I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 32 - Reversed Yin Yang

Chapter 32: Reversed Yin Yang

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Mulling endlessly over his options, Chen Jingzhai spent three full hours making his decision. He prepared to focus on cultivating the Reversed Yin Yang Grand Technique of the Daoxuan Peak. This sky scripture was the foundation of the Daoxuan Peak and was the main sky scripture. It started with cultivating one’s Qi to invoke the Yin and Yang Qi in one’s body.

A human being was born with a complete set of Yin, Yang, and the five elements. After they were born, they lost their instincts. With the Reversed Yin Yang Grand Technique, one had to first learn, then grasp the Yin Yang, and finally, reverse it. This sky scripture was extremely abstruse. Its path was created by either Yin or Yang.

Instead, it was a path born from combining and integrating the two. Yang was contained within Yin, and Yin was contained within Yang. Yin and Yang were then reversed and upended. In the Yin-Yang symbol, the black and white fish rotated and swirled naturally—the black and white followed their own will. This sky scripture was also known as the “Black and White Will Sky Scripture.” What attracted Chen Jingzhai was the abstruseness of being born from the Yin and Yang while transforming one another.

It seemed to contain all organisms and be the physical incarnate of all. This greatly interested Chen Jingzhai. He had already reshaped his foundations with the techniques of the five elements, so he now had to gather them all. He did not choose the Blazing Sun Grand Technique because he did not want to restrict himself. After choosing his main cultivation technique, Chen Jingzhai had some ideas about his auxiliary techniques too.

Since his main cultivation would be Yin-Yang, then his auxiliary techniques could also be Yin and Yang. It would be best if it contained the five elements too. This way, he could use the main technique to rule over the auxiliary techniques. The three should integrate while still being independent of one another, forming their own system. Everything was great in his mind.

But in reality, it was not so easy to choose auxiliary cultivation techniques. None of the sky scriptures met his requirements.

The Blazing Sun Grand Technique was of the fire element, but it was too aggressive. The Up-Down Grand Technique had traces of Yin Yang, but it was too weak. The Li River Sky Scripture had the water element, but it was not suitable to use water for a sword skill. The Emperor Qing around the World Sky Scripture had the wood element, but it was incapable of further evolution. Among the six sky scriptures from the hidden branches, three were of the earth element and two were of the metal element.

They all went to the extremes of single elements, or they were skills that included many different elements. These sky scriptures were not very compatible with the Reversed Yin Yang Grand Technique. Feeling helpless, Chen Jingzhai could only leave the tenth floor and go to the ninth floor.

“How is it?” Zhang Shen asked when he saw Chen Jingzhai come out. He was standing outside the door.

“I chose a sky scripture for my main cultivation, but I still have to choose the two auxiliary techniques,” Chen Jingzhai said helplessly. “I’ll prepare to start choosing from the celestial and sky codes first.”

“Great!” Zhang Shen nodded. “You don’t have to worry about the time. You can choose carefully.”

“I understand!” Chen Jingzhai replied.

This matter concerned the foundations of his cultivation. He did not feel any impatience and would definitely be more than careful. The two arrived on the ninth floor, one after another. Once again, Chen Jingzhai entered by using his token. The ninth floor was still devoid of people, but many bamboo slips were floating in the air.

The bamboo slips were different colors. Some were black, some were green, and some were yellow. Not every slip was floating in the air. Most were placed casually on the bookshelves. Chen Jingzhai took a deep breath. He took one that was close to him and started reading it carefully.

The ninth level contained the heritage of either Sanren or Daozun. Any of the bamboo slips here could reach above godliness. Even though they were not sky scriptures, they were only one level below the sky scriptures. Chen Jingzhai already had his main cultivation technique, so he was not as worried about the upper limit of the auxiliary techniques. He only had to look for an auxiliary technique that was compatible with his main cultivation technique.

This would clearly require time.

Thankfully, he had a special talent and could directly analyze each technique’s pros and cons. From the pros and cons of each technique, he could find a technique that was suitable for himself. This greatly increased his selection speed.

This time, he spent 20 hours on the ninth floor. Chen Jingzhai did not make his decision until the next afternoon. One was the Jade Toad Swallowing Moon Celestial Code. The other was the Fire Raven Burning Sky Celestial Code. These two celestial codes could be combined into the Sun-Moon Combo Sky Scripture. However, the most critical part of the Sun-Moon Combo was lost, so it was demoted from sky scripture to celestial code. It was also split in half and had been collecting dust on the ninth floor for who knows how many years.

