I Have Medicine

Chapter 111

When Gu Zuo arrived in front of the Earth Ghost's corpse, his expression was really unsightly.

This thing was truly too disgusting. He was supposed to use his hand to pick it up? Actually, he wasn't too willing, but if others held it, they'd most likely drop dead. And Princess Yaomin was a girl.

He asked himself: Although he was young, he was also a gentleman. He couldn't let others fight over it first, right?

Hence, after psyching himself up for three seconds, he extended a trembling hand.

No one among Cang Yu and the others laughed at him. Even they didn't feel that their responses would be good going over, let alone a pharmacist who still needed a protector.

As a result, they also just waited.

Gu Zuo's extended finger gradually touched the Earth Ghost's corpse.

It was very peculiar. After the Earth Ghost became a corpse, a film of black liquid appeared on its surface and filled its guts like it was steeped in poison. Yet, the black liquid separated to either side on the places where his finger touched. Not the tiniest bit tainted his skin… It was really strange.

Gu Zuo endured as he picked up the crystal soaked in black liquid. Fortunately, the coat of black liquid was similarly repelled by something and didn't get close to his hand.

The crystal was ice-cold to the touch and very hard. After he picked it up, he turned his head, and unfolded his hand to let Cang Yu and the others see it.

Princess Yaomin's observation was the most attentive. Every detail of the scene just now of Gu Zuo taking the crystal was earnestly recalled by her for fear that once it was her own turn, she would make a mistake.

Gu Zuo was very perceptive, too. Because it was the same principle, he explained to everyone: "Although I don't know how toxic that black liquid is, when I went to grab the crystal, it never wet my hand. This crystal is also dry, and there isn't even the slightest sensation of moisture on the surface."

Princess Yaomin and the others heard this, and collectively nodded their heads.

No matter how baffled their hearts felt, at least it wasn't any problem for Gu Zuo to take it. This also put them at ease toward later affairs.

Once Tianheng saw this, he smiled and said: "Ah Zuo, you can put this thing away."

Gu Zuo stared, then he understood at once: "I'll put it away in the inter-spatial tool the young master gave me."

After he finished speaking, he flipped his palm and the crystal disappeared.

Tianheng faintly nodded: "Ah Zuo did well."

At this time, the others also understood. As it turned out, Gongyi Tianheng had given an inter-spatial tool to this little pharmacist prior to coming to West Mountain — In any case, only pharmacists could collect crystals here. What was one to do if they got poisoned from a careless exchange of hands? This method was correct.

Princess Yaomin had an inter-spatial tool on her. She reacted at this time and then inwardly decided that she would directly pack the crystals away, too.

Once this matter was over, Gu Zuo hesitated and asked: "This corpse… Can I collect it?"

When these words were spoken, the others all stared blankly.

Collect the corpse? Why on earth would he collect this thing?

Gu Zuo said with a bit of embarra.s.sment: "The Earth Ghost is very peculiar. I want to study it a little…"

Cang Yu and the others realized that this pharmacist's curiosity had flared up.

Of course, for pharmacists to refine medicine, they all had their own way of handling medicinal ingredients. Catching sight of a novelty and wanting to study it was very normal.

Merely, they never expected the Earth Ghosts to be so bizarre. Unexpectedly, this little pharmacist was still interested in it — But then again, if it weren't so strange, would he have gone so far as to want to study it?

Only, their expressions were still a little subtle.

Studying an Earth Ghost's corpse. Ah, this kind of disgusting thing… It truly took courage.

Off to the side, Princess Yaomin was at a loss.

She was a pharmacist, too. It was only natural that she was curious about things unknown.

However, Earth Ghosts were really… If she already had lots of experience, she might not have this kind of feeling. But in the end, she was currently seventeen to eighteen years old. There were still psychological barriers.

After thinking it over, she didn't bring it up for the time being.

Perhaps… After a while, when it was her turn to collect crystals, she would also be accustomed to the nausea?

That said, the tiny wish of Gu Zuo's wasn't one that the other martial artists couldn't satisfy, and they all agreed.

Gu Zuo also didn't waste their time. He promptly walked over and gently suspended his hand over the corpse. His thoughts moved and sent this Earth Ghost corpse into a region of his storage s.p.a.ce.

…Speaking of which, Gu Zuo wasn't without psychological pressure.

Although the meat essence of the Earth Ghost corpse was almost the same as that of other monstrous beasts, its form was too detestable and it carried poison. Putting it into his storage s.p.a.ce was simply contamination.

However, Gu Zuo had looked over many prescriptions and knew that a qualified pharmacist couldn't have these kind of misgivings. So, one needed to overcome these problems.

Hence, the twelve storage s.p.a.ce regions were divided very clearly by Gu Zuo.

For example, the first thing he put into his storage s.p.a.ce was… Qi Tianyou's corpse.

When it came to funeral arrangements, Gu Zuo currently didn't have the opportunity to lay him to rest — The crucial point was that it was better to preserve it in his storage s.p.a.ce than give it a casual burial. At least the corpse wouldn't decompose. Also, it wouldn't be trampled or disturbed by others.

Thus, although the volume of the first storage region was very big, there was still only Qi Tianyou's corpse placed in it. This one thing.

After that, the second storage region had all kinds of item books. In the future, any additional ones would be put there. It would be considered an existence just like a bookshelf.

The third storage region was packed with medicinal qi.

The fourth and fifth had Gu Zuo and Gongyi Tianheng's personal belongings, respectively — For instance, the two's golden banknotes.

The sixth storage region had the medicinal pills he refined. The seventh had medicinal herbs, and the eight had the meat essence of monstrous beasts.

