I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 421 - Level up of the curse seed (2)

Chapter 421: Level up of the curse seed (2)

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It was his chest that was constantly instilling Xiantian Qi into it, allowing tu Ruoyan to better replenish her blood vessels. Once she succeeded, she would have sixth-rank blood vessels!

“Just a little benefit?”

“Even if I successfully create the technique, I won’t be able to break through from the Aurous core advanced stage to the nascent soul advanced stage.”

“The key is that you haven’t had a lightning tribulation yet. It’s really strange.”

True venerate Yudu was a little dissatisfied with his concealment.

“Alright then!”

I’ve gained some benefits from the Dragon Gate secret realm.”

“I’ll complete the creation of the technique and change the foundation. ”

“He has embarked on the path of ancient cultivation.”

After Chen jingzhai finished speaking, he no longer retracted his aura.

He was still at the fourth stage, but the rising aura could not lie.

The aura of ancient cultivators was completely different from that of modern cultivators.

It was more ethereal, simple, pure, and ethereal.

One could tell the difference at a glance.

True venerate Yudu looked at him in shock.

Her lips trembled slightly and she could not speak.

“How did you do it?” He asked in an excited voice.

“I’m the one who can give you the greatest benefits in the Dragon Gate secret realm.” Chen jingzhai said indifferently,”however, this is not a good thing. If you walk the path of ancient cultivation, I’m afraid you will need a huge amount of resources in the future. It will be very difficult to break through, so the marriage with Dayong is imperative.”

“So you have such considerations.” True venerate Yudu nodded slowly.

The ancient cultivation world indeed had a very high demand for resources.

The immortal sect had studied the ancient cultivation path a lot, so it was not impossible to cultivate it.

Instead, he wanted to worship a deity transformation stage cultivator.

It would hurt the immortal sect.

Most likely, even fourth-grade and above materials would be greatly damaged.

“The copper coins in the eight desolate immortal market are the best cultivation resources.”

“It’s precisely because of the copper coins that I was willing to change my Foundation. ”

“At least I’ve taken this step. I’m already in the advanced stage of the fourth stage.”

“I can’t say that I’ve reached the heavens in a single step, but I’ve made great progress.”

Chen jingzhai said calmly as a vitality copper coin appeared in his hand.

A three-lined Origin Energy copper coin was worth a million Yuan.

However, in his hands, it was completely absorbed in an instant.

True venerate Yudu’s heart trembled with fear as he watched.”Have you talked to Daoist floating cloud before?”

“No,” Chen jingzhai said indifferently,”there’s no need to trouble him with this.”

“AI!” True venerate Yudu stopped talking.

Since this was Chen jingzhai’s choice, he would not interfere.

He couldn’t interfere.

This was the path Chen jingzhai had chosen, so there was no need for him to say anything.

“Next, I’m going to go into seclusion.”

“Qingqing will enter the seamless land directly.”

“I’ll have to trouble you to take care of her along the way. ”

Chen jingzhai said.

“Don’t worry!”

True venerate Yudu nodded.

Chen jingzhai bowed and disappeared on the spot.

He went to the bedroom and took Chu wuxia on a two-day break.

Chu wuxia’s cultivation hadn’t broken through, but her physical body, bloodline, and physique had transformed.

The Yi wood Green Dragon divine body was already a top-notch physique.

Next, she only needed to cultivate step by step to break through.

Chen jingzhai had dual cultivation with it, but he used it to activate the power of his Constitution.

He was preparing for Chu wuxia’s next breakthrough.

Seven days later.

Qing Qing drove qingzhai into the seamless land.

Chu wuxia ended her two-day break and went into seclusion to comprehend the changes in her physique.

Hong Xiu, Liu Qingxue, and Chen jingzhai were on a double break and had benefited greatly.

The two of them took turns to rest for half a year and went into seclusion.

It was only during the second year after he entered the seamless land that Chen jingzhai went into seclusion.

He wasn’t in a hurry to cultivate either. Instead, he began to upgrade his cursed seed.

The primal cursed seed was the key to the primal world he had created.

Now, it seemed that it was still too crude.

The core was none other than world authority.

Using the curse seed to bear the power of the world as the key,

It could also prevent the prying of existences above the deity transformation true venerate.

He used to think that it was okay, but now it didn’t seem so.

Chen jingzhai immediately split his attention and entered the primal world.

He started to reimagine the world key.

After condensing his primordial spirit, his thoughts were extremely fast.

He redesigned the curse seed.