After thanking Senior Brother Zhang Shen, Chen Jingzhai walked out of the library. He saw Pearl and immediately walked over with a smile.

“Lord!” Pearl said, frowning. “Why did you come out so quickly? Master told you to pick carefully, so you must consider everything. You can’t be careless at all.”

“This pertains to my future. Of course, I was very careful.” Chen Jingzhai held her hand. “Don’t worry! I am very satisfied. These techniques all suit my qualities. Let us return!”

“Okay!” Pearl’s eyes squinted shut in an immediate smile. She blew out a breath of air and a cloud was created.

The cloud carried the two toward Hongluan Peak. Standing on the cloud, Chen Jingzhai asked, “It seems that no one from Tianzhu Peak came over?”

“All the peaks have their own sky scripture heritages. The other spells and sword techniques are also passed down, so they don’t have to come over,” Pearl said. “Mostly, only disciples of public peaks come here when they have to travel.”

“I see.” Chen Jingzhai nodded.

“Lord, what sky scripture did you choose?” Pearl asked curiously.

“A sky scripture of the Daoxuan Peak,” Chen Jingzhai whispered. “Do not tell outsiders.”

“I understand.” Pearl nodded. “If it’s a sky scripture of the Daoxuan Peak, then you can cultivate in the Reversed Formation. This is one of the basic formations of the Daoxuan Peak.”

“Really?” Chen Jingzhai said hesitantly. “Will I be disturbed?”

“I can form a barrier for Lord,” Pearl said, shaking her head. “Plus, the Reversed Formation is connected directly to the Ancestral Peak and Hongluan Peak. No one else will use it, so it’s very quiet.”

“Then let’s go directly to the Reversed Formation. I’m going to cultivate now!” he said, chuckling.

After reading all of those sky scriptures, celestial codes, and sky codes, he was indeed itching to start.

Pearl naturally agreed, so the cloud sped up and they flew directly into the back mountains of Hongluan Peak.

The two stepped onto the boulder and entered the Reversed Formation. The mountains and stars were all upside down. The scenery had not changed, but Chen Jingzhai’s mood had changed. He sat down on the cloud path, while Pearl stood in the distance. Breathing lightly, Chen Jingzhai adjusted his mindset and had himself calm down.

Then, he started thinking back to the meditation passage of the sky scripture. It was very hard for other people to cultivate all three techniques together. They had to plan out the order and be careful at every level, or else there would be conflicts. However, it was not that difficult for Chen Jingzhai.

There were many reasons, but the most important one was that the techniques were compatible with himself and he had a special talent. Plus, it was not his first time cultivating multiple techniques. He had experience in cultivating the Five-Element Skill, so Chen Jingzhai was very confident.

[Technique: Reversed Yin Yang Grand Technique]

[Advantages: intertwined Yin and Yang, sturdy foundation, cultivates the inside and outside, vitality is hidden.]

[Disadvantages: multitasking, people who aren’t smart would be unable to cultivate it, sensitive to essence power.]

[Flaw: natural Yin Yang locations, Yin Yang formations, or Yin Yang double-cultivators.]

[Technique: Jade Toad Swallowing Moon Celestial Code]

[Advantages: transform into a jade toad, spit out moon essence, sturdy foundation, form the cold moon.]

[Disadvantages: men who cultivate it will have an imbalance of Yin and Yang, showing more feminine features.]

[Flaw: Visualization of Raising Toads, Blessed Land of the Cold Moon, Moon Essence Treasures]

[Technique: Fire Raven Burning Sky Celestial Code]

[Advantages: transform into a fire raven, spit out true fire, form a foundation, highly destructive.]

[Disadvantages: Yang Qi will skyrocket, extreme Yang will cause hot-temperedness, can easily go mad.]

[Flaw: Visualization of Raising Ravens, Fire Raven Gourd Technique, Form Smelting Technique.]

He memorized the advantages, disadvantages, and loopholes of the three techniques.

Chen Jingzhai could still get past the loopholes this time because the two auxiliary techniques that he chose were the most compatible with the Reversed Yin Yang Grand Technique out of everything in the library.

Once he learned these two auxiliary techniques, it would speed up the cultivation of his main sky scripture. Feeling a sense of calm, Chen Jingzhai slowly composed himself and entered the state of cultivation.

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