I Have Awakened The Deduction System

Chapter 758 - 758 Compensation

758 Compensation


“He Chuan is powerful, and we are definitely not his match. We must not become enemies with him unless we have no choice.” Shen Wansan ordered decisively.

Everyone remained motionless. It was better to observe the situation first!


Everyone immediately agreed.

“This old man, Shen Wansan, greets Young Master He!” Shen Wansan walked towards He Chuan with a smile on his face. He cupped his fists and said respectfully.

“This old man is Wu Zhongwo, the Clan Leader of the Wu clan in Ji Prefecture. Greetings, Young Master He!”

“Ji Prefecture’s Qian Family Clan Leader Qian Ming greets Young Master He!”

The other three clan leaders also cupped their hands towards He Chuan.

“Everyone, could it be that you’ve already divided the loot?” He Chuan turned around and replied indifferently.

“Young Master He, you must be joking. You haven’t even spoken yet, so how would we dare cross the line?” Shen Wansan reacted and quickly smiled.

“Clan Leader Shen sure knows how to talk?” He Chuan glanced at the respectful clan leader in front of him, but his thoughts seemed to have returned to ten thousand years ago.

At that time, as a Sword Emperor, he was unparalleled!

The leaders of the various forces in the entire Sky Sword Continent were also humble in front of him. They were full of respect and fear.

Now, after 10,000 years, that feeling had finally returned.

However, the group of people in front of him was not just a little bit inferior compared to the group back then.

He wasn’t interested in the territory or resources of the Heibai Academy.

Moreover, they still had important matters to attend to, so the things here still belonged to them in the end!

“It’s all yours!” He Chuan saw that they were still sensible and did not want to make things difficult for this group of people.

Shen Wansan and the others couldn’t help but feel happy.

Although Heibai Academy had been destroyed, quite a few disciples were still wandering outside. The remaining disciples were quite troublesome.

Although he was not afraid, he did not want to waste time. Therefore, he hoped that the four great clans could clean up the mess!

“Don’t worry, Young Master He. We will do our best to eliminate all the remaining evil.” Shen Wansan said respectfully.

Neither of them wished to see the Heibai Academy rise from the ashes. In the future, the name of the Heibai Academy would never appear again.

If they discovered any unfavorable news, they would immediately report it to He Chuan and take action to clean it up!

“However, in the end, I’ve exhausted quite a bit of my resources in this operation. Heibai Academy is a juicy piece of meat. Its wealth and resources are immense. I can give it up, but shouldn’t you give me some compensation?” He Chuan nodded in satisfaction.

“What kind of compensation does Young Master He want?” Shen Wansan asked doubtfully.

“1,000 low-grade spirit stones as compensation!” He Chuan stretched out a finger.

Low-grade spirit stones!

Upon hearing this number, Shen Wansan and the others’ expressions changed.

Spirit stones were generally divided into four grades: low, middle, high, and top-grade.

Each grade of spirit stone contained different amounts of spiritual energy, and the benefits it brought to a warrior’s cultivation were also vastly different.

However, even if it was a low-grade spirit stone, its spiritual energy was enough to allow a Life Cultivation Realm martial artist to unleash all nine lives.

Even a Heavenly Surge Realm martial artist could not be able to use up three low-grade spirit stones in their lifetime.

He Chuan directly asked for a thousand!

“Spirit stones are precious. Very few people in the imperial capital can take out more than a thousand of them. Young Master He needs to give us some time to prepare.” Shen Wansan’s expression was uncertain. Finally, he gritted his teeth and nodded.

One thousand low-grade spirit stones were an astronomical figure for the four great clans.

Even if all the forces in Jizhou Prefecture were to join forces, they would not be able to gather them in a short period of time.

However, they had been entrenched for many years after all, so they still had a lot of resources and connections.

Given enough time, it was not impossible for them to buy low-grade spirit stones from the imperial capital through special channels at the cost of their foundation.

In addition, if they were able to acquire the resources of the Heibai Academy, they would be able to gather up three thousand low-grade spirit stones, much less a thousand.

However, now that He Chuan had not spoken, they did not dare to seize the foundation directly.

Otherwise, Heibai Academy would be a lesson for them.

“I’ll give you one day to deliver the spirit stones. Otherwise, you know the consequences.” He Chuan raised his finger again and said indifferently.

Hearing this, everyone could not help but feel a chill down their spine.

He still had things to do in Jizhou City, so he would leave this place to them to clean up the mess.

“If there’s nothing else, don’t disturb me!” Ignoring the crowd, He Chuan left.

He had come to Jizhou City to eradicate the Heibai Academy and to clean up the future troubles of the He clan.

After being separated from Wei Jianning for such a long time, that girl would probably be anxious.

“Shen Jia, hurry up and follow him. We can’t let the four families provoke the culprit.” Shen Wansan turned around and shouted at Shen Jia as he watched He Chuan disappear.

Shen Jia rolled her eyes at Shen Wansan and obediently turned around to chase after him.

Although she felt ashamed of her father’s behavior, she was now filled with curiosity and doubt towards a young man of similar age.

“Wanli, you have some friendship with He Chuan. Follow and watch!” Yang Lang instructed Yang Wanli.

“Father, I’ve met him once. How can we be friends?” Yang Wanli’s face immediately drooped as he said with some grievance.

Shen Wansan praised Yang Wanli.

If he hadn’t predicted that He Chuan was going to destroy the Heibai Academy, how could the four great clans have arrived in time? How could they possibly have eaten this fat piece of meat?

Although she had only met He Chuan once, she knew him the best.

Shen Jia had been spoiled since she was young and was afraid that she would ruin things. It was safer for Yang Wanli to go.

It could prevent the descendants of the big families from provoking this fierce person and attracting unnecessary trouble.

She could also help keep an eye on Shen Jia and prevent her from causing trouble.

Moreover, they were about the same age as He Chuan. If they could take this opportunity to get closer to him, there would be no harm in the future!

“Listen to Clan Leader Shen and quickly descend the mountain!” Seeing that Yang Wanli still wanted to retort, Yang Lang immediately retorted.

Yang Wanli nodded helplessly and turned to leave.

If she were asked to follow He Chuan a day ago, she would naturally not refuse.

However, she was petrified when she saw He Chuan’s ferocity with her own eyes. Not to mention following him, even if she got close, she would feel her heart palpitate.

However, she had no choice but to obey Clan Leader Shen and her father.

After the three of them disappeared, Qian Ming and the other two clan leaders looked at Shen Wansan.

“Clan Leader Shen, those spirit stones…”

“As long as we obtain the resources of Heibai Academy, how can we be afraid that we won’t be able to gather those thousand spirit stones?” Shen Wansan said confidently.

Everyone looked at the place in front of them with hope in their eyes.

Shen Wansan immediately waved his hand.

“There was no time to lose. Attack!”

Thousand Sails Inn.

It was extremely luxurious as the most luxurious inn, be it the specifications or the decorations.

In the past, those who could enter and exit were either dignitaries or the higher-ups of large families.

Recently, it was overcrowded with martial artists from all over the world, making it like a bustling city!

Wei Jianning, who had almost traveled all over Jizhou City, sat in a corner of the inn’s lobby, staring out the window in a daze.

Her pretty face revealed a worried expression.

Why isn’t Third Brother back yet? Did he encounter any danger? It wasn’t that Wei Jianning hadn’t thought of secretly tailing He Chuan.

Even when He Chuan went out early in the morning, she watched him leave.

The words from last night were still ringing in her ears, reminding her that she could not go and not implicate her third brother.

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