I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 430 - Summoning the wind and rain (1)

Chapter 430: Summoning the wind and rain (1)

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“So I’ve travelled thousands of miles to enter the langhuang region.”

“I brought wuxia to Tiandu to bully you.”

“I’m indeed the number one genius of the allheaven immortal gate. ”

“You actually dare to charge into the capital of da Yong alone.”

“Tsk, tsk, my story is finally going to spread in the eight desolation immortal market.”

Chen jingzhai’s face was calm, but there was a hint of mockery in his eyes as he spoke in an exaggerated tone.

He wasn’t surprised at all by the sixth Prince’s words.

He had learned about great Yong during the weekend.

Moreover, he still had the help of the full moon Pavilion to collect information.

He understood everything that Chu wuxia couldn’t say.

In fact, he even knew what this person had done in the eight desolation immortal market.

No one knew the sixth Prince better than Chen jingzhai.

Chen jingzhai was actually very clear about his actual situation and plans.

“You’re sharp-tongued, but I can’t help you,”

“If we retreat now, we can still save face.”

The sixth Prince took a step forward and appeared in the air as he spoke coldly.

He was wearing a black robe with a golden flood Dragon on it, and he looked particularly impressive at the moment.


Chen jingzhai chuckled, and the silver screen spiritual cloud under his feet floated up.

“You don’t know what’s good for you!”

The sixth Prince coldly snorted and waved his hand, sending out a green arc of light.

Chen jingzhai pointed his finger, and an air shield appeared in front of him.

The green arc of light destroyed the air shield, but its power also dissipated.

“Sixth Prince, are you sure you’ve figured out the intentions of the great emperor?”

“Are you sure you want to anger a genius of the allheaven immortal gate?”

Chen jingzhai asked calmly.


The sixth Prince didn’t reply. He opened his hand and a wind and thunder halberd appeared.

The halberd congealed the wind and lightning, slashing towards Chen jingzhai.

Chen jingzhai’s face was expressionless, but his eyes were cold.

His right hand formed a sword with his fingers and pointed it at the sixth Prince.

At the moment when the wind and thunder halberd came, black and white Qi swirled on his fingertips.

A sharp sword Qi was instantly slashed out.

The sword Qi tore through the wind and lightning, passing through the sixth Prince’s arm and striking the city wall.

A barrier appeared on the city wall. After the sword Qi hit it, the barrier rippled. In the end, the sword Qi dissipated, and the barrier gradually disappeared.

“You!” The sixth Prince didn’t scream, he just looked at Chen jingzhai with hatred.

His arm was broken, and even his wind and thunder halberd had been taken away by Chen jingzhai in an instant.

“There’s a price to pay for jumping out to attack me. ”

“So what if you’re the sixth Prince?”

“There are many princes in the great Yong Empire, and even more princes.”

“You are still nothing without breaking through to the soul formation stage.”

Chen jingzhai said as he released a flame.

The orange-red flame landed on the broken hand and burned it to ashes.

It didn’t even take a breath, which showed the power of the flame.

After the three flowers gathered, Chen jingzhai’s body automatically formed the three true fire.

His original life true fire had been completely absorbed by the three true fire.

Now, the three true flames were more than one level stronger than when it was first born.

The color of the flame also changed.

“Damn it, what are you guys doing?”

“Let’s attack together!”

The sixth Prince shouted at the top of his lungs.

The people who were with him flew up and surrounded Chen jingzhai.

In just an instant, they had formed a battle formation.

“Are you guys done thinking?”

“Outside the celestial capital, attack the geniuses of the allheaven celestial gate,”

“I can’t guarantee any consequences.”

As Chen jingzhai spoke, he sent a voice transmission to Chu wuxia, not letting her interfere.

Chu wuxia obediently stood beside perfected Lord Ji.

“Cut the crap,”

“You’ve tried to kill me with malicious intent, so you’ll be sentenced to death!”

“Kill him!”

The sixth Prince shouted.

He knew that the great Yong imperial family and the nobles were determined to win over Chu wuxia.

If he wanted to keep Chu wuxia, he had to make Chen jingzhai back off.

They had originally been wary of true venerate Yudu.

Who knew that true venerate Yudu wouldn’t appear and would only act as a Dao protector?

Since that was the case, Prince six didn’t mind making a move.

He wanted to share the venerable sovereign’s worries and solve the royal family’s problems.

With da Yong as his backing, the sixth Prince was not afraid of Chen jingzhai.

The few princes and Sons of nobles who had come with him all had the same thought.

Therefore, after the sixth Prince gave the order, the group of nascent souls attacked one after another.

They surrounded Chen jingzhai in a battle formation and then threw out their spells.

A dazzling spell instantly descended and exploded in the air.

But the one who screamed was the sixth Prince, who had been switched by Chen jingzhai.

The spell that was supposed to land on Chen jingzhai …

All of it fell on Prince six.

The noble heirs and princes who wanted to continue stopped one after another.

Half of them continued to charge at Chen jingzhai.

“It’s boring!”

Chen jingzhai sighed softly, once again reversing the position of the sixth Prince.

He stood on the silver screen spirit cloud and opened his palm.

Yin and yang Qi appeared in his palm, and he secretly activated the reverse divine power.


With Chen jingzhai as the center, a powerful pressure suddenly swept out.

Even though he was in the air, the people standing on the ground felt the pressure as heavy as a mountain. Everyone’s expression changed, they realized that Chen jingzhai was serious.


It was as if lightning was flashing and tearing the sky apart.

A grey sword Qi shot out from Chen jingzhai’s palm.

It was different from the thin and long sword Qi at the beginning.

This sword Qi covered more than 60 miles and directly rushed toward Tiandu.

All the nascent souls in the air, including the sixth Prince, had their bodies torn apart by the sword Qi.

If not for the protection of the spiritual treasure, he would have died long ago.

Even so, the sixth Prince was seriously injured and unconscious.

However, the situation in Tiandu was even more serious.

The gray sword Qi directly pierced through the barrier and restriction array of Tiandu.

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