I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 39 - Master-Uncle Arrives

Chapter 39: Master-Uncle Arrives

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The Heavenly Artisan (branch) had a significant status in the Luo Sheng Sword School. It was a visible peak that trained alchemists and puppet masters. Many of the clan pavilions, the buildings in the mountains, the robes, swords, and more were from the Heavenly Artisan Temple. Thus, the Heavenly Artisan Temple was the most popular. Also, unlike the other visible peaks, the rules were lax in the Heavenly Artisan Temple.

They welcomed others to visit them and order custom-made spiritual items or treasures. They would even publish some missions. These missions would also have very generous compensation. Even cultivators of hidden branches could accept them. It was this relaxed and open style that made the Heavenly Artisan Temple popular and lively. Usually, the Heavenly Artisan Temple would be the place in the celestial clan with the most cultivators.

Next would be Handy Peak. This was unexpected by many people. The Heavenly Artisan Temple was on Tianzhu Peak, south of Cloud Palace. After Chen Jingzhai left Hongluan Peak, he rode to this mountain by himself, using the Five Bamboo Sword. Chen Jingzhai was gradually becoming better at using the Five Bamboo Sword after refining it and especially after cultivating the two sword techniques. Even though he did not know swordsmanship, he was still able to use it as a flying device. Chen Jingzhai stood on the hilt with his hands behind his back and soared through the sky. If a mortal saw him, they would definitely praise him and call him a sword god!

But in reality, he had many difficulties. He could fly with the Five Bamboo Sword, but he had to exert too much effort. To save spiritual power, he didn’t even dare activate the Five Bamboo Sword’s power. He lacked even the protective Qi. His robes fluttered as he flew, and they looked handsome, but he was actually suffering. Thankfully, he was very fast. It was only a short while before he could see Tianzhu Peak in the distance. Carefully communicating with the Five Bamboo Sword, Chen Jingzhai appeared at the tip of the peak in a flash. The Five Bamboo Sword transformed into a streak of light and nosedived directly into his body.

Even though he had used up a lot of his divine mind and some of his spiritual power, he could handle it. He straightened his clothes and stepped forward. The Heavenly Artisan Temple was different from the Tianzhu Peak, Hongluan Peak, and Ancestral Peak that he had seen before. The pavilions were not clustered together. Instead, they appeared on the left and right.

On the left side was the Alchemy Temple of the alchemists. On the right side was the Puppet Temple of the puppet masters. There was a huge cauldron on the square before the pavilion on the left side. A fire burned under the cauldron. Before the pavilion on the right was a huge divine general. It was clad in golden armor and stood 36 feet tall. This divine general was not a statue. Instead, it was a huge puppet made from all sorts of materials.

The entire mountaintop was like this. It seemed to be clearly divided, but it was also harmonious. Chen Jingzhai scanned it and entered the pavilion on the left with a calm expression.

“Huang Shi greets the Little Master-Uncle!”

A Taoist with a long beard and a wine gourd hanging from his waist appeared. He seemed a bit disheveled. He stood before Chen Jingzhai and greeted Chen Jingzhai with an awkward smile.

“No need to do so.” Chen Jingzhai smiled. “Deacon Huang, it is my first time here and there are still many things that I don’t know. I came this time to learn from you.”

“Little Master-Uncle, you’re too polite!” Huang Shi said, chuckling awkwardly.

Chen Jingzhai’s name had spread throughout all the mountains and peaks. Everyone knew that there was a new direct disciple in the clan. But no one thought that Chen Jingzhai was actually in the same generation as Headmaster Fuyun. Even more, he had somehow become the Little Master-Uncle of Daoxuan Peak. He was the youngest of those in his generation, and he was the most recent one to join.

Thus, not only was he the Little Master-Uncle of Daoxuan Peak, but he was also the Little Master-Uncle of the entire clan. Huang Shi was the deacon of the Alchemy Temple. He was a Golden Core Sage. And yet, he had to greet this kid, Chen Jingzhai, who wasn’t even 18 years old yet, as if he was a master. He felt embarrassed despite all his years of cultivation.

