I Have Medicine

Chapter 107

When Cang Yu came over this time, the group included the Duanmu Clan, Sima Clan, and the Helian Clan's sole representative. It was all for the same goal, which was to invite Gongyi Tianheng to go with them.

What they were looking at was naturally Tianheng's martial strength.

— It was also because Cang Yu and the others discovered that the outer sect really was a galaxy of talents. Even the most average outer sect disciple had abilities that were stronger than the five great young masters back then. In here, Cang Yu was only around mid level. In addition, there were more of these outer sect disciples than them entering the sect, and some veteran disciples could easily suppress them.

If Cang Yu was still like this, what could be said about those children who came from aristocratic families and had nominal disciple positions?

In the end, Cang Yu and the others didn't know what level Gongyi Tianheng had reached, but they knew that as fellow citizens of the Cangyun Empire, Tianheng was much more powerful than them. Calling upon him was a safer and more pleasant cooperation.

At least, compared to other outer sect disciples, he was always going to be more trustworthy. He was also easier to make deals with.

Once Gu Zuo finished listening, he turned to Tianheng.

With his understanding of his big brother, he shouldn't decline… Instead, because his big brother's breakthrough was imminent, he'd be even more willing to see to this one-time opportunity.

Sure enough, Tianheng only demurred a little bit before accepting: "As it happens, I'm also rather quite interested in this matter."

Merely, he also had many questions which needed answers to beforehand, "Does Brother Cang Yu have any a.s.surances when going? What weaknesses does these Earth Ghosts have? How strong are they? What would be considered completing the mission, and how many missions do we need to complete? What counts as a good, great, outstanding, and perfect mission completion? We must have a clear understanding of these matters in advance before deciding how to handle them."

Cang Yu also came prepared: "Once the Yellow Notice was opened, all the requirements were written down."

Earth Ghosts' strengths were variable, but there wasn't any specific division. However, the highest one was equivalent to a Xiantian grade two.

For them, this group of perfect Houtian people, even if they encountered the strongest Earth Ghost, so long as they were cautious, they would simply flee. It wouldn't reach the point of them losing their lives.

Moreover, it was said that Earth Ghosts basically didn't have any martial skills. They were like wild animals, relying on their claws, teeth, and tails to attack. Their forms could be compared to monkeys. Only, they were smooth and slick from head to toe. Their appearances were very nauseating.

What one needed to pay attention to was that their flesh contained toxins. Naturally, their claws, teeth, and tails also had it. If one was accidentally scratched, it was possible to be poisoned and die.

After talking about this, Cang Yu became a little embarra.s.sed: "It's just that…"

Gongyi Tianheng raised an eyebrow: "What?"

Cang Yu said: "It's just that we need a pharmacist to accompany us. Otherwise, there won't be any way to verify the amount of Earth Ghosts we kill."

This was because the Earth Ghost, this organism, was highly toxic. After killing it, one would need to dig out a charcoal-like crystal from its body as proof. However, this crystal was also poisonous. One touch would kill a martial artist. But on the contrary, it wasn't a problem for a pharmacist to touch.

This was a peculiar point, too.

However, in the end, pharmacists didn't have the ability to protect themselves. Wanting to bring one to West Mountain would certainly make things even more dangerous for a martial artist's colleagues. This also needed to be discussed beforehand.

Cang Yu brought Princess Yaomin precisely because she was a pharmacist. In addition, her apt.i.tude was exceptionally good. She could already refine small amounts of Qi Generating Pills. If she made further progress, she could refine many more similar medicinal pills and become an ordinary low grade pharmacist. Unfortunately, Princess Yaomin was Cang Yu's younger sister. The strength of a woman who'd never practiced martial arts was inferior to a man's. Cang Yu needed to give a proper explanation for not hiring another experienced pharmacist and instead bringing her.

Tianheng clearly understood, and just opened his mouth to ask: "I wouldn't know if bringing along a couple pharmacists would be appropriate?"

Cang Yu saw how he didn't raise any objections, and relaxed as he said: "If you can protect them, then naturally the more, the better."

This implied that their number of martial artists wasn't too high. The pharmacists brought along also needed to observe the specific state of affairs.

Tianheng slightly nodded: "Then, with me bringing Ah Zuo, the two of us will be enough."

After he finished speaking, his palm gently landed on Gu Zuo's shoulder.

Gu Zuo blinked his eyes.

He'd never encountered Earth Ghosts and whatnot. He also wasn't too keen on going to dangerous places. However, considering that an outer sect disciple's mission wouldn't result in circ.u.mstances of certain-death, he decided on listening to Tianheng's words.

And just at this moment, the system unexpectedly issued him another mission!

[Side Mission: Follow the patron to conduct West Mountain Ghost Hunting.]

[Mission Items: >]

[Completion Method: Unrestricted.]

[Completion Time: Within one month.]

[Failure Penalty: Deduction of five hundred strands of medicinal qi.]

This was a bit embarra.s.sing.

What kind of medicinal pill was the Divination Pill?

