I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 305 - Demonic plant (2)  

Chapter 305: Demonic plant (2)

Pei Dong ‘er only knew that her Junior Brother Jing Zhai seemed to have used many methods to refine treasures.

In addition to formations and restrictions, there was also the Dao of talismans and talismans, which were made in a very unique way.

Although it was said to control demons, it was actually a demon puppet.

Furthermore, the puppets were not real demons, which was the most terrifying thing.

Because as long as the myriad demon chessboard was not destroyed, the demon puppets could not be killed.

“Alright, it’s not the first time I’ve seen this.”

“First, put away the demons of the fourth stage.”

“Your gourds should be complete.”

“Next, we should head to the entrance of the fourth floor and meet up with everyone.”

After Chen jingzhai finished speaking, he picked up the corpse of a demon of the fourth stage.

His five gourds had long been refined to perfection.

Now, it was slowly being nurtured by the aura of his Natal true fire in his dantian.

Only the blood venomous gourd needed fourth stage demons as food.

Zeng wangbei, Pei Dong ‘er, and Li Yueli split the remaining demons.

The three of them refined the gourd on the spot, not worried about their safety at all.

Su qingluan’s demon puppet and Chen jingzhai were standing guard beside her.

His divine telekinesis could sense very far and was more detailed, so he would know in advance if there was any danger.

Unless a demon of the fifth stage appeared, there would definitely be no problem.

In fact, ever since Chen jingzhai had directed the disaster to the East,

After the two demons of the fifth stage fought each other …

There were no longer any auras of demons of the fifth stage in this place.

Su qingyue’s Crimson refinement gourd and Ji Shuanghua’s heavenly beheading gourd had both been fully refined.

Now that everyone’s gourds had been fully refined, there was no point in staying on the fourth level.

“Two months have passed. I’m afraid they’ve already entered the fifth floor.”

“Why don’t we go look for a demon of the fifth stage?”

“If they fight until both sides are injured,”

“There might be a chance to take him in.”

Su qingluan said hesitantly as she looked at Chen jingzhai.

She had never taken the initiative to ask for anything, and Chen jingzhai was the center of attention.

However, she did not want to miss this opportunity.

If it could contain demons of the fifth stage, it would definitely transform the myriad demon chessboard.

Entering the fifth level also had a great guarantee.


“We can’t deal with a demon of the fifth stage.”

“Let’s not talk about whether they’re both injured,”

“Even if they’re heavily injured, we can’t just attack them,”

“The thousand demon chessboard is only a spirit treasure, not a cultivation artifact.”

“It won’t be able to withstand the power of the fifth stage.”

Chen jingzhai shook his head and rejected su qingyue’s suggestion.

Even if he had the innate seamless Dao body, he couldn’t withstand the power of a demon of the fifth stage.

That was a whole new level.

Even a nascent soul would not be able to withstand a single blow from a soul formation true venerate.

“Besides, this is the catacombs, the world of yaomo.

“Sister su, the thousand demon chessboard is only a spiritual treasure!”

“Can a chess piece subdue a demon of the fifth stage?”

Li Yueli asked suspiciously.

Su qinghuang was at a loss for words. He felt a little ashamed and resentful.

How would she know if she could subdue a demon of the fifth stage? she wouldn’t know if she didn’t try!

He also realized that he had been too impatient.

Chen jingzhai didn’t want to laugh at him. He used his spiritual will to comfort him in the ring.

He knew that su qingluan was feeling the pressure.

After all, if the fourth level was already so dangerous, there would definitely be stronger demons on the fifth level.

“How do we know if we can subdue it if we don’t try?”

“But let’s go to the entrance first, don’t let them wait too long.”

“That demon of the fifth stage is definitely hiding after being seriously injured.”

“Even if we can find it, it will waste a lot of time.”

Ji Shuanghua said.

Even if she had a spirit treasure to protect her, she still didn’t want to face a demon of the fifth stage.

This kind of existence was truly powerful. He had experienced it once and definitely did not want to experience it a second time.

“Let’s go!”

A silver screen of spiritual cloud appeared under Chen jingzhai’s feet, and it directly lifted everyone up into the air.

His decisive action made everyone give up on their discussion and fly away.

After they arrived in the air, everyone rode on the gourds and flew.

The silver screen spirit cloud was susceptible to pollution in the catacombs world.

On the contrary, the calabash was protected by the demonic blood light, which could conceal its movements.

Flying in the air would not attract attention.

Chen jingzhai led the group to the entrance of the fifth level of the catacombs.

