I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 43 - : Chased Out   

Chapter 43: Chased Out


When Su Qinghuang opened her eyes in the Xuanming Cave, the void was filled with light, as if it had been suddenly struck by lightning.

She had reached the level of Golden Core Sage. Her energy had gathered in her core, and her muscles tightened.

Only when she was cultivating would she breathe along with the methods. Hints of marvelousness could be found in her breath.

With a single twitch of her finger, she could tell that she had been in Seclusion Training for a few months.

“The seal script sure is amazing,” Su Qinghuang exclaimed as she breathed out.

Every ancient seal script consisted of power beyond one’s imagination.

They were long lost and forgotten by people. Of those that remained, not many knew how to activate the power contained inside of a seal script.

She found herself enchanted by the Dragon and Phoenix Consummation Seal Script when she got her hands on it and started reading the Phoenix chapter.

Every word in it would dance in her mind as if they were restless word spirits.

Even just by reading the seal script without cultivating, she could feel her cultivation increase.

Su Qinghuang was so excited that she wanted to jump straight into training.

“Master Mingyue has mentioned that the Hongluan Sky Scripture can help one achieve Nirvana. Doesn’t that mean the Phoenix chapter can be merged with the Hongluan Sky Scripture?” she asked herself. “But, since we’re talking about Nirvana, it seems that I have to start all over again…”

She couldn’t help but frown. In the end, the Dragon and Phoenix Consummation Seal Script was a duo-cultivation method.

The Dragon chapter was the main one, while the Phoenix chapter would assist it.

If she were to cultivate the Phoenix chapter on her own, her methods would definitely affect the progress. Moreover, it could cause her to embarrass herself in front of her junior brother, who had cultivated the Dragon chapter.

The difference between the Dragon chapter and the Phoenix chapter was still visible to the naked eye. That was why she had to merge the Phoenix chapter into the Hongluan Sky Scripture.

That would result in the Nirvana of methods she was trying to achieve.

The only problem was that she had to begin from the Meditation chapter and focus on organizing her methods.

It was a long process, and she had to stay in Seclusion Training for a very long time.

The thought of that made Su Qinghuang get up and leave the secluded place.

In the past, she would rarely want to stop her Seclusion Training. But, even if she did, she would continue to practice her spells in the cave.

However, this time, the first thing she thought of the moment she got out was the Spring Breeze Residence that Chen Jingzhai was staying at.

She couldn’t help but smile when she saw the sign for the residence.

The three words on the sign were all seal characters, and they held a lot of meaning.

It could even mean something bad if one were to understand it from a different perspective.

“Senior sister, did you complete your Seclusion Training?” Chen Jingzhai had felt someone trespass on the formation he had set around his residence and came out to check.

“I have begun to understand the seal script, but I still need some time to fully comprehend it,” Su Qinghuang replied and sniffed. “I smell the pure aroma of herbs. It’s the Essence Cultivation Elixir. So you have started to walk the path of elixir alchemy!”

“Yes, I’m interested in it, and I have to find a way to earn more spiritual stones,” Chen Jingzhai replied.

He had already successfully created the Essence Cultivation Elixir.

A total of 36 elixirs were made in one session, and all of them were of high quality. But unfortunately, he only had enough ingredients for a single session.

However, the quality and the number of the elixirs he had produced were more than enough for him to cover his cost, and he would even be able to net a fortune from them.

“A cultivator should not only focus on increasing their cultivation but also focus on the ways of upholding our belief and ways of survival. Walking the path of elixir alchemy is something worth celebrating.” Su Qinghuang grinned. “Looks like I’ll have to trouble you even more often from now on.”

Having an elixir alchemy master would be extremely beneficial to Hongluan Peak.

As the only direct descendant, Su Qinghuang was glad to see Chen Jingzhai succeed.

“Of course.” Chen Jingzhai was still a little uncomfortable with how humble his senior sister was.

“Where’s Pearl?” Su Qinghuang then asked. “I don’t see her.”

“She went to Elixir Peak to sell the Essence Cultivation Elixirs and help me buy some ingredients,” Chen Jingzhai replied.

He needed to create more elixirs with the time he had left and earn more spiritual stones.

Since he was in a hurry, he had no choice but to ask Pearl to help him, and he even paid her for her help.

