I Have Medicine

Chapter 120

[The Tiandu Body is extremely rare. Most die young, and those who don't die young are even rarer. Any internal changes usually vary.]

Gu Zuo: …So?

[I don't know.]

Gu Zuo felt helpless.

Truly, the system was too straightforward.

After sharing this matter with Gongyi Tianheng, he broke into laughter: "Since the system also doesn't know, you and I will simply do things according to plan. If there are any errors, then we'll correct it when the moment comes. Right now, everything requires me to fumble around personally. Ah Zuo, can I hope that you'll accompany me?"

Gu Zuo deliberately let out a sigh, and said with cheer: "That's as it should be."

The two regarded each other's smile. Although they didn't know how the previous situation came about, their moods weren't poor.

After that, they set aside this matter.

Gongyi Tianheng suddenly recalled something: "Ah Zuo, do you still have those two Xiantian Pills?"

Gu Zuo looked distracted. He turned his hand over, taking out a jade bottle: "Of course I still have it."

After refining them at that time, because the two had to first go to West Mountain Ghost Hunting, neither one of the pills were used in that short while.

Tianheng somewhat muttered: "Today, we'll rest. Tomorrow, Ah Zuo will go out with me."

Gu Zuo didn't know what his big brother was thinking, but he didn't ask. He just obediently agreed with a grunt.

Following which, the two returned to their own spots. The one who practiced martial arts went to practice martial arts. The one who refined medicine went to refine medicine. Both of them were busy with their own things.

The next day, early morning.

Gu Zuo got up, refreshed and invigorated.

In those couple of days during West Mountain Ghost Hunting, he couldn't take baths, he couldn't go to bed, he couldn't… In short, he had been very tired. After a night of rest, his whole body felt very comfortable.

Gongyi Tianheng had gotten up even earlier. At this time, he was practicing a set of punches in the courtyard. The punches' air currents were permeated with an extremely light odor. The might of each punch was several times stronger than before.

At this moment, he did a closing form and stood in position.

Gu Zuo smiled as he waved his hand: "Good morning, big brother."

Tianheng was used to this kind of manner, and smiled: "Good morning, Ah Zuo."

Gu Zuo recalled yesterday and asked: "Where are we going today?"

Tianheng said: "We'll go to the outer sect task hall first, and hand over the mission. Then we'll take another trip out of the sect."

Gu Zuo nodded, showing his understanding.

He'd already tidied up all the Ghost Nuclei early on and put them in the storage s.p.a.ce.

Merely, he he still needed to coordinate with his dear big brother's low-profile.

Then Tianheng brought Gu Zuo out of the sect.

This time, only Dragon One followed them. Dragon Two stayed in the courtyard and focused on "protecting" those pharmacists.

The outer sect task hall was actually the little hall they saw after first arriving at the sect. The small courtyard in front was also where outer sect disciples resided, and they would pa.s.s through that place every day.

Perhaps it was because West Mountain Ghost Hunting still hadn't completely ended. Those who weren't able to persist had returned long ago and had already turned in their missions; those who could carry on were still hunting ghosts and also wouldn't have departed from West Mountain so quickly.

As a result, the number of people in the task hall currently wasn't high.

Gu Zuo and several others walked in, and saw a wizened-looking elder with a long beard.

He looked somewhat dignified, and the feeling he gave off had a peculiar difference.

Maybe it was because there were numerous outer sect disciples that there was unceasing delivery of talents to the inner sect. Although Manager Yang and the others were peons with thoughts that were especially unctuous, this elder must have been much more righteous.

At the very least, there shouldn't be any sort of favoritism or things that would break the rules.

When Gongyi Tianheng saw that the s.p.a.ce in front was vacant, he took a step forward and properly greeted the elder: "Elder Xie, we're here to hand over the Ghost Nuclei we got from the Ghost Hunting Mission."

Elder Xie fiddled with his beard: "Place them on the table."

Tianheng nodded: "Yes."

Gu Zuo cooperated appropriately and his consciousness turned. All the Ghost Nuclei they possessed were promptly released, piling into a small mountain on the table.

Elder Xie gave a cursory glance and there was some praise in his eyes: "Very good, very good."

After that, Gu Zuo watched as this elder reached out a hand and grabbed something. A ring flashed above the Ghost Nuclei, immediately packing them all inside.

The result quickly appeared.

