I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 401 - Azure sky Divine Tree (1)

Chapter 401: Azure sky Divine Tree (1)

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“Welcome, King Chu!”

Elder Guiyan’s voice sounded in the air.

The other forces that were originally paying attention to this place instantly shifted their eyes away.

He was da Yong’s 13th Prince, Chu Yuanqing, an old friend.

“Elder Guiyan is too polite.”

“My friends, we meet again.”

The Chu King laughed heartily as he descended from the sky with two women and a man.

One of the 13 Kings of the DA Yong Empire, Chu Yuanqing.

With his late divine transformation realm cultivation base, he should not have passed the human tribulation yet.

The Imperial grandson Chu Yao and the two princesses followed him.

The Dragon Gate secret realm’s spots were all taken by the imperial family of Dayong.

There was no possibility of sharing.

As for whether he was a Prince or a Crown Prince, there were no rules.

As long as he was a heaven’s favorite, it was fine.

Among the three heaven’s favorites, Chu Yao was at the early stage of the original level.

The other two were late-stage golden core cultivators.

As Chen jingzhai recalled the information, true venerate Yudu’s voice rang in his ear.

He held tu Ruoyan’s hand and went to the cave with Yi Tianxing and han Xianzhi.

The cave abode in the spirit turtle market was extremely vast.

Although it wasn’t as luxurious as a cultivator ‘s, it was still Grand and clean.

They were completely different from ordinary demonic beast tribes.

The three heaven’s favorites and the four heaven’s favorites from the spiritual turtle gathering arrived.

Chu Yuanqing was currently conversing with true venerate Yudu and true venerate Hong Ling.

This wasn’t the first time he had met true venerate Hong Ling.

On the other hand, it was true venerate Yudu’s first time representing the allheaven celestial gate.

After exchanging pleasantries, Chu Yuanqing could not help but speculate.

After the group of heaven’s favorites greeted each other, they started to chat.

As the Imperial grandson, Chu Yao was not arrogant.

Instead, he was very gentle and polite.

Even Chen jingzhai couldn’t feel disgusted.

As for the two princesses, although they were beautiful, they were not as good as tu Ruoyan.

The two women were not as cultured as Chu Yao, so they naturally had a sense of superiority.

Perhaps it was their first time here, so they were a little repulsed by GUI Lai and GUI Ming.

This did not surprise Chen jingzhai.

The great Yong Empire was the Empire of the human race, and had a different attitude towards demonic beasts.

They had a kind attitude towards demon kings who had completely transformed.

However, if it was just a transformed demon, he would not be happy.

According to the news from the eight desolate immortal market,

He was sure that it was not only the two princesses.

It should be said that the people of da Yong were all like this.

Princess Chu wuxia didn’t reject tu Ruoyan at all.

She hugged tu Ruoyan’s arm and refused to let go.

Even if tu Ruoyan had no feelings for her, she didn’t care.

Princess Chu xuanyao and han Xianzhi felt like old friends at first sight.

If not for Chu Yao’s Royal grandson,

The four heavenly prides of the spirit turtle fair would probably be ignored.

“Chu Yao is really lucky to see the full moon Tower master.”

“I wonder if I can trade foundation building pills with Yao?”

Chu Yao asked openly.

“The full moon restaurant is open for business, so naturally, we won’t refuse our guests.”

“It’s just that the ingredients for the foundation pill are lacking. If Chu tianjiao wants them,”

“I can give you three big portions.”

Chen jingzhai said indifferently.

Three portions wasn’t a small number, a total of thirty-six foundation building pills.

This was a large portion of the Moonview restaurant, and there were twelve pills in one portion.

A small portion was three, and a medium portion was six.

But not just anyone could buy it, otherwise Chu Yao wouldn’t have asked for it himself.

The allheaven immortal sect was very strict with the control of Foundation establishment pills.

Even if moon Pavilion wanted to sell more foundation building pills,

He also needed to exercise restraint, so he was only selling a small portion at the moment.

Only immortal sects were qualified to purchase the large portion.

Now that Chen jingzhai was here, there was no problem.

“Then I will have to thank you.” Chu Yao nodded with a smile.

The great Yong dynasty’s imperial family didn’t lack Foundation establishment pills, but that didn’t mean he didn ‘t.

An individual was different from the royal family.

To the Imperial grandson, the foundation building elixir was more important.

The dustfall pill and the like did not need to be rewarded, as there were more channels.

After staying in the hall for a while, the crowd dispersed.

Chen jingzhai brought tu Ruoyan back to the cave.

Because of what had happened before, han Xianzhi had been indifferent to him.

Yi Tian Xing wanted to say something, but Chen jingzhai was too fast.

“As expected, they want to join forces.”

“The Dragon Gate secret realm is a demonic beast secret realm after all.”

“It’s only right for cultivators to join forces. ”

Chen jingzhai hugged tu Ruoyan as they sat on the deck chair he had made.

“What does my husband think?” Tu Ruoyan asked as she laid on his chest.

“It doesn’t matter if we join forces. We can’t trust anyone in the secret realm.”

“I’m planning to stay at the back of the team in this mystery realm. I need your help.”

Chen jingzhai said in a deep voice.

If they stayed in the back and killed their way forward, they would be able to accumulate strength and charge at the Dragon Gate.

As for joining forces, no one knew the exact situation, so how could they join forces?

If two cultivators appeared together, they would probably kill each other.

Therefore, he didn’t see the need to join forces.

Unless there was a close bond between him and tu Ruoyan.

“I won’t let my husband down.”

Tu Ruoyan’s eyes were filled with pride and determination.

She was a nine Yin tribulation Fox with a sixth-stage bloodline.

Even though his bloodline was incomplete, he still had the strength of a fourth-rank.

He could definitely kill in the Dragon Gate secret realm.

As the two of them were talking, Chu wuxia ran over.

Chen jingzhai realized that this woman was obsessed with looks.

Towards good-looking people, she was naturally close to them.

Although it wasn’t shallow, it was hard to reject.

Chen jingzhai didn’t refuse the door, but instead happily welcomed them in.

“Junior Brother Chen, everyone is talking about the secret realm. Why did you leave alone?”

“Could it be that there’s some misunderstanding about us?”

Chu wuxia asked with a smile.

“There’s no misunderstanding. I just feel that it’s unnecessary. ”

“Does the princess really think we can work together?”

Chen jingzhai asked with a smile.

“If we can work together, the demonic beasts can naturally do the same.”

“As far as I know, the advanced rank-4 monster Kings have such intentions.”

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