I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 290 - Four types of Celestials (1)

Chapter 290: Four types of Celestials (1)

Chapter 288

“Don’t worry!” Hu Shouyang’s smile disappeared.”I won’t tell anyone about this.”

“Actually, the news can’t be hidden.” Hu Zhong rarely spoke, and he looked at Chen jingzhai meaningfully.”As long as you hand over Crown Prince Qing Mei’s head, the Qing Mei celestial sect will definitely know.”

“Oh?” Chen jingzhai raised his eyebrows.”I can’t even hide this little bit of information?”

“After all, there are too many people around.” Hu Zhong nodded and said bluntly,”besides, there’s also a deduction method. Unless you don’t take out Prince Qing Mei’s body and magic weapon, you’ll definitely be deduced.”

The reason why he made it so clear was that he didn’t want Hu Shouyang to fall into his trap. The three of them seemed to be bystanders, but who knew if the news would be leaked? it wasn’t worth it to offend Chen jingzhai because of this.

Hu Shouyang also quickly thought of this, and his expression relaxed slightly. Uncle Zhong would not speak rashly, and would not easily break the rules. This time, he had protected him, so he could not be blamed.

“Looks like I’ll have to stay in the sect for a few more years.” Chen jingzhai smiled.”Let’s go and rest on my qingzhai. We’ll find a way to contact the others.”

“Alright!” Hu Shouyang nodded.

Chen jingzhai waved his hand and flew back to qingzhai with the three of them.

The qingzhai that had transformed into a heavenly whale amazed Hu Shouyang. He was then invited to sit by the window. Chen jingzhai took out some spirit wine and drank with the three of them, Zeng wangbei accompanying them.

“Senior brother Hu, what’s with the sudden stiffness when we entered the third level?” Chen jingzhai held the wine gourd and asked,”with our strength, we were actually separated?”

“I’m just guessing,” Hu Shouyang said.”It’s probably due to the restrictions of space. When we entered it together, we put too much pressure on the spatial portal, causing it to be forcefully separated.”

“I see.” Zeng wangbei suddenly understood.”Among us array Masters, there’s a similar theory, saying that it’s the upper limit of the array and the self-adjustment of the array spirit. I think it’s similar.”

“It’s indeed similar. ” Hu Shouyang smiled.”After we separated, the three of us were teleported to a group of demons. Not long after we cleared them, we sensed the aura of a perfected cultivator and rushed over.”

“That Crown Prince Qing Mei was arrogant and unreasonable. He attacked my qingzhai for no reason.” Chen jingzhai shook his head.”He doesn’t have the demeanor of an immortal sect at all. Instead, he’s more like a demon.”

“This is the reason why undead Immortals are not welcomed by cultivators.” Hu Shouyang laughed.”Although the green plum immortal sect has an immortal, the sect has not been able to develop. The disciples of the sect are hated by everyone.”

“Senior brother Hu, can you tell me about undead Immortals?” Zeng wangbei asked.

“Of course you can. In fact, this is not a secret. The two junior brothers are from the hidden sects, so they don’t know much about it.” Hu Shou yang said,”there are undead Immortals, star Immortals, sword Immortals, and Qian Yuan Immortals in the Qianyuan realm.”

The appearance of the four kinds of Immortals came from the local Immortals of the Qianyuan realm.

Other than the immortals from other worlds like Luo Tian, the immortals in Qianyuan world became Immortals through various means. Among them, sword Immortals were recognized as the immortals with the strongest combat power.

The second was the stellar Immortals, who cultivated the power of the stars. Their sect was the stellar God sect. In the stellarsky domain, all the cultivators cultivated the power of the stars. They had a variety of strange and unpredictable techniques.

The second was the heaven origin immortal. This was the path most Immortals took. It was a normal cultivation path. They did not deliberately pursue the limits of each major realm. They broke through steadily and became Immortals.

Finally, there was the undead immortal path. This was the lowest path, and most sects and cultivators were disdainful of it. It was classified as an unorthodox path to become an immortal, and it was the only path that most itinerant cultivators could choose.

Undead Immortals were also the weakest Immortals.

“After a soul formation true venerate has perfected their cultivation, they won’t be able to obtain the opportunity to become an immortal,”

“There are two choices after your lifespan is up,”

“The first is to be directly dismembered,”

“By relying on one’s own magical equipment, one’s true spirit can be erased and replaced, becoming a loose immortal of many treasures.”

“The second is to directly undead.”

“Squeeze out the body’s potential and life force. At the moment of death,”

“Using the art of disintegration to activate an unorthodox method, borrowing the power of life and death to become an undead immortal.”

“There is no difference between the two methods.”

“During the Dark Age, itinerant Immortals who stole treasures were targeted and hunted to be refined into Immortal Weapons.”

