I Have Countless Clones

Chapter 265 - Chapter 265: Which One of You Is Lin Shen (2)

Chapter 265: Which One of You Is Lin Shen (2)

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Kuang Hai’s movements paused for a moment before he snorted coldly.


“The Xuandu Meeting takes place in two weeks, and we’re at least ten days away from Wood Ancestor City. If Lin Shen wants to make it in time for the Xuandu Meeting, he’ll probably set off in the next two days. I’ll just wait for him at the north gate!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he slammed the door and left without waiting for Han Liang to say anything.

Han Liang stood rooted to the ground for a long time before coming back to his senses. He rubbed the space between his eyebrows with a headache.

To be honest, if possible, he only wanted to cultivate peace and didn’t want to get involved in the sect’s power struggle. He didn’t approve of Kuang Hai’s actions.

If Lin Shen was really a genius that the master-disciple lineage wanted, then Kuang Hai had taken a reckless action. The outcome of the battle didn’t matter, but if Lin Shen was seriously injured, it was very likely that the master-disciple lineage would be dissatisfied. At that time, the consequences would be unpredictable.

“Kuang Hai has already condensed 26 spirit meridians. Among the inner sect disciples in the sect, his cultivation level is enough to be ranked in the top 10. As for Lin Shen…”

Han Liang paused and hesitated.

“Even if the story about Lin Shen severely injuring a Blood Sea Sect disciple was made up, he should still be quite capable. Even if he’s not as good as Kuang Hai, he shouldn’t lose too miserably…”

Han Liang sighed.

At this point, he could only comfort himself like this.

Nine Yang Academy, the upper house.

In the training room.

Looking at the clone in front of him, Lin Shen nodded in satisfaction.

After using up all the Cast Spirit Pills, the number of spirit meridians of the Analogy clone finally increased to 14.

More importantly, up until now, there were no signs of a bottleneck.

At this rate, it should not be a problem for Analogy clones to condense 18 spirit meridians.

If Lin Shen was lucky, the clone might be able to reach more than 20!

Lin Shen was filled with joy.

“Next, I’ll head to Wood Ancestor City to participate in the Xuandu Convention and collect the Mystic Essence Liquid!

“I should set off today.”

Lin Shen wasn’t like Xie Jingsheng, who could borrow the Dragon Tooth Flying Ship from his master.

If he wanted to go to the Wood Ancestor City, he could only ride a flying spiritual beast.

For this reason, Lin Shen exchanged for a flying crane in the Merit Hall.

With the flying crane’s speed, it would take ten days to travel from Dragonside City to Wood Ancestor City.

There was only half a month left before the Xuandu Meeting. It was time to set off.

There were all kinds of resources in the storage ring all the time. Lin Shen didn’t need to prepare anything and could leave right away.

However, before he left, he wanted to go back to the East District.

After all, he hadn’t seen Ai for three to four months.

It would probably take a month or two for him to return this time. He had to tell the little guy first.

After leaving the Nine Yang Academy, Lin Shen returned to his residence in the eastern district.

Before he walked through the door, he sensed three auras in the house.

“One is Ai’s aura, and the other two are Sinking Moon’s spirit cat.”

Lin Shen pushed open the door and walked into the living room. As expected, apart from Ai, Tang Yue and Tang Mei were also there.

“Lin Shen!”

Hearing the sound of the door opening, Ai turned around, and a surprised look appeared in her eyes. She jumped off the sofa and pounced on Lin Shen.

“You’re back!”

Lin Shen caught Ai with a smile. Just as he was about to speak, his expression suddenly changed. He sized up Ai and said in surprise,

“Have you reached the Enlightening Stage?”

“That’s right.” Ai raised her head proudly and said, “1 made a breakthrough half a month ago.”

Lin Shen clicked his tongue in wonder.

As far as the demons were concerned, this little fellow’s cultivation speed was simply unbelievably fast!

She was a demon form of Lin Shen!

At this rate, Ai would probably be able to pass the human tribulation and become a demon cultivator in less than a year or two!

It seemed that the cat general was right back then. Ai probably had some strange bloodline. Otherwise, it was impossible for ordinary demons to increase their cultivation at such a shocking speed!

Lin Shen nodded to himself.

Ai was making rapid progress, which was a good thing for him.

He might be able to have another helper in the future.

This thought flashed across his mind, but Lin Shen’s expression remained unchanged. He patted Ai’s head and comforted her. Then, he looked at Tang Yue and Tang Mei.

Ever since Lin Shen came in, the two girls had been standing up, but they didn’t say anything. They just stood in the distance and watched him talk to Ai. They were visibly reserved.

In fact, she shouldn’t be blamed. It was just that Lin Shen was no longer the same as before.

Compared to when they met more than half a year ago, his strength and cultivation had increased by more than a few times.

Not only had he advanced to the ninth level of the Bright Aperture Stage, but he had also condensed 45 spirit meridians and was only one step away from becoming a cultivator master.

Even though he didn’t deliberately release his pressure and aura, Tang Yue and Tang Mei still felt a heart-palpitating pressure due to the sharp intuition unique to the demons. Subconsciously, they didn’t dare to be impudent.

Even Tang Mei, who was usually the most lively and active, became reserved.

Sensing the abnormality of the two girls, Lin Shen didn’t expose them. He smiled and said, “Thank you for taking care of Ai.”

“It’s nothing.” Tang Yue quickly waved her hand. She glanced at Ai and smiled. “Ai helped us a lot.”

“Really?” Lin Shen looked at Ai in surprise.

Ai immediately raised her head to show off and said proudly, “I’ve dealt with many bad guys recently!”

Lin Shen immediately understood.

It turned out that Ai had been following Sinking Moon to save their clansmen.

Apart from the special situation of the Wild Wolves, most of the people who went after spirit cats didn’t have high cultivation levels. At most, they were only in the Long Breath Stage and weren’t a threat to Ai, who was already in the Enlightenment Stage, Lin Shen didn’t say much and only nodded in understanding..

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