I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 37 - Double Identity

Chapter 37: Double Identity

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Su Qinghuang’s mind had been full of thoughts since her return from Cloud Palace. She did not relax after learning the reasons. Instead, she felt even more conflicted. As proud as a phoenix, how could she lower herself so easily? Even though it was only for cultivation and her future path, it was still at a great cost.

One should not say that she did not have enough dedication toward the Path or doubt her pursuit of the Path. The Path of Celestials was not just empty words. If one had to damage oneself to pursue the Path, then it was not the Path of Celestials anymore. After all, if one did everything solely to live, then why would they cultivate the Path of Celestials? The Path of Celestials was ambiguous. What she wanted was to be free and act of her own will without being held back.

If she lowered herself to pursue the Path and complete the Hongluan Scripture, then she had to genuinely want it. She should not be forced into this passive state like she is right now. Su Qinghuang organized her thoughts inside Xuanming Cave. Once she had a thought, she summoned Pearl over. Pearl skipped to her side with her short legs, her hair done up in two little buns. “Master!” she called out, giggling. There were water droplets on the side of her mouth that she had not yet wiped clean.

“What were you doing?” Su Qinghuang asked.

“I brought some fruit to the lazy donkey down the mountain.” Laughing, Pearl climbed up the stone bed. After she sat down, her short legs swayed back and forth. “Lord brought many spirit fruits and some medicinal ingredients and spirit plants. He chose a portion of the land and had me start a medicine garden. He also gifted me the ones that couldn’t be planted.”

“He won you over with just some fruits?” Su Qinghuang scoffed. “Stop messing with Sir Donkey. It was left here by Master Mingyue. You’ll get a handful if it loses its temper.”

“That lazy donkey can’t catch me.” Pearl laughed happily. “It’s like a rock every day—doesn’t move at all and doesn’t have fun. If I don’t go visit it, it’ll really turn into a rock!”

“You worry me quite a lot.” Su Qinghuang looked at her. “Let me ask you, what is Younger Brother doing?”

“He only cultivates the spells since he rose to the Foundation Plane, or he walks around Hongluan Peak to familiarize himself with everywhere and find a place with dense Essence Power,” Pearl answered obediently.

“There’s an Essence-Gathering Formation in his courtyard, and there’s quite a high density of Essence Power. Why is he still looking for somewhere with dense Essence Power?” Su Qinghuang furrowed her brows. “And what spell is he cultivating?”

“I can’t understand it either,” Pearl said. “Lord just walks around everywhere and rests on a pine tree on the eastern cliff. He goes there every morning to inhale Auspicious Qi. As for the spells, they’re mostly the five-element spells. He chose a sword technique and practices it in the courtyard every day.”

“Then he…” Su Qinghuang hesitated. “Does he ask about me?”

“Yes!” Pearl’s eyes curved as she smiled. “Lord instructed me to tell you that if you want to read the Dragon and Phoenix Consummation Seal Script, you can go to the courtyard to borrow it personally. Lord also said he believes you can find new techniques from it and won’t need dual cultivation to complete the Hongluan Scripture.”

“He really said that?” Su Qinghuang asked reflexively.

“Of course.” Pearl giggled. “Lord isn’t a petty man.”

“Are you saying that I’m the petty one?” Su Qinghuang looked at her coldly.

“I didn’t say that.” Little Short Legs stuck out her tongue.

Su Qinghuang ignored her and got up to pace around. After a long while, she finally made up her mind and walked out of the cave. Hongluan Peak was very ordinary, but that was only in comparison to the other peaks of the Luanyun Mountain Range. In reality, Hongluan Peak did not lack magnitude or height.

It was just that there were more clouds in the middle of the mountain. Standing in the endless sea of clouds, it was more ordinary in comparison. But if one looked at it closely, one could see its beauty. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that every corner had its own scenic view. The eastern cliff that Chen Jingzhai was resting on was an example. It was tall and dangerous. There was only one ancient pine tree with lush greenery.

Clouds and mist flowed before the tree, forming a scene like a waterfall. Su Qinghuang descended from the sky, wearing a veil over her face. She was like a fairy descending into the human world with her beautiful figure. She landed directly beside Chen Jingzhai, stepping on the pine needles. She seemed to float like a celestial being.

