I Have Medicine

Chapter 124

With five enslaved martial artists, Dragon One and Dragon Two's work became much easier. Although their strength wasn't Xiantian, by virtue of their positions in Gongyi Tianheng's heart, these five were still under their control.

To be accurate, Dragon One was in charge of the five of them, and Dragon Two supervised the three pharmacists.

Gongyi Tianheng's team had gradually developed into a burgeoning prototype.

Merely, there were only four nominal disciple tokens remaining in Tianheng's possession. There weren't enough for the five enslaved martial artists to use. At this time, the purpose of that Manager Yang, who'd been fed multiple times, had been actualized.

Dragon One made a trip to Manager Yang. Unaware of the methods he employed, Manager Yang supplied Tianheng with another nominal disciple token, letting one of the extra slaves have an outer sect ident.i.ty, too.

However, adding more people wasn't that easy.

Without a doubt, Tianheng wouldn't be adding people in the short-term. This was to avoid violating the sect rules, which would've easily let others have the excuse of making a fuss.

During this short period of time, Gu Zuo also secluded himself to refine medicine.

Besides giving his dear big brother his daily medicinal decoctions and cuisines, the things he most frequently made were the studied Life Extension Pill and Hundred Poisons Pill.

The former was where Gu Zuo's interests lay. One shouldn't look at the Dual-Faced Flower and see a single flower. So long as it was used appropriately, this single flower could be refined into over ten Life Extension Pills — Each Life Extension Pill could extend the lifespan of a martial artist below the Immortal realm!

If an ordinary martial artist only had the lifespan of one hundred fifty years, they would break free from these shackles and achieve three hundred years once they became an Immortal realm martial artist. Thus, the Life Extension Pill could let a martial artist who hadn't reached the Immortal realm have a three hundred year lifespan as well.

But this was only an ideal scenario. If the product grade of the medicinal pill didn't reach top grade, it wouldn't reach its full potential. However, even if it was a low grade Life Extension Pill, it could increase a person's lifespan by eighty years or more. If one's lifespan was used up, wouldn't obtaining this kind of medicinal pill be like having another chance to break through? When given to martial artists who lacked potential, this was an opportunity to continue on their martial path!

Fortunately, the hardest medicinal herb to get for the Life Extension Pill was precisely the Dual-Faced Flower. The other herbs weren't considered too rare. Through Dragon One and company's gathering, more than ten sets were quickly obtained. Each one was only capable of refining one to two Life Extension Pills.

Ultimately, under Gu Zuo's prudent handling, despite one cauldron of wasted pills — Yes, even though Gu Zuo refined this kind of troublesome pill, this was the first time a cauldron of wasted pills was produced — The remaining ones were all successful.

Currently, Gu Zuo had a total of eighteen Life Extension Pills. Among them, there were twelve low grade pills, four mid grade pills, and only two high grade pills. It could be said that this was an unprecedentedly poor achievement.

But Gu Zuo was also aware that the Life Extension Pill was one of the hardest pills to refine within the Human-Level Pills. This kind of pill that smashed limitations and extended one's lifespan was a medicinal pill that was in defiance of the natural order. He also should've been satisfied with this result… So, he proposed that the mid and high grade pills would be set aside, while the remaining twelve pills would be handed over to his dear big brother's arrangements.

Gongyi Tianheng naturally agreed.

Apart from the Life Extension Pill, the Hundred Poisons Pill was a type of Poison Pill within the Trick Pills.

Gu Zuo definitely wasn't someone who would go researching Poison Pills because he didn't refine enough proper and honorable pills. The reason why he went to research them was for his big brother.

As stated previously, Tianheng currently needed toxins as kindling for the bone pearls in his body to let him break through to Xiantian. It was unfortunate that the Earth Ghost's poison was of no use. Following that, Dragon One and Dragon Two went to procure poisonous medicinal ingredients, and a poison slurry was extracted by Gu Zuo. However, this poison slurry quickly lost its usefulness.