But no matter what, he still needed to follow along this time.

Off to the side, Cang Yu and the others heard Tianheng's words, and they all looked at Gu Zuo.

They weren't unfamiliar with Gu Zuo, and knew this was a pharmacist Gongyi Tianheng regarded fairly importantly. Yet, from what they saw, with Gu Zuo's age, he shouldn't be a certified pharmacist.

Although the West Mountain Ghost Hunting mission required pharmacists to partic.i.p.ate, the pharmacist's rank needed to be at least comparable to that of a low grade pharmacist.

Tianheng smiled and said: "You all can rest easy. Ah Zuo's apt.i.tude is exceptional. He can already refine Qi Generating Pills and Rejuvenation Pills. He certainly won't hinder us."

Gu Zuo also immediately stated: "I will certainly do my very best!"

Cang Yu and the others were skeptical.

…A sixteen or seventeen year old certified pharmacist?

It really was hard for people to believe. However, according to Gongyi Tianheng's character, it wasn't likely for him to lie here.

Merely, Gu Zuo's circ.u.mstances didn't have a big effect on them. Since Tianheng decided on bringing him, he would be brought along.

Hence, this matter was resolved.

Cang Yu finally said: "Completing the mission requires a large amount of Ghost Nuclei, and the weight will be used to judge the degree of completion. The mission time is seven days for all outer sect disciples who receive this mission. Each person needs to provide at least two hundred fifty kilograms of Ghost Nuclei. Nominal disciples can take Ghost Nuclei and give them to outer sect disciples in exchange for resources. Enough nuclei can also be exchanged for their own a.s.sessment points. Every five kilograms of Ghost Nuclei can be exchanged for an a.s.sessment point."

a.s.sessment points were things that outer sect disciples and nominal disciples could have. These points were normally useless, but when outer sect disciples accepted the a.s.sessment to enter the inner sect or when nominal disciples accepted the a.s.sessment to enter the outer sect, it had a very big impact.

With Duanmu Qingrong and the others, it would be better to yield to Tianheng precisely for these a.s.sessment points — If they lost this one-time opportunity, it would be extremely difficult to find another opportunity to secure a.s.sessment points. And the more points they obtained this time, the smoother their entry into the outer sect.

Breaking through to Xiantian before twenty years old was also a matter they could do nothing about. Even though nominal disciples could also accept the a.s.sessment to enter the inner sect, Duanmu Qingrong and the others were either already twenty years old or weren't far from it. Within a brief one or two years, how could they ensure that they themselves could directly advance to Xiantian? Naturally, the more they prepared, the better.

When the aristocratic young masters came to the outer sect, while their haughtiness was suppressed where not one bit remained, their bone-deep refusal to give up and their preparedness started to take effect.

After everyone talked things over, it was decided that when the moment came, the leaders would still be Cang Yu and Gongyi Tianheng. Under normal circ.u.mstances, Cang Yu would mainly be the one to call the shots. And if Tianheng had any objections, he could directly raise the issue and negotiate the next step. It was only if other people found a definitive problem that they would call the authority of these two people into question.

After making a general plan, Tianheng was calm, but he nevertheless asked Cang Yu: "We're all from the Cangyun Empire, so we'll watch out for each other. Now that we've formed an alliance to go to West Mountain, wouldn't it be better to inform Brother Zhanghao and invite him along?With his luck, we'd be even safer."

After hearing these words, Cang Yu, Duanmu Qingrong, and the others forced some smiles. Even the younger generations' expressions appeared awed.

Cang Yu said: "Brother Tianheng doesn't know?"

Tianheng's mind stirred: "What happened?"

Cang Yu saw that he really didn't know, and couldn't help sighing: "Ever since Brother Tianheng entered the outer sect, perhaps you haven't made any discreet inquiries on our affairs?"

While speaking about this, he instead held some admiration.

As they were disciples who'd entered the outer sect, after understanding some matters, they came up with strategies, but it was also difficult to avoid being apprehensive. It was only natural that they cared about how their fellow disciples were doing. They always could send their subordinates to scout out information. As for Gongyi Tianheng not knowing, it showed them that he never once paid close attention to news about them, his "fellow countrymen".

Thus, what he paid attention to was naturally some other matter. For example, his own martial studies or something else they didn't know about…

The truth was indeed just so.

Gongyi Tianheng wanted to do business, temper himself, spread a contact network, have that odious Manager Yang make himself useful (intentionally or otherwise), and make plans in order to enter the inner sect. While up to his ears in work, he didn't intend on inquiring about the affairs of Cang Yu and the others. In addition, his mind clearly understood that everyone would have their own plans during the first month. Any required activities wouldn't have any apparent effects in a short time. It would be better to wait until things were smooth and steady to ask around and get an even clearer understanding.

But now it seemed that something unexpected happened?

However, since this originated from Huangfu Zhanghao, it couldn't be considered unexpected.

Cang Yu sighed again: "Brother Zhanghao already entered the inner sect just the other day."

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