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Chapter 437 - Golden sun leaf (2)

Chapter 437: Golden sun leaf (2)

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In great Yong, no one had dared to attack Tiandu.

Not only did Chen jingzhai attack, but he also tore the enchantment of Tiandu.

He had even severely injured the son of the Marquis of Yongchun and the sixth Prince.

The most important thing was that Chen jingzhai didn’t give any punishment.

Instead, he married Princess wuxia.

This F * cking made everyone’s jaws drop.

The news spread throughout the eight desolate immortal market.

Some cultivators even went to the Moonview restaurant to verify it.

Even su qingluan and Ji Shuanghua couldn’t stop teasing him.

Two days later.

Chen jingzhai openly held Chu wuxia’s hand and bid farewell to the nine Kings,

The two of them rode on the flying dragon stallions bestowed to them by the Emperor and left the divine capital.

Three portions of Dragon source were given to the imperial family.

The imperial family had three more futures, and the ninth King’s residence had two.

According to Chu wuxia’s request, one portion was given to the sixth son.

The remaining portion was given to the eldest son by the nine Kings.

The reason why he didn’t pass it to his grandchildren was because

It was because the eldest son had obtained the blessing of the ninth Prince’s residence.

With this Dragon source, he would be able to advance to the soul formation true venerate in the next ten years.

As for the true dragon copper coins, the nine Kings were not stingy.

Apart from giving a part of it to the venerable sovereigns,

The rest were given to his children and grandchildren.

As for Chen jingzhai’s departure,

The nine Kings were very understanding.

After all, the news of Fu Yunzi’s tribulation had already spread.

He originally thought that Chen jingzhai would leave in a hurry.

He even wanted to use the inter-province transportation formation.

In the end, Chen jingzhai didn’t make things difficult for him and the imperial family,

However, it was not a problem for him to travel around the langhuang region.

The venerable sovereign even gave him a pair of flying dragon stallions,

This was a fourth-grade flying dragon stallion, a male and female spirit beast.

Outside of Tiandu …

Chen jingzhai waved his sleeve and threw out the qingzhai.

It still looked like a tower ship, but there were some changes.

There were more patterns on it, and the temperature was higher.

In fact, his entire body had become more slender.

The flying dragon stallion seemed to like this place very much.

After Chen jingzhai brought him up, he stood still.

“Is the qingzhai going to upgrade?”

“Why do I feel like my blood is boiling?”

“Husband, what have you done this time? Where’s Qing Qing?”

Chu wuxia asked curiously.

“I’ve fused with a treasure. Qingqing is now in a deep sleep. ”

“Go and cultivate in seclusion first,”

“This is a wisp of the sun’s fire Qi, you have to experience it well.”

Chen jingzhai patted her head and said with a smile.

Chu wuxia nodded obediently and entered her room to cultivate in seclusion.

After the golden sun leaf was merged into it,

The changes on qingzhai were rapid.

There were new changes every day.

The most important thing was to improve his origin.

There was also a wisp of true fire of the sun stimulated by the golden sun leaf.

The Grand Sun primordial fire was not violent.

On the contrary, it was very gentle and pure.

Ordinary cultivators could be reborn if they stayed on qingzhai all year round.

Bloodline cultivators could also benefit from purifying their bloodline.

“You’re finally here. You’ve made things difficult for me. ”

In the hall, Yu Du was distracted and his eyes widened.

“Senior Yudu, why do you say that?”

Chen jingzhai asked with a smile.

Qingzhai was flying in the air.

Everyone went back to the rhythm they used to have in the Heavenly Star region.

However, Hong Fu and Liu Qingxue were currently in seclusion.

“I’ve passed the human tribulation, but there’s still the earth tribulation. ”

“Originally, it should have been no problem to delay it for a few hundred years.”

“You little brat, what kind of treasure did you get?”

“It’s making qingzhai angrier,”

“There’s even a trace of the Grand Sun primordial fire. ”

“I almost triggered the Tribulation Qi in advance.”

Yu DU’s clone took a sip of wine and said with his eyes wide open.

“I was lucky enough to obtain a sun Gold leaf from the ninth King’s residence.”

“After merging with qingzhai, I’m afraid it will continue to be burned by the true fire.”

“It won’t trigger the Tribulation Qi, but it’ll be good for you.”

Chen jingzhai said bluntly.

It was different from him directly condensing his primordial spirit.

A soul formation true venerate wanted to continue cultivating.

It was actually the process of the yin spirit transforming into the Yang spirit.

After a nascent soul broke through, their nascent soul would transform into a Yin spirit.

The yin spirit would leave the body and accept the baptism of heaven and earth, and then gradually become pure yang.

Dharma or astrology were just a transition.

Only by overcoming the three disasters of heaven, earth, and man could one be considered to have truly become a sun god.

