I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 435 - The island's Treasury (2)

Chapter 435: The island’s Treasury (2)

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“Sure.” Chen jingzhai nodded and took away the rest of the things.

“Come with me to the treasure vault,” the nine Kings said.”I’m not a stingy person. You can pick whatever you want in the treasure vault, but you can only pick five items, no more.”

“Do you have a cultivation artifact?” Chen jingzhai asked, bored.

“Not everyone of my sons has a cultivation artifact, do you think the Treasury has one?” The nine Kings said unhappily,”cultivation artifacts are fifth-grade and are very precious. Even if we have them, we can’t just leave them in the Treasury to eat their ashes. However, we do have fifth-grade materials or spirit items.”

Chen jingzhai’s interest was piqued, and he immediately entered the Treasury of the inner court with the nine Kings.

The treasure vault of the ninth Prince mansion was located on the island of the ninth Prince mansion. Unlike other islands, this Island was not only heavily guarded, but it was also reinforced by various formations.

Because this Island was called the ancestral Island, the nine Kings had placed their ancestral shrine and Treasury on this Island. No one without a token or the bloodline of the true dragon could enter, unless they were like Chen jingzhai, who had been brought here personally by the nine Kings.

The nine Kings stood in the air and cast a spell on the island’s array. Then, they brought Chen jingzhai into the island and bowed in the direction of the ancestral shrine.

“The patriarch of my bloodline is hidden in the ancestral shrine,” the nine Kings said.”You must be wondering why I have an ancestral shrine here, right?”

“It’s not strange at all. I know some things from wuxia.” The relationships in Dayong were complicated, especially since the imperial family was actually a big family. There were several princes and the Emperor, some of whom were blood-related and some of whom were not.

Chen jingzhai had no intention of probing further into this matter. In any case, he knew that the nine Kings had deep foundations and were ranked at the forefront of the imperial family.

“It’s good that you know. ” The nine Kings nodded, then led him into the treasure vault.

There was no one guarding this place, only two black Tigers guarding the door. The nine Kings casually threw two copper coins into their mouths, and the Black Tigers immediately came to life. One on the left and one on the right, they transformed their figures, and not long after, the door of the treasure vault was opened.

“A secret realm?” Chen jingzhai asked.

“Yes, a small secret realm.” The nine Kings said,”it’s a very stable Mystic realm. It can be guaranteed that no damage will occur. It’s very stable and very safe.”

Chen jingzhai nodded silently. If the mystic realm was used as a treasure vault, it would indeed be very safe. Even cultivators who were proficient in space spells or magical powers would find it difficult to enter the Mystic realm. A Mystic realm that was attached to the Qianyuan realm was not simple.

If it was a natural secret realm, it must be very stable. If it was an opened secret realm, it would require at least a tribulation passing true venerate or undead immortal to use a cultivation artifact to suppress it. There must also be many layers of restrictions and traps.

If this was not safe, then there was no safe place. No wonder there was no one guarding the Treasury except for bloodline puppet beasts.

Chen jingzhai followed the nine Kings into the Treasury.

The fluorescent light of the restriction slightly brightened, making everything in the treasure vault clearly visible. It was not a paradise, but a huge warehouse.

Rows of wooden shelves made of spirit wood were arranged neatly. These spirit wood were matched with restrictions to ensure that the spirit items would not be damaged with the passage of time. They had very good anti-corrosion, water resistance, fire resistance, and other effects.

There were all kinds of things placed on the wooden shelves, including elixirs, Dharma Treasures, spiritual materials, puppets, formation disks, talismans, Jade slips, animal skins, spiritual medicines, and so on.

Some of them looked unremarkable, while others emitted astonishing Yuan Qi fluctuations. Every one of them was different, and without a doubt, every one of them was very precious.

“The king’s mansion’s Treasury can’t be stored unless it’s a third-grade treasure.”

“A third-grade spell, a fourth-grade Dao spell, and a fifth-grade magical power,”

“Everything is included here. You can choose as much as you want.”

“Other than the five items, you can look at the rest of the cultivation techniques and spiritual spells as you wish. I heard that you’re a spell creation cultivator. This can be considered as my support for you.”

The nine Kings said magnanimously.

“No need, I don’t need these now.” Chen jingzhai smiled and shook his head.

He had carved out his own path and copied the ancient cultivation path. His innate techniques formed naturally and would even awaken the divine patterns in his body as his cultivation level rose.