“Later on, treasure-snatching itinerant Immortals gradually disappeared, and undead Immortals became popular.”

Hu Shouyang explained to Zeng wangbei while drinking the spirit wine.

Why didn’t the family want to leave the sect?

This was because once they left the sect, they would no longer have the protection of an immortal and could only choose the path of undead immortal in the future. Becoming an immortal was not that simple, and who knew if someone was plotting this?

Not only could the families of the allheaven immortal sect not leave the sect, but they also had to actively contribute to the sect and integrate into it. Only in this way could they obtain protection and have the opportunity to become Immortals.

It was laughable that many families in the branch families did not see this. Perhaps they had long given up on the idea of becoming Immortals and only wanted to fight for power and profit. They did not want to offend the main branch, which would make it difficult for them to even become undead Immortals in the future.

“I heard that undead Immortals have lightning tribulations, just like loose Immortals with many treasures?” Chen jingzhai asked.

“That’s right.” Hu Shouyang returned to his senses and said with a smile,”this is also the drawback of the two methods of immortal Ascension. Even after becoming an immortal, you have to be careful of the lightning tribulation. One mistake and you’ll be turned into ashes.”

“Why are there only two types of Immortals with Thunder tribulations?” Zeng wangbei asked curiously.

“That’s not something we know,” Hu Shouyang said with a smile.”Maybe this is one of the disadvantages?” Undead Immortals have more disadvantages than these. They also have twisted personalities, extreme methods, and so on. ”

“Does senior brother Hu know about the green plum immortal sect’s heavenly corpse spell?” Chen jingzhai asked again.

“That’s exactly what I wanted to say,” Hu Shouyang said seriously.”Although immortal green plum has a nice name, she became an immortal through the sky corpse technique. It’s different from ordinary immortal-becoming techniques. This technique was created by immortal green plum herself, but it combines the techniques of undead immortal and demon immortal.”

The undead Immortal Technique was to harm oneself.

However, the demon Arts harmed others.

From the sky corpse Dao soldier technique, one could see the clues. It was basically using living people to make puppets. In name, they were Dao soldiers, but in reality, they were servants or even chess pieces.

As long as one controlled the key, they could detonate it directly, just like how the Qing Mei Crown Prince detonated uncle Fu.

Looking at the Qing Mei crown prince’s twisted mind, it was enough to see how extreme the sky corpse technique was.

“The other Immortals allow it?” Chen jingzhai frowned. The immortals of the allheaven immortal sect allowed it?

“It’s precisely because our immortal patriarchs didn’t allow it that immortal green plum received their support,” Hu Shou yang said coldly.”In order to disgust or contain her, they let her stay until now.”

The green plum immortal sect’s reputation in the pulao region was ruined and they had done all sorts of bad things.

The great Qing Kingdom had even killed cultivators and exploited mortals at will, causing the wrath of the heavens and the resentment of the people.

Many cultivators had no choice but to bypass the great Qing Kingdom and the green plum immortal sect.

Even so, the allheaven immortal sect had to sit by and do nothing, because the immortals of the pulao region and even other regions were supporting immortal green plum behind the scenes with the purpose of stopping the development of the allheaven immortal sect.

“However, Junior Brother Chen can rest assured.”

“Since you’ve accepted the mission, as long as you hand over the Qing Mei crown prince’s head, you’ll naturally receive a reward and the sect’s protection. I’m sure the ninth bloodline won’t just sit by and do nothing.”

Hu Shouyang smiled and comforted him.

He was just Crown Prince Qing Mei, it wasn’t like he couldn’t be killed.

Chen jingzhai was a heaven’s favorite of the ninth bloodline, and he had the advisor as his backing, so he had nothing to fear.

“He’s in the catacombs, so I don’t think he’ll be able to predict it?” Chen jingzhai asked.

“No,” Hu Shouyang shook his head and said with certainty,”unless an immortal descends on the third level of the catacombs, no one from the outside can predict what is happening here. After all, this is the world of the catacombs and not the Qianyuan world. Otherwise, there would not be sect disciples fighting each other here.”

The catacombs world had always been a place for sect disciples and rogue cultivators to train.

On one hand, the Rogue cultivators would hunt the sect disciples here to accumulate resources and wealth. Although the sect cultivators were powerful, there were still opportunities to hunt them down in the catacombs.

On one hand, sect cultivators would also train themselves by hunting rogue cultivators. Generally speaking, sect disciples would not deliberately hunt rogue cultivators. Instead, they would hunt other sect disciples.

Even two sects that had a good relationship with each other would hunt each other down in the catacombs world for no other reason than pure profit!

If they could be divined, the catacombs would not be so popular!

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