However, he didn’t find Chen Lei and the others.

Just as he was feeling disappointed, Chen jingzhai spread out his spiritual will and found the fragments on the ground.

These were the demon bone fragments left behind by senior brother Zhao Hao.

He was sure that he had entered the fifth floor with Hu Shouyang and Hu Yunqing.

He didn’t travel with Chen Lei and the others.

“Do we have to wait?” Pei Dong ‘er asked with a frown.

“No,” Chen jingzhai shook his head,”let’s go in first.”

“I’m going to board qingzhai,” Li Yueli immediately said.

“Sure!” Chen jingzhai nodded.

In order to prevent any accidents from happening, Chen jingzhai took everyone into the qingzhai ship.

He drove qingzhai and rushed into the entrance of the catacombs.

The fifth level of the catacombs.

Compared to the Python formed from fiendish Qi at the fourth level,

Although the baleful Qi here was dense, it was not that exaggerated.

Chen jingzhai stood on the deck of qingzhai, frowning as he looked at the sky.

“The baleful Qi turns into a ray, like a needle, like a thorn.”

“Husband, do you feel it?”

Su qingluan walked out from behind him and asked with a grave expression.


“Yueli, it’s better if you don’t come out,”

“Her body will be severely damaged in this environment.”

Chen jingzhai nodded. This place was unusual.

In the air, bits of fiendish silk flew like catkins.

If a cultivator did not have the protection of a treasure, they would definitely be eroded.

At that time, his Zifu would be infected by the baleful aura, his intelligence would be damaged, and his spirituality would be blinded.

His entire being would become extremely violent, and he might even transform into a demon.

In the end, li Yueli stayed on qingzhai.

Chen jingzhai brought su qingluan, Ji Shuanghua, Pei Dong ‘er, and Zeng wangbei off the qingzhai.

On the fifth level of the catacombs, the mountains and rivers were clearly visible.

It was like a normal world, and there were even blood-colored plants growing there.

However, these plants were extremely aggressive.

As soon as they landed, the nearby plants would spray corrosive venom.

There were even roots that flew out from the ground and wrapped around everyone’s ankles.

With no other choice, everyone immediately flew up and looked for a suitable place.

“Something’s wrong, something’s very wrong here!”

“What’s wrong?”

“Didn’t you guys notice? There aren’t any heavenly treasures. ”

“Now that you mention it, it’s true.”

“Not even a blood evil stone.”

“The ground is covered in sand.”

“Where’s the Blood River?”

“I didn’t see any yaomo either.”

Everyone transmitted their voices to each other, describing all sorts of abnormalities.

Su qingluan immediately searched through the memory of the chess piece.

Through his remaining memories, he discovered that this might be the edge of the fifth level.

“The Blood River is at the center of this world.”

“We need to fly to the center.”

“I don’t know about the rest.”

Su Qingyun shook his head. The memories of the demon chess piece were too scattered.

And as time passed, these memories would quickly dissipate.

“What do we do?”

Everyone looked at Chen jingzhai.

“The most important thing is to confirm the location.”

“Let’s collect the plants first and let Senior Sister li see if she has found anything. ”

“Blue Luan, use the chess pieces to explore the surroundings!”

Chen jingzhai pondered for a while and immediately gave out orders.

Unknowingly, he had become the center of the group and they were extremely convinced of him.

Without any complaints, Ji Shuanghua left with Zeng wangbei while su qingluan flew away with Pei Dong ‘er.

Chen jingzhai opened his hand and attacked the people in different positions on the ground.

The power of the Grand heavenly mirror’s restriction array enveloped the plant and seeped into the ground through the roots.

With a light pull, the plant was directly pulled out by Chen jingzhai.

The dark red thing emitted infrasonic waves, and its huge roots swept towards Chen jingzhai like whips, making explosive sounds in the air.

Chen jingzhai was immediately sealed and put into the qingzhai.

Qing Qing used the power of qingzhai to suppress the plant.

“Senior Sister Yue Li, did you find anything?”

“Chaotic, bloodthirsty, and strangely tenacious. I’ve never seen anything like this.”

“Is there any more?”

“Junior Brother jingzhai, you can collect more of these plants. I’ll try again.”


After Chen jingzhai agreed, he continued to attack.

Although these plants were very aggressive, their strength was not strong, and the damage was actually limited.

It was just that its life force was really tenacious, especially its roots.

Even if it was cut off, the broken part could still be connected.

And it didn’t affect the plant itself.

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