“The clan has strict rules, but it’s not the mortal world. Deacon Huang, please don’t mind it.” Chen Jingzhai’s words had another layer of meaning. “We shouldn’t be troubled with names and etiquette. If a mark is left in our heart, how can the Path remain?”

If one’s heart was restricted by superficial titles or etiquette, it would definitely leave marks. Then where would the Path that one pursued be? How could the small heart contain the grand Path? Chen Jingzhai’s words were not the most enlightening, but they helped shake Deacon Huang from his awkwardness.

With his expression changing, he bowed solemnly to Chen Jingzhai and welcomed him inside. Deacon Huang ignored the scrutiny from the disciples on all sides.

“Master-Uncle,” Deacon Huang explained while walking, “the Alchemy Temple has four locations on Tianzhu Peak—the Alchemy Cave Residence, Treasure Pagoda, Mission Hall, and Material Exchange Hall.”

“The Alchemy Cave Residence is at the foot of the mountain and includes the three cave residences of Sky, Earth, and Man. Cultivators of the Foundation Plane can only use the Man Grade cave residence near the middle of the mountain. The leyline fire there is the gentlest.”

“The Treasure Pagoda is where magical treasures and spiritual items are kept and sold. Most are sold freely by the alchemists of the Alchemy Temple. One can leave a message to negotiate the price, which is guaranteed by the Alchemy Temple, but we charge a fee.”

“The Mission Hall is on the side of the Alchemy Temple. If other visible peaks or hidden branches had the need, they would publish missions there. It’s not limited to alchemy. You can publish clan missions there too.”

“Material exchange is in the middle of the mountain, and it’s not just the Alchemy Temple. The Puppet Temple is there too. Cultivators above the Foundation Plane can exchange all sorts of materials freely, including spirit plants.”

“Master-Uncle, are you here just for sightseeing or for alchemy?”

Deacon Huang spoke genuinely without any reluctance. Chen Jingzhai’s words couldn’t have helped him see the light suddenly, but he indeed didn’t dare underestimate this direct disciple master-uncle whom the grandmaster had named personally.

“I actually came to purchase some materials. I plan to create a pill cauldron that suits myself,” Chen Jingzhai said with a smile. “Is the Alchemy Temple able to teach some of the basics of alchemy?”

“That is quite simple. I can teach you myself.” Huang Shi looked a little shocked. “But the Path of Alchemy is very detailed and complicated. It is quite difficult. Master-Uncle, if you only want to make pills, you only need to purchase a pill cauldron. Why must you make it yourself? It wastes effort and spirit stones.”

“My own cauldron would be the most suitable.” Waving his hand, Chen Jingzhai said, “No need to say more. I’ve already made up my mind. Here are the materials I need. Please give me a price estimate.”

He took out a list and handed it to Huang Shi. It was a list of materials needed for creating the cauldron, and he wanted ten of each. Chen Jingzhai prepared to practice a few times.

“Ten,” Sage Huang Shi said hesitantly. “It’ll be around 1,000 spirit stones, but you only have to give 900. The materials aren’t very valuable, but this kind of cauldron…”

“I only need a basic cauldron,” Chen Jingzhai said, chuckling. “With my current abilities and experience, a great cauldron will go to waste. It’s only the start, so there’s no need to be too advanced.”

“Yes!” Sage Huang Shi nodded and immediately went to prepare the materials.

The materials that he needed were not expensive. They were all Grade One, while the main material was only Grade Two. That was why the cost wasn’t very high. Ten of each only cost 1,000 spirit stones. Meanwhile, a cauldron of the Magic Item Grade would at most be 300 spirit stones. One couldn’t buy a Spiritual Qi Grade cauldron with only 1,000 spirit stones. It would cost at least 3,000 stones. From this, one could see the difference in cost between the materials and the finished cauldron.

In reality, even if the loophole didn’t say a special cauldron, Chen Jingzhai still wouldn’t buy a completed cauldron. A cultivator shouldn’t put down their craftsmanship. Chen Jingzhai didn’t want to pass up any chance to learn a skill, such as alchemy. If he wanted to make more spirit stones in the future, the investment in the beginning was very important. Even 10,000 spirit stones, let alone 1,000, were insignificant. However, he had a special talent, and his future looked promising!

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