The ninth and tenth regions were completely empty. The eleventh had poisoned qi, and it was decided that the Earth Ghost's corpse would be placed in the twelfth. Gu Zuo decided that in the future, anything highly toxic would be put in the eleventh region and anything disgusting that was worth studying would be put in the twelfth region.

As for how the two empty storage regions would be handled later on, he'd cross that bridge when he got to it.

Tianheng was aware of the storage region's matters. After Gu Zuo collected the Earth Ghost corpse, he didn't forget to give Tianheng an explanation.

— Correct. While it was true that he collected this corpse for research, it was more than that. It was still because he wanted to use this thing to try refining Poison Pills. One should know that there were Poison Pills that didn't have requirements for poisonous medicinal ingredients that had to be put together. There were even more that had their own combinations.

Just as that prescription stated, it required a type of medicinal herb that didn't conflict with some other herbs, a toxin capable of slaying a grade three wild beast. This would inform a person to which results would ultimately be reached or the degree of toxicity. So, as long as one found the right toxin and the toxin's specific type, there were no restrictions.

Speaking of this, in actuality, one would have greater liberties and even more unrestrained designs with the Poison Pills than compared to ordinary pills that were used for breakthroughs, strength upgrades, or illness treatment.

As a result, the prescriptions of Poison Pills approached that of concepts.

Otherwise, one wouldn't call them "Paradox Pills".

After collecting the corpse, the ground was only left with a stain of black liquid.

Gu Zuo didn't hesitate and directly jumped onto Tianheng's back, which left Dragon One and Dragon Two to protect either side. A group of four formed a triangular formation and swiftly followed the numerous martial artists as they climbed to higher elevations.

Just a moment ago, there was an Earth Ghost sneak attack. Fortunately, there was Gongyi Tianheng who took care of it in advance. Had it drawn closer, without being familiar with the Earth Ghosts' fighting style, some disciples could've died.

Thus, Cang Yu and the others were all rather exuberant, feeling that inviting Tianheng was really was worth it.

As for this group of Tianheng's, Gu Zuo didn't dare neglect anything.

He still released his psychic power, sweeping through all directions.

Those Earth Ghosts were too strange. One shouldn't look at how it got beaten by Tianheng and dropped to the ground. When Gu Zuo discovered it, it had hidden along the mountain cliffs. Moreover, if it weren't found by his psychic power, it really wouldn't have been easy to find with the naked eye!

Gongyi Tianheng was also very careful.

His psychic power was too weak, and he was merely a martial artist who couldn't release his perception, and could only vaguely detect feelings of crisis. However, at that time, he simply didn't discover the Earth Ghost. It was only after Gu Zuo's warning that he immediately peered towards that place and sensed an extremely faint strand of chilliness. He promptly and decisively set out, smoothly dispatching it.

The process in this seemed simple, but in reality, each and every step couldn't have had any mistakes.

While rushing ahead, Tianheng didn't forget to tell them his experience just then.

Gu Zuo's psychic power naturally couldn't be brought up, but he could still mention that they should carefully sense any killing intent… An Earth Ghost's hiding abilities were exceptional. Although its strength wasn't too great, they had to focus all of their attention and strain their mental states. They couldn't be careless.

It was a pity that many matters that weren't spoken about couldn't be accomplished, and matters that weren't guarded against couldn't be guarded against.

Not long after, a child of the Duanmu Clan let out a scream.

Everyone looked over and discovered that a large chunk of skin had been torn away from his calf. Unexpectedly, the exposed exterior sections were already covered in black qi!

But as for the Earth Ghost that attacked him? There wasn't a trace of it to be seen!

Everyone's hearts tightened.

Suddenly, another child from the royal family similarly had the skin of their calf torn.

At this moment, someone found that the Earth Ghost was burrowing up from underground. After an effective strike, it immediately returned beneath the ground!

Gongyi Tianheng's expression was heavy and his gaze was calm as he carefully observed the ground close to the children from the royal family and the Duanmu Clan. It wasn't long before he really found some marks…

Fortunately, since there were marks, it proved that the Earth Ghost's earth fleeing methods weren't completely without flaws. Even the Earth Ghost might not have been able to flee too deeply underground. Otherwise, it would've been impossible for someone to notice the tracks.

Gongyi Tianheng transmitted: Ah Zuo!

Gu Zuo understood and promptly used his psychic power to probe underground.

His psychic power's penetrating capabilities weren't too strong, and could only go three to five meters into the ground. But evidently, after the Earth Ghost went underground, the depth that it sank down didn't exceed this range.

Gu Zuo immediately said: "Big brother, one meter to the right of Prince Cang Yu, about two meters deep!"

Tianheng leaped and his figure was as vigorous as a cheetah. His right hand clenched and he used seventy percent of his strength to resolutely smash the area Gu Zuo pointed at!


The land responded with the emergence of a crevice. Inside, a shadow flashed out.

Without the slightest hesitation, Tianheng launched an uppercut!

After a cracking sound, the shadow was. .h.i.t head-on. It let out a miserable screech and fell to the ground, thoroughly dead.

The rest of the people had lingering fears.

Gu Zuo jumped down once more and hurriedly scampered to the two children whose calves were torn.

The other martial artists had mournful eyes.

During this brief period of time, the black qi had already creeped straight up along their calves. At the same time, the faces of the two were shrouded with an ashen color.

This was clearly the work of the toxin.

Based on this speed, it wouldn't take long for one to die from the poison.

In addition, because the Earth Ghost was just too bizarre, the Poison Dispelling Pill they brought and stuffed into the two's mouths weren't even a little bit useful…

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