tianheng. His eyes held a trace of antic.i.p.ation.

Tianheng saw him like this, and found it somewhat funny: "Feeling resentful?"

Gu Zuo nodded: "It's like it never stops."

Even if one realized that some matters were unavoidable, the heart would still be very unwilling. Most of all, he was a sixteen year old teenager going on seventeen. Not matter how well-behaved, his mood would still have small urges sometimes.

Merely, he had a very heavy responsibility on him, so he did his best to bear with it.

Tianheng faintly nodded: "Ah Zuo, first go refine some Spirit Jade Vitality Decoctions and treat the valley's medicine field. Later, if there's time, focus on refining those poisons. I'll find another opportunity to accomplish Ah Zuo's desire so you can vent."

Gu Zuo immediately felt happy: "Many thanks, big brother!"

Tianheng warmly smiled: "It's just that you and I are newcomers. Just as we've entered the valley, the medicine field has already been damaged by other disciples. It inevitably leaves traces. We must wait for a period of time, and after things have calmed down, then we can think of a way…to handles these disturbances like they're nothing."

Gu Zuo promptly said: "This is as it should be. I also don't want to attract even more trouble."

Thus, it was settled just like this.

Immediately following which, Gu Zuo was in high spirits as he went headlong right into the medicine refining room.

Inner sect, on Duanshui Peak, in the side building of Duanshui Hall.

A malicious-faced young man grabbed the back of a chair and smashed it. His face couldn't conceal his anger: "Useless trash, what did you say? How did the Disciplinary Hall take charge of this matter? And our people? Has Senior Sect Brother Zhou's lack of negotiations with his teammates made them this insolent?!"

The person in front dodged to avoid that blow, but his mouth still replied: "Senior Sect Brother Zhou is directly restricting Meng Zhiqiu. In addition, the one who acted first was Senior Sect Brother Zhao Yuheng."

The malicious young man halted his move of grabbing another wooden chair: "Zhao Yuheng? Who's that? Is he difficult to deal with? Is his influence even bigger than Senior Sect Brother Zhou's influence?"

The person who he was talking to was a youth with a charming appearance. At this time, his tone of voice was unenthusiastic: "You think it's that easy to insert someone into the Disciplinary Hall? You think that people there can be bought so easily? Although Senior Sect Brother Zhou's relationships in the Disciplinary Hall aren't bad, he's only a common enforcement disciple. Without more a.s.sistance, it's only natural that he can't be too high-profile when taking action. Meng Zhiqiu is, likewise, the same. She's a beautiful woman, and the people pursuing her are not few. Being able to restrict Meng Zhiqiu and not cause the Mingyue Pavilion to respond is already very good."

"As for Zhao Yuheng…" A trace of dread flashed in the charming youth's eyes, "The person backing him is on the Sky Leaderboard, and absolutely can't be messed with. We must pull back right now. Otherwise, if we arouse an apprentice's notice, it won't be a matter you and I can be pardoned of."

The malicious young man was incredibly dissatisfied: "Don't tell me that we're going to give up just like this?"

The charming youth's complexion sank: "You Jiong, you need to understand. These matters are ones that you stirred up. Although Senior Sect Brother Li cares about Senior Sect Brother You Yi and indulges you by cleaning up your messes, you shouldn't a.s.sume that you can pester him endlessly, and negatively affect my Duanshui Hall's reputation and interests!"

His gaze grew cold: "I'm not concerned about your squabbles. In short, you'd best express your innocence as swiftly as possible. Otherwise, if Zhao Yuheng finds that you're responsible, Duanshui Hall won't look after you any longer!"

After he finished speaking, the charming youth flicked his sleeves as he left.

You Jiong hatefully spat: "What about the mess you ordered me to stir up? Wasn't Duanshui Hall going to use this chance to annex Mingyue Pavillion? Now it's all my fault. Pah!"

But in the end, he was still fearful.

Since last time's unsuccessful ambush on Kang Wenhong, You Jiong quickly became Xiantian through his elder brother's aid. He obtained an inner sect disciple's status and officially joined the Duanshui Hall as an inner circle member. Afterwards, he discovered that not only did the Duanshui Hall not reproach him for his mistakes, but it still exerted pressure against Mingyue Pavillion. His initial apprehension gradually waned. He directly used the opportunity of Mingyue Pavillion being suppressed by Duanshui Hall to relentlessly strike down Kang Wenhong and the others.

Because of all sorts of reasons, You Jiong thought it would be smooth sailing. After that, he crafted many schemes to try and kill Kang Wenhong. However, Kang Wenhong was capable. Under repeated strikes, he always could see through his plots and minimize the losses. You Jiong had limited manpower available — Most of them were fighting to the death with Mingyue Pavillion — So Kang Wenhong was continuously struggling while at death's door.

Later on, You Jiong found that Kang Wenhong held some feelings of admiration for the woman called Yaomin… He then used some means again. In addition, the previous few people who were related to the Kang Wenhong incident were being suppressed and restricted with the help of that charming youth. Everything was developing in a direction he found very refreshing.

