I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 50 - Addicted to Producing Elixirs  

Chapter 50: Addicted to Producing Elixirs

Chen Jingzhai actually thought the price was too high at first, as the elixirs would not be sold at such a price at Elixir Peak.

However, what Sage Hao had said made sense as well. It was normal for one to pay more for such a considerable amount of high-quality elixirs.

Also, Chen Jingzhai believed that the sage would not increase the price for personal reasons, as he was trading with the peak itself and not the sage.

Hao Feng had no authority to increase the price without reason.

Also, not even Mrs. Yang, or even the Peak Master himself, could decide the price on their own.

There was also the fact that there was just no reason for Deacon Hall to pay more than necessary.

It was just proof that the elixirs he created were the real deal.

Instead of accepting spirit stones for payment, he exchanged the elixirs for more Grade 1 herbs, as he had no use for spirit stones at the moment.

He could create more Essence Cultivation Elixirs with the new ingredients, and he also wanted to develop other Grade 1 elixirs as well.

He could practice and gain experience in elixir alchemy with that.

There were a lot of other Grade 1 elixirs.

Some as useful as the Essence Cultivation Elixirs were the Essence Merging Elixirs, the Bruise Relieving Elixirs, the Ningqi Elixirs, and the Essence Refinement Elixirs.

Different elixirs had different effects on a cultivator’s body.

The Essence Cultivation Elixir was to help a cultivator with their cultivation of the essence power. Therefore, it was best consumed once they had inducted Qi into one’s body.

The Essence Merging Elixir was used to recover one’s spiritual power and was the most effective if the user was in Level 6 Meditation Plane or below.

The Bruise Relieving Elixir was used to treat one’s wound and could either be applied to the skin or consumed.

The Ningqi Elixir was used to increase one’s spiritual power, and cultivators below Level 9 Meditation Plane were able to consume it.

Finally, the Essence Refinement Elixir was used to refine one’s spiritual power, and only cultivators below Level 7 Meditation Plane could benefit from one.

The five elixirs mentioned above and the Nerve Calming Elixir were the most used and sought-after elixirs by cultivators in the Meditation Plane.

There were a lot of Meditation Plane cultivators in Daoxuan Peak. Around 4,000 to 5,000 casual disciples were still in the Meditation Plane.

These casual disciples primarily trained at affiliated peaks and weren’t able to train at Daoxuan Peak.

Like the disciples at Handy Peak, these casual disciples needed to earn more resources by completing missions.

In the past, Deacon Hall would have to send people to Elixir Peak to purchase a lot of low-grade elixirs.

However, things would change now that Chen Jingzhai had arrived.

Just the price difference in purchasing ready-made elixirs and the raw ingredients was huge, and it could save the peak a lot of money.

The most significant change would be that they would no longer have to butter up the elixir alchemists.

If Chen Jingzhai were really able to continue to produce elixirs at such a high quality, then the peak would be in luck.

That was why Sage Hao Feng was extremely delighted.

He couldn’t help but smile as he watched Chen Jingzhai leave with his maids.

He believed that although his Master-Uncle was still young and still had a long way to go to prove himself, his talent was otherworldly.

Having him there was a blessing to the entire peak.

From that day on, Chen Jingzhai rarely left his residence and was wholly immersed in producing elixirs.

At first, the four maids were worried, but they quickly adapted to the situation.

Their young master treated them well and always rewarded them when they completed their missions.

They would receive guidance in their cultivation or spirit stones from him, both rewards they could only dream of in the past.

For maids to be treated as such was rare, as even casual disciples might not even be rewarded that much.

That was why it didn’t take long to convince them that Chen Jingzhai was worth their loyalty, and they did everything in their power to assist him.

Whenever Chen Jingzhai finished a batch of ingredients, he didn’t need to head to Deacon Hall himself.

Hong Yu and Hong Chan would bring the elixirs to the hall to sell and purchase the ingredients needed for the next batch.

In just a single month, Chen Jingzhai was able to save more than 200 thousand spirit stones from selling elixirs.

That was what he had left from purchasing things like formations and spiritual items to decorate the Tianyahai Pavilion.

His four maids also got a lot of rewards, including their own magic apparel and items.

Their cultivation had increased as well—at least two levels each.

They were all now in the Intermediate Meditation Plane.

Other than Chen Jingzhai and the maids, Daoxuan Peak had also seen a massive change as a huge amount of high-quality Grade 1 elixirs started to appear for sale in Deacon Hall.

Many disciples benefited from that, and their opinions toward their Master-Uncle had started to shift.