It could be said that he would only see a bottleneck when he advanced to the sixth stage of true immortal. Now, the path ahead of him was smooth, and he didn’t need any other cultivation techniques or other items.

“Then choose carefully!” The nine Kings laughed.

“Alright!” Chen jingzhai walked into the treasure vault and his body started to float.

Ordinary items were no longer worth his attention. Most of the spiritual items here were of no value to him. Some of them could even be found in the primal world.

Anything that caught his eyes was undoubtedly very precious. For example, he saw a large piece of sunflower Water Essence. Generally speaking, sunflower Water Essence was a liquid, but it had condensed into Amber here, larger than his palm. Because its aura was not exposed, perhaps the nine Kings du could not see the actual situation of this thing, but it could not escape his natural Dharma eyes.

Once the Dharma Eye was opened, the ability of the divine patterns would be automatically enhanced, allowing him to see through the real and the fake.

It could be said that the moment Chen jingzhai entered the Treasury, he saw through everything, including the most precious items.

Chen jingzhai picked up a piece of sunflower Water Essence, then a piece of wood, a stone, a piece of Jade, and a palm-sized bronze leaf.

“Just this?” The nine Kings asked, slightly surprised.

The items that Chen jingzhai picked were all in the unknown item area. He didn’t really care about the other spiritual items, which surprised him.

“If father is willing to trade, I can have these three seeds.” Chen jingzhai laughed.”Golden Chicken mountain has opened up a spirit field. We need spirit herb seeds.”

“No wonder wuxia asked for the spirit herb seeds as an apology. There’s no need to mention the trade. These seeds are my personal gift to you.” The nine Kings said, waving their hands.

“Many thanks, father.” Chen jingzhai waved his hand and put it away.

The two of them quickly left the island where the treasure vault was located. The nine Kings arranged for him to stay on Chu wuxia’s Island, and then they left.

Chen jingzhai and Chu wuxia had long gone on a double break, so there was no need to arrange for them to stay in the guest courtyard. It was only natural for them to stay on Chu wuxia’s private island. After all, they had already accepted the betrothal gifts. From now on, the two of them were Dao companions.

Chu wuxia had yet to return, so Chen jingzhai chose to go into seclusion.

He handed the sunflower Water Essence to Yuan yang, who cut the amber-like sunflower Water Essence open. Four small portions were thrown into the four Seas, while the big portion was sent to the treasure vault of the twelve celestial palaces.

This kind of good thing was useful for both cultivation and refining treasures, so it couldn’t be wasted. As the sunflower Water Essence entered the sea, the sea area became deeper, and the yuan Qi in the sea water increased, which would bring great benefits in the future.

After that, Lord Daoist Yuan yang came to aparagodaniya and planted the bodhi seed and the piece of wood. The bodhi seed came from Shen Wanchun’s Bodhi string, and one of them was still alive. Lord Daoist Yuan yang used his innate Qi to activate its vitality.

The moment the bodhi seed fell into the soil, it sprouted, and its roots wrapped up the rest of the Bodhi Seeds. In the time it took to brew a cup of tea, it had grown to three feet. Although its origin was not innate, it was still a fifth-grade bodhi seed under the creation of the innate Qi.

As for the rotten wood, it was a rare psychic wood, and the root of a psychic wood. It also sought life in death and retained a little vitality. Under the creation of the innate Qi, a tender shoot grew out of the rotten wood, adjacent to the Bodhi tree.

As for the head-sized stone, there was nothing special about it, but it contained a stone embryo. Chen jingzhai had sent it into the zishu ancestral vein in the central Holy continent. The stone embryo was very small, and only the spirituality of the zishu ancestral vein could enter.

He believed that as time passed, divine general Zi Shu would naturally be born. By then, he would be able to survive in the midst of death, and with the help of the Earth and Spirit veins, he would be able to produce an innate God in the future. This stone embryo would still need a long time to be nurtured.

That piece of Jade was actually purple yang Jade essence. It was just that this divine item concealed itself by coating its surface with a layer of stone that spiritual will could not penetrate and sealed the purple Yang Qi. This kind of treasure could use the earth veins to create purple yang Jade mines. After Yuan yang perfected Lord injected it into the earth veins of jambu, there would probably be no lack of purple yang Jade in the future.

This Jade could also be refined into a cultivation artifact, but it required the Grand Sun primordial fire to be refined. However, to Chen jingzhai, cultivation artifacts were not as important as the resources of the Archean world, unless it was a grade six immortal artifact.

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