Yet, You Jiong never expected…

This insignificant matter of a nominal disciple had actually alerted the inner sect's Disciplinary Hall.

His heart was truly furious: That Zhao Yuheng, why was he meddling in other people's business?!

Unlike You Jiong, after brushing his sleeves and leaving, the charming youth changed directions and walked over to the Administration Hall.

Although he didn't look highly upon You Jiong and showed his displeasure just then, at this moment, his mind wasn't thinking about about You Jiong. Rather, it was the matter of Zhao Yuheng.

In the past few days, many businesses of Duanshui Hall had been investigated by the Disciplinary Hall's people, causing the businesses to receive an impact that wasn't small. He even keenly sensed that some undercurrents were secretly moving. Their targets were unexpectedly their Duanshui Hall.

This wasn't a good sign.

Nowadays, the fights between Duanshui Hall and Mingyue Pavillion were interspersed with shots fired, both seen and unseen. It was a time when a person would be up to their ears in work. During this period, one couldn't guarantee that everything would be hidden perfectly. If they were repeatedly disturbed by the Disciplinary Hall, it was very possible that their pigtail would be exposed. And once this pigtail was grabbed, it would be hard to prevent Mingyue Pavillion from making an issue of it. When that moment came, it would cause a large negative effect.

The question now was why did Zhao Yuheng get involved?

Zhao Yuheng wasn't the same as an enforcement disciple. He was a squad captain of the inner sect Disciplinary Hall, and those he had jurisdiction over numbered more than fifty. Each one was an expert who was Xiantian stage three or higher. And Zhao Yuheng had already reached Xiantian stage eight; he was only a bit inferior to their hall master, Li Duanshui.

The charming youth's brows tightened.

He'd never heard of any friendly relations between Mingyue Pavillion and Zhao Yuheng. As for Zhao Yuheng, it wasn't easy to be able to claim connections to. He wouldn't view someone on the Earth Leaderboard too importantly. No matter how much the so-called powers of the Earth Leaderboard disputed, his ident.i.ty and status would mean that he would only need to take a neutral stance to reap the benefits. Acting in person was really out of the ordinary.

Something surely must have happened in the middle of all this.

Could it be that there was something special about that Yaomin?

Not good. He needed to figure out what was going on!

The charming youth resolved his heart, raised his head, and stepped into the Administration Hall.

Here was where they, the trusted aides of Duanshui Hall's Young Master Duanshui, normally discussed official business. Because the Disciplinary Hall's recent movements had already provoked their sensitive nerves, it was time for a proper discussion.

Zhao Yuheng arrived outside of the valley.

Before this, he naturally sent a visitation notice to enter. Pa.s.sing through the valley's prohibition talisman, compared to Dragon One picking him up, it was instead handed over to Gongyi Tianheng, who was the more proficient Xiantian Realm.

Following that, Tianheng personally welcomed Zhao Yuheng in.

Zhao Yuheng was still a handsome youth whose countenance carried a n.o.ble air. However, perhaps it was because he'd already somewhat acknowledged Tianheng that he didn't show any aloof att.i.tude. He only concisely said: "The investigation of the matter is almost finished."

Gongyi Tianheng smiled, but didn't urgently inquire. Rather, he faintly waved his hand.

Dragon One promptly readied an arrangement of fruit trays and fragrant teas to receive guests.

The two sat down around a stone table.

Tianheng personally poured a small cup of tea, and smilingly said: "I'd like to hear the details."

Zhao Yuheng tasted the product to his satisfaction and said: "Junior Sect Sister Yaomin isn't being restrained by a Duanshui Hall intermediary. Rather, You Jiong had bribed someone from the Renw.a.n.g Trading Company on Free Market Street. They took advantage of Kang Wenhong being drawn away and thought of a method to capture and imprison her in Renw.a.n.g Trading Company."

Tianheng's expression slightly moved: "You Jiong wants to…"

Zhao Yuheng said: "First to threaten Kang Wenghong, making him refrain from shooting the rat in fear of breaking the vase. After matters had been concluded, he was going to sell Junior Sect Sister Yaomin for a good price."

At this moment, Gu Zuo, who had coincidentally walked out for a breath of fresh air, had returned just in time to hear this conversation.

His heart suddenly trembled.

But because his ident.i.ty was problematic, Gu Zuo didn't interrupt. He only found a place to sit down and silently listen.

Zhao Yuheng wasn't a person who liked to keep others in suspense. He immediately continued speaking: "My people have already found traces of where Junior Sect Sister Yaomin was specifically hidden. Currently, my deputy is taking people to mount a rescue. Duanshui Hall has also already conceded. Although it's not definite, they may find you all in the future to make trouble. But in the short term, they wouldn't dare be too excessive. You need to use this chance to acc.u.mulate more power."