Following that, his yang God and fleshy body fused together, becoming one with the chaotic origin, and he became a true immortal.

Therefore, when he first entered the soul formation true venerate,

The demand for pure yang and extreme yang heaven and earth Spirit items had increased greatly.

The purpose was to train the yin spirit.

True venerate Yudu, who had passed the human tribulation, had also stepped into the cultivation of the Yang God Realm.

But these items were extremely precious.

Even in the celestial gate …

It wouldn’t be for a soul formation true venerate like him to enjoy.

But now, qingzhai had merged the golden sun leaf into it.

A sixth stage world Spirit treasure and true sun Fire.

The pure Yang Qi was simply too strong.

“Golden sun leaf? Hiss!”

“The ninth Prince is really generous!”

“You’re really willing to part with it?”

Yu DU’s clone gasped.

“If he knew, of course he wouldn’t be willing.”

“I chose them from the treasure vault. He might not recognize them.”

“In short, senior Yudu, just focus on your cultivation.”

Chen jingzhai said with a smile.

“Kid, you’re really lucky to be able to get a treasure like this.”

“What are you going to do next?”

True venerate Yudu asked.

“I’ve finished everything, so it’s time to go back. ”

“However, there’s still some value in exploring the langhuang region.”

“I’m going to collect some refined iron and forge Dao soldiers. ”

Chen jingzhai told the truth.

Before he left, the nine Kings had already given him the method of bitter cultivation.

The techniques of the ascetic cultivators were actually widely circulated.

The most widely circulated method was the method of pain.

It was to torture the physical body, the pure heart, and devotion.

It was similar to faith, but it was also similar to spiritual cultivation.

There were also self-mutilating, demonic insanity, and many other techniques.

This really opened Chen jingzhai’s eyes.

No wonder his cultivation methods would be considered unorthodox.

“The ship is indeed a little more spacious.”

“But do you have the method to make Dao soldiers?”

“Do you need any pointers?”

Yu DU’s clone asked.

“No need.”

“There are many Dao soldier techniques in the hands of the temple.”

“I’ll think about it first. ”

Chen jingzhai rejected him lightly.

The Dao soldier technique was first recorded in the dragon and phoenix Yin Yang seal script.

They were Dao protecting weapons and also Dao soldier formation techniques.

It was one of the major techniques in the immortal Sutra.

At the highest level, it could even be used to forge yin-yang Immortal Weapons.

Chen jingzhai had condensed his primordial spirit, three flowers, and cultivated his five Qi.

In terms of Dao attainment and knowledge, he wasn’t inferior to true venerate Yudu.

Yu DU’s clone wasn’t angry at being rejected,

He was only a magical clone, not true venerate Yudu.

His personality was more free and casual.

Although he was rejected, he still said a few words under the influence of alcohol.

As expected, the Dao soldier techniques that Yudu true venerate grasped …

It was actually a seal soldier technique.

In other words, drawing talismans on the surface of a human body …

It was a technique that used the power of talismans to increase the strength of one’s body.

Such a technique was very similar to Yin Yang Dao soldiers.

The only difference was that Yin Yang Dao soldiers bore seal characters.

Qingzhai was flying slowly in the sky.

Because Qing Qing was in a deep sleep.

It needed Chen jingzhai to control it, which might have been a burden in the past.

Now, Chen jingzhai only needed to split a wisp of his primordial spirit.

He was very relaxed.

After Chu wuxia went into seclusion, she left behind a group of Palace maids.

When he left Dayong with Chen jingzhai,

Chu wuxia knew that she probably wouldn’t be back for a long time.

So she took her maidservant with her.

There were also twenty-four Foundation establishment swordsmen who had been specially assigned by the nine Kings.

They all cultivated the same cultivation technique.

A maidservant who could use a sword formation.

It could become a force that Chu wuxia could use in the future.

Other than them, there were also the palace maids that had been awarded by the great emperor.

Chu wuxia’s original intention was:

It was to let the palace maids guard the princess’s Manor.

But Chen jingzhai asked for it,

This included the medicine boys and girls who were rewarded.

They were all taken away by Chen jingzhai into qingzhai.

His goal was to study Dao soldier techniques.

Forget about the medicine Boy and medicine Girl,

They were proficient in the art of spiritual plants.

They could continue to cultivate.

He also looked after the herb garden.

It could also reduce the burden on Liu Qingxue and Hong Fu.

The 12 Palace maids became materials for Chen jingzhai.

On the sixth day after leaving the divine capital …

Chen jingzhai was on qingzhai.

He set up the formation technique.

With the formation of the Yin Yang seal script of the dragon and phoenix Union,

Using the blood of different flying demonic beasts to refine ink,

One of the palace maids was standing naked in the formation.

Chen jingzhai used the power of his primordial spirit to draw the seal characters.

On the 13th day, the first Dao soldier was born.

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