Pearl was extremely excited when she was paid with spiritual stones and would gladly help Chen Jingzhai whenever he needed it.

“You sure know how to order people around!” Su Qinghuang scolded, showing a hint of dissatisfaction. “You’re a disciple of the Daoxuan Peak now. Have you visited the peak yet?”

“Nope.” Chen Jingzhai hesitated. “Do I go there alone?”

“You just have to bring your identity token and meet with the Peak Master,” Su Qinghuang replied. “The senior sister I’m close with is a cultivation partner there.”

“Your senior sister? You mean Senior Sister Mei?” Chen Jingzhai knew of a senior sister who had transferred to another peak.

However, despite having transferred, she was still a disciple of Hongluan Peak.

A situation like that wasn’t actually rare.

“Yes.” Su Qinghuang’s eyes were calm. “She entered Hongluan Peak and then transferred to train in the methods of Lijian peak. She wasn’t taught everything, but she was successful in gathering her core. She then became a cultivation partner with Senior Brother Yang of the Daoxuan Peak.”

For one to become a Peak Master, they had to be a Nascent Zhenjun.

Since Su Qinghuang had yet to reach that stage, she wasn’t the Peak Master of Hongluan Peak, and that position remained vacant.

Knowing that rule, Chen Jingzhai understood what it meant for him to visit the Peak Master of Daoxuan Peak.

“I’ll wait for Pearl to come back before I go,” he said.

“No. You better go now. Isn’t it a waste to just stay here and create elixirs? Not only can you earn spiritual stones by accepting missions from the peaks, but you can also train at the same time. It’s a good chance for you to grow even further.”

“But…” Chen Jingzhai frowned as he felt that there was more to his senior sister’s words.

“Listen to me if you still think of me as your senior sister,” Su Qinghuang said. “How am I supposed to study the Phoenix chapter when you are here at Hongluan Peak? It’s not like you don’t know that the dragon and phoenix attract each other.”

“I get it…” Chen Jingzhai bitterly smiled. “I’ll prepare and leave as soon as I can.”

Su Qinghuang nodded, but she didn’t leave right away.

With mixed feelings, Chen Jingzhai headed back into his residence and tidied the elixir cauldron before removing the formation.

It only took him a few minutes to finish his preparation.

After saying goodbye to Su Qinghuang, he stepped onto his sword and left.

Su Qinghuang let out a sigh as she watched him leave.

Yet, she remained in the residence until Pearl returned.

“Master!” The little girl ran into the residence with a huge grin on her face.

“Jingzhai has left for Daoxuan Peak. So you don’t have to serve him anymore. You can visit him if you want,” Su Qinghuang coldly told Pearl. “Life remains the same. It’s just that he’s not around anymore.”

Pearl looked at Su Qinghuang as tears filled her eyes. She couldn’t believe what she had just been told.

Su Qinghuang turned to leave. She could hear sobs behind her, but they quickly stopped.

Peace soon returned to Hongluan Peak, high above the clouds, just like how it had been for the past 300 years.

The only difference was that a little girl now lived in the Spring Breeze Residence.

She would always water the plants in the residence while mumbling something.

Chen Jingzhai knew nothing of what had happened at Hongluan Peak after leaving.

He still felt awkward about being chased out of the peak by his senior sister.

However, her reason was perfect. Methods were the most important thing to a cultivator.

There was nothing he could do when she had mentioned it was for his own cultivation.

“Man, being a junior brother sure is depressing,” he sighed. “Let’s just hope that Senior Sister Mei is a much more reasonable person.”

As the wind breezed past his face, he cheered himself up.

It wasn’t as if he really hated the idea of heading to Daoxuan Peak.

Having lived two lives, being able to cultivate peacefully and quietly had its merits, but it didn’t mean he didn’t like a crowd either.

Compared to his life in Hongluan Peak, he was much more looking forward to his life in Daoxuan Peak, as he was a depressed junior brother in the former, while he would be a Master-Uncle in the latter.

A visible peak and a hidden branch were fundamentally different. He would be able to taste the actual experience of being in a celestial clan in Daoxuan Peak.

With a bit of expectation, Chen Jingzhai looked at Daoxuan Peak, situated north.

It was a peak that was turned upside down. The pointy peak was pointing downward, and it looked like an inverted bamboo shoot from afar.

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