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Chapter 570 - The opening of the netherworld (1)

Chapter 570: The opening of the netherworld (1)

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Earth world.

This world was rather peculiar. It was a planet that looked like a pineapple, and the gravity inside the planet was far stronger than that of other worlds, about twenty-seven times stronger.

Star Lord Hong Luan stepped out of the world gate and swept the entire earth world with his immortal sense. He directly locked onto the four perfected Immortals and executed his divine power across space.

A ray of red light appeared in the sky above the earth world. The four genuine Immortals were severely injured. They spat out blood and were extremely weak.

This was a real person sitting at home, and his divine power had come from the heavens. Star Lord Hong Luan’s Red dust divine power was best at causing damage to the primordial spirit, so this attack had to be restrained.

Otherwise, the earth world would be severely damaged.

Within an hour, Starlord Red Kite had captured all four of the pure yang true immortals and thrown them into the celestial heavens ‘Imperial prison. After that, he took command of the Army and didn’t bother with anything else.

The immortals of the allheaven immortal sect quickly moved out to suppress the immortals in all directions and accept the forces that had surrendered. Everything seemed to be in order.

Heavenly court, imperial garden.

Chen jingzhai, su qingluan, and Ji Shuanghua sat together with a heaven-observing mirror floating in front of them. The mirror was displaying the scene of Star Lord Hong Luan’s attack.

“So strong!” Ji Shuanghua said in shock.

“It’s very hard for ordinary Middle Worlds to give birth to celestial Immortals. Pure yang true immortals are the limit. ” “Stellar Lord is still a rank two heaven immortal,” Chen jingzhai said.”He has already exceeded the limit.”

“The ancestral master’s divine powers are also very powerful,” su qinghuang said.”I’ve also read the inheritance. The endless world of mortals can really evolve into endless divine powers.”

“There are only two kinds of powerful weapons. One is the light of a thousand homes, and the other is the sharp blade of the mortal world.” Chen jingzhai smiled.”This is her Dao. If it were someone else who cultivated it, they wouldn’t be the most powerful. At the celestial mirror, the power of the divine Art is purely based on the individual’s cultivation. The understanding of the Dao and the compatibility with one’s body are very important.”

“Please tell us about it, husband!” Ji Shuanghua said.

Neither she nor su qingluan had broken through to the celestial immortal realm, but the great circle of the pure yang true immortal realm meant that celestial Immortals wouldn’t break through so easily. This was so that they could cultivate divine abilities in advance and build a solid foundation for the celestial immortal realm. Even if they could break through to the celestial immortal realm, they wouldn’t do so immediately.

“The path of true immortality is to retrieve the true spirit from the world you were born in and return to your original self. This is also the path of huanzhen.” Chen jingzhai said,”after huanzhen, it is Dao enlightenment. It is the laws of heaven and earth, the Dao laws of the world, and also the laws of the universe.”

Why was it so difficult for a true immortal to break through to the celestial immortal realm? It was precisely because of the lack of understanding of Dao that the most important thing for an ordinary true immortal to break through to the celestial immortal realm was to cultivate divine powers. This was not the purpose, but the process of cultivation.

Cultivating divine arts was to understand the rules of heaven and earth. Cultivators cultivated spells and had a basic understanding of the laws of the world. As their cultivation level and Dao attainment increased, they began to understand Dao techniques. When one perfected a Dao technique, they would be qualified to come into contact with minor divine arts.

“When choosing a divine power, it must be compatible with one’s own Dao, such as the Shuanghua.” Chen jingzhai hugged Ji Shuanghua and said,”you’re walking the path of moonlight. It’s best for you to choose a Yin-type divine power, followed by Water-type or ice-type divine power.”

“The more the better?” Ji Shuanghua asked, as if she had understood something.

“If you have a set of divine arts, you can cultivate it from a small Divine Art to a great Divine Art, and then continue to advance to a peerless Divine Art, and finally to a Supreme Divine Art. You can naturally cultivate a Divine Art.” Chen jingzhai said,”but this kind of divine power can only be encountered and not sought. So, it’s not a bad thing to cultivate more divine powers, but you must remember that the purpose of cultivating divine powers is to comprehend Dao, not to fight. Otherwise, you’ll lose your original heart and easily go astray.”

If it were other Immortals, he would not say so, but his woman had the blessing of the celestial heavens. Whether it was cultivation or divine arts, the speed would be very fast, and her perception would also improve, so it was not a big deal to cultivate more divine arts.

However, it was different for ordinary itinerant true immortals. It was difficult to cultivate even a minor divine power to perfection. Even the students of the heavenly court Academy, who chose the path of battle immortal, could only cultivate divine powers after ascending to the Great Spirit heaven and obtaining the blessing of fate.

“In other words, we’ll have to cultivate even more minor divine arts next?” Su qingluan asked,”how many divine powers do I need to cultivate to break through to the skyimmortal realm?”

” 3000 small magical powers!” Chen jingzhai also reached out and hugged her. He said in a low voice,”the two of you are my Dao partners. Naturally, the stronger you are, the better. The three thousand minor divine powers have reached perfection. It’s just the time to advance to the heaven immortal realm. Wasting some time is nothing.”

True immortals had a lifespan of a million years, and celestial Immortals had a lifespan of ten million years. In the heavenly court, neither su qingyue nor Ji Shuanghua had to worry about their lifespans. As the master of the world, Chen jingzhai had many ways to extend their lifespans.

“Can’t you use great divine powers?” Ji Shuanghua asked.

“Minor divine abilities are enough to build a good foundation for my cultivation at the pure yang true immortal level.” “Not just you guys,” Chen jingzhai said.”All the other women have to do the same.”

Su qingluan nodded. Since he was her husband, she wouldn’t object.

In the next few days, the Army of the celestial heavens completely suppressed the five Middle Worlds and the heavenly Dao net was successfully formed.

After the heavenly Dao net appeared, the origin Energy from the five worlds poured into the eight waste world. A hurricane of vital Qi swept through the entire world.

Countless people from the heavenly court had broken through again. Even in the eight desolate heaven, many cultivators had broken through, and some of them were not small breakthroughs, but breakthroughs of major realms.

Not only that, but the vital Qi in the heaven court was also frighteningly high. The vital Qi in the eight desolate heaven was the lowest, but it was still 50 times denser than that in the earth world.

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