On one hand, it had the four seal characters of the eight desolate immortal market as one.

As a whole, it looked like a complicated talisman.

It no longer existed in the form of a curse seed.

Instead, it was a tattoo on the cultivator’s wrist.

On the other hand, they would develop and increase the functions.

The first function was naturally the effect of the key.

This time, it was a brand new key.

He could also choose to enter with his true body.

However, only golden core cultivators and those below could do so.

Cultivators at the nascent soul and soul formation stages and above were unable to enter with their true bodies.

Function 2: opens up the storage ability of the portable space.

The tattoo on his wrist was a portable space that could be increased with the copper coin.

Other than himself, no one else could take out the items in the space.

In addition, cultivators could also take over the inheritance business in the eight desolation immortal market.

Deciding on an heir in advance,

Once the inheritor died, he would be able to obtain the items in the space.

This also meant that the ability to manipulate space was dependent on the eight desolation immortal market.

The good news was that as long as he had the upgrade key, he would naturally be able to obtain the basic space.

The basic size of the space was seven feet.

Function 3: the ability to send messages through tattoos and add friends.

If both of you have the tattooed key to the eight desolate immortal market,

They could add each other as friends in either the eight desolate immortal market or the Qianyuan world.

He could directly control it with his spiritual will.

Once the addition was successful, they could contact each other through voice transmission at any time.

However, a certain amount of vitality copper coins would be used up every time he sent a voice transmission.

There was basically no loss in voice transmission in the eight desolate immortal market.

However, if he used voice transmission in the Qianyuan world, he would lose copper coins according to the distance.

Function 4: the tattooed key has increased its self-defense ability.

If a cultivator was assassinated or cursed, they would be injured.

The tattooed key would automatically defend itself.

It would raise a protective shield for the cultivator, covering all 360 degrees with no blind spots.

However, the first time, it would only last for the time it takes to brew a cup of tea.

If he wanted to maintain it, he would need even more copper coins.

Any copper coin would do, but each type of copper coin had a different duration.

The three-patterned copper coins could last the longest. The more coins there were, the longer they would last.

Function 5: the tattoo has an additional screen projection function.

The so-called projection screen was actually a spell that was similar to a water mirror spell and a round light spell.

A light screen could be raised on the tattoo.

On the screen, the various rankings of the central Palace would appear.

Even if it was the bounty list or the Dao seeking list of other palaces,

They could all be seen directly.

If you add a friend and connect with a friend,

They could see each other’s faces and speak directly.

There was no need for voice transmission.

However, the consumption was also huge, and he had to start with copper coins.

The changes brought about by the five functions were undoubtedly shocking.

In the past, the curse seed was only a key.

This time, it turned into a tattoo and directly evolved the key into a magical treasure.

After Chen jingzhai finished the design, he tried it out for himself.

After confirming that there were no problems, he immediately used the world’s authority.

He began to upgrade every customer in the eight desolate immortal market.

Within the eight desolations immortal market.

At this moment, all the cultivators naturally received the message.

[Do you choose to upgrade your spell seed immediately?]

“After the curse seed is upgraded, it can serve the guests better.”

“Five new functions. Please try them out.”

“Please note that you only have one chance to choose.”

“If you choose not to level up, you’ll need to spend a lot of money to level up in the future.”

“Please choose carefully.”

This information naturally appeared in their minds.

It was sudden and without any warning.

Some of the more sensitive cultivators had already left the eight desolate immortal market.

However, some cultivators who trusted the eight desolation immortal market were immediately promoted.

After all, the eight desolate immortal market had reminded him that he only had one chance.

And it was free of charge, so of course everyone was curious.

Su qingluan and Ji Shuanghua contacted Chen jingzhai as soon as they could.

Chen jingzhai naturally chose to believe in the eight desolate immortal market.

Therefore, all the girls chose to level up.

The curse seed in his body directly turned into the pattern on his wrist.

These patterns could also change into various forms.

Stars, squares, circles, stripes, waves, and so on.

Before the women could figure it out,

There were already cultivators who eagerly entered the eight desolate immortal market with their true bodies.

This time, the cultivator’s true body entered the eight desolate immortal market.

There was a reminder to set the location to enter the immortal market.

They were either on the cloud road or in their private rooms.

A rich cultivator directly appeared in his private room,

Then, they left the room in a hurry.

He began to stroll around the eight desolate immortal market.

The poor cultivators also hurriedly entered the immortal market through the cloud road.

It was a completely different feeling between the spiritual will and the real body.

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