Tianheng's appearance turned solemn: "Many thanks for your concern, Senior Sect Brother Zhao. This one understands."

Zhao Yuheng grabbed a teacup and drank all of the tea within. After that, for the first time ever, he exposed a hint of a smile: "Later on, don't end your business."

Tianheng nodded his head.

Zhao Yuheng went to leave.

Yet, Tianheng called him to stop.

Zhao Yuheng turned his head: "What is it?"

Tianheng looked at Gu Zuo and gestured to him.

After inquiring in his mind, Gu Zuo immediately understood. He scampered next to Tianheng and pulled out a small and delicate jade gourd from his sleeve, and handed it over: "Young master, here."

Gongyi Tianheng then handed this jade gourd over to Zhao Yuheng: "This situation has been hard on Senior Sect Brother Zhao. Here's a small gift. I hope senior brother won't hold it against us."

Zhao Yuheng was a bit curious. He opened up this jade gourd to take a look, and he was startled the moment he ate one: "This is—"

Tianheng lowered his voice: "Top grade Revitalization Pills. It should have some use even for Immortal Realm martial artists."

Zhao Yuheng's pupils constricted: "Top grade?"

Tianheng's voice lightened: "Only under extremely rare circ.u.mstances can one be produced. Up until now, no more than a couple dozen have been acc.u.mulated. The nine pills here are already the limit I can take out. During crucial points, it can save one's life. I hope Senior Sect Brother Zhao doesn't leak this."

Zhao Yuheng closed his eyes. When he opened them again, they were even more good-natured: "If you get more of this top grade pill, I hope Junior Sect Brother Gongyi can save me some. As for the price, I certainly won't treat my junior brother unfairly."

Gongyi Tianheng seemed embarra.s.sed, but still responded: "It's only by chance that this thing can be produced, and the amount of successful pills can't be guaranteed. One can only wait for them to acc.u.mulate. I'll send someone to inform Senior Sect Brother Zhao, is that okay?"

The edge of Zhao Yuheng's smile lightened: "Keep that in mind."

Tianheng also smiled: "I certainly won't forget."

After the two finished speaking, Zhao Yuheng departed with large strides, but was much more relaxed.

Gongyi Tianheng's gaze upon his retreating figure was serene and deep.

Gu Zuo walked over: "Big brother, why didn't you tell Fu Manduo about the top grade Revitalization Pills?"

Tianheng said: "A large stock is of little value. The less there are, the more precious they would be. It would also be less conspicuous."

Gu Zuo understood a little bit: "We'll use it to develop our relations with Zhao Yuheng?"

Tianheng faintly smiled: "Perhaps, Zhao Yuheng can also use it to develop his relations."

Gu Zuo instantly understood.

So to say, relationships were the sort where you get closer to me, I get closer to him, and so on. It was the sort where there were small increments of development.

There wasn't anything deeper to this topic. It all depended on the development behind it.

In any case, at least Gongyi Tianheng would have a good head start in the inner sect.

After this, Tianheng cut open his wrist and kept two bowls of blood.

Gu Zuo carefully took them.

Since big brother was already Xiantian and the matter of Princess Yaomin was basically resolved, they really should promote Dragon One and Dragon Two's positions.

Following that, Gu Zuo returned to the medicine refining room.

As for Tianheng, he proceeded towards the outer sect by himself.

Just after crossing that abyss, an enormous bird landed. The person riding it saw Gongyi Tianheng's figure and immediately opened her mouth to call out: "Junior Sect Brother Gongyi, please hold on!"

Tianheng heard the voice of the person who arrived, and paused.

The one who dropped down from the enormous bird was a valiant and formidable female martial artist. She was supporting a tender and beautiful young lady, whose appearance was unwavering. The young lady had a tender look, but was also somewhat bleak… Wasn't that Princess Yaomin?

This female martial artist wore an enforcement disciple uniform, and said to Tianheng in a straightforward manner: "I am Enforcement Disciple Rui Min. On Senior Sect Brother Zhao's orders, I've brought Junior Sect Sister Yaomin. She and I both share the name 'Min', so maybe it's fate that has brought us together."

Tianheng looked at this deputy's behavior and checked her ident.i.ty. He never expected Zhao Yuheng's deputy to be a woman, but he also didn't look down on her. He smiled and observed proper etiquette: "So it's Senior Sect Sister Rui. I still haven't expressed my grat.i.tude for Senior Sect Sister Rui in lending a hand and saving my country's princess."

In order to avoid arousing suspicion, he currently only spoke in the capacity of a country's citizen.

Rui Min raised an elegant eyebrow: "Originally, I wanted to use someone to make this delivery, but with you going the same way, perhaps you can do a better job of winning the other side's trust."

Gongyi Tianheng shook his head: "Senior Sect Sister Rui is joking. We are eternally grateful, so how could we still find reasons to doubt? After you, Senior Sect Sister Rui."

At this time, it was better that they went together in search of Kang Wenhong.

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