I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 340 - Unsealing of the palace (1)    

Chapter 340: Unsealing of the palace (1)


There were only a few Immortals in the Qianyuan world, and every cultivator who became a true immortal would definitely bring a huge burden to the Qianyuan world, which was irreversible.

To cultivators, becoming an immortal was a good thing. It meant breaking the limit of longevity and having the qualification to climb to a higher level.

However, for the Qian Yuan world, it was not always better to have more Immortals. Cultivators plundered the world to become themselves, and Immortals were the best among them.

Once there were too many Immortals, the Qianyuan world would not be able to bear it and would definitely cause a disaster. This was no secret to the true venerates of immortal sects.

Whether it was Fu Yunzi or true venerate Yudu, if they wanted to become Immortals, they would have to bear the karma of the Qianyuan realm, pay a lot of driving fees, and get the protection of the immortal patriarchs.

But now, the eight desolation immortal market could surpass the immortal mark and was not affected by the power of the immortal mark, which proved that it was even more brilliant. Then, would it have a chance to obtain the protection of the eight desolation ancestor in the future?

Could he avoid the karma of the Qianyuan world and become an immortal?

The answer wasn’t clear, but just like what Fu Yunzi had said, this was an opportunity. One more choice meant one more leeway, which wasn’t a bad thing for true venerates.

The seamless land.

Chen jingzhai sat cross-legged on the deck of qingzhai and used his spiritual will to observe the surroundings.

In his mind, three projections of immortal patterns were faintly discernible.

This immortal pattern was inexplicably familiar. It looked like a formation pattern and also similar to runes. It was very wonderful. It seemed that both formation patterns and runes were evolved from immortal patterns.

Chen jingzhai had already confirmed that immortal patterns were not seal script.

Chen jingzhai kept familiarizing himself with the three immortal patterns in his heart. Even his spiritual will body was constantly sketching them in the Archean world, grasping them at the fastest speed possible.

Hong Fu and tu Ruoyan hadn’t memorized the immortal pattern, but Liu Qingxue had memorized one and a half. She was also trying to figure it out, hoping to draw it.

She wasn’t Chen jingzhai, so her spiritual will wasn’t as powerful. She could only master and adapt to the power of immortal patterns by drawing runes to increase her talisman technique attainments.

Time passed bit by bit. The immortal pattern projection sometimes appeared, and sometimes it didn’t even leave a trace. It appeared without any pattern, and could only be constantly observed.

Chen jingzhai was like a wax figure, not moving at all. He kept observing with his spiritual will, but he accidentally discovered that it could actually improve his spiritual will and train its toughness.

It seemed that the Shen glyphs on the Shen stone would be more effective in this environment. He did not make a sound, and silently cultivated in this way.

As for tu Ruoyan and the other two girls, they couldn’t even release their divine sense. The seamless land was no joke. Even true venerate Yudu couldn’t release his divine sense from the qingzhai ship.

Every time Chen jingzhai’s divine will was exhausted, the divine patterns on the Godstone would dispel the fatigue and strengthen his divine will. This cycle continued, and Chen jingzhai’s divine will became stronger. His already huge divine will seemed to have been refined again.

Under such circumstances, Chen jingzhai split off a wisp of his spiritual will and entered the side hall of the money Palace. He wrote immortal patterns in the room and continued to study them.

Half a year passed just like that.

Within the eight desolation immortal market, the money Palace, elixir Palace, weapon Palace, formation Palace, puppet Palace, talisman Palace, spiritual plant Palace, and spiritual ingredient Palace were all open.

And today, a brand new palace was opened.

This was because the number of cultivators in the eight desolate immortal market had officially exceeded 100000.

The central Palace was opened. This Palace had eight long corridors that connected to the eight other palaces. The central Palace consisted of the auction Palace, the mission Wall, the reward wall, and the information wall.

The auction hall, as its name suggested, was a place where items could be auctioned.

Cultivators could entrust themselves to the auction or participate in the auction.

Every cultivator who wanted to participate in the auction had to enter the auction hall to get an auction number. After receiving the number, the curse seed would automatically record the number.

In the future, these numbers would represent one’s identity. During every auction, the auctioneer would call out the numbers instead of revealing one’s identity.

The quest wall, as the name suggested, was a place to post quests.

Cultivators could post any mission on the mission Wall if they had any needs, and the perfected cultivators of the eight desolate immortal market would evaluate the difficulty of the mission and whether the rewards were suitable.

If it didn’t match, the cultivator who issued the mission would have to make up for it with copper coins.

On the mission Wall, every mission had a cultivation level requirement.

Only Qi refinement cultivators could accept the missions issued by Qi refinement cultivators.

Only foundation building cultivators could accept the missions issued by foundation building cultivators.

And so on.

The reward wall was different. Any cultivator could post a reward on the reward wall. As long as they handed in the certificate, they could receive the reward.

There were no requirements for the reward. The reward and content could be set by themselves, but if the difference was too big, no cultivator would take it.

Compared to the mission Wall, the use of the bounty wall was much more flexible.

It was also much more chaotic.

The information wall was like a forum where cultivators could buy any information they needed. If someone knew the information, they could tell the answer and get the corresponding reward.

For example, in the beginning, Chen jingzhai had released a post about how Qi refining cultivators could break through to the late-stage of Qi refining and rewarded them with a copper coin.

As long as the answer was true and valid, and passed the judgment of the information wall, the copper coin would be handed over to the cultivator who answered, after the service fee was deducted.

Just like the mission Wall, the information wall had its own limitations.

Qi refining cultivators could only be posted in the Qi refining section. Information on the reward for foundation building cultivators could be answered by cultivators at the Golden core stage and above. The answer of Qi refining cultivators was invalid.

It was because of this that when the central Palace came out, it instantly caused a sensation.

The 100,000 cultivators swarmed over like bees. On the three walls, the dense text flickered. Cultivators only needed to send their spiritual will into the walls to read it. It was convenient and fast.

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