I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 418 - The end of the secret realm (2)

Chapter 418: The end of the secret realm (2)

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Fu Yunzi’s tribulation was imminent.

Even though there were turbulent undercurrents in the allheaven immortal gate,

However, they were definitely not weak to the outside world. After all, they were a first-rank immortal sect.

The immortals of the ninth bloodline were indeed not present.

But he could contact the other Immortals at any time.

If they really wanted to attack Chen jingzhai, so what if they gathered their forces?

It was impossible to be kind without paying a huge price.

He could see the situation clearly.

“After they come out, leave as soon as possible!” True venerate Hong Ling said in a deep voice,”he went on a killing spree in the secret realm and obstructed the opportunities of the demonic beast Supreme talents. They might not make a move on Longmen mountain, but it’s hard to say if they won’t ambush us.”

“Many thanks.” True venerate Yudu said calmly.

If true venerate Hong Ling could come,

It was clear that the spirit turtle market didn’t want to offend the allheaven immortal sect.

Even though GUI Xun was sent out by Chen jingzhai,

However, the two heaven’s favorites had successfully made the leap.

It was of great significance to the collection of spirit turtles, so they naturally had no hatred for Chen jingzhai.

However, as one of the 13 forces,

The spirit turtle market also had to consider the opinions of the other gathering forces.

If he helped Chen jingzhai on the surface,

The spirit turtle market would also end up in the Dragon Gate area.

Even if they gathered their forces, they would not be able to bear the consequences.

“Let’s call off the marriage. ”

“He’s a troublemaker, and our Yi family doesn’t want to be affected by karma. ”

“After I return, I will propose to hold a spiritual Exchange Conference between the two sects.”

“We’ll discuss and communicate in detail when the time comes.”

After saying that, true venerate Hong Ling turned around and left.

Originally, both han Xianzhi and the Yi family’s woman were speechless.

They could be connected by marriage to Chen jingzhai to strengthen their relationship.

This was a great opportunity for the Yi family.

Unfortunately, han Xianzhi was useless, and Chen jingzhai didn’t know what was important.

This was definitely not a situation that true venerate Hong Ling was willing to see.

However, the allheaven immortal sect was powerful after all.

Neither the Yi family nor the star God sect wanted to offend them.

Setting up a dharma assembly could also improve their relationship.

However, in this way, the Yi family’s role and relationship in this matter would be weakened.

This was something that could not be helped.

The Yi family had a close relationship with the spiritual turtle market.

In comparison, it was much more secure than the allheaven immortal gate.

It was understandable that the Yi family was more inclined to the collection of spiritual turtles.

Nine days later.

The Dragon Gate secret realm suddenly shook slightly, and a few figures appeared in the air.

Under everyone’s watchful eyes, the Dragon Gate secret realm closed and the sky returned to its original state.

Chen jingzhai held Chu wuxia’s hand.

He and the other three demonic beast heaven’s favorites descended from the sky.

Before they even landed, Chen jingzhai noticed the strange atmosphere.

One by one, malicious gazes were cast over.

He had clearly locked onto Chen jingzhai.

“A bunch of trash. They can’t even do anything to me in the Dragon rebel River.”

“You think you can do anything to me just because you left the secret realm?”

Chen jingzhai laughed coldly as he released his aura.

The gazes were defeated one after another, causing quite a commotion.

“Advanced stage of the fourth stage?”

“You broke through in the secret plane?”

“Why isn’t there any lightning tribulation?”

True venerate Yudu instantly appeared beside him and asked with concern.

He was in disbelief. Chen jingzhai’s improvement was too great.

The Dragon Gate secret realm could also help cultivators like Chen jingzhai improve so much?

This was simply unheard of!

“I walked the path of creating a technique and broke through to rank-4 perfectly.”

“As for the lightning tribulation, it might be related to the true dragon secret realm.”

Chen jingzhai shook his head and didn’t elaborate.

True venerate Yudu nodded and didn’t ask any more questions.

He was one of the few people who knew that Chen jingzhai had a strange phenomenon when he broke through to the Golden core stage.

He naturally understood Chen jingzhai’s talent in the art of creation.

The breakthrough was real, and it couldn’t be hidden from him, a true venerate.

It was also a good thing that there was no lightning tribulation, so there was no need to investigate too much.

Moreover, this was not the time to investigate.

True venerate Yudu brought Chen jingzhai and the others

They arrived at the cave abode in the spirit turtle market.

True venerate Hong Luan and Chu Yuanqing were both there when they saw elder Guiyan.

“You guys really leaped through the Dragon Gate?” Elder Guiyan asked.

“Yes!” GUI Ming and GUI Lai looked at each other and chuckled.

The next moment, the two of them transformed back into their original forms.

It was no longer in the form of a spiritual turtle, but in the form of a dragon turtle.

The turtle shell was densely covered with dragon scales and thorns.

The most important thing was that they had dragon horns on their heads.

The thick pressure of a true dragon couldn’t be faked!

“Good, good, good!”

Elder Guiyan and the other elders of the spirit turtle market laughed in excitement.

They felt it the most clearly.

Even the demon Emperor, who was in the deity transformation stage, could feel the heavy pressure.

Just this alone proved that …

The bloodlines of the two brothers, GUI Ming and GUI Lai, had been elevated.

“I still have to thank brother jingzhai. If it wasn’t for brother jingzhai’s help,”

“We don’t even have the chance to jump through the Dragon Gate.”

Guilai said.

“Yes, yes, yes!”

“If it wasn’t for the help of the Dragon Gate,”

“We can’t even compete with a rank-4 heaven’s favorite.”

GUI Ming quickly echoed.


“Chen tianjiao can actually break the power of the Dragon Gate?”

Elder Guiyan’s smile disappeared and he looked over.

“Two brothers, you’re wrong.”

“It’s just the power of the formation, not the power of the Dragon Gate.”

Chen jingzhai shook his head and said.


Where would there be a formation in the Dragon Gate?”

“Do you think we don’t know what happens after we jump through the Dragon Gate?”

Chu Yuanqing snorted coldly.

“I don’t know how it was in the past, but there is indeed a formation this time.”

“And it’s a chain formation. I just happen to know how to use formations.”

Chen jingzhai didn’t feel guilty at all and said calmly.

“Brother jingzhai is right.”

Guilai nodded and told him the information he had obtained.

Elder Guiyan instantly stood up,”how is this possible?”

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