I Have Medicine

Chapter 104

Still, heavy drinking was heavy drinking. Tianheng would never make Gu Zuo stumble back home so drunkenly.

As a good big brother, Gongyi Tianheng simply ruffled Gu Zuo's hair: "Ah Zuo, wait a moment. Rest against my back, got it?"

Gu Zuo was absent-minded: "I heard."

Afterwards, Tianheng leaned his body forward and crouched down, leaving his back exposed to Gu Zuo.

As a martial artist, this move could also be considered an act of trust.

Gu Zuo blinked his eyes, looking over Tianheng.

During this time, there was only that wide back in his line of sight.

He thought again: Need to listen…to big brother's words. Piggyback.

Afterwards, Gu Zuo walked a few steps very slowly. Suddenly, he fell onto Tianheng's back.

…Fortunately, Tianheng had enough strength to keep his stance stable. He wouldn't falter because of his sudden collision. On the contrary, following this position, Gu Zuo's arms came up and wrapped around his neck. Then, he used his hands to support Gu Zuo's legs. Pushing off with his feet, he smoothly stood up.

It went without saying that Gu Zuo wasn't too clear-headed. Right now, his nose sniffed a familiar scent and he only felt a sense of security bubble up in his heart.

And what would happened when a drunk person felt safe?

At least for Gu Zuo, he…directly plopped his head onto Tianheng's shoulder, his eyelids drooped down, and his consciousness became even more muddled.

The cost of the meal had been settled long ago. Gongyi Tianheng walked out of Huiren Restaurant with Gu Zuo on his back.

Walking around while carrying someone on his back was also a first for him.

Although his home had several younger siblings, Tianheng had unfortunately suffered from an incurable illness since childhood. It was basically impossible for him to get close to his siblings like this. And once his health got better, they kept waiting while he constantly improved, constantly advanced, constantly… His little brothers and little sister had grown up long ago. They no longer needed him, this big brother, to carry them around and play. Even the youngest Gongyi Tianteng, who was now a little grown-up, had ample reverence for him, but there wasn't enough familiarity.

Yet now…

Gongyi Tianheng sensed the warm body behind him, and his heart softened.

At first, he was only a business partner. Then, he became a pharmacist he wanted to win over. And after that, he became his surrogate younger brother…

Over time, he began to care about Ah Zuo more and more.

Carrying Gu Zuo on his back, Tianheng pushed with his feet and left Huiren Restaurant in the blink of an eye, already flying forward in haste.

It definitely wasn't that he wanted to go slowly, and let his little pharmacist sober up.

Merely, even though it was quite late, it wasn't too appropriate to allow others to see this scene. Sure, he needed to let people know that he regarded Ah Zuo as important, but he also couldn't be too high-profile.

Otherwise, it'd be easy for a mistake to be made instead.

Not long after, the two arrived just outside the outer sect disciple's courtyard.

Tianheng called Dragon One to open the door. He took a step forward, and entered the courtyard.

At this moment, Gu Zuo's arms were looped tightly around Tianheng's neck, and his warm breath gently brushed against his face. It ticked a little, but it also increasingly softened one's heart.

…Gu Zuo had fallen asleep.

Moreover, he slept very snuggly. It was intoxicatingly sweet.

Gongyi Tianheng had intended on going back to their room and putting Gu Zuo on the bed.

But then he felt the arms around his neck, as well as Gu Zuo's long and drawn-out breathing…and stopped his footsteps.

He sighed: If I went in now, Ah Zuo might wake up. I'd better wait a bit.

It was better to let him…rest more soundly.

Thus, Gongyi Tianheng's frame of mind relaxed.

With Gu Zuo on his back, he leisurely walked around the courtyard.

After having recently closed a business deal, his mood wasn't poor. This kind of activity to while the time away could also ease his tense heartstrings.

This spectacle entered Dragon One and Dragon Two's eyes.

After they shared a glance, their hearts were a little shocked.

The young master always seemed to carry a smiling expression, but there were very few people he'd show this kind of tolerance to; this kind of intimacy.

It was only natural that these two Tianlong Guard commanders would know that Gu Zuo held many secrets that only he and the young master were aware of. Gu Zuo's value was also beyond measure. However, what they understood even clearer was that the young master kept his public and private interests separate. If it was only about keeping secrets, with the young master's pride, he'd never normally cease his posturing and…carry a subordinate on his back. Even a valued subordinate.

This night's scene made the hearts of these two comprehend something.

At the very least, when they interacted with Pharmacist Gu, they needed to get a bit more familiar with each other.

It wasn't just about protection and respect. Rather, from the bottom of their hearts, they ought to safeguard him even more.

Gongyi Tianheng walked around and carried Gu Zuo for about two to three hours before walking back to their room.

He carefully shifted Gu Zuo's arms and carefully put him down on the bed. He removed Gu Zuo's shoes, socks, and outer robes, before lightly pulling away.