At the Peak Master’s side residence, Peak Master Yang and his wife were enjoying their tea break in the flower garden.

“How’s my junior brother?” Mrs. Yang asked while failing to hide the wide grin on her face.

“He’s really exceptional.” The Peak Master nodded. “He sure is a genius in elixir alchemy. I don’t think he knows that the elixirs he has produced have greatly changed the lives of countless cultivators here.”

“And I was worried at first,” Mrs. Yang laughed.

Although the Peak Master and his wife welcomed the true disciple of Hongluan Peak to Daoxuan Peak with open arms, not everyone agreed with that decision.

Since Zeng Wangbei was the direct disciple of the Peak Master, it was natural that he could get close to his Master-Uncle.

However, no one had visited Chen Jingzhai ever since he moved into Tianyahai Pavilion.

It was clear that the younger generations of Daoxuan Peak didn’t like their Master-Uncle a lot.

And it wasn’t surprising that they would react that way.

In the end, the actual peak that Chen Jingzhai belonged to was Hongluan Peak. The inheritance he had received was different from theirs.

It wouldn’t change even if Chen Jingzhai were able to master the technique of Daoxuan Peak, just like how Mrs. Yang was not acknowledged after learning the Li River Sky Scripture.

She would never have been accepted by others in Daoxuan Peak if she hadn’t married the Peak Master, not even when she was powerful enough to overpower the Golden Core Sage of the peak.

The only two reasons that she was able to move into Tianyahai Pavilion were because of her power and her relationship with Peak Master Yang.

Also, there was the fact that the previous Peak Master had allowed it.

The situation that Chen Jingzhai was facing was twice as harsh as what his senior sister had experienced. He was younger than most of the disciples, but his status was higher than theirs.

It was just hard for them to accept him as their Master-Uncle, especially when he was an outsider in their eyes.

Not many would be happy with that.

Even some of the Golden Core elders and deacons were against him joining the peak as well.

If not for the rules of the clan and the Peak Master’s wife, Chen Jingzhai would have a hard time settling down.

He would never have been able to stay in Tianyahai Pavilion if not for the Peak Master’s approval.

These were complications that Mrs. Yang had yet to tell her junior brother as she didn’t want him to worry too much about such a useless thing.

She was surprised to learn that he had solved all of those independently.

The hardest part was that there were a lot of casual disciples in the peak.

They were mostly the descendants of the Golden Core Sages.

There were also those who were pre-accepted into the peak, such as aspirant cultivators who had just joined the clan.

If these casual disciples were to look up to their Master-Uncle, the Golden Core Sages would have no choice but to be on good terms with him.

And since the elixirs that Chen Jingzhai created had greatly benefited the casual disciples, there was a high chance that they would create elixirs that inner disciples could use in the future.

One might think that being young was a disadvantage for Chen Jingzhai, but it was actually a huge advantage.

His possessing the celestial bone and establishing his foundation through a scripture at such a young age meant that he had a lot of potential.

“The headmaster has his reasons for sending Jingzhai here,” Peak Master Yang said with a smile. “It seems like the reasons are that he has the potential for greatness and maturity despite his age.”

“True.” Mrs. Yang nodded in agreement. “Being able to remain calm and steady without showing any signs of arrogance proves that he really passed the test of the twenty-eight.

“That’s right. Even Yifei wasn’t as mature as Jingzhai is.”

“You better not let Li Yifei hear this.” Mrs. Yang frowned. “That kid is proud and arrogant. I don’t want him to trouble my junior brother. The technique he has learned is basically a counter to the Yin Yang Formation.”

“You’ve underestimated Jingzhai.” The Peak Master shook his head. “It’s natural that you didn’t realize what made him unique. The scripture isn’t the only thing that he has cultivated.”

“Are you saying that he has used another method as well?”

“Kind of, but you don’t have to worry too much. If Headmaster accepted him, then there’s something about him that makes him special compared to other people. He might be the one that Hongluan Peak has been waiting for.”

“Hell! I still have high hopes that he’ll be the one to bring Hongluan Peak back to its glory! Why are all geniuses so stubborn? Do you all have to challenge the impossible?”

“Well, pretty much. Isn’t that how I got you? By challenging the impossible? Do you know how many hearts I’ve broken ever since I married you?”

“Why are you suddenly bringing this up?” Although Mrs. Yang sounded angry, she was smiling and even gently pushed her husband.

Peak Master Yang laughed. Even after so many years, he was still proud of himself for marrying his wife.

That was the happiest moment of his life.

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