Elder Xie said: "The Ghost Nuclei total 662.5 kilograms. Among this, 250 kilograms are required for the mission. There's still 412.5 kilograms. You can exchange it for eighty two a.s.sessment points. You can retrieve the remaining 2.5 kilograms and exchange it with someone else."

Gongyi Tianheng said: "Okay."

Gu Zuo correspondingly made the 2.5 kilograms of Ghost Nuclei that Elder Xie proffered to disappear.

Elder Xie asked once more: "How do you wish to allocate these a.s.sessment points?"

Tianheng considered: "These will go to the three nominal disciples who accompany me. I'll keep twenty two points. The remaining sixty will be divided equally between the three of them."

He finished speaking and gestured for Gu Zuo and Dragon One to step forward.

Several people took out their nominal and outer sect disciple tokens and placed them on the table individually.

Because the matter of distributing a.s.sessment points had been thought of long ago, Dragon Two's token had been left with Dragon One for the time being.

Elder Xie's movements were very nimble and he rapidly distributed the a.s.sessment points. Afterwards, his tone carried some appreciation: "This diligent disciple's mission was completed superbly. If you have time in the future, you can accept other missions here to handle. It'll also be very advantageous for your tempering."

Tianheng smiled as he thanked the elder: "Many thanks for your pointers, Elder Xie."

Elder Xie smiled and fiddled with his beard. He said nothing else.

At this point, the group left the building.

Dragon One quickly returned Dragon Two's token. Then, the group of three left the sect.

Not long after, they arrived at Free Market Street.

In the vicinity of Qingyun Sect, there were many Market Streets. There were ones within Qingyun Sect, and there were also a few that were under the control of trading companies. The businesses were all pretty good. Even if it were the Qingyun Sect, it also wasn't able to exert a complete monopoly.

Yet, Gu Zuo had never heard of this Free Market Street.

He was a little curious: "Big brother, the point of this Free Market Street is that it isn't under the control of any powers?"

The side of Tianheng's lips carried a smile: "No, there's a great deal of powers here that have secret involvements. However, they restrict each other so it gives off the appearance of freedom."

Gu Zuo got it: "Then, we came here because…"

Tianheng pat his head: "Ah Zuo coming with me is just that."

Gu Zuo didn't inquire further in response.

After winding around two streets, the three arrived in front of a large trading company.

This trading company's name was very strange. It was called the Renw.a.n.g Trading Company. Yet, the trading company's exterior and interior were luxurious and cozy. Its business proprietor must have been someone comparatively rich who could live it up.

Merely, after entering the establishment, Gu Zuo surprisingly discovered that there was no merchandise displayed on the outside. Instead, there were many signs hung upon several different walls. He went to carefully look them over again and found that parts of the wall behind these signs could be pushed open.

He was immediately befuddled. Was the merchandise here not displayed outside to attract customers?

However, before Gu Zuo got a clear understanding, there was already a beautiful young woman in the building who elegantly walked over. She carried a sweet smile and asked: "Would our esteemed customers have any needs?"

Gongyi Tianheng's expression was calm: "I need a perfect Houtian martial artist."

The beautiful woman's smile became even more amicable: "In that case, may the esteemed guests please follow this slave over here."

Tianheng nodded his head and led the two behind him. He followed this young woman as she pushed open the wall behind a sign, and entered a hidden chamber.

Just as they entered, Gu Zuo detected a concentrated abundance of qi and blood. A person wouldn't be able to open their eyes from the impact. Once his eyesight cleared, he discovered that this room had many iron chairs welded to the ground, and these iron chairs has many hard shackles. Each shackle bound a martial artist.

By looking at their qi energy, these martial artists were all perfect Houtian grade nine!

Gu Zuo's reaction was instantaneous.

His eyes widened: This, this place sold martial artists!

In other words…

That beautiful young woman just now was basically someone who worked for a slave trafficker!

For a moment, Gu Zuo's frame of mind raged.

To go so far as to sell human beings…

After that, he suddenly thought of something. He opened his mouth with difficulty: "Besides martial artists, does this place have…pharmacists?"

That young woman's smile was still as gentle and cordial as before: "Naturally there are some. However, the price is more expensive."

Gu Zuo's back immediately broke out in a dense layer of cold sweat.

A feeling of intense fear promptly bubbled up in his heart.

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