He'd never once treated anyone to such intimate actions.

And at this moment, it seemed these actions were done very smoothly.

Tianheng watched Gu Zuo's drunken sleep, and faintly smiled.

Afterwards, he went to take a bath and wash his body. He slept on the other bed.

The two slept peacefully up till the next day, when the light of dawn faintly shone and the sky brightened.

Gu Zuo opened his eyes and stretched his back. Then, he abruptly sat up straight!

Ah! Ah! Ahhh! Yesterday!

— There were usually two kinds of drunk people.

One kind was a person who'd drink a lot and wouldn't be able to remember anything afterwards. The other kind was a person who drank a lot, and then remembered everything.

It was unfortunate that Gu Zuo was the second kind.

He remembered very clearly how dazed he was after drinking. He also remembered how powerless his limbs were, and how he was unable to move them. Ultimately, he was carried home by his dear big brother. He also remembered the moments while half-asleep where he found himself on his big brother's back as Tianheng walked around the courtyard.

He even remembered that he couldn't take off his clothes and shoes. Unexpectedly, he still had to rely on his big brother…

Gu Zuo was embarra.s.sed. Extremely embarra.s.sed.

He was already almost seventeen years old, and would soon become an adult. In spite of all this, he still drank himself to this point so effortlessly.

Indeed, he was truly speechless.

It was lucky that his big brother didn't ignore him, treating him like that…

Thinking up to here, Gu Zuo felt the temperature of his face rise.

No matter what was said, he gave his big brother a lot of trouble yesterday. Yet, his heart was also deeply moved.

An aristocratic young master looking after his drunken self was practically saying that he was being waited upon. Previously, during modern times, he never had the opportunity to get drunk, but it was almost the same situation here — That is, whenever he got sick, only his dad would put his heart and soul into taking care of him like this.

In this foreign and unfamiliar otherworld, Gongyi Tianheng, who undoubtedly started as a reluctant business partner, had not only become his surrogate older brother, but was just like a genuine big brother who treated him very well.

This couldn't help but make Gu Zuo feel warm.

After rubbing his face, Gu Zuo pulled off the quilt and hopped off the bed.

His big brother took care of him last night, so today would have him properly show his skills. He'd cook up a big feast of medicinal cuisine for his big brother to experience!

Having planned things out, after Gu Zuo scampered to the courtyard, he promptly saw Tianheng in the middle of his morning exercises as expected.

At this moment, he was in the center of an open s.p.a.ce, continuously practicing all kinds of martial skills and body techniques. Through the movements of his hands and feet, an extremely powerful might burst forth. One look would make a person feel a sense of deterrence.

This was because of his body's valiant capabilities that such an effect was achieved.

After seeing Tianheng, Gu Zuo's complexion was still a little red, but he didn't go over to bother him. He simply washed up, and asked Dragon One and Dragon Two for some dietary ingredients, while moving to his medicine refining room.

Dragon One and Dragon Two were very compliant. Their movements were swift, and a short couple of seconds later, they brought Gu Zuo the necessary things, where everything was laid out in sequential order.

However, this was the most they could do — When cooking a qualified medicinal cuisine, a pharmacist was needed to personally deal with the medicinal ingredients, dietary ingredients, and the refining process. There wasn't any leeway whatsoever to ask someone else to help.

Unless that other person was also a pharmacist.

Tianheng only spent about an hour practicing all kinds of martial skills. After that, he sat cross-legged in meditation, breathing in the ambient qi for half an hour.

At this time, a deeply refreshing aroma spread from within the house.

Gongyi Tianheng opened his eyes, grinning: "Dragon One, is Ah Zuo cooking?"

Dragon One came over, and respectfully answered: "Yes. Pharmacist Gu has already been up for some time. He said he wanted to cook a good meal for the young master. He's been busy for close to two hours."

Tianheng pondered for a bit, and realized that this little pharmacist of his had recalled yesterday's affairs after he got drunk. He couldn't help raising his eyebrows: "It seems that we'll all be eating our fills today."

After he finished speaking, he made a gesture.

Dragon One nodded, expressing his understanding.

The young master's meaning was that those three pharmacists didn't need to be asked to come out.

Moreover, in the past few days, those pharmacists had been completely wrapped up in their work. They were all incessantly refining pills and tempering their skills. It may be a.s.sumed that they had no intention of coming out.

Of course, the young master had given the order long ago that they couldn't leave their quarters rashly.

This time was also no exception.

Following that, Dragon One started to prepare stone tables.

Since it was going to be a fine meal, he was afraid that if the place was too small, it wouldn't be appropriate. Thus, he moved several stone tables and arranged them together into one large table.

At the same time, Dragon Two also came walking out of the house.

He carried a huge tray in both of his hands, which held three big jade plates. On each jade plate was a meticulously-cooked, meaty medicinal cuisine. It looked and smelled delicious.

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