“Older Sister?” Chen Jingzhai looked over at her.

“I need the Dragon and Phoenix Consummation Seal Script.” Su Qinghuang expressed her intention directly, without hesitation.

“I understand.” Chen Jingzhai pulled out the seal script. “I will give it to you willingly.”

“Under what conditions?” Su Qinghuang asked, accepting it.

“You and I study in the same clan. Why must we be so formal?” Chen Jingzhai asked earnestly. “You and I are the only ones in Hongluan Peak, and I would be ashamed if we continued to act like strangers.”

“I can’t be your cultivation partner,” Su Qinghuang said frankly.

“I did not think about that either,” Chen Jingzhai said, smiling. “This way, you don’t have to worry about it too much. I only wish to continue the heritage of Hongluan Peak. That is all.”

After living two lives, he was quite open in terms of relationships. It was not that he was a prude, but between the two, cultivation was definitely a top priority. It was not just because of how powerful he felt after improving his cultivation. Who in this life could enter his eyes, enter his heart, and be worth falling for?

Anyway, even if it was Su Qinghuang, Chen Jingzhai did not feel love at first sight when he looked at her. Appreciating his older sister’s beauty and feeling love were two different things. Anyway, Chen Jingzhai felt that he could control himself. Even in the Blessed Land, Chen Jingzhai just appreciated Miao Yun’s body. He felt the rush of blood because he was young, but there was nothing else.

“Good!” Su Qinghuang said coldly. Her tone was a bit strange.

“Older Sister, you can discuss with me if there’s anything you don’t understand,” Chen Jingzhai said seriously. “The seal script was passed down from ancient times and contains both form and spirit. It has a different feeling when stretching yourself.”

His older sister was a bit cold, even though she looked hot. It was hard to interact with her. If not for this, he would not mind teaching her what he knew. After all, he would be stuck on Hongluan Peak for a very long time.

“I know.” Su Qinghuang paused for a moment, and then said, “I can’t help you in cultivation, but for your spells, it’s better to become more familiar with the formation patterns in your body.”

“Formation patterns?” Chen Jingzhai was surprised.

“Since you chose the Yin Yang Formation as your formation base, you must become familiar with it,” Su Qinghuang said. “Cultivators in the Foundation Plane of Daoxuan Peak have to grasp their formation patterns and be able to set up a formation.”

“I see.” Chen Jingzhai nodded thoughtfully.

“Formation patterns are mysterious, and every cultivator with formation patterns creates different abilities,” Su Qinghuang said. “Some people on Daoxuan Peak also use the Yin Yang Formation as their first formation base, but the formation patterns that grow from it are completely different. You can discuss it with them if you have time.”

“Are disciples of hidden branches able to leave the mountain at will?” Chen Jingzhai asked.

The traditional visible peaks and hidden branches had big differences. Hidden branches were only responsible for their heritage. They would not leave their mountains or fight easily. They only had to cultivate in peace.

“You cultivated the sky scripture of the Daoxuan Peak, so you can travel with the status of a disciple from the Daoxuan Peak,” Su Qinghuang said nonchalantly. “Headmaster’s Older Brother has already notified Daoxuan Peak. In the future, you’ll be the Master-Uncle of Daoxuan Peak. This doesn’t interfere with the fact that you’re a disciple of Hongluan Peak.”

“I can do that?” Chen Jingzhai was shocked. “Why does it have to be so complicated?”

“It’s a fact that you are destined for Hongluan Peak and to join the hidden branch,” Su Qinghuang said. “But it’s also a fact that you cultivate the Reversed Yin Yang Grand Technique. I can’t teach you. You’re also destined for the technique of Daoxuan Peak, so what’s the big deal about having a badge on Daoxuan Peak?”

After all, Hongluan Peak was a heritage of the Kun Path. Chen Jingzhai had joined the Hongluan Peak due to Master Mingyue’s emotional response, but he was a direct disciple, so he could not be wasted like this. Entering Daoxuan Peak worked out perfectly.

Su Qinghuang did not object to Headmaster Fuyun’s arrangement. She could not even wait for Chen Jingzhai to leave, especially after receiving the Dragon and Phoenix Consummation Seal Script.

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