The bone pearls throughout Tianheng's body were clamoring. As they were already fed enough to be healthy and strong, they needed even stronger poisons. Otherwise, they absolutely couldn't have been satisfied!

There was nothing that could be done. Gu Zuo had no choice but to start researching Poison Pills.

As for the Hundred Poisons Pill, it had a severe toxicity through its fusion of one hundred poisons. It could ultimately poison a person to death within ten seconds.

It was the one Gongyi Tianheng selected. After Gu Zuo hesitated for a long while, he consented to Tianheng's request.

Of course, Gu Zuo had also thought about some methods.

He was going to split the black portion of the Dual-Faced Flower into two shares. One half would act as one of the toxins in the Hundred Poisons Pill — The reason why this pill was special was because the toxins could be chosen arbitrarily when refining the pill. As for the other half, it would be used by him to refine a Trick Pill, an antidote customized to restrain the Hundred Poisons Pill that contained the Dual-Faced Flower.

It was undoubtedly a type of medicinal herb, but because of different pharmacist techniques, such an effect that mutually restrained each other was both a challenge and an improvement for Gu Zuo.

What was stranger was that this antidote was also a kind of poison. If someone who hadn't swallowed the Hundred Poisons Pill had taken this antidote, they'd probably die in their sleep. Ultimately, the corpse would decay and only a short while would be needed for it to become something like a clay funerary doll.

When he finished refining, Gu Zuo walked out of the room and hesitated as he handed the medicinal pill over.

Gongyi Tianheng smiled and directly swallowed the Hundred Poisons Pill.

His face instantly blanched.

Previously, Tianheng had freed himself from his fate to die young long ago. Even more, because he practiced martial arts, he was actually quite healthy and robust. Yet, it was probably due to being sickly for many years that the current him seemed like a n.o.ble young master. His qi and blood and his strength weren't p.r.o.nounced at all.

Especially right now when he seemed to be in pain while sitting beneath the sunshine, it gave spectators a weak and flimsy impression. Along with Tianheng's pale complexion, he almost seemed to become transparent.

However, Gu Zuo currently didn't have the time to appreciate his charms. His big brother's poison resistance was very strong, but the Hundred Poisons Pill was made by his own hands. He also knew that it wasn't simple, so how could he idle while his big brother went gambling?

As a result, he nervously stared at Tianheng, and didn't dare let his mind wander even a little. Lest a stray thought cause this big brother of his to drop dead from the poison.

As for Gongyi Tianheng, after his complexion turned pale, his expression appeared to gain some enjoyment. It was like the thing he swallowed wasn't a Poison Pill, but rather a wonderful treat.

Following which, he extended a hand out in front of Gu Zuo.

Gu Zuo pursed his lips and placed down another Hundred Poisons Pill.

It didn't matter. He had lots of this medicinal pill…

Gongyi Tianheng didn't have a shred of politeness, too. He devoured no less than twenty two Hundred Poisons Pills before he was finally willing to stop.

Gu Zuo couldn't help being speechless.

This big brother of his shouldn't be invulnerable to poison in the future, right?

— No, no, no. The Hundred Poisons Pill originally had one hundred poisons. His big brother was already invulnerable!

However, Tianheng's gaze fell upon Gu Zuo's other hand.

In this hand, the thing being clenched was also a medicinal pill.

It was pitch-black in color. As a collection of both poison and antidote, its toxicity was even stronger than the Hundred Poisons Pill!

Gu Zuo was at a loss: "Big brother… Do you really want to take it?"

Tianheng smiled: "Rest a.s.sured, Ah Zuo. I'll be fine."

Sure enough, after he finished speaking, he took the Trick Pill Gu Zuo had meticulously studied to make and swallowed it into his stomach.

In a split second, black qi surged up. Gongyi Tianheng's whole body underwent an intense change!

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